Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Warning for Christians: God will Do to You, as in the Days of Jeremiah

In the days of Moses God chose a people unto himself and he gave them a covenant, a first covenant. He chose them from the foundation of the world to be his people, to be his covenant people, and he gave them his laws rules and decrees, and he said 'You are to follow them and you'll be blessed…. and if you don't the curses that the Lord has prescribed shall fall upon you, he shall cut you off from the living.' This was given to the chosen people of the first covenant. Now those chosen people rejected the Lord God and they turned away from his rules laws and decrees. They didn't do them. They rebelled against him. They practiced idolatry and sin living in rebellion which is witchcraft. The Lord says "Rebellion to me is as witchcraft and disobedience is as idolatry and iniquity." They turned aside from the right path and did what was wrong in the sight of the Lord. He handed them over to his enemies and Babylonians took them into captivity, but then he had mercy on them and brought them back to their land, and then he came down to earth as Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate sacrifice for he is the one David foretold, from the root of Jesse, he would come and make the Israelites right before God and write upon their hearts a new way.

And indeed many of them did accept him and were saved but there were many in the nation as a whole rejected him as Jesus Christ, so the Lord God of Israel cut them off and scattered them into the nations, for many many years. Dera friends we who do turn to the Lord Jesus are grafted into those Israelites the chosen people. We are grafted in and we come under the new covenant and because we come under the new covenant we are expected to abide by the rules of that covenant otherwise we ourselves will face the same fate as those under the first covenant who disobeyed his laws rules and decrease. If you do not obey Jesus' laws rules and decrees that he set out, all of them, and you are disobedient living in rebellion against his ways in sin, against what he commanded you to do which is all written, then you are in the sin as of witchcraft and in idolatry and iniquity and all the curses prescribed by the Lord God will fall on you. God set the rule. He made it clear to Samuel, he said if you abide by my rules and commands his people will be blessed he said to the people. He said to Solomon, I have given you the kingdom have blessed you are on account of David if you keep my rules and laws and commands all your life, you will have long life, you will be blessed, but if you disobey them, the curses and the judgments prescribed by the prophets against this nation Israel will be poured out upon them and you. We have an ultimatum which the Lord gave us even at the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. He said "if you obey me and do what is right then you will be blessed." He will give you eternal life through the new covenant which is Christ. But if you disobey him, you don't do the words of Jesus, or you don't do what he said like when he said to Eve, "Don't eat of the fruit," and she did….then upon the human race came the curses that were prescribed for the disobedient. IT IS THE SAME TODAY. THERE IS NO GRACE THAT COVERS DISOBEDIENCE. Jesus does not cover disobedience.

He says obey my words and all my decrees and all my commands, and then curses will not fall on you but blessings and eternal life. But if you don't obey the Lord's degrees all the things Jesus set out for us to follow, then we will perish and will not get eternal life as prescribed in the judgments of God, for he removes names from the book of life, and he writes them in again. He is the one. Dear friends our God of Israel came to earth and he gave us his commands: he said to turn the other cheek. He said forgive your enemy. He said to not have unforgiveness in your heart. He said not to lie cheat steal murder…He said that he is the fulfillment of the Sabbath abide in him. He said be baptized in my name, to be filled by the Holy Spirit so you may do the commands of the Lord. He said to keep your hand from dishonesty and keep your lips from speaking lies and curses and strong language. He said keep your eyes and heart clean from adultery, lust, perversion. Don't drink with the drunkards and don't live a worldly life in debauchery which this generation does. I want to tell you that if you do, you will face the same judgments. You will face the same judgments that God gave to Israel. If you disobey Jesus and you live in sin and you live in the world and you don't hate the world you don't be separate from the world then you are in rebellion, you are as an occultist, for rebellion is as witchcraft says the Lord.

Dear friend, the time is to repent because let me tell you categorically, we live in a time which is the same as the time in Jeremiah and in that time Jeremiah warned the people to repent and obey the covenant they were given from God but they did not and would reap destruction…and they did, because they didn't repent. We live in that time except in this covenant is the new covenant so we live in a second covenant, a different covenant that they were under, but with the same rules. Obey the commands of the covenant giver in this case is Jesus Christ who is God. Follow him, be separate from the world, live for him, be righteous be set apart, be baptized and be led by the Holy Spirit not after the flesh. If you can't be righteous and holy you are not of God and nothing with him and his wrath is on you. There is no grace of Jesus that covers disobedience. If you don't stop being disobedient when the Lord takes all the Christians away in captivity like he did with the Israelites and you'll be on among their number to be killed by the sword, to be hurt by pestilence and in disasters. Fear will be on your mind and heart because you would come under the judgment of God. God changes not. When God came to earth as Jesus he didn't suddenly change and allow everybody to do what they like. He is the same yesterday today and forever.

The same God who meted out the judgments upon the Israelites because they disobeyed his covenant, is the same one who today would do the same thing because they do disobey the covenant of Jesus Christ and not obeying his rules and laws and decrees, they are not keeping the Lord God Almighty of Israel, his word and are living in ungodliness. This will not do if you want to enter the kingdom otherwise you will have a place with those who rebelled and disobeyed God in the days of Moses. We have the new covenant and new way, we have no excuse; repent and be separate because the judgment is coming and we live in a time like that of Jeremiah, EXPECT THE VERY WORST, and very soon…… Repent, turn back to the Lord, and he will heal you, give you mercy and a new way. Harden your heart and mock those warning you and you will perish. Jesus bless you...