Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Must We DO To Be Saved?

We read in Acts 16:31, where the people cry out to Peter saying, Sirs, what must we do to be saved?! And Peter said, You must believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved and be baptised for the remission of your sin. And you see that's what they did. They had heard the gospel that they were all condemned and they were really scared and the fear of God came upon them. They were living life on the broad path to destruction, and they didn't have any connection with God, and when they heard the gospel from Peter, they all cried out, Sirs what must we do to be saved? And Peter rightly said that you must believe upon Jesus Christ the Messiah to be saved. He is the name to be saved by. So they believed upon him, all the household, and got baptised, and they got added to the church that day. Then they dedicated themselves to a life of prayer, and administering the word. That is what is written. Now we live in a perverted Christian world, that says, I'm saved by Acts 16:31, yet they do not live the narrow way that those original believers lived. You see, those original believers gave up their possessions for the gospel. It is written that they dedicated their lives to the gospel. They dedicated to the administration of the word, the gospel. They didn't continue on the broad path to destruction. In today's fallen Christianity, they are deceivingly saying that all you have to do is believe according to Acts 16:31, to be saved, yet they do not preach to you the FULL council of God. The full Council of God says, Why do you call me Lord, Lord yet you don't do what I say? It is not everybody who calls me Lord, Lord, who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of the Father, says Jesus in Matthew. You see, dear friends, we cannot enter the kingdom of God just by saying Lord, Lord, and saying we just believe in Acts 16:31.

That is not the way to the kingdom of God. The way to the kingdom of God, is to have the work of Jesus in your heart, transforming you, a relationship. That is what those early believers had happened to them. They fell on the ground, they received the Holy Spirit. They were cut to the heart, they realised they were on the broad path to destruction. But in this fallen today's Christianity, we get people like popstars, like Lady Gaga, who says, I believe in Jesus, and the church says, You're saved. That is a lie my friends, because that is not the full Council of God. Those who do not Preach the full Council of God, are liars. They are of the Nicolaitan gospel that permits sin. They say about turning away from sin is works and it is not what save you. They say if you turn away from sin that is okay, but it is not what saves you. My friends, if you do not turn away from sin, you will be condemned. Your life hangs on the balance of whether or not you love each other and obey Jesus, and turn away from sin. You have to love each other. The Bible says, You're very life depends on it, and it does. My friends you don't just say, I believe, and now you are saved, you have to actually realise who Jesus is like those first believers did, get on your knees and cry out to him who saves from heaven. Ask him into your life. That is what real believing is. Those early Christian, they were Cut to the heart. They realised they were on the Broad Path to destruction. They were not going on in the Colosseum having sport and fun and drinking and carrying on on the broad path to destruction like this generation does! They separated themselves and gathered in a group under the apostles and gave away all they had and shared their belongings. They were not going on in the broad path to destruction my friends. Salvation by Acts 16:31, is deception according to this generation!

They say, We just have to believe, that's what I believe. And they don't separate themselves. They are not gathering together and giving away their possessions and dedicating themselves to the administration of the word. They are going along to the sport, they are supporting the World Cup, they are supporting Gaga, they go along to Justin Bieber concerts, they say they are saved and have all these likes on their Facebook page: sport, worldly music, the way of this broad path. My friends, they are only deceiving themselves. The truth is not in them. They are believing lies. They don't believe the full Council of God, and they don't obey God. It is not everybody who believes who is saved, but it is he who does the will of the Lord. He separates himself from this world. He obeys Jesus. He follows him every day, he listens to his voice, and Jesus gives him eternal life. Not all these people who say Lord, Lord. Even the Demons believe and they tremble. Gaga believes, yet she is not on her way to heaven, she's on her way to damnation unless she repents. Popular Christianity has lied to you. There is no salvation in Acts 16:31, if you do not repent, and turn away from yourself. Believe in the real Gospel my friend: obey Jesus, practice righteousness, walk on the narrow way, otherwise you will not enter the kingdom of God. It is time to leave this defiled Christianity of today, it is time to become a disciple of Jesus Christ where are you know him and he knows you. That way you can enter his kingdom, because Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and nobody shall snatch them from my hand.

If you are not his sheep, he can't give you eternal life. If you don't have a relationship where you hear him and you follow him and you obey him, then you will not have eternal life, because it is not those who say Lord, Lord, but it is those who are doers of the word. They obey Jesus, they live in repentance, and they submit themselves to the narrow way of obeying Jesus. Jesus comes to know them, and lead them, and it is these who will not be snatched from Jesus's hand, and they hear him and they do his will. My friends, don't believe in vain. You can't get to heaven on Acts 16:31. You have to actually obey Jesus and you have to live the life of a disciple. Not just believe only, like Lady Gaga who says, I believe in Jesus, yet they live the life of the Broad Path to destruction. Jesus bless you. ...