Monday, November 17, 2014

Salvation By Obedience To Christ

Jesus said, I have another command to give you: obey my Commands and I have another command to give you, that you shall love one another as I have loved you. For there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for the sake of his friends. So, therefore, love one another as I have loved you.

At the last Supper he talk to them about what it means that we must love him. He talked about his blood shed for the sins of the world, and his body broken for as many who believe. Therefore, he said, Do these things in remembrance of me. And this is what we do in remembrance of Jesus Christ. We do these things because we want to obey him, therefore we want to love one another and want to love God. These are the two greatest commandments, and all the Law and the prophets hang on these two commands. It is written in 1 John, that he who does not love, does not have the Father in him, and he is of the devil if he does not love his brother. And we live in a generation of believers who are full of factions, and they divide against each other, and they hate each other, and they divide over non-essential doctrine. They aren't too busy fighting and arguing about the end times, about the rapture, they are fighting and arguing about Jesus's Hebrew names, and what translation of the Bible that we should read. My friends, it is written in the Scriptures that division is also a sin that will not inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus commanded that if we love him we must love one another. Then we will show ourselves to be his true sheep.

The apostles wrote that throughout their letters as well, that if we are of the Lord and then we will love one another, love the brothers, then we will know that we have passed from death to life. However we have nothing to do with him that preaches lies, nor he who does not want to preach the true way of Jesus Christ. But we are separated from those ways, and we are preaching only Jesus Christ, and obedience to him and his commands living according to how he said: eating and drinking unto him, remembering him in what he has done for us, and then we can know that we are of the one true faith. And it is this faith that people will have fellowship with each other over. They will not go dividing against each other over small matters, like end times beliefs, and the Hebrew names of Jesus. Dear friends, that is why there is so much division everywhere because people do not gather in the name of Jesus for love of him. They are busy serving church, or they are serving man, and they do not agree with anybody.

They do not agree with those who walk on the true way, the way of Jesus Christ, loving each other and turning from sin and living a holy life. Dear friends, Jesus set the standard, we live now the standard and we love each other, and we are there for each other to encourage and build up in the faith. So encourage each other with these words. Are you of the true faith? Did you know that Jesus died for your sins? Did you know that if you obey and follow him he will give you eternal life? Did you know that his blood was shed for you, that if you accept him and you make him Lord of your life, that he will give you eternal life? If you believe that, then gather with people who also believe that. Keep away from those who don't believe that, for they want to argue and fight.

Keep away from arguments about religion. Remember the true way, remember that Jesus is real, and that he died for us and he rose again from the dead so that we could rise again, if we obey and follow him all the way until the end, and we will inherit his kingdom and rise incorruptible just as he rose incorruptible. My friends, is that what you believe? Do you believe in Jesus today? Do you obey him? Do you love one another? You must love God, and if we love God then we will lay our lives down for him. Laying our lives down means we are no longer going to chase after worldly pursuits, all our talents, all our goals and all self-glorification, we will lay down including our talents and things we want to do that is sinful, and we would put it at the feet of the cross, and we would say to the Lord, You lead my life, I don't want to live my way anymore. I give away my life, for your sake. Then you lay down your life for God's sake, because you count him more worthy and more wonderful than you. So you don't want to go your way anymore. That's where you know longer want to be a part of this movie society, this videogames society, this chasing for pleasure society, sinful society that love sin, screens sin, and chases sin. You're no longer chase senseless sports. You give it all away for the Lord God Almighty, and because you lay down your life for him, he will raise up your life through Jesus Christ, and you will inherit his eternal kingdom because Jesus came to save us. As long as we stick to him, we will love one another, and he will give us eternal life because we are his obedient sheep, and we do what he says. Jesus said, if you love me then obey me. Jesus bless you. ...