Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LORDSHIP Salvation Is True Gospel

I want to talk about how Lordship salvation is the truth. There are a lot of grace preachers and those who believe in grace only who say, You are a Lordship salvationist, you just point people on a false gospel, Lordship salvation, they say. I want to tell you the truth about LORDSHIP salvation, because there is only ONE salvation and that is when you make Jesus Christ your LORD. If you do not make him your Lord in your life and continue to make him Lord in your life, then you will not have salvation. That is why Lordship salvation is true, because only in Jesus Christ making him Lord of you life shall you be saved. And you have to do that daily. You cannot just come to the cross and experience the grace of Jesus only to become immune to sin. You don’t become immune to falling to hell after you have made Jesus Lord of your life. Because you have to continue to make him Lord of your life. You can fall away and not make him Lord of your life. He can not become your Lord anymore! You can fall away to other paths, other ways, you can DENY Jesus. You can make him no longer Lord of your life. Many people start well, but then they fall away. Jesus no longer becomes Lord of their life. Dear friends, once Jesus has set us free from sin, we are not immune to falling away! He gives us grace so that we may repent and continue to walk in his ways, make him Lord of our lives until the very end. Then him being Lord of our life, we will inherit eternal life, and he will give us eternal life. Just because you become born again through faith in the cross, and praying to Jesus and finding him, and having the Holy Spirit, does not make you immune from sin.

That does not make you not able to fall away and deny Jesus, and not repent and end up in hell! My friends, Jesus must be Lord of your life every single day. Then when he is Lord of your life when you die, he will be Lord in heaven for you. He will be your Lord and you will be his child. Dear friends, don’t fall for those foolish preaches who say, You are born again now, that is it, you are done. Now you just have to go to heaven when you die. It is not like that. It is about a CONTINUED walk with Jesus making him Lord daily, keeping in the first works, running the race of faith with endurance, then you shall certainly inherit his kingdom. It is not about: I am born again now, but you don’t endure and you slowly slide away from your faith and slide into worldly behaviour. You slide into sinning ways, and into accepting the values of this world, and all its immorality and sin, and you still think you are saved. You tell people, I am Christian, I am going to heaven….and yet your lifestyle shows you have fallen away from the Lord and you don’t know him. He is no longer Lord of your life. Dear friends, you must make Jesus Lord of your life until the very end, and then he will give you salvation. Lordship salvation is true. Jesus must be Lord of your life or you will end up in hell because you make satan Lord of your life. This life is a test. It is not a matter of being born again now, now we have finished the test. No! It is a matter of experiencing the new way and being born again but then we CONTINUE on that way.

We continue making Jesus Lord of our life. We continue in the faith and do not fall away to foolish paths. My friends, many fall away to foolish paths and they end up outside the kingdom of God even though they started on the right way. The Lord calls you all to repent now, to get ready now for the Lord. If you are serious about him today then make him LORD OF YOUR LIFE today. It does not matter if you were born again 10 years ago, for if you are not walking with him today, and he is not Lord of your life TODAY, you are on your way to destruction because you are following the FLESH. My friends, do not take chances. Ultimately it is Jesus who makes decisions on people and their final destiny. But I want to warn you of the truth, and that is that if you take foolish chances in sin, thinking you are born again, and you are not making Jesus Lord of your life, then you can only remember what Jesus said about that, where he said some people hear the good news, and they believe it and follow with joy for a time, but then they fall away to the cares of this world, and their faith dies and amounts to nothing. Dear friends, we don’t want to be one of those people who are growing in the garden of God, and not bearing good fruit, and the Father wants to cut us down and get us out of there. But Jesus gives us mercy for a season, and tells the Father, I will water this fig tree for a season, and if it still does not bear fruit then let us cut it down. Let us give him one more chance. Jesus is watering you and fertilising you with the word. He wants you to listen and to repent and believe and bear good fruit. Otherwise you will be cut out and cast out of the kingdom even though you thought you were born again and did indeed experience the new way in your past. Come back to you first love. Jesus said, Come back to your first love, back to the first works, otherwise I will come upon you at a time you think now, and I am going to remove your lamp stand from its place. Don’t take the chances, make Jesus Lord of your life starting from today. Jesus bless you.....