Saturday, March 26, 2016

How to be SAVED

I want to talk about how to be saved because people every so often they ask me, “How do I get saved?” It is actually the most important question out there concerning humans, but to understand how can you get saved, we have got to understand why do we need saving, what are we being saved from. We all know the story of the rich man who ended up in the flames of hell, and so we understand that a life living after our own sins ends up in this terrible place. So, salvation is salvation from hell, from the judgement. We all know that it is written that on the day of judgement, everyone who lived and practiced sin, and who did not have their names written in the book of life, they get thrown into the lake of fire. We also know about the outer darkness where people who are not faithful to Jesus end up. So, we know that we do need saving from those things. That is what salvation is. We don’t want to end up in hell. We don’t want to be judged by God. So, what then is salvation from these things? How can we not be judged by God and sent to the lake of fire, or the outer darkness where there is a weeping and gnashing of teeth. We know that our sin will send us there because it is written no ungodly and unclean persons shall enter the holy city of God.

We have all been unclean and ungodly at times in our lives. The answer for salvation is more the WAY OF SALVATION, the PATH of salvation. It is not something that just happens and then all of a sudden you are saved. It is actually a path, a walk. Salvation is a walk, where if you walk it, you will be saved. So where is this path? JESUS CHRIST IS THAT PATH. He is the messiah, the son of God. That is why he said, “Everybody who believes on me, shall inherit eternal life. HE is the way, but we cannot just believe in him only and just go on in our evil deeds and be hearers of the word only. Otherwise we will be like the seed that landed on the ground where people were hearers only, and were not doers of the word. The path of salvation is very simple and clear: It is about the HEART, about what you WANT. Do you WANT the things of destruction? Or do you want the things of Jesus Christ? Do you KNOW who he really is? Do you realise that he died on the cross from our sins, that he is the Messiah, the only way to heaven. Do you REALISE THAT? Because that is where faith begins, and it is the faith that will save you. Jesus Christ the Messiah, he is the way of salvation, his name is salvation. He is salvation. So do you live for him? Do you do his words? Do you follow him? That is the narrow way, that is the name of salvation. The only way to know him is in prayer. The only way to follow him is to turn from your sins and decide you want him. That is the way to salvation. If you endure on this way, stay faithful, keep the faith, cling to Jesus who has saved you through his work on the cross, if you stay faithful till the end of your life, then you WILL be given salvation, and you WONT come under the judgement, and you will pass from death to life. There are those who will say you just have to believe, and then they go on in their wickedness and they don’t turn away and repent. Their hearts are WRONG. They don’t WANT Jesus, they just want his salvation and still go on in their wickedness.

That is not God’s way. That is not the way of salvation. They are not saved. They have not walked the path, and are in fact not even on the path. You have WALK THE PATH TILL THE END to receive the crown of life. It is a path of abiding with Jesus Christ. Do you really realise he is the Son of God? Do you really know that he is the ONLY way to heaven? If you DO realise this, then you are catching a glimpse of God’s kingdom. If you hold it into your heart and you trust in it and have faith in it, then your faith is going to save you and you are going to pass from death to life. You won’t come under the judgement. If you are so foolish to believe but then go back into your life or godliness and worldliness, then your heart is like the ground that seed landed on that was thorny and stony; you believed for a little while then the weeds grew up and choked out your faith and it died. Don’t be like that my friend. Be the good man’s heart, the DOER of the word, who says, “Jesus is my Saviour, he did die on the cross for me, I believe,” and they have faith in this in the heart not just in the mind, and they realise the reality of Jesus Christ, and so they WALK IT EVERYDAY. They set aside their heart for Christ. They don’t strive after their talents and their goals and dreams of the flesh, they live instead for Jesus Christ. They deny themselves, pick up their cross, and follow him. He becomes their everything. They become like the disciples in the bible who just live for Jesus Christ. That is the path of salvation. Are you SERIOUS about Jesus? If you really realise he is the salvation of the world, and his name will save you, Do you CLING to it? Do you take his word seriously? Do you walk his way, his narrow way to the end?

If you do, you will be saved. That is the way of salvation. DO these things and live. That is why Jesus said to go into all the word, preach the good news, he who repents, believes and is baptised will be saved. That is why Peter called out, “Men turn from this crooked generation, and repent and turn to the saving name of Jesus Christ, and be baptised in his name.” And so, the people believed and they turned from their sins, came to the water and were baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, they received the Holy Spirit, and Jesus came to abide in them, and he led them by the Holy Spirit to eternal life. Some may not have continued, they may have been the seed that landed on the thorny ground like the fortune teller who believed for a little while and was baptised but he wanted to offer money for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and Peter sent him away, and told him to “Go repent and maybe God will forgive you of this terrible sin.” The way of salvation is a way of seriously dedicating your life, and your ways AND your heart to the name of salvation who is Jesus Christ the Messiah. You then follow him ALL THE WAY and be FAITHFUL, and your faith will SAVE YOU…....