Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Jesus Christ set the standard, where he said that if anybody wants to follow me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow me. He said you must hate everything else in comparison: your mother, your wife, your children, even your own life, “If you want to be my follower." For who does not sit down and count the cost when he built the house and he runs out of money, and cannot finish the roof: would not everybody laugh at him? In the same way you must count the cost if you want to follow Jesus Christ, because you have to give away everything that you have. That is what Jesus said in Luke, and it is not I who sets the standard of holiness, it is Jesus Christ. If we want to follow him, we have two be prepared to give up our talents, and our dreams for our future in this world. It sounds crazy to this world that chases the good life, but we go according to the words of Jesus, and if we want to find him, and we want to follow him, then we have to give up our way for him. He will come and lead us. Are you conforming to the world? It is written: Do not conform to this world because it is passing away along with its achievements, its lusts, its pursuits of pleasure, and it will all pass away. Rather renew your mind in Christ daily. Don't conform to the world. I see many Christians conform to this world.

They conform in the way they talk. They conform by having all these friendship gatherings with unbelievers who talk ungodly things, and just do the same things. They conform by going along to the World Cup and being enthralled by sport. They are totally world conformers. Yes it is written in the Scriptures not to conform to the world, and do not love the world. Now it is not I who sets the standard, it is Jesus Christ, and dear friends, when we follow Jesus Christ, we will not be conforming to the world, but we will give everything to his kingdom, and forsake ourselves and follow him. And because we decide to forsake ourselves, we find Jesus for ourselves, and he leads us and he guides our steps, because Jesus is real, and those who seek him find him, and he leads them and they follow him. It is written that, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and nothing will snatch them from my hand." Jesus said that he leads his sheep and they hear his voice and he knows them, and he gives them eternal life. Do you know Jesus my friend? Or are you just conforming to the world? Jesus said that those who obey his teachings and words, "I will reveal myself to him." Have you decided to deny yourself and forsake everything you are in, and come follow Jesus? If you're not doing that, how can you find him? Jesus means we have got to give up our way of life, we have to give up our pursuits, we have to give up our chasing of sport and desires and pleasures, and we have to turn our heart to him full-heartedly. That is what he means. Then you will find him. The reason people don't find Jesus, is because they do not turn from themselves, and do not give away their own ways before him, so he does not reveal himself to them.

They are just busy being distracted by video games, by the TV, by the movies, by the songs and the media of this generation, by their world the friends; they are distracted by the talk of this generation, they are not seriously dedicated to Jesus in anyway. They are half on one side, and half on the other, but not fully committed to Christ. They are not fully giving up on everything and turning to him fully. That is why he doesn't reveal himself to them, that is why they are not his sheep, and why they do not hear his voice, and he does not give them eternal life, and he does not lead them. My friends, you need to know Jesus where you hear his voice, and he leads you, so that he can give you eternal life. But while you conform to this world, and do not give up your way of life, everything, and do not dedicate to him, you cannot find him. You can only find him when you decide to make Jesus your everything, and you get on your knees and you pray to him and ask the Lord to know you, and you seek him, because it is written that those who seek will find. But if you're seeking with sin on your hands, being worldly and not willing to fully turn away from your own way, don't expect Jesus to reveal himself to you. We have to be committed and dedicated to seeking and finding him, then we will find him and we will hear his voice and he will lead us, and we will be his disciples, and we will not look back to the world and become unworthy and He will give us eternal life. Jesus bless you...