Saturday, January 17, 2015


We live in a generation that Jesus has warned of his imminent return. He has warned the church to be ready for him, to prepare for him. Jesus has warned us that if we are not ready, we were not go to be with him when he inevitably returns no matter how many people say that won’t happen, because Jesus has consistently and continually warned this generation, that he is returning imminently. Some people heard. Other people did not. Other people heard but they didn't care and laughed. But everybody saw the signs of his soon return: the stars, and in the world, and everybody is worried because they know we are on the verge of something. Not one single person on this planet is in the darkness that something is going on. It is just that they wilfully choose to stay blind, believe lies, and follow their own sense rather than accepting Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus gives us warnings for a little while, and then for a long while, but then after a while he takes those warnings away. The proverb that what the Lord warns about never comes to pass, will cease to be spoken about just like it was the days of Jeremiah the prophet. The people were arguing with him and asking, “When do your predictions ever come to pass?" The only reason they took a while to come to pass was because God gives people mercy so that they will repent rather than fall under judgement. It is the same today: the warning and the time that God gives us to get right with him and repent, will go on as long as he wants them too, for he is long-suffering, and willing to give everybody mercy to repent, but there comes a point when the Father would take that away and it always happens fast when that time comes. That is the way when the time of Jesus comes, his return to here for his people, again, it will be just so very fast and the time of warning will be gone. Either you were ready, or you were not will be the proverb that the people will then be saying. Jesus wants us to be ready today, to be serious today, to be woken up to believe in him and repent of our sins and live for him and his gospel, not to be deceived and following along after the latest conspiracy theories, nor how bad the governments are, nor what the devil is doing. You see people are very distracted by Endtime's propaganda, and survivalists and prepping.

People are preoccupied by these things. But not many people are preoccupied by Jesus Christ, living after the gospel, being a follower of Jesus. That is what I'm here to give you today. Jesus is about changing your heart. You don't need to be worried anymore about the future and troubles that are coming, rather you can trust God and he will provide for your needs. You can have your mind and heart focused on Jesus Christ so that you could have a reward in heaven and an entrance into the kingdom of God before the angels and the Father, because you put Jesus first, you preached his gospel, you held him up among mankind. That is what I am doing to you now, I'm holding up to you Jesus Christ, him crucified and him risen from the dead, his change and the way that makes you stop sinning and gives you freedom from your addictions and your lusts. You can never do anything on your own without Jesus Christ my friends. You need him to change you from the inside out. You need the new creation. You need him to give you a new heart where you no longer live for yourself, but for the gospel. You no longer go after your lusts and all those things that make you feel so bad at night, rather you crucify all that and you follow the new way of Christ in you. You truly do become free from your lusts and addictions that you feel so bad about every night. He gives you a cleansed conscience. Jesus Christ is real, that's why I hold him up. He's the one who changed me to live a new way. He gave me the wonderful reality of his truth and gospel into my heart. Jesus transformed my life. I just have to keep myself focused on him, and not let myself go down the paths of this world nor the parts of worry and fear, nor the paths of the lusts of the flesh. Every day I must put out these things and focus my mind and heart on Jesus Christ, because in the end that is all I care about. I want to be ready for his soon return. I want to be warmly received into his kingdom. So, I must be about his business doing his work not my work, not work for a man or another, I have to do his work. That is leading you to Jesus Christ holding up his name so you can be free like he freed me, so that you will be ready when he returns, so that when he returns you will have him in your heart first place.

Many people won't be ready, but some people will be ready, because they heard the warnings and decided to get ready. Jesus wants you to be ready. He wants you to be separate from the world. Come out of the world my people, says the Lord, be ready or you will be left behind. That is what the Lord warns, and either we are ready and putting him first in our heart, or we have other things in our hearts first and we will be left behind. That is what it comes down to. Either we're going to have works that we are going to be rewarded for in heaven, or we are going to be unfruitful servants that are cast out into the outer darkness, like Jesus said in the parable of the 10 talents. You see, we have to be serious about Jesus Christ. We have to be serving him daily. We have to have his gospel first place in our hearts, and not the world and its carers, and its pursuits, and its loves, and its achievements. If they're in your heart, you cannot enter heaven. You won't be with the Lord when he returns, you will be left behind. Dear friends, let us make Jesus first. Let us have the gospel first place in our hearts. Let us turn away from our sins today and seek the Lord so we can find him and know him, because that is what I did and Jesus came into my life for real because he is real. You've got to pray. You've got to seek. You've got to repent. You've got to come on this golden new way, this way of the coming redemption, the coming resurrection from the dead of our flesh being transformed into a new being, and a flesh that doesn't pass away ever. Is that not good enough? Or is the world good enough for you. If the World is too good for you, you can't have this. You can't have the new body that doesn't perish and you can't have the treasure in heaven that never parishes, nor gets stolen nor passes away. You cannot have eternal life if you want the world that is perishing and lasts but a few years and then is gone.

If that is what you care about in this world that is so fleeting and passing away and imperfect, then you will only reap for yourself destruction and then hellfire and be condemned like the rich man in hell. He was crying out for a drop of water and never getting one, because you'll be cut off from the kingdom of light and being cast away to be forgotten forever by everyone, but living on in your own torment for your own sin, for that is what you choose when you choose the world and the fallen way instead of the Lord’s golden way and putting him first in your heart. These things are up to you. If you want to be ready, get ready. If you want to be with the Lord, then be with the Lord by giving over your life to him and asking him into your heart. If you want the good things of the kingdom to come, the rewards, and all those things, and you want to be part of the soon coming resurrection, you better get yourself ready for time is fast running out and if you miss out, there will be only yourself to blame; your grief, your suffering, and it will be a grief for our Lord, because he does not want to see that. Be ready, be serious, don’t be left behind....