Thursday, February 26, 2015

MAYBE You'll Be Saved, Maybe NOT

Maybe you'll be saved maybe you won’t. Many hope to be saved and enter heaven through their faith in Jesus Christ. They want to feel saved until they die. A lot of people brainwash themselves with certain ideas hoping that they're still going to go to heaven even though they live an unrighteous life. People like to believe that we will be saved as long as we believe in Jesus Christ. They don't like to believe that there are some people who believe in Jesus Christ, who will not enter God’s kingdom, and other people who believe in Jesus Christ, will enter his kingdom. The big question is, are we saved fully on this earth or not? Will we have complete eternal security salvation forever if we believe in Jesus on this earth? Or is there a question mark hanging over our heads? I want to quote to you a scripture from the book of Acts where people cried out to one of the apostle saying, “Sirs, what must we do to be saved?” And the apostles said, “You must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved along with you’re household.” And they told them about Jesus.

Jesus also said that everybody who believe on his name will be saved and they will pass from death to life. Jesus said that if you believe on his name you will be saved. So does that mean now that everyone of us who believes on the name of Jesus will be saved? That's what a lot of people would like to think, but we read the words of the Lord in the book of Matthew chapter 7 where he clearly says to the opposite showing that not everybody who believes on him will be saved. So then said Jesus, “You will know them by their fruit. Not everybody who says to me Lord, Lord will enter my kingdom, but he who does the will of the Father, they will enter. Many will say to me on the last day, ‘Lord we prophesying in your name and perform miracles in your name,’ and I will say to them, I never knew you depart from me you who practice lawlessness.” Now these people believed in Jesus Christ, they were not atheists and unbelievers who didn't believe in Jesus Christ. They should have entered heaven. Did the apostles and Jesus say it wrong that we must believe in Jesus to be saved? For surely if we must've believe in Jesus to be saved that means those also who believe on his name yet practice lawlessness should also go to heaven. Maybe they will just lose rewards like some people like to say.

Maybe they will go to heaven and just lose wealth in the Kingdom, but will still enter. Dear friends, that is not what is written about those who live lives of lawlessness. They will be told to go away, ‘Depart from me,’ Jesus will say. People who live sinful lives will not be able to enter the kingdom, even if they believe on Jesus and they do miracles in his name, and they lay hands on people and cast out Demons in the name of Jesus Christ; which means very clearly that not only are they believers of Jesus, but also serious believers of Jesus. Most believers don't send out Demons in his name and most of them do not prophesy in his name, so we know there's plenty of nominal believers! Maybe they are the ones that should miss out on the kingdom, you might ask? Well it's written that it's those serious ones who missed out on the kingdom because they lived in sin. That's what is written, and so on one hand Jesus says you'll be saved, in the future you will be saved if you believe upon my name…on the other hand he says if you live a life of lawlessness, ‘I never knew you, go away from me’…and they will go away into everlasting shame and contempt as it is written. And so, dear friends, thit is very clearly telling us that on this earth there is no eternal security, because at any time we can fall away to lusts, and if we follow lawlessness and we don't repent, we're going to be told by Jesus to, ‘Go away from me, I don't know you.’ If we strive with Jesus by faith putting out lawlessness that rises up in our hearts, and we just continue following him and obeying his words, practising his words in our life like the doer of the word, then we’re going to be like the seed that lands on the good ground and bears fruits, and the master will have joy in us, and we will have a grand welcome into the kingdom of God like Peter wrote in his second epistle. You know, dear friends, it's not by accident that the Apostles wrote to add to your faith self-control, godliness, righteousness, love, without which people are blind and near-sighted forgetting that their sins have been washed away.

If you practice those things you will never fall away, but if you instead practical lawlessness such as sexual immorality, or you're practising fornication, sex outside of marriage, or you're practising lustful desires in your heart that you are not putting out, if your lawlessness is stealing, if your lawlessness is lying or unkindness, a mean spirit, or if your lawlessness is just in general being worldly and lukewarm laughing at everything and not being serious about the way of Christ, or if your lawlessness is going along with dirty talk, foolish jesting, being part of the world's nonsense at your workplace, if that's what your lawlessness is, then what makes you think that despite professing the name of Jesus and even casting out Demons in his name and turning around and healing people by a spiritual gift that you received when you believed, or are practising works in the name of Jesus, what makes you think you're still going to enter heaven if you're practising lawlessness? It certainly puts the double-edged sword onto the edge of your salvation doesn't it! Because now we realise that we can't enter the kingdom of heaven by living in lawlessness, and we also realise that we are not eternally secure just because we believe in Jesus, as I've just proved by Scripture by the words of Jesus himself backed up by his apostles. So we know that we've got to be serious. You must want to hear this message and you know what I'm saying is true according to what was written. Also you know that this is a call that you must take your salvation seriously, because people who say they are saved and sealed, these people they don't take their salvation seriously, so they think, ‘Well I'm going to be saved’… so they don't try and live right, they don't try and turn away from lawlessness that they are living in. they repent and stop living a party lifestyle in the world, going along with the way of immorality and all kinds of perversions.

Dear friends we have to take our salvation seriously knowing that on one hand we will be saved if we can maintain our faith in Jesus Christ on the narrow way keeping away from sin in the freedom he provides for us, however on the other hand if we do sin, then Satan is waiting at our door like a roaring lion and we certainly will miss out on heaven despite our profession of true faith in the name of Jesus Christ. There are people who will go to hell. Jesus did die for them, but he couldn't save them because they didn't want to choose him. They wanted sin. They wanted the devil. And so in the end, even though Jesus died for everybody, not everybody will enter heaven. Dear friends, are you walking on the narrow way to the kingdom of God? Or are you compromising the faith thinking you are saved while you go on in your sin, while you practice lawlessness of any kind? A serious walk with Jesus has a fear of God in it, where we realise that if we walk in lawlessness, we know that we are not headed to heaven, any more than a serious believer knows he cannot keep living in lust and immorality and sin, he knows he is wilfully going against God, and he knows he needs to repent. And that could be you today. A serious believer of Jesus Christ wants to turn away from his evil. He wants to cut it out of his life. He goes to the Lord seriously and he doesn't listen to silly people who say that, ‘You will be saved anyway, don't worry.’ He knows he's not going to be saved if he continues in lawlessness, because he knows the words of Jesus Christ.

Do you accept the truth? Then get serious about your salvation. Stop listening to liars and thieves of the faith who have brought another gospel which most people follow, and it's another Gospel that says we are all saved, when nobody is saved. Not until we have entered the kingdom. Some people will not enter even though they have been saved through faith in the past, because they lived in lawlessness as Jesus set in Matthew chapter 7. and so, dear friends, we must to be evermore seriously dedicated to the right path, putting out of ourselves all false ways and anything we struggle with. We don't go and get beaten up about sin and leave Jesus. We take it to him and he will seriously free us from our troubles. He is the one we must lean on in all things, even if we have fallen away to gross sin. There is hope if we repent today and we be serious about the Lord today, but if we don’t, then there's no hope because those who practice lawlessness, whether Christian or whether they are not, will not inherit God’s kingdom, and lawlessness is sin! Jesus bless you....