Sunday, February 5, 2017

Was Paul Really a Chief of Sinners?

Many people believe that Paul was the chief among sinners in that he sinned relentlessly everyday and he truly lived a wicked life daily as he was preaching the gospel. They say, “Paul said he was a chief of sinners.” So that means that Paul was doing lots of sins everyday as he preached the gospel. Maybe he was preaching the gospel and then he would go out and sleep with prostitutes, or look in lust, or hang out at the bar and drink and do things that chief of sinners would do, because when you are a chief among sinners, you are going to be doing lots of bad things. Maybe he would preach the gospel then he would run out and go and drag away some Christians by the hair and beat them up and persecute them…that is what a CHEIF AMONG SINNERS DOES. Maybe after having the preached the gospel, then Paul would go and start betraying his brethren, thats being a chief of sinners. Maybe after he preached the gospel he would go out and start blasphming God, start blaspheming the way of rightoeusness by being a cheif of sinners, a wicked man….That is what a chief of sinners is, and that is what many people believe that he was, because THEY THEMSELVES DO THESE THINGS. THEY ARE SINNERS. THEY SLEEP AROUND, AND SAY THAT PAUL WAS A SINNER TOO SO IT IS FINE FOR ME. They also blaspheme the way of rightouesness claiming Jesus Christ by living lives of devilishness.

Many people claim Paul was a chief among sinners because THEY ARE CHIEFS OF SINNERS. They fornication, they smoke, they drink, they hang around in the world, they blaspheme the way of God….But I want to tell you my friends, that the truth is PAUL WAS NOT A CHIEF AMONG SINNERS. Not, at least until after he became of follower of Jesus Christ; then he wasn’t anymore. Before that he was. Before Paul came to Jesus Christ, he was throwing Christians in prison, doing sins, and being a chief of sinners….A chief among sinners is a serious offence for not only are you worse than the average sinner, you are the LEADER in them all in wickedness and devilishness. In fact, if you think Paul was a chief of sinners even after he preached the gospel all day, then you are a chief of sinners because you are BLASPHEMING THE WAY OF GOD! Truth is, AFTER Paul fell down on the road to Damascus under the bright light of Jesus Christ and realised his sins, and repented and got baptised, AFTER this, he became a CHEIF OF SAINTS. He preached the gospel, then he didnt go and start sinning, he started praying. After preaching he would go out and start praying spending time seeking God’s leading in what he needed to do, and listening to the Holy Spirit. He was listening to the Holy Spirit telling him that if he did sin, he needed to repent. He was busy writing letters to the believers telling them how they should live. He was NOT being a chief of sinners.

If you want to join those ungodly, unfruitful Christians who say such things, then YOU are being a chief of sinners because you are blaspheming the way of righteousness. Let us call a spade a spade today, and realise which side Paul was on. Was he on the side of sinners being their chief? Or after he came to Christ, was he then on the side of being a chief of the saints to which God called him, to lead many on the way of righteousness. It is written there is a wonderful reward awaiting those who lead many on the way of righteousness. You cannot be a chief of sinners and lead people on the way of righteousness dear friend. Either we leave our ungodly sinning deeds and get right with God living lives of holiness as saints following Jesus like Paul did, or we believe lies, go on in ungodly deeds and rightly perish in our own folly. Which is it for you today? Are you going to believe lies anymore? from Christians using bible verses they lay claim to yet are really lies? (their version) the truth is those verse were not lies, but the believers who used them unto their own ungdly means brought upon themselves many lies and the devil deceived them, and they are being chief of sinners…and we know dear friends that sinners do not inherit the kingdom of God, rather they will have their part in the lake of fire with the unclean, the ungodly, those who live and practice lies, and those who do what is wrong in the sight of God.

But the kingdom is only for the redeemed; the redeemed in the blood of Christ who likewise walk on the way of the cross, which is not a way of being a chief of sinners. No sinner shoulders his cross and follows Christ, because if we are going to be sinners we won’t be shouldering any cross, rather we will be walking hand-in-hand with the devil, and with the devil’s sins, we will also so perish with him. Make up your mind today, leave sinning and become a FOLLOWER of Christ and he will change you and give you the power to walk the new way so you no longer have to be a sinner but be a saint like Paul was. Jesus bless you. ...