Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LORDSHIP Salvation Is True Gospel

I want to talk about how Lordship salvation is the truth. There are a lot of grace preachers and those who believe in grace only who say, You are a Lordship salvationist, you just point people on a false gospel, Lordship salvation, they say. I want to tell you the truth about LORDSHIP salvation, because there is only ONE salvation and that is when you make Jesus Christ your LORD. If you do not make him your Lord in your life and continue to make him Lord in your life, then you will not have salvation. That is why Lordship salvation is true, because only in Jesus Christ making him Lord of you life shall you be saved. And you have to do that daily. You cannot just come to the cross and experience the grace of Jesus only to become immune to sin. You don’t become immune to falling to hell after you have made Jesus Lord of your life. Because you have to continue to make him Lord of your life. You can fall away and not make him Lord of your life. He can not become your Lord anymore! You can fall away to other paths, other ways, you can DENY Jesus. You can make him no longer Lord of your life. Many people start well, but then they fall away. Jesus no longer becomes Lord of their life. Dear friends, once Jesus has set us free from sin, we are not immune to falling away! He gives us grace so that we may repent and continue to walk in his ways, make him Lord of our lives until the very end. Then him being Lord of our life, we will inherit eternal life, and he will give us eternal life. Just because you become born again through faith in the cross, and praying to Jesus and finding him, and having the Holy Spirit, does not make you immune from sin.

That does not make you not able to fall away and deny Jesus, and not repent and end up in hell! My friends, Jesus must be Lord of your life every single day. Then when he is Lord of your life when you die, he will be Lord in heaven for you. He will be your Lord and you will be his child. Dear friends, don’t fall for those foolish preaches who say, You are born again now, that is it, you are done. Now you just have to go to heaven when you die. It is not like that. It is about a CONTINUED walk with Jesus making him Lord daily, keeping in the first works, running the race of faith with endurance, then you shall certainly inherit his kingdom. It is not about: I am born again now, but you don’t endure and you slowly slide away from your faith and slide into worldly behaviour. You slide into sinning ways, and into accepting the values of this world, and all its immorality and sin, and you still think you are saved. You tell people, I am Christian, I am going to heaven….and yet your lifestyle shows you have fallen away from the Lord and you don’t know him. He is no longer Lord of your life. Dear friends, you must make Jesus Lord of your life until the very end, and then he will give you salvation. Lordship salvation is true. Jesus must be Lord of your life or you will end up in hell because you make satan Lord of your life. This life is a test. It is not a matter of being born again now, now we have finished the test. No! It is a matter of experiencing the new way and being born again but then we CONTINUE on that way.

We continue making Jesus Lord of our life. We continue in the faith and do not fall away to foolish paths. My friends, many fall away to foolish paths and they end up outside the kingdom of God even though they started on the right way. The Lord calls you all to repent now, to get ready now for the Lord. If you are serious about him today then make him LORD OF YOUR LIFE today. It does not matter if you were born again 10 years ago, for if you are not walking with him today, and he is not Lord of your life TODAY, you are on your way to destruction because you are following the FLESH. My friends, do not take chances. Ultimately it is Jesus who makes decisions on people and their final destiny. But I want to warn you of the truth, and that is that if you take foolish chances in sin, thinking you are born again, and you are not making Jesus Lord of your life, then you can only remember what Jesus said about that, where he said some people hear the good news, and they believe it and follow with joy for a time, but then they fall away to the cares of this world, and their faith dies and amounts to nothing. Dear friends, we don’t want to be one of those people who are growing in the garden of God, and not bearing good fruit, and the Father wants to cut us down and get us out of there. But Jesus gives us mercy for a season, and tells the Father, I will water this fig tree for a season, and if it still does not bear fruit then let us cut it down. Let us give him one more chance. Jesus is watering you and fertilising you with the word. He wants you to listen and to repent and believe and bear good fruit. Otherwise you will be cut out and cast out of the kingdom even though you thought you were born again and did indeed experience the new way in your past. Come back to you first love. Jesus said, Come back to your first love, back to the first works, otherwise I will come upon you at a time you think now, and I am going to remove your lamp stand from its place. Don’t take the chances, make Jesus Lord of your life starting from today. Jesus bless you.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LIES That Christians Believe And Follow

I want to talk about many lies that Christians are caught up in. There is a grand deception that Satan has orchestrated, called the, “Saved by Grace" movement, where many Christians who believe in the Bible, who go to church, also believe that Jesus forgives and died for their sins that they continue to PRACTICE. This lie Satan has propagated, has caused many believers to believe that because their own hearts are twisted and wrong, that they can continue to mix with the world and still inherit God Kingdom, even though they were called to live a holy life by the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no salvation, dear friends, if we do not turn away from our sin. If we follow K-Pop, rock 'n' roll, Michael Jackson, the music of this world, movies, entertainment that is sinful, then our hearts are at enmity to God. I hear often Christians making arguments, and saying that we are all saved yet we are all sinners. So I want to read to you what is written about this in 2 Peter 2 verse 4 where I read: For God did not spare even the angels who sinned but cast them into hell where they are being held until the day of judgement. And he didn't spared the ancient world except for Noah and seven other people. God protected Noah, he rescued a Lot out of Sodom because he loved righteousness and was sick of the shameful immorality of the wicked around him.

The Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their trials, even while keeping the wicked under punishment until about the day of judgement. He is especially hard on those who follow their twisted sexual desires, and who despise authority. These people are proud and arrogant. False teachers are like unthinking animals, born to follow their instincts, to be creatures of instinct. These false teachers are a distraction and will reap punishment for the harm they have done. They indulging in evil pleasures during daylight. They are a disgrace and are stain among you. They delight in deception, and they even eat at your fellowship meals. These are Christians: Christians who continue to sin and they go to rap and rock concerts, and they follow this hip-hop society. They say we are all sinners and we are saved by Grace, so they don't turn away from their evil. They never knew the Lord. Reading on: They commit adultery with their eyes, and their desire for sin is never satisfied. They lure unstable people into sin. They are well trained in greed. They have wondered off of the right road and they follow the steps of Balaam son of Beor, who loved money and doing what was wrong. These people are as useless as a dried up spring, or a mist that is blown away by the wind. With an appeal to twisted sexual desires, they attempt to lure back into sin those who have barely escaped from sin and a lifestyle of deception. They promised freedom but they themselves are slaves of sin and corruption. You see, you are a slave of whatever controls you, and when people escape from the wickedness of this world by knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, and then they get entangled up again by slavery to sin, they are worse off than before. For it would've been better if they had never known the way of righteousness, then to reject the command that they were given to live a holy life. They prove the truth of this proverb: a dog returns to its vomit, and washed pig to the mud. My friends, if we as Christians keep following our sexual desires, and we do not turn away from corruption of this world and this society in this generation and this culture, we will perish as fake and false teachers, and believers, and brothers. These people eat among us. This could be me and you if we follow sin and we teach that we're all sinners and we're not serious about putting out our sin and following good and true doctrine. Instead of doctrines of sin, such as most Christians believe. I exposed you the Christian LIES today.

You are not saved and sealed. You are only going to inherit eternal life, if you as a believer in Jesus you walk a holy life obeying him and enduring with him until the end, because if we go on and sin, it proves that we do not know Jesus as it is written in 1 John chapter 3. If we do sin then we must repent and come out of it and not let our hearts be burdened down by sin, and continue to follow Jesus Christ and he will wash us clean from all iniquity. But if we continue going along to our rap concerts, and our rock concerts, and listen to our CDs of rock 'n' roll and sin, joining this society that God hates, then we are these people about whom it is written in 2 Peter chapter 2 verse 17: These people are useless as a dried up spring, and are doomed to the blackest of darkness. They are those who eat with you during the Lord's supper, however they follow their appeal of the flesh and its twisted desires and corruption. They are enslaved to them, they are a slave of sin, for whatever you are a slave to is what controls you. Now are YOU controlled by your sin? Are you controlled by daily sin as a sinner? Because if you are controlled by your sin you are a slave to darkness and you as it is written: Doomed to the blackest of darkness. My friend, come out of Christian lies, come to the truth. Repent, turn your life over to Jesus Christ, obey him, practice righteousness, without holiness no man shall see God. Jesus will set you free from your sin if you turn to him and get to know him. He is real and he does hear and he does speak to you. He will speak into your heart. He will speak to your dreams. He will lead you himself. He will free you from your addictions, your lusts, your desires, the evil that is trying to rise up inside of you everyday.

Jesus will have a Supernatural power that he will place within you to be able to overcome sin. And if you continue to do these things, that is because you don't know Jesus, he's not with you, and you are doomed to the blackest of darkness as it is written! My friends, don't believe the Christian lies! Christians believe lies. That is why they say we're all sinners and we are all saved because they believe the lies. We are not all sinners, we will not all be saved! Those who are no longer sinners, are the people who have come to know Jesus, and they are free from sin. Those who are not saved, are those who go on in practising corruption, practising their sexual desires, practising the evil that rises up inside of them. They were not be saved even though they are CHRISTIAN, and even though they do eat among us at the Lord's supper as it is written: They delight in deception even as they eat with you in your fellowship meals. They commit adultery with their eyes, and their desire for sin is never satisfied. They are under a curse. That is you today if you follow your desires of sin which are never satisfied, and you don't know Jesus, and you delight in following this world of music, wine, entertainment, and song. My friends, you cannot enter heaven as a follower of this world, as somebody who loves this world, loves the sport, love the TV, loves the gossip of Hollywood, follows the wickedness of that goes on TV. You won’t enter heaven like that! Verse 12: These false teachers are like unthinking animals, their destruction is there a reward. They love to indulge in sinful pleasure.

That is all of you who say you're saved but you are sinners and you delight in the rap and rock music of this world, delight in sport, you delighting all the idols of mankind of this culture in this generation. You are at enmity to God and doomed to the blackest darkness because you are believing Christian LIES. But today I expose the lies, so that you may come out of the lies and Jesus will forgive you, and he will cleanse you, he will set you on firm footing, and make you no longer a slave to your lusts and desires, and he will lead you, and you will enter his kingdom. If you follow him seriously and turn from Christian lies, and repent. What will you do today? Will you continue listening to these teachers of deception that we just read about in 2 Peter chapter 2? Or will you come to the lights and turn from those false teachings, and get to know Jesus yourself? Then you will find a way, and you will be clean and free, just like I experienced. This is the truth my friends. Jesus bless you....

Monday, November 17, 2014

Salvation By Obedience To Christ

Jesus said, I have another command to give you: obey my Commands and I have another command to give you, that you shall love one another as I have loved you. For there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for the sake of his friends. So, therefore, love one another as I have loved you.

At the last Supper he talk to them about what it means that we must love him. He talked about his blood shed for the sins of the world, and his body broken for as many who believe. Therefore, he said, Do these things in remembrance of me. And this is what we do in remembrance of Jesus Christ. We do these things because we want to obey him, therefore we want to love one another and want to love God. These are the two greatest commandments, and all the Law and the prophets hang on these two commands. It is written in 1 John, that he who does not love, does not have the Father in him, and he is of the devil if he does not love his brother. And we live in a generation of believers who are full of factions, and they divide against each other, and they hate each other, and they divide over non-essential doctrine. They aren't too busy fighting and arguing about the end times, about the rapture, they are fighting and arguing about Jesus's Hebrew names, and what translation of the Bible that we should read. My friends, it is written in the Scriptures that division is also a sin that will not inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus commanded that if we love him we must love one another. Then we will show ourselves to be his true sheep.

The apostles wrote that throughout their letters as well, that if we are of the Lord and then we will love one another, love the brothers, then we will know that we have passed from death to life. However we have nothing to do with him that preaches lies, nor he who does not want to preach the true way of Jesus Christ. But we are separated from those ways, and we are preaching only Jesus Christ, and obedience to him and his commands living according to how he said: eating and drinking unto him, remembering him in what he has done for us, and then we can know that we are of the one true faith. And it is this faith that people will have fellowship with each other over. They will not go dividing against each other over small matters, like end times beliefs, and the Hebrew names of Jesus. Dear friends, that is why there is so much division everywhere because people do not gather in the name of Jesus for love of him. They are busy serving church, or they are serving man, and they do not agree with anybody.

They do not agree with those who walk on the true way, the way of Jesus Christ, loving each other and turning from sin and living a holy life. Dear friends, Jesus set the standard, we live now the standard and we love each other, and we are there for each other to encourage and build up in the faith. So encourage each other with these words. Are you of the true faith? Did you know that Jesus died for your sins? Did you know that if you obey and follow him he will give you eternal life? Did you know that his blood was shed for you, that if you accept him and you make him Lord of your life, that he will give you eternal life? If you believe that, then gather with people who also believe that. Keep away from those who don't believe that, for they want to argue and fight.

Keep away from arguments about religion. Remember the true way, remember that Jesus is real, and that he died for us and he rose again from the dead so that we could rise again, if we obey and follow him all the way until the end, and we will inherit his kingdom and rise incorruptible just as he rose incorruptible. My friends, is that what you believe? Do you believe in Jesus today? Do you obey him? Do you love one another? You must love God, and if we love God then we will lay our lives down for him. Laying our lives down means we are no longer going to chase after worldly pursuits, all our talents, all our goals and all self-glorification, we will lay down including our talents and things we want to do that is sinful, and we would put it at the feet of the cross, and we would say to the Lord, You lead my life, I don't want to live my way anymore. I give away my life, for your sake. Then you lay down your life for God's sake, because you count him more worthy and more wonderful than you. So you don't want to go your way anymore. That's where you know longer want to be a part of this movie society, this videogames society, this chasing for pleasure society, sinful society that love sin, screens sin, and chases sin. You're no longer chase senseless sports. You give it all away for the Lord God Almighty, and because you lay down your life for him, he will raise up your life through Jesus Christ, and you will inherit his eternal kingdom because Jesus came to save us. As long as we stick to him, we will love one another, and he will give us eternal life because we are his obedient sheep, and we do what he says. Jesus said, if you love me then obey me. Jesus bless you. ...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Exposing The "We Love Jesus But Hate Religion" Deception

I want to talk about a big deception in the Christian church amongst so-called preachers, where they talk about loving Jesus but hating religion; love Jesus, hate religion. They have certain teachings that I repeat thus: having belief and trusting in the cross alone saves me, this means that living Holy does not count rather living holy is going to be trusting in your own works for salvation, which according to them is unscriptural. The confusion here, is that they are trying to make themselves feel better: they're trying to soothe their conscience, because when we're living in sin, our consciences condemn us and we feel the cloud of condemnation hanging over us daily. The other thing they teach, is: every second of every day I am forgiven. This is simply not the truth. We are only forgiven while we are abiding in Jesus Christ. They do not preach the full Council of God. They say, We trust in the cross for our salvation only…then they bring up the Prodigal son not realising that the Prodigal son actually left the world and he went back to the Father. They are being the Prodigal son who goes and stays out in the pig pen, and sends letters back to the Father but won't come back. They say, When I have done things that I should not have done, said things that I should not have said, and thought things that I should not have thought, I'm still forgiven. They say this to sooth their guilty conscience, because they want to believe the fairytale that they are saved and sealed and on their way to heaven because they "believe on the cross." They like to say that Jesus is our white flag on the ground onto which we cling, so that while we are in a various sins, we're no longer condemned like other people who don't believe this.

They preach against some sins, yet they offer no hope of freedom from those sins. They say that trying to please Jesus by having salt, by turning from sin, by obeying him, is working for your salvation and so they say it is unscriptural. They say that is not true salvation. They say Jesus just wants you to come as you are, and he's going to cover you. But they always miss one vital point, which is the full Council of God. Their gospel comforts you in sin, but it does not offer you a way out of sin. Their Gospel does not give you a way to stop your cycle of sin, repent, guilt, sin, repent, guilt. Their way tries to make you feel a little bit better about doing that, but it does not offer a remedy and a solution. I want to tell you the truth, I want to tell you the full Council of God — not just a little bit taken out of context. The Full Council of God is this: if you are enslaved to sin, you will not be able to enter heaven, and it doesn't matter if you are a Christian sinner, because it is written that all sinners will have their place in the lake of fire, not just some, also Christian sinners! There is no distinction made for the Christian sinner in the Bible. So basically what I'm saying, is that none of us have got any hope, because we have all sinned, except for some of us (have hope) and I will tell you who they are: I am one of those people because I found hope from sin. How? I found that I didn't have to keep living day in and day out being a sinner, feeling guilty, sinning, and repenting, and feeling guilty, and saying, Lord, I hope I'm going to be saved... and I was feeling worried about it. When I heard these gospels I did not believe them; I knew I was not on the way to heaven because I wasn't following the right way. Sin, repent, guilt, sin, repent, guilt, what is the remedy? What is the solution? Because we know that way goes to hell. At least I hope you know that, because that is the truth. I came to know that the way of sin leads to hell, that is why I'm preaching right now.

These preachers say that it doesn't go to hell, they say it's alright you just coming to the cross, you are forgiven even though you have all these problems. That is not true! That will lead you to hell. I will tell you why: it is because they don't realise one thing, and that is that Jesus is alive today, but not only is he alive today but it actually makes people FREE from sin today so that when you actually take your bondages and addictions and troubles and sins that you are constantly doing, to him, he will FREE you from them. He will make it so that you become an ex-sinner, so you no longer have to follow these desires that rise up inside of you. That is what they don't say, why? Because they don't have that themselves. They are teaching half the truth; they do not preach the full Gospel, the full Council of God. But I want to tell you the Full Council of God today, and that is that Jesus will set you free from yourself, because he is real, all you have to do is REPENT. If you don't repent, you can't be set free. You must repent. Repent means you decide to quit your sin and you run to Jesus and dedicate to him, and you pray and seek him who is alive today. You see that is what I did. I wasn't making excuses over my sin. I said that was enough, I'm running away from sin, and I was asking Jesus to know me, and you know what? Jesus is real! He came into my life and he started to speak to me. He started to do things: he freed me from sin in a night, because he is the Messiah. Jesus said in John 8:34, He who sins is sin's slave, but he who the Son of Man sets free, he shall be free indeed.

You see Jesus said he came to set the bondage free, he came to set you free from being a sinner so that you become an ex-sinner. You don't have to run around like all these other Christians who are in their cycle of guilt: sin, repent, guilt, sin repent guilt, all the while saying, I'm saved, I'm hanging onto the cross so I'm saved, I'm saved totally it's just that I'm sinning right now. That is not true. The truth is that you must turn from all sin, and you must put it out. You must dedicate yourself to Jesus and you seek to know him so he can free you. Jesus really does free you from sin. He will make it so you can stop swearing: he will remove the bondage from your mouth that enslaves your tongue to curse and talk dirty. He has that power. He will remove from your heart the lust that makes you sin every day. I'm not saying that you won't be tempted, of course you will be tempted, but the thing is once you are free from sin even you are tempted, you certainly do not have to go back to it. That is the good news, you can stay clean. Did they ever preach that to you? Did they ever tell you that Jesus is so real that he actually will set you free from sin? Did they say that the cross actually remedies your sin and takes it away so you no longer have to do your sin anymore? They are not saying that my friends, you are believing lies! The truth is that if you turn to Jesus and you really do seek in prayer and you go ask him, Lord set me free from sin, set me free like you said... he will do it! That is where faith in the cross starts, and that is what actually saves people. It is not them setting themselves free, you cannot set yourself free from sin. These preachers rightly say that, but they don't go the next step, they just leave it right there.

They say, Just hang onto the cross in your sin and you're going to be saved. My friend, that is not going to save you because it is written that all sinners will be cast out to the eternal darkness. It didn't say, All sinners except for the Christian sinners... no! Jesus said that at the last day he is going to come to earth and remove from the earth everybody who does sin, and everything that causes sin, and he's going to throw them into the eternal fiery pit. That is what Jesus said. He is going to remove those who sin. Now if you are a Christian, and you are a sinner, he will remove you too! That is why what I say is so vital, because it is the full Council of God. Of course we can't free ourselves from sin, that is why we sin, repent, and then we have guilt. Then we sin, repent, and have guilt again the next day. We know we're not free. Paul said that in Romans chapter 7, he said, It is sin living within me that makes me do this even though I don't want to do it. But Paul goes on to saying in Romans chapter 8, how there is a solution, and the solution is Jesus Christ, he will set you free from your sin. He came to set the sinner free, So that 1: they don't have to sin any more, and 2: when they are tempted they are free from the sin anyway and can certainly put it down and keep following Jesus in freedom. I want to tell you about a pastor who thought he was saved and sealed, and covered in forgiveness, and he didn't forgive his wife, and then he died in a car crash and he had the opportunity to forgive her before he died, and he still did not. Then he was told that he could not go to heaven. Jesus said that if you don't forgive, the Father won't forgive you. We have to take our salvation seriously, because we have not obtained it and nobody will attain it on this earth, not until they have risen incorruptible and left this earth. I want to warn you: are you in the way of working out your salvation? If you already have your salvation now, there would be no need to work it out with fear and trembling! This is the full Council of God. I'm not preaching the lies of these so-called grace preachers who say we love Jesus but hate religion! I want to warn you: Jesus does not cover you while you're in your sins.

You are not forgiven just because you say you trust in the cross and you try to cling to that trust. That is not what saves you. What saves you is a continued walk with Jesus Christ, trusting in his cross so that he comes into your life and the power of the cross comes into you and actually frees you supernaturally and physically from the power of sin, so you are no longer in sin. You are no longer enslaved to doing your lusts when they arise up inside of you. You're no longer enslaved to speaking those bad words that rise up to your lips when something goes wrong and you helplessly go over the wrong end. I am talking about actual FREEDOM from sin where you are like Jesus Christ and a new person. Did they ever tell you about that? They certainly do not, there are preaching lies! They are always about the cross, the cross this, and the cross that, yet they themselves don't have the power of the cross in their life because they are still sinning, and they themselves are holding to half the gospel and then leaving out the other half. I want to tell you what Jesus said about these things: Jesus talked about the branch that if it does not bear fruit, that is part of the vine, every such branch is cut off. You see good fruit is critical to you entering heaven. Now you might say, well how can we bear good fruit of our own effort? Well I will tell you how you can do that: you bear good fruit when you become free from sin by the power of the cross, where supernaturally the power of Jesus comes inside of you and makes you free from your bondage to sin, changing you to bear fruit. I want to talk further about this in the parable of the fig tree where the fig tree was a Christian and the Gardener was Jesus and the Father was the master, and he said to the Gardener, This fig tree is not bearing fruit so cut it down and cast it out of the garden. (That is, a Christian, cut him down and cast away as he is living in sin). And Jesus says, No, no give him some more time, let me fertilise him and dig around him and after a year passes and he still doesn't bear good fruit, then cut him down and cast him out of the garden. You see that is what happens to Christians who don’t hear fruit. They hide their talent in the ground.

Now the false preachers conveniently do not talk about those things. They leave it out. But I'm telling you the full Council of God today. Dear friend, don't be cut out of the garden, because you refuse to bear fruit. It's your choice. It is your choice to get on your knees and repent before Jesus and asking him to set you free from your bondage to sin. It is your choice to want to stop and be separate from the world. It hinges on whether or not you want to quit your rock music, your rap music, and you want to quit the immoral TV, and you want to quit all the movies and godless entertainment that the unbelievers watch. It is your choice if you want to separate from the world and go to Jesus and trust in the real cross: the cross that frees and cleanses you and freeing you from your bondage to sin. Because if you really do it that way, you will find freedom and Jesus will lead and save you himself. You will be able to stop your sins, and hate all this stuff in the world and separate yourself unto the Lord. You will be able to stop lusting and swearing, and focusing on all the things that God hates. Instead you will be able to focus on Jesus and bear fruit fit for his kingdom.

Jesus said one thing that is so very true, he said that, Without me you can do nothing. Can a branch bear fruit severed from the vine? He said of course not. Neither can you bear fruit and stay green if you are cut off from the vine. If we cut ourselves off in our sin, and we don't know Jesus and we are doing our own thing, we will not be able to bear fruit as required. We will not be free from sin, even if you listen to your Grace preacher saying, Just cling to the cross and it's all going to be covered and all right, just believe you are saved you are forgiven every day. That is not true. The truth is that you cling to Jesus and you trust him for real, where you actually decide to repent and you submit yourself to him where his life can flow into you and you can bear righteous holy fruit, because it is written in John chapter 3, those who continue to sin are of their father the devil. But those who know Jesus, don't continue to sin. The reason is, he is living through you. If you are continuing to sin, then Jesus is not living through you, you're not his branch, you're not a sheep. Dear friend, the good news is that you can repent of that path and you can come to Jesus, get to know him; get him to free you and change you, and he will. Don't believe the false gospels anymore, by those who say that we love Jesus and hate religion. They are speaking lies. Jesus bless you....