Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Scared of Hell? Here is Why

Some believers become extremely afraid of Hell and the risk of ending in hell when they start to listen to their conscience or to testimonies of other people, or they start reading the Scriptures. The real reason why some believers start to fear hell and feel suddenly very scared and have fear and trembling about their salvation, is when they are confronted with the reality that they had been ignoring as unbelievers, that they are headed to hell in sin; because when you aren't doing sin and living in sin the power of the devil leaves your life leaving you free to walk the way to salvation. Many believers start to doubt their salvation and realize that they're not headed the right way in their life. the problem is a lot of these believers look for pills, and things to make them feel good, to drug them out so that they forget about where they're headed, their conscience, and fear and trembling they have when they think about God. But this is not drugs, rather this is feel-good messages, lies. A lot of believers turn to lies to make themselves feel better and they try and believe lies. They search the Scriptures to support a lie that they're all fine, they're going to heaven, all sealed and saved; doesn't matter about the sins they are doing, it doesn't matter that they are struggling in sin. As long as it doesn't matter then they can feel happy, slap each other on the back and say, "Well brother you're saved and how wonderful is that." Ear tickling is what they want. These believers are ignoring the call of God to repent, turn away from their sin that they're doing, and to take Jesus seriously and it is a call of God. That's why they're starting to fear God Almighty.

I want to tell you a story about the fear of God and what it really is. It's a true story: once upon a time many years ago a minister of God who was praying for revival in his village and he would gather with some of the faithful and they would pray before God. They'd pray for revival. One day God answered their prayer and the spirit of God ascended upon the village and people were full of FEAR. Normal people who would normally be down at the club or out in the field during their work, were fleeing, running to and fro. He got back to his church and it was surrounded by people. There were so many people inside that people on the outside couldn't get in. People crying, people repenting down at the front crying out to God for forgiveness, because when the Spirit of the living God comes near people, they realize they need to repent and start to get mighty scared. They start to fear hell. It's as if hell itself was falling upon them, the abyss was at their feet and the holiness of God was before their eyes, and they could see that they didn't measure up to his standard and so these people started to pray to Jesus and got forgiveness of sin from Jesus because Jesus is mercy, he is the gospel and is real. When you believe on Jesus for real and you really want to fear God and work out your salvation with fear and trembling, as the Scriptures say.

Then you come before Jesus and you say, "Lord, give me mercy, forgive me, and give me power to come upon a new way to eternal life." And the power of Jesus walks with those people and they no longer walk in sin. They focus on Jesus. But the thing is, once the Lord has brought revival to people's hearts, what can happen is that people start to forget because God doesn't stay strong like that all the time, he comes down really strong that people repent and he gives them time to see, "Are they going to have faith in me? are they going to follow Jesus ? are they going to be serious all their life even though the world is all normal and all these fun things around them and lots of sin to tempt…" And so God sits back and he watches to see who stays serious. Once his fear of God has come upon them, does it remain with them? Do they remember? do they continue to work out their salvation with fear and trembling? A lot of people don't always do that. A lot of people fall away. A lot of people never got to know Jesus and they just believe lies all their lives and were nominal Christians, then they're confronted with the truth that they got to repent, fear God, otherwise they are all headed to hell in sin. As soon as a preacher preaches that to them, they cry and scream and look for lies to comfort themselves with because they don't want to believe it. But the thing is people are going to hell every single day. No matter how many lies you believe, you will end up there if you do not walk by the power of Jesus and to turn away from your sins.
We can't turn away from our sins of our own accord, I understand that, because we were bound to sin because of our wicked flesh, but Jesus came to set us free from our flesh so with the power of Jesus you can and will turn from sin by his power, by his blood, by the supernatural power that comes from the cross. That is why a real follower of Jesus who gets to know Jesus and is his disciples, this person really does walk away from sin. If he does fall to it, he stops doing it and he repents. You see Jesus said without me you can do NOTHING. That's why we can't earn our way to heaven by being good and trying to stop sinning by our own works. You cannot do it by yourself, you have to know Jesus. He indeed does speak, he indeed does lead. His spirit is real, he actually talks to you, even though you don't see him physically, spiritually he is there. I know he seems all dead in the pages of the Bible in your religious church, I understand that, but if you looked outside of the church and you started look around at the wonderful things around us, we started to see the reality of Jesus. Then you would know that if you cried out to him, you would find him. If you repented and turned to him, his power would come and you would stop sinning.

Christian say, "I can't stop sinning," or, "We would never be able to stop sinning according to this verse and that verse…" It is because they don't fear God, they don't work out their salvation with fear and trembling, and most of all they don't know Jesus at all. He's not with them, because if he was they'd walk free from sin. When a Christian keeps on sinning, it is written they don't know God… and it's true; Jesus isn't with them. If you aren't prepared to turn away from your sins, is because Jesus isn't with you. He is just not with you dear friends. I invite you to have the fear of God, know that hell is real, know that's where you're headed until you get to know Jesus and his power cleans you and you turn away from your wickedness. You have to choose whom you will serve today: the Lord and his truth, or the world. Don't find out too late. You can comfort yourself with lies, but the lies will run out one day when you stand before God, and though you may hope in vain that Jesus is going to suddenly come and start covering for all your sins that you didn't repent of before God, it is not going to happen, and reality bites, and Hell is hot. Be SERIOUS: work out your salvation seriously and God is going to take you seriously and is going to save you through Jesus… So take Jesus seriously my friend, stop your sins, and seek to know him… Jesus bless you....