Monday, June 26, 2017

Jesus freed me from Sinning in 2009

Before I came to the Jesus Christ, I was a sinner; I was enslaved to sin, I did sin every day and I wasn't free from the desires of the flesh, the ways of the flesh and ways of sin. Did I become free from sin by my own power when I came to Christ? why did I change once I turn to Jesus? It wasn't because I suddenly found more power within myself to turn away from sin. A lot of people accuse and they say 'Well going to heaven isn't about leaving sin and how can you free yourself?', but I want to ask you, how on earth did I suddenly find the ability to turn away from sin when I came to Christ? was it not Christ rather than myself? People say 'Well why do you need Jesus then, why did he die on the cross if you can give up sinning yourself?'…I want to tell you why on earth would've I been able to stop sin if I have not met Jesus Christ! Isn't he the one who caused me to become free from being bound to sin? Was it of myself? Why was it when I turned to Jesus and found him! Coincidence you say perhaps? Certainly not dear friends.

I could've never been free from my sins if I had not turned to Jesus Christ, if I had not made him my Lord and Savior. If I had not sought him for real. I'm not talking about just saying 'I believe' and just go on in my evil path. That is false faith. I'm talking about real true faith where you realize Jesus is the only way to heaven, that he requires you to repent and turn to him, forsake your evil ways and be baptized in his name and follow him like the apostle did. Now that's what I decided to do, so what was the aftermath of that? What was the result of doing that? The result was that I was no longer bound to my sins. Was it because of sudden power that I had found it in my own abilities? no!

I became free from sin because I came to KNOW Jesus Christ. If Jesus hadn't died for our sins on the cross and hadn't come to this world and resurrected to eternal life, then none of us would have the power right now to walk free from sin. The fact that Jesus died for us, is the fact that sins power was broken over us… but that power can only be broken in our lives if we are ready to know Jesus for real and not just say we believe him and just go on with our lives. That is not real faith. It is the faith that saves us that then strips sin away from us and gives us power over sin through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ that he bought for us on the cross. That's why it's written in one John chapter 3 that if we keep sinning it is because we don't know Jesus as written in one John three verse six.

That's why it's also written that if someone continues in sin, then they don't know the Lord and he is not with them but they are workers of the devil! You know dear friends it is very true that Jesus sets us free from sin and gives us power but you have to get to know him. You've got to have real faith and realize he is who he said he was, and once you have come into his presence and had the power to turn away from sin and experienced his wonderful forgiveness of sin, and his blood washing you clean, then you are going to enter into the race of faith until the end; that narrow way, and up until the end of the race you are going to have the war of the flesh coming against you and of the devil and the spiritual powers of darkness to try and get you to go back to sin. And it's not plain sailing once Jesus frees you. You are going to be tempted and many times people go back and sin; they fall away and backslide and all sorts of things, but we've got to understand that if we are able to repent like the prodigal son did and come back then Jesus will forgive us and he will welcome us back into his presence.

It's not too late until we have made it too late by rejecting the call to repent stubbornly sticking in our sins in our pride. If we say that we can continue to sin and Jesus covers us this is actually pride, because people don't want to turn away from their sin. If we are humble like the tax collector was, and admit our sins to God and tell him that we are doing these things that are wrong and 'We need your forgiveness and your strength to stop doing sin,' and you really WANT to stop doing sin then you are going to find the power from the Lord to stop. There is nothing stopping you accept yourself and your own decision. So today if you want to be free from your sins right now, and you're tired of doing them, then stop choosing your sins when you're tempted.

It's when you're tempted that your true heart is going to be shown, and if you keep choosing your temptation then how can Jesus free you? You just don't WANT to be! You want sin, and God is not going to force us to live a sin-free life and go to heaven if we don't want to! If you want to follow the devil, he can't stop us. We will follow the devil but end in hell! Dear friends, Jesus will FREE you if you are willing, but you have to be willing and make that decision when you are tempted to start praying to Jesus which is proving your true faith in his name, and he's going to reward your faith and help you walk the way.

If you fall away don't be discouraged, just come back and repent and Jesus will forgive you and accept you and continue to lead you. You have to learn from your mistakes. If you backslide, come back and learn from that mistake and the Lord will indeed lead you to eternal life. But you have to be willing, you have to have to stop believing lies. Jesus bless you...