Monday, December 29, 2014

Christian Sinner vs Ex-Sinner

I want to talk about becoming an ex-sinner. I used to be a bad sinner, I did sins I don't even care to mention, which makes me unworthy to enter heaven. It makes me unworthy to tell you to turn from sin and repent. That is why Jesus said on this earth that nobody are good, all have sinned, ALL have fallen short. That is also why Jesus said, Do not judge otherwise you will be judged. That is why Jesus said that we must forgive those who sin against us just as he forgives us. You see, I walked away from the Lord, and practised sin, various kinds of sin that got me into trouble with the Lord. Him alone did I sin against. You see, I am not worthy anymore to go to heaven. But Jesus doesn't count us whether or not we are worthy, because he knows that we're all unworthy. That goes for you too, and you can't point at somebody else and say they have a worst sin than I have, because you also are unworthy to enter the kingdom of God. All have fallen short. That is why Jesus came to sit with the sinners because he said, I have come not for the righteous but for the sinner and the ungodly and call them to REPENT. Jesus said, I have come to set the bondaged free. When you are in sin, you are in a bondage. When you have sinned like we all have, we are in bondage to sin, and we cannot stop sinning. That is why Jesus said, I have come to free the bondaged. Now this is how we become ex-sinners, Jesus doesn't say, Okay now you believe in me and I will just forgive you as you continue to sin. That is not what Jesus says. He says, I come to call you to sin no more by changing you myself, not by your power, But by my power. And that is how you become am ex-sinner. That is how I stopped sinning. I didn't stop sinning because I realised I was a sinner and I thought, Okay I'm not going to be a sinner anymore, and so I pulled myself out of my hole by my boot straps and I made myself pure and clean and stopped sinning and Jesus forgives my past. That is NOT what happened. That is not will EVER happen. Do you know why? It is because when you have been in sin, you are under the power of darkness that is far more powerful than you are. You can try all you want to try and stop what you're doing, but as sin's slave you will not be able to. You will just go in circles, and Jesus will be there saying, Why do you not come to me so that I can free you? We can't free ourselves.

We need Jesus Christ. So that's what I did. I realised that Jesus loves me, he will free me from sin, so I repented and turned to him. So Jesus took me seriously, he did what he said he came to do: he set me free from sin, he broke the power of sin’s hold on my life, so I was free. Yes I was guilty, I was guilty and condemned to hell and I'm still guilty. Nothing erases the past, but, Jesus says, in heaven I will remember your sins no more. I will do away with it. I will make you a new creation. In heaven you will be new, I will do away with your flesh one-day. And everything you did in the past will be cut off from you, I will remove your sins as far as the east is from the west. So that is what Jesus did for me, so I must forgive others. I am not worthy. Jesus made me worthy. He set me free from sin so I don't have to sin. So from now on I no longer have to continue to do sin because he set me free. You see, I prayed to Jesus to and he came into my life. He is real. He is living and breathing. He set me free from my sin. He gave me the power to stop, to no longer do it and be a saint and not to be, "we are all sinners," anymore. I am no longer a sinner. Dear friends, we have to come to the truth. We have to come to Jesus Christ to be set free. As soon as I turned to Jesus and became free from sin, the devil came very strongly to try and take me back to sin, because he wants me back in his power so he could destroy me and stop me from being savd. So I get tempted, and tested. Desires and evil things arise up trying to pull me away from my freedom. If I follow those desires, I will be brought away from freedom. I will be sevenfold worse than before. But I do not do that. I'm not here to follow my desires. I desire to stay in the freedom and forgiveness on the new way that Jesus has given me, and I don't condone anything in the past. I have sinned in the past and I'm not worthy of anything. But I remain in the new way of Christ. I'm not afraid to tell you to do the same.

I'm not afraid to tell you that you are a sinner and need to repent just like I was. We're all unworthy. We cannot judge each other's sins as greater than others and then judge them for those sins. That is what the world does in their self righteous hypocrisy, they themselves say, Don't judge, yet they judge all the time. They rate people's sin. Often they cannot accept a murderer, or a rapist, or a sexual immoral person, or gay, often they cannot except them. But Jesus excepts even them. Because Jesus doesn't rate sin. He hates all of it, from the least to the greatest. The shame will be on the face of those who remain in their sins. That is why when Christians say, "We are all sinners," they are going to face shame because of their pride. They haven't repented in humility. Jesus hasn't come into their life, that is why they still sin. That is why they still play around with worldly people. Dear friends, we have to repent. We have to come out of sin, and Jesus will forgive us and he will give his forgiveness to us and make us ex-sinners, no longer enslaved to sin. Jesus bless you....