Monday, October 27, 2014

How Can You Enter Heaven?

Many people are confused about how can they enter the kingdom of heaven. It is very important question; one that your life hangs in the balance: how do you enter heaven? I read from John 10:27, where I read, My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, nobody will snatch them from my hand. My Father who gives them to me is greater than all, and nobody can snatch them from my Father's hand. Dear friend, are you his sheep? The condition of being his sheep is that we believe that he is the Messiah our Lord, because Jesus said to the Jewish leaders around of him, I told you and you do not believe, you refuse to believe because you're not my sheep, for my sheep listen to my voice and I know them, they follow me, and I give them eternal life and they will never perish. My friends, do you know Jesus? Do you hear his voice? Without knowing Jesus and following him, and hearing his voice, he cannot give you eternal life. Eternal life comes to him who submits to Jesus, who seeks Jesus to know him, and this person hears his voice, and follows him. Jesus gives him eternal life and nobody snatches that person from his hand. When I first turned away from my false Christian path of living in this world and not hearing Jesus Christ, and not following Jesus, I turned away from a life of following self: following my pursuits, following my dreams, following my sport, following the world, following what I wanted to do in my life, but I didn't know Jesus. I didn't hear him.

But Jesus has mercy on everybody who is on their way to destruction, and he called me up and showed me the truth. I heard the truth from several brother and I realised what they said was true. I turned away from my sin, I dedicated to Jesus, I didn't know his voice so I sought the Lord and he started to speak to me. He said, Abide with me. He started to open my understanding up to the truth. You see, Jesus gives those who go to him, the spirit of truth; the Holy Spirit, to guide them into all truth. That is what Jesus did for me: He gave me the spirit of truth to guide me into truth and I began to realise the truth of what was written in the Scriptures from all the deception that Christian preachers preach these days. I realised that it is not just, believe only, go to church and be baptised there, and then you're saved. It is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, he cannot give you eternal life. Then you can't enter heaven. You can say, I believe in Acts 16:31, I believe in John 3:16, I believe I will be saved. Yet you're living like I used to live: just chasing your sport, living on the broad path to destruction thinking that the Narrow Gate lies at the end of that. All the time I would still wonder what the Lord is really going to say to me when I don't obey him. Is he going to look at my fruit of this world? My own success, and my own chasings after my own desires, and say, Well done my faithful servant! I knew he was not going to say that. I knew I was only deceiving myself if I thought that. So I began to get worried.

I had no relationship with Jesus, that is why I got depressed, and worried, and concerned that I had no basis for my faith. I had a few Bible verses to believe in, but that gave me no basis, my friends, because deep down I knew I didn't know the Lord. I didn't know the Messiah to whom those Scriptures pointed me to. I was blind, I could not see. But Jesus in his mercy, he unlocked my eyes, and he opened my blind eyes as he said he would do. But I had to first accept him, I had to first repent, I had to decide to come out. You see many of you are in the church believing that you're saved all the while you live after the world, while you just talk about the sport, while you are just interested in the World Cup. You're just interested in rugby, and the latest gossip and news, yet you're not interested in Jesus Christ. He doesn't have a relationship with you. He doesn't lead you; you're not his sheep. You don't know him, he doesn't know you. Now my friends, in that condition, how do you think you are going to enter eternal life? When Jesus said it is those who he knows whom he gives eternal life. Let me tell you categorically today: if you don't know Jesus Christ, and he does not lead you, then you are not on your way to eternal life. You will not inherit eternal life no matter what you say you believe. You can say, I believe in Jesus, but that won't save you. You need a relationship with him who hears and speaks, and the good news I Bring to you today, is that Jesus will give you that relationship. He will not hide himself from you. People they come to me and they say, I sought Jesus but I could not find him, he did not speak to me.

But truth is my friends, I always see in their lives that they actually are not really that serious about Jesus. Their Facebook wall shows it. When I turn to the Lord seriously seeking him, I threw away all my CDs, and I really did turn away from my old ways, and I pursued the Lord in honesty, and seriousness; I really gave it my best shot. And because of that, I found the Lord, because he comes to those who seriously and earnestly seek him. That is what is written in the Scriptures: Earnestly seek me, says the Lord, and I will come to you. That is the way you find Jesus. I decided to come out of my deception. Jesus is real, you've got to hear his voice. Now Jesus still leads me, and he still shows me things every day, and he still speaks to my spirit. I continue to follow him as his sheep. He will give me eternal life, as long as I don't go running off to sin again. But the thing is, nothing will snatch me from his hand, because I am serious about him and he leads me. So how can sin such me from his hand? For when sin arises up then the Holy Spirit always shows me what to do! The Holy Spirit shows me what not to focus on.

That is why I cannot be snatched from his hand, because I keep myself listening to Jesus, and it is a relationship with Jesus that will save me by my faith. It is faith that will build that relationship. Without faith, you can't do it. You've got to first believe, you've got to first realise that this is true. You've got to first realise that Jesus is real, and if you repent and seek him, you will find him. You've got to realise that he is the only way to make to heaven and he is the Messiah. These are all the things that I realised, and then I found him. This first is true in my life: My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. I'm living the dream, my friends. I have found eternal life. I intend to keep with my Lord until the day I enter the kingdom, so I must listen to him, I must listen to him so I don't fall to the deception, and fall to sin, and fall to any of these things that the devil will bring into my path to try and cause me to fall. Do the same, don't be deceived any longer. Find Jesus for yourself, so that he can give you a eternal life. Jesus bless you....