Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why You Can Sin No More

Jesus Christ said to go sin no more, to the woman who was found caught in adultery. If Jesus says we are to go sin no more, it means that he knows that it is possible, and that he requires it, and we can indeed sin no more! If it was impossible like a lot of people will tell you, then Jesus could not say to go sin no more, because who could do what was impossible? Many believers believe the deadly deception that the Apostle Paul went on sinning, where he wrote in Romans chapter 7, that he did things he didn’t want to do, but the sin living within him, did those things, so he wasn’t free to carry out his good intentions. But we know, that Paul wrote, “You are no longer obligated to follow the dictates of the flesh.” He further wrote in Galatians chapter 5, “Those who are of Christ, have crucified their passions of the flesh and its desires.” Have you? Have you crucified the passions of your flesh and its desires? Are you IN CHRIST? Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said to go sin no more, because he knew that, as Paul wrote in Romans chapter 7, that we are not capable of carrying out our good intentions, because of the evil that lies within us, causes us to continue to sin! That is why Jesus died on the cross, so that he could set us FREE from this predicament, that we would be given the power and the tools necessary, by the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome and no longer practice sin anymore! That is why, it is written in 1 John chapter 3, that those who abide in Jesus, don’t continue to sin. Jesus made it very clear where he said in John chapter 15 that he is the vine and you are the branches, and every branch that abides in him produces good fruit, and those who don’t wither, because he said you cannot do anything without me. That is why he said to, “Abide in me.” That is what Jesus told me when I turned to him, and turned away from my life of sin. He said to me to abide in him, because Jesus knows that when you abide in him, you will be given the power to overcome and add to your faith daily the good things of the Holy Spirit so you no longer live a life of wickedness. It is written that those of Christ become a NEW CREATION, and the old has passed away and the new has come! Now, has that happened for you? Has the old passed away for your life? Has the new come?

If it has, it is because you have come to KNOW Jesus. He has come to abide in you. But if it has not, and you are continuing to live a life after your own desires, and you are continuing to be entertained by this world’s wickedness on the TV screens, and the movies, and the sport, and all the things that this generation strives after, then how can you know Jesus? How can he abide in you? Because clearly, you are not a new creation. The old in you has not passed away. You still continue to sin and practice sin daily because you are a sinner! Not everything is in this category of sin, but if our minds are focused on this world, and being entertained by sin, adultery, and fornication on the TV screen, by the ungodly idol of sport in our lives, but the ungodly music of this generation such as hip-hop music, rock culture, pop culture, if that is what you identify with everyday, then it is very clear that your heart, you, are not transformed by Jesus Christ. The old has not passed away in you. You are not a new creation. Jesus and you do not abide with each other. If he did, you would show it by your new life. Not everything out there is sin, and showing that we are not on the right path. We all still have got to work in this world, and have some kind of connection with people in this world and unbelievers, but the thing is the difference between a follower of Christ who has been transformed because he has come to know Jesus by seriously seeking in faith, the difference with this person is that he is indeed separate from the way this world goes: they love immorality, they love diversity which they call gay, homosexual marriage, transgender etc. They love diversity. They love the diversity of sin. They love the latest wickedness of actors in movies. The celebrities, are loved by the world because they are of the world, and believers who also go after that, have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Jesus does require us to go another way, and the person who has been changed by Jesus, goes another way! He doesnt continue being the old person. He only continues to follow Jesus in a NEW WAY where he is seeking to be led by Jesus each day. He wants to know what the Lord is doing in his life. His mission for the Lord.

I want to tell you that the mission of the Lord is definitely not a mission of being lukewarm in the world accepting sinners in their sins, accepting Christian sinners and celebrating diversity. That is not the way of Christ, that is the way of the wicked! That is the way of sinners who are on the path to destruction. A follower of Jesus is not sitting around in front of the sport. He is not having that idol in his life. He is not wasting his time pursuing these idols in his life. He is not putting his goals and what he wants to achieve in life first, rather he is looking for what JESUS wants him to do, because he wants to be a slave of the kingdom of God! The kingdom of God is about the gospel of Jesus, that Jesus has died for us and that we can follow him and be given eternal life through his saving name, because he died on the cross to set us free from our wickedness to cleanse away our sins, giving us the tools through the Holy Spirit to overcome sin and stop being sinners, rather to walk the new way to the kingdom of God, as a changed creation where the old has passed away and the new has come! It is called a testimony.

Unfortunately so many believers don’t have a testimony. They haven’t been transformed. They haven’t had the new way come inside. They continue to live their old way putting on the latest movies, not interested in turning away from these things before the Lord. They are instead interested in everything that is going on with celebrities and sport, yet they are not interested in following Jesus. If we follow Jesus, then we have got to be SEPARATE in our hearts and minds. We have to watch what we allow into our hearts and minds otherwise that will corrupt us. If you sit in front of the media of this world, you will be polluted and corrupted by their fallen ideals you are being entertained by. But if you separate yourself and spend your time in prayer, reading the scriptures, and being dedicated in doing the will of Christ in what he wants you to do (and if you don’t know, seeking it) then you are going to progress in your path to the kingdom of God growing in endurance and the good things of the Spirit, pursuing the way that enters the kingdom of God being the few who enter the kingdom, instead of the many who try to enter but cannot.

Dear souls, I council you to give yourself up to Christ in all areas of your life, that you follow him daily, being serious about his name in all areas. You have to be SERIOUS about Jesus, otherwise you are not going to make it into that narrow gate, because the hour is late, and if we wait till it is too late, then we are going to be one of those knocking on the outside, saying, “Lord let us in, let us in!” And the Lord will say, “Go away I don’t know you, nor where you are from. Depart from here!” And they will have to go away. But those who were overcoming, keeping their robes from sinning, adding to their faith self-control, righteousness, and godliness, perseverance, and love, these people will receive a warm welcome into heaven, and will sit down with Jesus who overcame also and sat down with the Father. Let us HEED the Lord. Let us examine our life today and kick out what is displeasing to the Lord, that we may also be walking on this new way to the kingdom of God taking Jesus seriously before time runs out on us. It is running out and there is not much time left. May the Lord bless you. ...