Saturday, April 4, 2015

Discipleship NOT CHURCH

I want to talk about disciples, discipleship and the reality of actually following Jesus for real. I don't talk about going to that the church down the road and just hearing about Jesus. I mean actually being his disciple; the walk of a disciple following the narrow way.

There was a time in the 1980s, a large movement of people were turning to Jesus Christ in China, and a lot of them were then thrown in prison by the communist government, and Jesus would help them get through that time. One sister was complaining in prison to the Lord about it because she had broken leg when she was thrown off a building have trying to escape from them, and Jesus said, “You suffer, but I suffered also.” She realised that it was worthy to suffer for Jesus instead of suffering for being a criminal or suffering that’s your own fault. But suffering for Jesus is something even better, something wonderful. She came to understand what it was to follow Jesus and that Jesus would not leave her.

Like other people there, they would be led by the Holy Spirit. The church did not get their dirty hands into them for quite a long time, and so they just follow Jesus as disciples. Miracles would happen. They'd be led by the Holy Spirit. Most people were illiterate like this particular man who was called to be a disciple. He was a farmer and in those days in China, most people on that social level wouldn't be able to read or write, and they were illiterate.

The church hadn’t got their dirty hands into them yet, and so they continued to be led as disciples of Jesus, hallelujah, building God’s kingdom as disciples. But now the churches have got their dirty hands into the flock of Jesus and a lot of those people are fallen away, or they just following church now. The churches are busy ruining the kingdom of God as they always do. But previous to that, most of these people were disciples of Jesus. They were walking in a relationship with Jesus. They were being led by the spirit and would go to different places as led by the spirit. People were coming to the faith, and people were turning from sin and practising the doctrine of holiness, righteousness, repentance, baptism as these things are written out in the Bible in the words of Jesus. They just simply practised the way of the disciple. They didn't need to be church because they were already the true church of Jesus. They were disciples. But later the hands of the church got into them. A lot of them fell away to being led of man.

Many sit down in church and praise the Lord in dead songs, or they just join in with the world again and they just go to church on Sunday looking their best, but not knowing Jesus.

Dear friends it is time to wake up, come out of the dirty church, and instead we need to become disciples of Jesus again, led by the spirit. Instead people just go and sit down, have a nice time, and look religious and holy on Sunday. A nice time and eat good food on Sunday. You know my friends, that's not the way of Jesus.

I want to talk about becoming a disciple of Jesus. Some years ago I used to just go along to church and I thought I would be doing alright by God as I did this, but I didn't live for Jesus, I wasn't his follower, I wasn't his disciple. I let myself listen to nice teachings.

Groups will look after their own. I was listening to a video by another brother the other day, saying how the church looked after him so well. The church looked after his needs but they look after the FLESH not the SOUL. I read a comment from a Catholic church goer where they said that Catholics never try to convert anyone to their faith. They just say to be who you are, and all roads lead to God the Father. You have to be led to the Catholic Church by God, they say. I thought yes that's the way of the church, because they don't know Jesus. The dirty church has got dirty hands and they don't clean their hearts.

My friends, when I started to realise that we must follow Jesus as disciples again, I used to think about the church. I wondered why they were so different. I realised because they are not the same thing as the early church and what you see today are not the same thing as what was then. You must realise what you see today is a perversion of the truth that Satan set up; a synagogue of Satan, that church we see today down the road, or those tall archways with those strange figures carved over them, all those priests in grand gowns, drifting around. The preacher in the pulpit gets up to preach with a black shirt with white bit around the neck….that's the synagogue of Satan!

They say, “Do not forsake the assembly.” I’m sure they do many good things, but then so does the world! Even the ungodly give charity, even the ungodly help their own, even the ungodly give money, and they help the windows and the orphans. Even the ungodly do that. My friends, they don't look after the SOUL. They stand in front of the kingdom and they stop people from entering.

I was listening to a video from another brother yesterday, who was talking about how the religious leaders stand in front of the door to eternal life, and they will not entered and they would suffer nobody else to enter. That's what Jesus said. Jesus said that the religious leaders stand in front of the door to the kingdom and do not suffer anyone to enter, and they themselves do not enter. Jesus said that, and it is the same today my friends. That's why today I want to talk about a relationship and a discipleship of Jesus.

The discipleship is not your church down the road, that's not the discipleship. When you meet with them you're not obeying the scriptures to gather together, because they are not a gathering of true believers. They are a gathering of people who believe in a doctrine, whatever doctrine that is at church, and call it Christianity. Now, they are going to copy what is in the scriptures, and make things very similar, that's why when you see the creed of any church; the creed of the Catholic Church, the creed of the Orthodox Church, any church, you are going to see certain truths so that you think that they must be on the right way. But there's something missing! There is always something missing. You know what's missing? It is the discipleship that is missing: being gathered with Jesus and being led by the spirit is missing.

Somebody can call themselves Pentecostal, and many times most of them are led by another spirit, strange fire, but you know my friends, these ways are not the ways to the kingdom of God! You are joining the synagogues of man. That isn't the way to the kingdom of heaven.

I attended a church in the UK. They had such wonderful singing and had such soulful Bible reading and all, but there wasn't any disciples of Jesus. It was dead. There was only one old beggar woman who was praising the Lord because she had a relationship with Jesus. Most people’s understanding about the truth is that the church is the house of God. But think again my friends, for the church you see down the road, that's not the house of God!

God said that he no longer lives in buildings of men. He no longer dwells in buildings made by the hands of men. Jesus said that the time is coming when you do not have to go to the house of God to worship God, rather you will have him in spirit and truth, and that is written later in the words of Paul, that YOU are the temple of God: “For do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?”

You are the church. So why are you going to church when you are the church? People say, “I go because I want to gather with other believers.” But these people they gather with are following a creed, a sect, another doctrine. They are following churchianity. They are following something else, and to gather together with them is disobedience to scripture, for it says NOT to gather together with those who live in sin, or cause divisions, and these people cause divisions. They name their division a certain name. The name of their division might be Pentecostal, or might be Baptist, it may be something else, but it is a division, it's a sect. The largest division is the false Roman Catholic Church that perverts the truth and brings in a half true, half lies doctrine that is doing lots of harm to the kingdom of God. They hold up their so-called saints. Their saints, my friends, are sinners that don’t know the gospel.

One of the famous saints was Mother Teresa who would tell Hindus to pray to their gods when they die. She was a soul trap. She was preaching another Gospel. It is written accused is he who brings in another Gospel. The Catholic church is under a curse, it is a synagogue of Satan, my friends, along with the other churches, because they are not the true church. YOU are the church. We've got to realise today that true disciples of Jesus have a relationship with him. Like I was saying about those Christians in China in the 1980s.

Now that time was a time before this terrible falling away we see today. Then, there was a scattering of many such disciples of Jesus in the churches, who heard his voice and who were led by him, and who did his bidding. Many of those were in church. Some of those were preaching in church and they brought the light of Christ into these lifeless buildings of men, and many miracles would happen. You see that was in the past in the 60s and 70s, maybe the 80s, where people would actually gather there and they would have Spiritual gifts of Prophecy, and they would have the gift of tongues, and would help each other as disciples. There were actually many churches that were filled with many disciples. But this doesn’t make the church (of man) suddenly something good!

There was one certain disciple back in the 1700s or the 1800s, who would go to preaching in the fields. He wasn't ordained by the local church, and so they had a big problem with him. He went and prayed for a sick woman and she got healed. The leaders of the church had a big problem with that. When you want to baptise someone you can't baptise someone if you are not ordained by them. But that's what the church has done ever since the beginning back in the fourth century or the third century, whenever it was they tried to control the work of Jesus. A false entity. And so most of the people in those leadership positions, those laypeople, they're part of this false cancer, this entity. God only tolerated it because a lot of his disciples were in these places. A lot of other disciples din't actually realise the falsity of it all, and they just continued to do the work of God in these churches anyway. They kept leading people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Those people kept coming along to these false entities.

But today God has pulled out the disciples out of the churches. He has brought out the salt from out of the false entity that we call church today, and that is why we do not see hardly any disciples left in the church. And that's why you see them fall so far now because once there is the restraint gone, now they can fall to the doctrines of hell. They accept homosexuality, they except abortion and sin, and people go along with it because they were never disciples to begin with.

Church is a false entity. That is why, my friends, you should not go to church because it's only going to get worse, and you're not going to find disciples there. When you go to church, they blind your eyes to what is coming, and what's going to happen soon. I already can see the government getting more and more control inside of the church. In fact churches are affiliated with the government. It has got nothing to do with God. It has got everything to do with the governments of this world who are NOT Christian. Obama is not christian. He is a church convert, and is a false disciple.

You know the churches of the devil is the synagogue of Satan. These so called Christian leaders are not christian at all. They are of the synagogue of Satan. They are not disciples of Jesus. Do you think disciples of Jesus walk like that? They are so deceived by the lies of the false church for the last 1700 years or so, that everyone thinks, “I am a Christian, I go to church.”

We automatically think, “Okay that must mean they are going to the kingdom of God.” It is not true. The way to the kingdom of God is only one way and that is through faith and in a discipleship with Jesus, where he becomes your reality. Then you can walk with Jesus listening to him as he leads you in your life, turning away from temptation, turning down the flesh when it arises and tries to pull you back down into sin. You know, that's how we follow Jesus. We follow Jesus by faith in a personal reality, when he becomes real to us. Instead we go and get ourselves dumbed down at the local church and think that you have to have communion with them. But you are having communion with those who are not on the path of righteousness. That is sin. You should never eat the supper with those people my friends. The Last Supper was only supposed to be eaten with disciples of Jesus. Not with those of other sects and divisions. It's written in the Bible to keep away from those who cause division, and the world of Christianity, which is a division unto itself, is full of divisions. They have got a name for every division. It might be Catholic, it might be Orthodox, or Pentecostal, you name it there's a division, and all of those my friends are all not of the discipleship of Jesus. They don't do his words, they don't obey him.

Some may realise the truth when they study the scriptures and realise they have got to repent, and may become disciples of Jesus. Others are in such a bad situation in life that they repent and they call out to God like I did, and then he comes to them and they become disciples of Jesus. Others are drawn by God, and maybe a church person tells them about Jesus and then they decide to believe in Jesus and they start to follow him as his Disciple, but then some of them then become Churched and they fall away from being a disciple, and stop following Jesus. They go along to the church instead.

God uses anybody and anything to bring people to himself. It wasn't the people doing it, rather he uses whatever might be available. One time he used a donkey to speak to Balaam, but the donkey wasn’t something wonderful. Nobody is wonderful, but they may happen to be the way that God uses them. But you see my friends, the way of a disciple of Jesus is the way of a relationship with him. It is where they start to become obedient to the ways that Jesus set out in the Scriptures, because they realise that Jesus is real. People cry out for revival in their church, when what people need is their own revival. They need to know Jesus personally. The congregation sitting in church, doesn't know Jesus. When you don't know Jesus, there is no discipleship and then how can Jesus work in their lives! Work with their words, work to free them from their sins, if they don't know him!

Do you know him? Are you being churched? You know my friends, those Christians in China in the 80s, they were following the Holy Spirit and would travel around just as normal people, as this illiterate farmer did, and the church couldn’t get their hands on him because he was in a communist country, so they were able to just do the work for the Lord unhindered by the church. They would bring people to Jesus as disciples and believers. They themselves would turn to the Lord and a lot of them were then thrown in prison from the government because it was illegal to be not part of the government church. The government churches were not the Church of Jesus Christ and anybody who was following Jesus as a disciple knew that they couldn't join themselves with a synagogue of Satan. I wonder why people join themselves with a synagogue of Satan today, that's affiliated with the government?

Those religious leaders that are praying for the President, who comes to them yet their hands are dripping with the blood of people, do not even rebuke them. They think they are Christian just because he goes to church. You know my friends, church is a false organisation that crowns kings, is ordained by the government. Do you think that has got anything to do with Jesus Christ?

What about that nice big place you go to where you sing with thousands of people that come along and listen to contemporary Christian music, contemporary nonsense. That's not Jesus either. That's a club, a group, another sect. The disciples of Jesus always have one thing in common my friends, and that is that they preach and live repentance, holiness, and the truth of Jesus: they live repentance, holiness, and faith. Those things are missing from the believers in Church. They may read a sermon about that, but they themselves are not living by faith in Jesus.

They are not living like that Farmer was as a disciple of Jesus. A man in India, he was an old Hindu follower and then he became a Christian because God gave him a dream about Jesus Christ and how he was to accept Jesus, and there happened to be a local church person who told him about Jesus, and he accepted Jesus. The church didn’t get their dirty hands into him, for gladly God protected him from all that, and he continued to just work for Jesus in his own life telling his followers about Jesus, making a church, a real church, a making of discipleship. I don't know whether the Church did actually succeed in extinguishing his life, I don't know I don't didn't follow up with him, but from what I heard at that point he was making disciples of his people who knew him, and those people were becoming the church. They would be meeting together, not in the ungodly church of man, but meeting together in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they could be a real church meeting together as disciples of Jesus, and then Jesus can do things with them.

Jesus can't do much with us if we are leading ourselves in our own little doctrines, in our own sect. Call it whatever it is, but you don’t have to be following it. You know my friends, we can't learn to preach the truth, study hard and work out how to do it, memorise some sermons, memorise some Bible verses. You can't learn how to follow Jesus my friends. It is not something you do, otherwise it is really just a religious ritual such as: to study hard and learn the ropes of Learning how to recite the Koran…. You know my friends, following Jesus is about being led by the Holy Spirit knowing him personally, because Jesus is real. He is alive today. When I started to seek Jesus, he started to speak into my spirit. He started to change my life and to set me free from sin I was bound to.

You know this is the reality of Jesus Christ. He will actually cause real things to happen to you. Jesus will cause real things to happen to you. He will enter your life for real. Then you don't have to be bound by the church, and by the tax of the church. When you're busy being burdened down by the tax of the church, they call tithing which they enforce with the Bible, and when you're bound to going along down Sunday otherwise you're disobeying a bible verse as they say, (they adamantly prove that they're apparently the rock of Peter’s Church and who knows what else by the Bible which the clergy manipulates and puts words in like ‘Bishop’ and ‘Pastor’ so that they can say that's them and got to do what they say) then you are not able to follow Jesus. You can't follow Jesus when you are being pulled around by other people, and being under the burden of the church. But when you're free from them, you can go where Jesus takes you and leads you to do. Then you can be free to give as freely as you're given. God doesn't require you to pay a 10% tax. The world does, the government will make you pay more than that, and we must pay what the government orders, however God doesn't require a church tax.

God requires a disciple who gives willingly and that from what we have with a cheerful heart as it's written. Those who sow much, reap much. Those who sow a little reap a little. I hear a lot of preachers talking about reaping back money that you give to the church…But really this is talking about reaping back eternal rewards for the work of the kingdom of God which includes: giving and preaching, prayer, praise, repentance, holiness and faith, all those things are all part of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

You know my friends, God is very merciful and even though there is this false entity called church on the earth, anyone who cries out to his name will be saved. Heaps of people have been in church and found Jesus Christ, and have called out to God realising his reality. But the problem is a lot of those people have now fallen away and the blood of the saints is on the hands of the church, because the churches led them astray. That is the big problem and that's what I want you to know about is this great falling away of the church, so you can be a disciple of Jesus.

Now let's gather together today dear friends. Let's talk about how we endure and enter the kingdom of heaven and how it's not like the church says. We don't listen to the church, here we listen to Jesus Christ led by the Spirit. We listen to words of Jesus, the teachings of his as written and in our spirits, instead of listen to what the church says, otherwise we'll miss heaven, because there's only one truth, and that is through the Lord himself and Jesus has made very clear to us the way to the kingdom. It isn't what the church is saying. They say you should just believe and come to church, and now you're Christian. And some say be baptised and that's it! They don't care for your soul. You know my friends that's not it. When we become born again, that is only the beginning. When we become grafted into the vine of Jesus Christ, then we can bear fruit. But if you don't remain in Jesus, and you become churched and you listen to man, and you fall away from the truth, because you don't abide with Jesus. You fall away from his lifeline, life connection to the vine, led by the spirit, hearing his voice, following him. If you don't stay with him, your branch will wither. That's what the church never said. People they go along and become churched after turning to Jesus, and they start to wither. They stop bearing fruit because they are no longer connected to Jesus, and start to follow MAN. They live in sins, and become bound to sins, and their pastor keeps telling them it's alright, you are saved, just repent of your sin…but they're bound to sin and start following their lusts and desires, and then end up in hell because they believed the lie that when you're born-again, that's it: you're sealed for heaven and now you can never lose your salvation….but they were not told that you must ENDURE, you must develop perseverance through faith and repentance. They were not told that you must add to your faith in increasing measure daily endurance, perseverance, godliness, love, and these will keep you from falling away to the flesh to the sins of the flesh.

Just because you believe than you are saved, doesn't mean you're going to be saved if you are in that situation yet you don't follow Jesus. Jesus made is so very clear where he said that YOUR branch must remain in the vine so that you can bear fruit pleasing to the Father. Jesus made is so clear that if your branch is grafted in, which is when you become born-again, and you go cutting yourself from Jesus in sin, it means that your branch withers and it is going to get cut off by God later, and thrown into the fire. Jesus made it so clear in his own words in the parable of the fig tree, where there was a tree in the garden that wasn't bearing fruit, and the owner of the garden said, “Cut down this tree and take it out of the garden! I've been coming to it year after year and finding no fruit on it.”

Not bearing fruit as a disciple is one who was walking after Jesus Christ and living for Jesus, but then became preoccupied with the world, the cares of the world, and the music, the computer games, the videos and moves, and all the things that they love, the sports the fun… you know, the things the world's mind is set on. What happens was my friends he's had his mind set on all these things and he stopped bearing fruit, and the Father comes along, and sees his tree not bearing fruit, and in time if he does not repent, the Father will have him removed from the garden.

But the gardner Jesus, warns them to realise they are on a false path. Other people have bad things happen in their life, and they run to their church member and asked them why these things are happening in their life and they don't tell them the truth. Problem is a lot of these people end up getting cut down and cast out of the garden that they had been transferred into when they first believed. And that my friends is what they're not telling you is that you must walk as a disciple, because they are NOT disciples. They say these things because they are not disciples. They think heaven is the way of just following religious ideas, rituals, and murmurings with your tongue, but they themselves are not disciples and are not going to teach you the way of a disciple.

But I'm here to go the way of a disciple, to be led by the spirit, and to be constantly connected to Jesus where you are going to bear fruit! You know when your mind and heart is on JESUS every day, and temptation and sin comes, you're able to overcome. You're able to put sin out and not follow the sins of the flesh. Maybe you stumble a few times and you have to repent, but you're able to turn away and endure and put out the flesh and follow Jesus. Hallelujah! That's what you're able to do. But when you're not following Jesus and you're just following the church, you are not able to do that and you become fruitless. (not connected to the vine Jesus)

That's why some of these people in China, they were so fruitful for the Lord, and then 20 years later the great falling away happens and everyone starts to listen to the church and stops listening to Jesus and the disciple’s light within grows cold. The light goes out, because they started to get into the church and the church of course never was anything to do with the truth to begin with, and Satan’s synagogue succeeded over them and ended up having their light put out! That happened to so many people. Church is the enemy my friends. They are not our friends. That church down the road, that is an enemy to the gospel, an enemy to the disciples of Jesus. They are the ones Satan will work with to bring about the destructive doctrines of heresy. And that is where we get all this nonsense such as Calvinism, and the Catholic doctrines, and all these other ideas…

But I am not here to preach the doctrine your pastor does. I'm here to tell you to go to the reality of JESUS and be led by HIM, like that illiterate farmer I told you about in China. He heard the gospel of Jesus and God drew him and he became a disciple, and heard the voice of the Lord. God would tell him to go there to that village and preach my word and he went and did it.

God used a farmer, just like he did Peter and miracles happened, and become in the leadership of hundreds and hundreds of people who were finding Jesus. He was telling them about Jesus even though he didn't know the Bible, and couldn't read. He hadn't read the Bible my friends but was a disciple of Jesus. People they get smart when they become churched, and they become tied up in the Scriptures and then stop bearing fruit and they stop following Jesus, and no longer a part of the gospel, nor part of the work of God. Then there's no more revival with them, nor miracles, nor the new way. No more victory over sin. They wither and perish.

Today my friends is time to become a disciple of Jesus. This is when the Lord draws you to turn to him and repent and seek his name. The only thing that matters is what your relationship with is Jesus today. How is your relationship with Jesus? Is it helping you overcome your sinful ways in your heart? Is he using you to bring people to repentant to the gospel of truth? (if you are called to do that) Or are you just a sinner and going to be discarded! How is our relationship with Jesus?

You know all that matters in the end is our relationship with the giver of the word of truth, and that is Jesus. When you have him you don't need anything else. You don't need a church. You don't need fellowship, because fellowship is very dangerous, and can cause you to fall away from the truth. For within every fellowship there is going to be those of the enemy. So we need be very careful about fellowship. People seek fellowship but they don't have fellowship with Jesus Christ!

Don’t seek fellowship of man my friends because Jesus will take away your crutches if you don't know him and the people you want to rely on until you finally need to rely on HIM. That's what he did for me. I didn't have anyone I could rely on until I finally called out to him.

Jesus wants us to have fellowship with him and then when we are strong, because we have a good connection to the vine (Jesus) then we can be of use to people who need the same thing we have. We can lead them to have fellowship with Jesus if they'll listen, then we can have fellowship with another disciple of Jesus, for he leads us to make disciples of all men…The fellowship of disciples, the true church…....