Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Find, Experience Jesus For Real

I want to talk about the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is found within us, that is, when the kingdom has come to be inside of us. Other religions don't offer change, and don't have a hope of change, no reality of change in the heart, but the kingdom of God is not about religion, it is a REALITY. Religion is not reality. Religion is man's philosophy, and is empty, and just ends up keeping somebody in darkness away from the truth. Even the most enlightened Buddhist and Muslim is in total darkness, because religions don't change them, don't change their hearts. But I want to talk about the reality of the kingdom of God, and you see when the kingdom of God comes inside of us, and you become a new person, you get set free from your sin and sin no longer rules you, sin no longer controls you. You have a new way. You suddenly know where you're going. In other religions, people are not sure whether are going. They hope they're going the right way, but they have no real relationship with any kind of god that is giving them a reality of hope. Not just a vain hope. But you see, this is where my God comes in: Jesus Christ. You see, he is not just a few stories in the bible, and he's not just the Jesus that this fake Christian world preaches, that is not Jesus: their Jesus doesn't change them, they are still sinning and living like you. I want to talk about the REAL Jesus, the real Jesus that actually does change you, convict you, keeps you on the narrow way. This Jesus is the son of God: the one who came to earth for real, where he came to set people free from their sin, and not only set them free, but really give them freedom, and in this day and age, actually really CHANGE your life. That is the Jesus I am talking about: the God that changes your life.

You know all those troubles and problems that you have, pressure in your head, your trouble in your life, bad feelings about things, well that's because you don't have direction and you don't have Jesus Christ who is the only reality of the real living God in this earth. He's the only one who will come to you if you seek him. You can't find Buddha or Allah or any other god no matter how much you pray, you can't find them. If you get into much into meditation and seek experiences, then you might find demons, but they won't give you any hope. They won't free from sin, they won't give you light inside, they won't give you joy. You see, it doesn’t matter how much we deceive ourselves with philosophy, we still will never have what we are seeking for this life. We will seek and we will never find it. Because the kingdom of God is above and those who seek that kingdom, it comes to live inside of them; and this is the mystery of the kingdom of God is that it is by faith: that if you believe what I'm saying today is true, then you could go and seek and find for yourself. I cannot reveal to you the reality of the kingdom of God that I have found, I can only tell you how I found it. But I can't tell you how it is, and have you experience it yourself, unless you're actually doing your part: seeking, prayer, realising that Jesus my God is real and living today, and he does actually change people and make them new. He does actually set them free from their lusts, from their addictions, from their chains, from their depression, from their grief, from their problems in their heart; all those problems that you with wish you didn't have. Jesus Christ will set you free from these things if you seek him. People wonder, Well where is Jesus? He's there in prayer. He’s only a prayer away my friends. He is real, and is close to you right now. The rocks, trees, the birds, the flowers, everything around you is a testament of Jesus Christ. But you've got to seek him my friends. The very things that we see all around us, didn't get here by accident. They didn't get here by Buddha or Allah. Those gods don’t speak to anybody.

They don't free anybody from sin. Do you think that God Almighty is not powerful enough to save you from your sin and your troubles? You see the demonic world is real. There are powers of darkness. There are spiritual forces in the hight places, that lead people to bad situations, ruling peoples lives, causing evil to befall people. It is not from God. The God that I worship, created everything that I see. He created it all. You’ve got to go and seek him. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the only name under the heavens that saves. And if you believe that, if you go after him, you will find freedom, freedom from sin, and freedom to live a new way. You will find the kingdom of God come into your heart where you have found what you are looking for. I've sought and found what I'm looking for; I found the kingdom of God. It is right here now with me. So what I have to do now is continue to be true to it, and don't look back, endure on the way, don't let my flesh rise up and choke out the kingdom within by following my lusts, desires, and ways of the devil! I Don't want to be overcome by Satan even though he tempts me and tries me daily. My friends, the kingdom of God is within. That is why you go within yourself and you start praying to Jesus within yourself because the Lord is God of the spirit world, and everything you see here is just a manifestation of his presence. Seek him more dear friends.

Find the kingdom of God inside you. I can tell you about it, I can share with you what happened to me, but I can't make you experience that. I already experienced that, I don't need any further things to make me believe anymore. I already know, already see. That is where I preach. But I cannot make you see what I see. I can make you feel what I feel. I cannot make you hear the Lord how I hear him. All I can do is say how I found him, I found the kingdom, and it was through Jesus Christ. He is real. Everything that is written about him in the Bible is true. I can only point these things out to you and maybe you will believe, and if you believe you will find him for yourself, and you will find your own eternal life and be able to enter the kingdom. There is an eternal kingdom in heaven my friends. This is just a shallow. Believe....