Monday, September 28, 2015

15 Ways SOME Churches Deceive You

I want to tell you 15 ways SOME CHURCHES DECEIVE YOU, because I have seen the churches deception in a lot of the Christian world leading many professing believers astray to many false doctrines causing them to not be able to be with Jesus and his wedding feast and enter the kingdom, because they wilfully and blindly follow the church. Some churches say 1: that we always sin but the blood of Jesus covers us. Jesus’ blood does NOT atone for us when we always sin. He calls us to repent and God calls us to live a HOLY LIFE as is written in 1 Thess chapter 4. God commands everyone to repent, and anyone who rejects the command to live a holy life, is not rejecting human teachings, but God’s. Jesus Christ will free us from sinning everyday if we repent and we turn to him, then we don’t have to sin all the time and try and claim that Jesus covers for our lack of self-control which is a fruit of the Spirit. Rather we add to our faith 2 Peter 1, where Peter writes to add to your faith daily in increasing measure, self-control, godliness, purity, righteousness, endurance, perseverance, and love.

Deception #2. They say you must tithe to the church to obey God. Some also say if you don’t you will end up in hell. There is NO COMMAND given by Jesus nor by his disciples to tithe to the church. NO COMMANDMENT. There is NO obligated to the gentiles nor the jewish believers of Christ to go under the law of Moses and tithe 10% of their produce or income to a church or body. You do not need to tithe to a church to save yourself. That is going under the law. The command that Jesus gave was to obey him by living a holy life. His command was to give without anyone knowing about it. To give without your left hand knowing what your right hand is doing. To give to the widow and orphan in their distress. Give to the needy believers, those who need it. That is true giving in the sight of God from your heart. Don’t give to the church, they are deceivers, and we don’t want to support deception.

Deception #3. They say you need accountability to people in church, and you must not forsake the assembly of the church, so you need to attend church. Dear friends you don’t need to go to their building and gatherings, because we are warned by the disciples to have NOTHING TO DO with those who profess the faith, yet they walk in sin or another gospel. These churches are walking in sin and in another gospel so we are to have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Fellowshipping with them, is going to cause you to be displeasing to the Lord. Don’t even eat with them, it is written. We need fellowship with Jesus Christ first. We need to KNOW HIM first. Then when we know him and abide with him, then we can assemble with other people whom we make disciples. Then we fellowship with THEM. Then we are not forsaking the assembly, because the assembly isn’t church rather disciples of Christ.

Deception #4. They won’t baptise new believers as commanded but make you sit a corse, or put it off, or say the water is nothing special. We all know that when the early believers believed in Jesus Christ, they were IMMEDIATELY baptised. There was no tarry and wait. There was no pep talk and corse to take, rather you were baptised right away because that is part of the gospel for the remission of your sin. As Jesus said, “Those who are baptised and believe will be saved, those who don’t believe will be condemned.” You need to be baptised RIGHT AWAY.

Deception #5. They allow sinners to fellowship in church saying “We are all sinners” instead of warning those sinners and calling them to repentance. That is another deception of the church. They are NOT being separate from sin. They say we are all-inclusive and welcome all faiths of all backgrounds. Sinners go along and they stay in their sin. We are NOT to fellowship with sinners. Jesus came to bring a dividing fire and a segregation and separation. His people are both separate from the world, and those of another faith and other gospels. They are SEPARATE, because Jesus discriminates against anyone who is NOT of him, and he WONT allow them into heaven. Likewise we must be separate from those who are of another gospel, and not fellowship with them at all in the name of God. The church is deceiving you. We have to be REPENTING and OBEYING and FOLLOWING Jesus. Amen? We have to segregate and separate unto Christ within ourselves and not to mix with those of other faiths, other than to be standing for the name of Jesus, but not to be with them in prayer and agreeing with them under their own false Gods. That is fornication against God himself and a serious spiritual SIN.

Deception #6. Churches often say that going to THEIR church means you are saved and going to heaven. You ARE NOT saved and going to heaven because you have a church membership and because you go along to a church. I don’t care what church it is, but that is not the way of salvation. The ONLY way of salvation is to KNOW Jesus, be baptised in his name and follow him as a disciple keeping ourselves separate unto him and away from evil until the VERY END, walking in the tree fruits of the spirit: FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE. If that is not in your walk, you are not entering heaven!

Deception #7. Church won’t tell you that you need to be led personally by Jesus Christ as his DISCIPLE, and that you don’t need other leaders over you. Church doesnt seem to want people to obey and follow Jesus ONLY as their leader, because it takes the Church out of the equation. How can church have authority over you, when you have authority under Christ, who is another master? We cannot serve church AND another master. If your leaders are over you, how can you be under Christ? True leaders and true disciples of Jesus know they are equal with everybody. They just lead them on/to the way of truth if people would listen. Humility; Jesus said he who wishes to be the leader (great) among you must be your SERVANT. You don’t need church over you, nor to lead you, nor to be accountable to. You have to be accountable DIRECTLY TO CHRIST led by the Holy Spirit as your leader.

Deception #8. They don’t tell you that to be saved, you must walk on the NARROW way. Now a lot of churches say it is ok to walk how you wish, and that the blood covers your sins and it is ok. You don’t have to be perfect. It is ok to be in front of the footy, the sport, the entertainment, parades of sin and being a part of a sinful world. It is ok they say, because they say you are going to heaven because you BELIEVE. But that is NOT the narrow way. Often the churches are on the BROAD WAY to destruction and are not telling you that you have to be on the narrow way otherwise you will not find life. (and that is true)

Deception #9. Often the church leaders and preachers accept the praise of men. I have seen a lot of leaders accepting titles and praises of men, and not standing against those titles and saying as Jesus said, that there is nobody good. There is only ONE whom is worthy of honour and praise, and that is JESUS CHRIST. Woe to those who accept the praises of men and don’t reject it.

Deception #10. Churches often limit God to their PROGRAMS and they claim to be God’s representatives yet they limit him to their own works. Dear friends, we cannot mock God, we cannot be his leader and make him do what WE say, saying we are his representatives. God does what HE wants to do, and either we FOLLOW or we are not even in the picture. We don’t lead. God is not limited to our programs. He wants to lead us to the things HE wants us to do and they might be completely different to what you church is doing. We got to get to KNOW him so he can give us work to do and lead us instead of us try and lead him. Time to get into the back seat, and let God take the wheel.

Deception #11. Churches often praise God with SIN on their hands, and make Jesus a religious affair that doesnt carry his REALITY. (Big one) How often have you sat in church and praised to the wall and then go and live your own life for the week and you don’t know Jesus and he does not know you?! Jesus IS REAL. He is not the unreality that the Churches have made him.

Deception #12. Churches often say that THEIR church is the body of Christ even though they are not his disciples nor do they make disciples of Jesus Christ. Dear friends, the church is not the body of Christ! The body of Christ are all those who OBEY Jesus AND are his disciples who DO his words and OBEY his commands. They are his brother, his sister, and brethren. Those of ANOTHER gospel and these things I have been telling you about, they are NOT of God. They are NOT the body of Christ. If we expect to be in the body of Christ with the disciples of old, but we are walking like this current generation does, this Roman generation that loves the ways of this world like the days of Noah, we cannot expect to be in the company of those early disciples who were very well acquainted to their suffering and the narrow way, not living in the luxury of sin and wealth of today.

Deception #13. Church’s way and the way of the believer of the book of Acts are starkly different, they accept sinful rock music, sport, and entertainment in their church and claim God is ok with it. It should not be hard to see this deception. Cannot you see how DIFFERENT they are to the ways of the disciples? When they walk in sin and worldliness? The disciples NEVER walked that way. They were different. They are two different bodies.

Deception #14. Churches claim that THEIR church and liturgy is the way to life instead of being a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. Dear friends, your church isn’t the way to heaven. Being a follower of Jesus Christ is the way to heaven, his teachings, and his ways.

Deception #15. Churches affiliate with the World’s governments, leaders, and the world’s wealthy and don’t rebuke those people’s ways and their lack of godliness. How many times have you seen the Church affiliating with the world’s governments and leaders, and affiliating with these ungodly leaders? They don’t rebuke those people. They don’t stand up for the truth. Dear friends, it is time to come AWAY FROM THE DECEPTION OF THE CHURCH and get yourself into a living relationship with Jesus Christ being led by his Spirit so he can free you from your sin, and lead you as his disciple in a real living relationship where you know him and he knows you and he leads you by his Holy Spirit. THAT IS THE TRUTH. BE A DISCIPLE OF JESUS AND BECOME PART OF THE REAL BODY OF CHRIST. DONT LET THE CHURCH DECEIVE YOU ANYMORE. Jesus bless you....