Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Warning for Christians: God will Do to You, as in the Days of Jeremiah

In the days of Moses God chose a people unto himself and he gave them a covenant, a first covenant. He chose them from the foundation of the world to be his people, to be his covenant people, and he gave them his laws rules and decrees, and he said 'You are to follow them and you'll be blessed…. and if you don't the curses that the Lord has prescribed shall fall upon you, he shall cut you off from the living.' This was given to the chosen people of the first covenant. Now those chosen people rejected the Lord God and they turned away from his rules laws and decrees. They didn't do them. They rebelled against him. They practiced idolatry and sin living in rebellion which is witchcraft. The Lord says "Rebellion to me is as witchcraft and disobedience is as idolatry and iniquity." They turned aside from the right path and did what was wrong in the sight of the Lord. He handed them over to his enemies and Babylonians took them into captivity, but then he had mercy on them and brought them back to their land, and then he came down to earth as Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate sacrifice for he is the one David foretold, from the root of Jesse, he would come and make the Israelites right before God and write upon their hearts a new way.

And indeed many of them did accept him and were saved but there were many in the nation as a whole rejected him as Jesus Christ, so the Lord God of Israel cut them off and scattered them into the nations, for many many years. Dera friends we who do turn to the Lord Jesus are grafted into those Israelites the chosen people. We are grafted in and we come under the new covenant and because we come under the new covenant we are expected to abide by the rules of that covenant otherwise we ourselves will face the same fate as those under the first covenant who disobeyed his laws rules and decrease. If you do not obey Jesus' laws rules and decrees that he set out, all of them, and you are disobedient living in rebellion against his ways in sin, against what he commanded you to do which is all written, then you are in the sin as of witchcraft and in idolatry and iniquity and all the curses prescribed by the Lord God will fall on you. God set the rule. He made it clear to Samuel, he said if you abide by my rules and commands his people will be blessed he said to the people. He said to Solomon, I have given you the kingdom have blessed you are on account of David if you keep my rules and laws and commands all your life, you will have long life, you will be blessed, but if you disobey them, the curses and the judgments prescribed by the prophets against this nation Israel will be poured out upon them and you. We have an ultimatum which the Lord gave us even at the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. He said "if you obey me and do what is right then you will be blessed." He will give you eternal life through the new covenant which is Christ. But if you disobey him, you don't do the words of Jesus, or you don't do what he said like when he said to Eve, "Don't eat of the fruit," and she did….then upon the human race came the curses that were prescribed for the disobedient. IT IS THE SAME TODAY. THERE IS NO GRACE THAT COVERS DISOBEDIENCE. Jesus does not cover disobedience.

He says obey my words and all my decrees and all my commands, and then curses will not fall on you but blessings and eternal life. But if you don't obey the Lord's degrees all the things Jesus set out for us to follow, then we will perish and will not get eternal life as prescribed in the judgments of God, for he removes names from the book of life, and he writes them in again. He is the one. Dear friends our God of Israel came to earth and he gave us his commands: he said to turn the other cheek. He said forgive your enemy. He said to not have unforgiveness in your heart. He said not to lie cheat steal murder…He said that he is the fulfillment of the Sabbath abide in him. He said be baptized in my name, to be filled by the Holy Spirit so you may do the commands of the Lord. He said to keep your hand from dishonesty and keep your lips from speaking lies and curses and strong language. He said keep your eyes and heart clean from adultery, lust, perversion. Don't drink with the drunkards and don't live a worldly life in debauchery which this generation does. I want to tell you that if you do, you will face the same judgments. You will face the same judgments that God gave to Israel. If you disobey Jesus and you live in sin and you live in the world and you don't hate the world you don't be separate from the world then you are in rebellion, you are as an occultist, for rebellion is as witchcraft says the Lord.

Dear friend, the time is to repent because let me tell you categorically, we live in a time which is the same as the time in Jeremiah and in that time Jeremiah warned the people to repent and obey the covenant they were given from God but they did not and would reap destruction…and they did, because they didn't repent. We live in that time except in this covenant is the new covenant so we live in a second covenant, a different covenant that they were under, but with the same rules. Obey the commands of the covenant giver in this case is Jesus Christ who is God. Follow him, be separate from the world, live for him, be righteous be set apart, be baptized and be led by the Holy Spirit not after the flesh. If you can't be righteous and holy you are not of God and nothing with him and his wrath is on you. There is no grace of Jesus that covers disobedience. If you don't stop being disobedient when the Lord takes all the Christians away in captivity like he did with the Israelites and you'll be on among their number to be killed by the sword, to be hurt by pestilence and in disasters. Fear will be on your mind and heart because you would come under the judgment of God. God changes not. When God came to earth as Jesus he didn't suddenly change and allow everybody to do what they like. He is the same yesterday today and forever.

The same God who meted out the judgments upon the Israelites because they disobeyed his covenant, is the same one who today would do the same thing because they do disobey the covenant of Jesus Christ and not obeying his rules and laws and decrees, they are not keeping the Lord God Almighty of Israel, his word and are living in ungodliness. This will not do if you want to enter the kingdom otherwise you will have a place with those who rebelled and disobeyed God in the days of Moses. We have the new covenant and new way, we have no excuse; repent and be separate because the judgment is coming and we live in a time like that of Jeremiah, EXPECT THE VERY WORST, and very soon…… Repent, turn back to the Lord, and he will heal you, give you mercy and a new way. Harden your heart and mock those warning you and you will perish. Jesus bless you...

Friday, September 1, 2017

How to be a Real Disciple of Jesus

I want to talk to you about the discipleship of fellowship of Jesus Christ today. I don't want to talk about Fellowship of the past back in the days of the disciples, I want to talk about today because today is what matters to you and to me. I want to warn you that today we live in an age where Jesus is not real to people and he is locked away in the Bible where he left 2000 years ago and people don't realize that he is real today. Now some do because they have become disciples of Jesus, but a lot of people profess to believe in Jesus but they don't know him. It's written that if we walk in the darkness of this world even if we profess to know him, it proves that we do not know him. I want to talk about the discipleship because the discipleship is real today. Today you can be a disciple of Jesus led by the Holy Spirit. I became a disciple about seven or eight years ago when I realized the truth that Jesus is real today. In these modern times Jesus is as real as he was to a apostle Paul when he cried out to him on the way to Damascus, "Paul why are you persecuting me, why are you persecuting me?"

I want to further remind you that when speaking in the tongues of the Holy Spirit, having the gifts of the Holy Spirit, being taught by the Holy Spirit we do not need the teachings of anybody else or even the Bible. Jesus is real because that is part of the discipleship of Jesus Christ is that somebody can become knowing God for real in this day and age. There are many who say that no the Lord doesn't talk to anyone anymore all we have left is the Bible and that it. John said there in his own letters to his own believers who decided to follow Jesus, that you don't need teachers to tell you the truth because you have the Holy Spirit in you teaching what is true and he won't teach you any lies. That is why I want to tell you about being a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus today means you have to do some things: first you need to do if you want to become a disciple is you need to be baptized as Jesus commanded in the name of the Father in heaven, in the name his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit whom he sent to guide us. Then you need to pray to the Lord to baptise you with the Holy Spirit, like he said he will baptise all with the Holy Spirit who asks. His Spirit will be in you. That's the next thing you need to do on top of having left a life of living for yourself, and living in sin. Now I don't care if you go to church, that doesn't mean you're a disciple or that you know him. I don't care if you believe the words of Jesus in the Bible, because that doesn't make you a disciple, just professing his name. The only thing that makes you a disciple is real dedication to his name where you realize his reality, and you come to him in fasting and prayer. You find him because he is real, and then he starts to lead you more in your spirit and you become knowledgeable in the truth able to help others come to this knowledge of the truth.

Are you ready to become a disciple of Jesus today? then come away from teachers and preachers, come away even from the Bible, come away from any doctrines you are supporting with Scripture, and start SPEAKING to Jesus and ASKING him to KNOW you and to give you the HOLY SPIRIT so as you are filled with his Holy Spirit, you will read the letters of the disciples in the bible with joy and understanding for real because suddenly you are a part of them, and you understand everything they're telling you there. You read the words of Jesus in the Bible and you realize how much they are really in your own life because you actually went outside onto your knees in prayer and seeking for real. The book of Acts believers walked around doing the works of God as he was REAL to them. They didn't just make up a religious organization to go to every Sunday and then to go home back to their own life, for such is a life of a believer who doesn't know Jesus. Many they go along to church, they read the Bible and they profess the faith, yet their mind and hearts are focused on what they are going to be for their weekend or focused on what they want to achieve in their life in the future, their work, and things of this life.

That's what captivates their minds and they aren't disciples of Jesus. They are not interested in him. Do you want to be interested in him? where he leads you? then you have to put your mind on him FIRST, and on the kingdom instead of having your weekend that's all about YOU and YOUR spare time that's all about other things. Make Jesus the thing that you are focused on and you're interested in and you're wanting to talk about because that's what your weekend and your spare time was consumed by. We live in a time of many believers but a few disciples, and Jesus said, "If you want to follow me and you have to deny yourself pick up your cross and follow me otherwise you cannot be my disciple."

If we aren't willing to put the kingdom of God first and his righteousness and instead we go after our future, our job, university marks, all the things we want to get in the future and those things instead captivate our hearts, then you cannot be the disciple of the Lord. You wont join in with the disciples of old. You won't dine with Peter, Paul, and John and the other disciples in heaven. They won't be your brethren because you didn't do anything that they did. You didn't deny self, pick up your cross and follow Jesus like they did. You didn't spend your time working for Jesus in and out of season. You lived for your life in this modern life full of distractions and fun, enjoyment and pleasure, sports and entertainment, that's what you lived for. You won't be with them my friends, if that's your Christianity. I want to urge you today to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Put him first NOW! Make him your desire. Come out of the world, come to him. Be baptised. Ask for the Holy Spirit, and be lead for real. Jesus bless you....

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jesus freed me from Sinning in 2009

Before I came to the Jesus Christ, I was a sinner; I was enslaved to sin, I did sin every day and I wasn't free from the desires of the flesh, the ways of the flesh and ways of sin. Did I become free from sin by my own power when I came to Christ? why did I change once I turn to Jesus? It wasn't because I suddenly found more power within myself to turn away from sin. A lot of people accuse and they say 'Well going to heaven isn't about leaving sin and how can you free yourself?', but I want to ask you, how on earth did I suddenly find the ability to turn away from sin when I came to Christ? was it not Christ rather than myself? People say 'Well why do you need Jesus then, why did he die on the cross if you can give up sinning yourself?'…I want to tell you why on earth would've I been able to stop sin if I have not met Jesus Christ! Isn't he the one who caused me to become free from being bound to sin? Was it of myself? Why was it when I turned to Jesus and found him! Coincidence you say perhaps? Certainly not dear friends.

I could've never been free from my sins if I had not turned to Jesus Christ, if I had not made him my Lord and Savior. If I had not sought him for real. I'm not talking about just saying 'I believe' and just go on in my evil path. That is false faith. I'm talking about real true faith where you realize Jesus is the only way to heaven, that he requires you to repent and turn to him, forsake your evil ways and be baptized in his name and follow him like the apostle did. Now that's what I decided to do, so what was the aftermath of that? What was the result of doing that? The result was that I was no longer bound to my sins. Was it because of sudden power that I had found it in my own abilities? no!

I became free from sin because I came to KNOW Jesus Christ. If Jesus hadn't died for our sins on the cross and hadn't come to this world and resurrected to eternal life, then none of us would have the power right now to walk free from sin. The fact that Jesus died for us, is the fact that sins power was broken over us… but that power can only be broken in our lives if we are ready to know Jesus for real and not just say we believe him and just go on with our lives. That is not real faith. It is the faith that saves us that then strips sin away from us and gives us power over sin through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ that he bought for us on the cross. That's why it's written in one John chapter 3 that if we keep sinning it is because we don't know Jesus as written in one John three verse six.

That's why it's also written that if someone continues in sin, then they don't know the Lord and he is not with them but they are workers of the devil! You know dear friends it is very true that Jesus sets us free from sin and gives us power but you have to get to know him. You've got to have real faith and realize he is who he said he was, and once you have come into his presence and had the power to turn away from sin and experienced his wonderful forgiveness of sin, and his blood washing you clean, then you are going to enter into the race of faith until the end; that narrow way, and up until the end of the race you are going to have the war of the flesh coming against you and of the devil and the spiritual powers of darkness to try and get you to go back to sin. And it's not plain sailing once Jesus frees you. You are going to be tempted and many times people go back and sin; they fall away and backslide and all sorts of things, but we've got to understand that if we are able to repent like the prodigal son did and come back then Jesus will forgive us and he will welcome us back into his presence.

It's not too late until we have made it too late by rejecting the call to repent stubbornly sticking in our sins in our pride. If we say that we can continue to sin and Jesus covers us this is actually pride, because people don't want to turn away from their sin. If we are humble like the tax collector was, and admit our sins to God and tell him that we are doing these things that are wrong and 'We need your forgiveness and your strength to stop doing sin,' and you really WANT to stop doing sin then you are going to find the power from the Lord to stop. There is nothing stopping you accept yourself and your own decision. So today if you want to be free from your sins right now, and you're tired of doing them, then stop choosing your sins when you're tempted.

It's when you're tempted that your true heart is going to be shown, and if you keep choosing your temptation then how can Jesus free you? You just don't WANT to be! You want sin, and God is not going to force us to live a sin-free life and go to heaven if we don't want to! If you want to follow the devil, he can't stop us. We will follow the devil but end in hell! Dear friends, Jesus will FREE you if you are willing, but you have to be willing and make that decision when you are tempted to start praying to Jesus which is proving your true faith in his name, and he's going to reward your faith and help you walk the way.

If you fall away don't be discouraged, just come back and repent and Jesus will forgive you and accept you and continue to lead you. You have to learn from your mistakes. If you backslide, come back and learn from that mistake and the Lord will indeed lead you to eternal life. But you have to be willing, you have to have to stop believing lies. Jesus bless you...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Scared of Hell? Here is Why

Some believers become extremely afraid of Hell and the risk of ending in hell when they start to listen to their conscience or to testimonies of other people, or they start reading the Scriptures. The real reason why some believers start to fear hell and feel suddenly very scared and have fear and trembling about their salvation, is when they are confronted with the reality that they had been ignoring as unbelievers, that they are headed to hell in sin; because when you aren't doing sin and living in sin the power of the devil leaves your life leaving you free to walk the way to salvation. Many believers start to doubt their salvation and realize that they're not headed the right way in their life. the problem is a lot of these believers look for pills, and things to make them feel good, to drug them out so that they forget about where they're headed, their conscience, and fear and trembling they have when they think about God. But this is not drugs, rather this is feel-good messages, lies. A lot of believers turn to lies to make themselves feel better and they try and believe lies. They search the Scriptures to support a lie that they're all fine, they're going to heaven, all sealed and saved; doesn't matter about the sins they are doing, it doesn't matter that they are struggling in sin. As long as it doesn't matter then they can feel happy, slap each other on the back and say, "Well brother you're saved and how wonderful is that." Ear tickling is what they want. These believers are ignoring the call of God to repent, turn away from their sin that they're doing, and to take Jesus seriously and it is a call of God. That's why they're starting to fear God Almighty.

I want to tell you a story about the fear of God and what it really is. It's a true story: once upon a time many years ago a minister of God who was praying for revival in his village and he would gather with some of the faithful and they would pray before God. They'd pray for revival. One day God answered their prayer and the spirit of God ascended upon the village and people were full of FEAR. Normal people who would normally be down at the club or out in the field during their work, were fleeing, running to and fro. He got back to his church and it was surrounded by people. There were so many people inside that people on the outside couldn't get in. People crying, people repenting down at the front crying out to God for forgiveness, because when the Spirit of the living God comes near people, they realize they need to repent and start to get mighty scared. They start to fear hell. It's as if hell itself was falling upon them, the abyss was at their feet and the holiness of God was before their eyes, and they could see that they didn't measure up to his standard and so these people started to pray to Jesus and got forgiveness of sin from Jesus because Jesus is mercy, he is the gospel and is real. When you believe on Jesus for real and you really want to fear God and work out your salvation with fear and trembling, as the Scriptures say.

Then you come before Jesus and you say, "Lord, give me mercy, forgive me, and give me power to come upon a new way to eternal life." And the power of Jesus walks with those people and they no longer walk in sin. They focus on Jesus. But the thing is, once the Lord has brought revival to people's hearts, what can happen is that people start to forget because God doesn't stay strong like that all the time, he comes down really strong that people repent and he gives them time to see, "Are they going to have faith in me? are they going to follow Jesus ? are they going to be serious all their life even though the world is all normal and all these fun things around them and lots of sin to tempt…" And so God sits back and he watches to see who stays serious. Once his fear of God has come upon them, does it remain with them? Do they remember? do they continue to work out their salvation with fear and trembling? A lot of people don't always do that. A lot of people fall away. A lot of people never got to know Jesus and they just believe lies all their lives and were nominal Christians, then they're confronted with the truth that they got to repent, fear God, otherwise they are all headed to hell in sin. As soon as a preacher preaches that to them, they cry and scream and look for lies to comfort themselves with because they don't want to believe it. But the thing is people are going to hell every single day. No matter how many lies you believe, you will end up there if you do not walk by the power of Jesus and to turn away from your sins.
We can't turn away from our sins of our own accord, I understand that, because we were bound to sin because of our wicked flesh, but Jesus came to set us free from our flesh so with the power of Jesus you can and will turn from sin by his power, by his blood, by the supernatural power that comes from the cross. That is why a real follower of Jesus who gets to know Jesus and is his disciples, this person really does walk away from sin. If he does fall to it, he stops doing it and he repents. You see Jesus said without me you can do NOTHING. That's why we can't earn our way to heaven by being good and trying to stop sinning by our own works. You cannot do it by yourself, you have to know Jesus. He indeed does speak, he indeed does lead. His spirit is real, he actually talks to you, even though you don't see him physically, spiritually he is there. I know he seems all dead in the pages of the Bible in your religious church, I understand that, but if you looked outside of the church and you started look around at the wonderful things around us, we started to see the reality of Jesus. Then you would know that if you cried out to him, you would find him. If you repented and turned to him, his power would come and you would stop sinning.

Christian say, "I can't stop sinning," or, "We would never be able to stop sinning according to this verse and that verse…" It is because they don't fear God, they don't work out their salvation with fear and trembling, and most of all they don't know Jesus at all. He's not with them, because if he was they'd walk free from sin. When a Christian keeps on sinning, it is written they don't know God… and it's true; Jesus isn't with them. If you aren't prepared to turn away from your sins, is because Jesus isn't with you. He is just not with you dear friends. I invite you to have the fear of God, know that hell is real, know that's where you're headed until you get to know Jesus and his power cleans you and you turn away from your wickedness. You have to choose whom you will serve today: the Lord and his truth, or the world. Don't find out too late. You can comfort yourself with lies, but the lies will run out one day when you stand before God, and though you may hope in vain that Jesus is going to suddenly come and start covering for all your sins that you didn't repent of before God, it is not going to happen, and reality bites, and Hell is hot. Be SERIOUS: work out your salvation seriously and God is going to take you seriously and is going to save you through Jesus… So take Jesus seriously my friend, stop your sins, and seek to know him… Jesus bless you....

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Was Paul Really a Chief of Sinners?

Many people believe that Paul was the chief among sinners in that he sinned relentlessly everyday and he truly lived a wicked life daily as he was preaching the gospel. They say, “Paul said he was a chief of sinners.” So that means that Paul was doing lots of sins everyday as he preached the gospel. Maybe he was preaching the gospel and then he would go out and sleep with prostitutes, or look in lust, or hang out at the bar and drink and do things that chief of sinners would do, because when you are a chief among sinners, you are going to be doing lots of bad things. Maybe he would preach the gospel then he would run out and go and drag away some Christians by the hair and beat them up and persecute them…that is what a CHEIF AMONG SINNERS DOES. Maybe after having the preached the gospel, then Paul would go and start betraying his brethren, thats being a chief of sinners. Maybe after he preached the gospel he would go out and start blasphming God, start blaspheming the way of rightoeusness by being a cheif of sinners, a wicked man….That is what a chief of sinners is, and that is what many people believe that he was, because THEY THEMSELVES DO THESE THINGS. THEY ARE SINNERS. THEY SLEEP AROUND, AND SAY THAT PAUL WAS A SINNER TOO SO IT IS FINE FOR ME. They also blaspheme the way of rightouesness claiming Jesus Christ by living lives of devilishness.

Many people claim Paul was a chief among sinners because THEY ARE CHIEFS OF SINNERS. They fornication, they smoke, they drink, they hang around in the world, they blaspheme the way of God….But I want to tell you my friends, that the truth is PAUL WAS NOT A CHIEF AMONG SINNERS. Not, at least until after he became of follower of Jesus Christ; then he wasn’t anymore. Before that he was. Before Paul came to Jesus Christ, he was throwing Christians in prison, doing sins, and being a chief of sinners….A chief among sinners is a serious offence for not only are you worse than the average sinner, you are the LEADER in them all in wickedness and devilishness. In fact, if you think Paul was a chief of sinners even after he preached the gospel all day, then you are a chief of sinners because you are BLASPHEMING THE WAY OF GOD! Truth is, AFTER Paul fell down on the road to Damascus under the bright light of Jesus Christ and realised his sins, and repented and got baptised, AFTER this, he became a CHEIF OF SAINTS. He preached the gospel, then he didnt go and start sinning, he started praying. After preaching he would go out and start praying spending time seeking God’s leading in what he needed to do, and listening to the Holy Spirit. He was listening to the Holy Spirit telling him that if he did sin, he needed to repent. He was busy writing letters to the believers telling them how they should live. He was NOT being a chief of sinners.

If you want to join those ungodly, unfruitful Christians who say such things, then YOU are being a chief of sinners because you are blaspheming the way of righteousness. Let us call a spade a spade today, and realise which side Paul was on. Was he on the side of sinners being their chief? Or after he came to Christ, was he then on the side of being a chief of the saints to which God called him, to lead many on the way of righteousness. It is written there is a wonderful reward awaiting those who lead many on the way of righteousness. You cannot be a chief of sinners and lead people on the way of righteousness dear friend. Either we leave our ungodly sinning deeds and get right with God living lives of holiness as saints following Jesus like Paul did, or we believe lies, go on in ungodly deeds and rightly perish in our own folly. Which is it for you today? Are you going to believe lies anymore? from Christians using bible verses they lay claim to yet are really lies? (their version) the truth is those verse were not lies, but the believers who used them unto their own ungdly means brought upon themselves many lies and the devil deceived them, and they are being chief of sinners…and we know dear friends that sinners do not inherit the kingdom of God, rather they will have their part in the lake of fire with the unclean, the ungodly, those who live and practice lies, and those who do what is wrong in the sight of God.

But the kingdom is only for the redeemed; the redeemed in the blood of Christ who likewise walk on the way of the cross, which is not a way of being a chief of sinners. No sinner shoulders his cross and follows Christ, because if we are going to be sinners we won’t be shouldering any cross, rather we will be walking hand-in-hand with the devil, and with the devil’s sins, we will also so perish with him. Make up your mind today, leave sinning and become a FOLLOWER of Christ and he will change you and give you the power to walk the new way so you no longer have to be a sinner but be a saint like Paul was. Jesus bless you. ...