Friday, September 1, 2017

How to be a Real Disciple of Jesus

I want to talk to you about the discipleship of fellowship of Jesus Christ today. I don't want to talk about Fellowship of the past back in the days of the disciples, I want to talk about today because today is what matters to you and to me. I want to warn you that today we live in an age where Jesus is not real to people and he is locked away in the Bible where he left 2000 years ago and people don't realize that he is real today. Now some do because they have become disciples of Jesus, but a lot of people profess to believe in Jesus but they don't know him. It's written that if we walk in the darkness of this world even if we profess to know him, it proves that we do not know him. I want to talk about the discipleship because the discipleship is real today. Today you can be a disciple of Jesus led by the Holy Spirit. I became a disciple about seven or eight years ago when I realized the truth that Jesus is real today. In these modern times Jesus is as real as he was to a apostle Paul when he cried out to him on the way to Damascus, "Paul why are you persecuting me, why are you persecuting me?"

I want to further remind you that when speaking in the tongues of the Holy Spirit, having the gifts of the Holy Spirit, being taught by the Holy Spirit we do not need the teachings of anybody else or even the Bible. Jesus is real because that is part of the discipleship of Jesus Christ is that somebody can become knowing God for real in this day and age. There are many who say that no the Lord doesn't talk to anyone anymore all we have left is the Bible and that it. John said there in his own letters to his own believers who decided to follow Jesus, that you don't need teachers to tell you the truth because you have the Holy Spirit in you teaching what is true and he won't teach you any lies. That is why I want to tell you about being a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus today means you have to do some things: first you need to do if you want to become a disciple is you need to be baptized as Jesus commanded in the name of the Father in heaven, in the name his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit whom he sent to guide us. Then you need to pray to the Lord to baptise you with the Holy Spirit, like he said he will baptise all with the Holy Spirit who asks. His Spirit will be in you. That's the next thing you need to do on top of having left a life of living for yourself, and living in sin. Now I don't care if you go to church, that doesn't mean you're a disciple or that you know him. I don't care if you believe the words of Jesus in the Bible, because that doesn't make you a disciple, just professing his name. The only thing that makes you a disciple is real dedication to his name where you realize his reality, and you come to him in fasting and prayer. You find him because he is real, and then he starts to lead you more in your spirit and you become knowledgeable in the truth able to help others come to this knowledge of the truth.

Are you ready to become a disciple of Jesus today? then come away from teachers and preachers, come away even from the Bible, come away from any doctrines you are supporting with Scripture, and start SPEAKING to Jesus and ASKING him to KNOW you and to give you the HOLY SPIRIT so as you are filled with his Holy Spirit, you will read the letters of the disciples in the bible with joy and understanding for real because suddenly you are a part of them, and you understand everything they're telling you there. You read the words of Jesus in the Bible and you realize how much they are really in your own life because you actually went outside onto your knees in prayer and seeking for real. The book of Acts believers walked around doing the works of God as he was REAL to them. They didn't just make up a religious organization to go to every Sunday and then to go home back to their own life, for such is a life of a believer who doesn't know Jesus. Many they go along to church, they read the Bible and they profess the faith, yet their mind and hearts are focused on what they are going to be for their weekend or focused on what they want to achieve in their life in the future, their work, and things of this life.

That's what captivates their minds and they aren't disciples of Jesus. They are not interested in him. Do you want to be interested in him? where he leads you? then you have to put your mind on him FIRST, and on the kingdom instead of having your weekend that's all about YOU and YOUR spare time that's all about other things. Make Jesus the thing that you are focused on and you're interested in and you're wanting to talk about because that's what your weekend and your spare time was consumed by. We live in a time of many believers but a few disciples, and Jesus said, "If you want to follow me and you have to deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me otherwise you cannot be my disciple."

If we aren't willing to put the kingdom of God first and his righteousness and instead we go after our future, our job, university marks, all the things we want to get in the future and those things instead captivate our hearts, then you cannot be the disciple of the Lord. You wont join in with the disciples of old. You won't dine with Peter, Paul, and John and the other disciples in heaven. They won't be your brethren because you didn't do anything that they did. You didn't deny self, pick up your cross and follow Jesus like they did. You didn't spend your time working for Jesus in and out of season. You lived for your life in this modern life full of distractions and fun, enjoyment and pleasure, sports and entertainment, that's what you lived for. You won't be with them my friends, if that's your Christianity. I want to urge you today to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Put him first NOW! Make him your desire. Come out of the world, come to him. Be baptised. Ask for the Holy Spirit, and be lead for real. Jesus bless you....