Saturday, April 30, 2016

I Was A Worldly Christian

I want to talk about the ungodly path of many believers, in the hopes that if you are a believer listening to this message today, you yourself might get yourself separate and repent and live holy on the narrow way before it is too late. I used to be a worldly Christian, I used to pursue my SPORTS. I used to listen to ROCK AND RAP MUSIC. I had a nice stash of CDs in my room. I used to watch the TV everyday. I used to watch the MOVIES. I would go to horror movies, all kinds of movies and I would be entertained by all the blasphemous things on there, the VIOLENCE, the LUST, watching people SIN AND BREAK GOD’s COMMANDS. Then, Jesus pulled me out of that life. He warned me that if I was not separate from the world, I would not be with him when he returns. Not only that, HELL AWAITS those who do not live for Jesus in a serious dedication in their daily life. Since then, I have focused on living a life for Christ on the narrow way, and many believers attack and hate these truths because they themselves are living like I used to live. They are happy to turn on the rock music, even though GOD HATES IT.

They are happy to turn on the TV and watch all the nonsense there, even though GOD HATES THAT TOO. They are happy to watch the ungodly movies that wicked people make, even that makes God ANGRY. These ungodly christians like I used to be, are happy to live a life on the BROAD PATH TO DESTRUCTION, and so they come to me and try to FIND FAUL in EVERYTHING, because they themselves do not wish to turn from the path of destruction. Let me tell you dear friends, that if you live a life going after these things, being entertained by this worldly society and not living a serious life for Christ, not being separate from their ways, if you arnt, then the place you are going to end up is called the OUTER DARKNESS WHERE THERE IS A WEEPING AND GNASHING OF TEETH. Because you were not serious about living for Christ. You posted on Facebook scriptures, and went to church, and had all these marvellous little pictures on Facebook about following Christ, yet you yourself never followed him.

You didnt even know him, he didnt speak to you. You just were happy to TURN UP THE VOLUME of the rock music, to SIT DOWN IN FRONT OF THE TV. To WASTE YOUR LIFE, doing these things, having a “good life” instead of spending your time serving Jesus in prayer, going out to the wilderness, fasting, getting to know him, doing what it takes to put out besetting sin in your life, fighting through temptation from the devil, crucifying the flesh and all its desires, and then in all you do in this world, such as your responsibilities, you DO THEM WELL for the Lord. You are an honest person for your employer who doesn’t slack as soon as they have turned their back. You get the highest grades you can when you study, you are seriously dedicated to Christ and his way. You are not interested in all these foolish sidetracks of the ungodly. When you do your work (for money) for the Lord, you do so as led by him. You might think it might be right to do work one way, but he might open another door for you. You look after your family and all like the worldly unbelievers do, and you love them like they do, BUT you love Jesus now, which means he COMES FIRST, which means there is going to be a shift in your priorities. No longer is it going to be living for the house and the car and education from the children. These things are important, but they no longer dominate your thinking, because you know the Lord will provide.

You no longer live for going on pleasure, and vacation. If you must go, let me tell you that when you love Jesus you DONT REALLY WANT TO GO, you just want to be in the wilderness praying. I know it is hard when you have families, and so a part of us GROANS but that is because we have the way of Christ in us where we love him more than them. Dear friends, if you are like the JUSTIN BEIBER CHRISTIAN, you will end up in the outer darkness, if you are in word only saying you are saved by grace and holding onto certain scriptures, living the ungodly lives, being part of the same society, then you will end up in the outer darkness, and you will not find salvation in Christ. For as it is written, the Lord God HATES the ways of this world, and the people who are worthy of Jesus Christ as he proclaimed them worthy, were those who kept their robes unspotted from this world. The Lord said, “They shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy.” Leave the ungodly things. Get to know him in prayer, serious living, dedication on the narrow way, and he will lead you to the eternal kingdom of God. But continue to follow the sinful Christians of this generation in their SPORTS, ROCK MUSIC, and their ENTERTAINMENT of the world, being a part of this society, then you will not find the kingdom of God, but you will find the outer darkness where there is a weeping and gnashing of teeth....

Sunday, April 3, 2016


This is an important message that applies to you, just as much as it applies to me. About 6 years ago, the Lord Jesus called me out of the world. He used dreams, preaching, and other methods to call me out. He talked though my situation when I was lost. What happened was, I came out of the world. I stopped living a life of sin, stopped being worldly, threw out all my rock music CDs, turned off the TV, I stopped going to movies, stopped swearing, lying, fornicating, looking in lust, I took my mind off my evil fantasies, and I dedicated my life to a holy life for Jesus Christ where I was interested in going the way the apostles went, where they said to live a quiet life dedicated to Christ, being exemplary in your behaviour that everyone may see you good deeds, and give God the praise. That is the path I wanted to go. I wanted to separate from this world’s paths, be like John the Baptist, and Jesus, and Apostle Paul and Apostle Peter, and separate from this ungodly, Noah’s day, ungodly generation. I met other people who wanted to do the same for various reasons. Whether true or not true, I don’t know. I did know that when the seed of truth from Jesus lands on people’s hearts, their ground can be different, and it is only the good ground of the good man’s heart who is a doer of the word and is serious about it. He puts it into practice. It is only him who ends up bearing a harvest in the end. So, I knew some people who followed Christ, but didnt know what their hearts were. Only God knows our hearts. For all I knew, the seed landed on good ground. Jesus said that the enemy comes along, and he sees that a ground is shallow, so he snatches away the seed. Jesus also said that the CARES OF LIFE, the lusts of the flesh, and the vain pursuits of life, and the pride of the eyes, these take others and their seed dies and they become unfruitful. I have seen this.

There are those who I once knew who believe that following the way of Paul, Jesus, John the Baptist, Apostle Peter, being serious and separate from this wicked generation, they believe that this is a cult like mentality; it is a doomsday cult, a cult of being a monk or something like that. It is that mentality I want to talk about, because I have seen this in a lot of people, where they realise the truth that the 5 foolish virgins will not enter into the gate. But then, somewhere along the line they become deceived, and start to think that this life is about having a good family, having a good holiday, enjoying your life, and it cannot all be bad. So, they start turning up the rock music, they start turning the TV back on, and they start going along to the movies again, they start swearing again little bit by little bit, they start being friendly with the ways of worldly people and before you know it they have fallen away, yet they don’t think so. They will avidly profess they love Jesus and thank God for all the good things they have. They don’t serve him. It is this Christian profile that I want to explain to you today so that you don’t fall into the same trap. If you are in it, then maybe you will come out, because the way of Jesus Christ is indeed the way of the CULT: being separate from the world. People won’t like you if you don’t want to join in the same sports, watch the same things and listen to the same music as them, and so if you love the world, you will go that way, and want to say that the narrow way is like a cult, because you don’t really love Jesus; you love the world. Jesus said if you love the world, you are not worthy of him. He said you have to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him. That is what Apostle Paul did. He was a nomad. That is what John the Baptist did. He lived out in the wilderness in camel skins. He looked a mockery in the generation of that day: a crazy monk out in the wilderness. Yet, that man, he went to God’s throne and received a reward. Apostle Peter, didnt ever have much to his name. He walked around preaching and being serious about Jesus. Philip, he had a wife and children, and brought them up to be Godly, but he wasn’t walking around mixed up in that Roman generation.

We live in the days of Noah: a day of wickedness. People don’t want to believe in this day, that it is wicked in all levels of society right up to the top in government. They want to call it all a “Conspiracy Theory”. They don’t want to believe that satan is ruling this world. They want to think that we are all blessed Christians and are here to enjoy our family, holidays, and we all live our lives as we love them, and they think THAT is the way to the kingdom of God. Of corse they BELIEVE and say, “Thank you God for all these things I have.” But they are not separate. Those who are separate, to them are cult members and call “Cultish behaviour”. “How dare you not be like us?” says the world’s people, “And not listen to the things we listen to, watch the things we watch, love the things we love.” But it is written that if you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you, and those who love the world, their enemies of the Father. And so, that is the profile of Christians I once knew, where at one time they wanted to be separate from the paths of this Noah’s day generation. They did want to turn off the TV, they did want to stop watching the wicked immorality in movies, the violence, they did want to stop watching and listening to MTV and rock music, but then they were lured, because of the ground in their hearts, they were lured back to the world. So they went back to those things. They turned the rock music back on.

They let the world enter their lives little bit by little bit. However, they still clung to a belief in Jesus Christ, and that is the profile of today’s Christian where they are warned by Jesus in his letters in revelation, that they have FALLEN. “Look how far you have fallen, you don’t love me as you did at first. You allow the Jezebel spirit in amongst you. If you don’t repent, I will come and fight against these things of evil, and those who cause them, with the sword of my mouth,” says the LORD. “I will kill her children with death, and then everybody will know that I am the LORD who searches the mind and the heart according to what I see there, and will reward everybody according to what they have done.” For sin there will be tears and grief and judgement. But for those who had set their lives apart for Jesus Christ, there will be mercy and forgiveness. They will be given a white stone with their names on it, and a crown, because they kept their robes separate. “They will walk with me,” says the LORD, “For they are WORTHY.” For you who have not soiled your robes in this world, you are worthy…Those who have, clearly you are not worthy. That is the profile of today’s Christian which I myself have experienced. They are NOT WORTHY. ARE YOU WORTHY? ...