Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Deadly Mistake Of Most Christians

If anyone wants to enter the kingdom of God, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow Jesus. We live in a world of Christians that do not do this. They say they believe, yet they do not deny themselves, they do not pick up their cross, and they do not follow Jesus, they don't hear his voice, and they don't turn away from their sins, and they keep living worldly going partying with their friends, and they keep swearing and drinking, and they keep lusting, and they keep playing video games, and keep watching the movies and chasing after the ways of this society, and they won't separate themselves! Dear friends, if we want to enter the kingdom of God then we have to be prepared to be separate from the world, deny self, and follow Jesus. Jesus said: Why do you call me Lord, Lord yet you don't do what I say? He said that, Those who obey and do my commandments, I will reveal myself to them and I will give them the Holy Spirit. You see friends, it is not enough just to profess Jesus, we must also obey him and follow him and deny ourselves and obey him. We can't keep playing computer games, and watching the movies, and watching the rap music and the rock music and the contemporary music of this world, and think that we're headed to the kingdom of God. That's not how it works in the kingdom of God. I'm sorry, but you can't just believe and go to heaven!

You have to actually follow the Lord. That is what the Christian world is not telling you: they are not telling you to deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus. They are saying "believe only," and it's all okay you can keep being worldly. You see, of course when you're living like that, you don't know Jesus, and you don't hear him, and he doesn't have any relationship with you, and you don't have any reality of him in your heart. When you say, "I believe," yet you don't even know him and you just keep living your own way floundering in your sins, it is because you don't know him. How can you get free from sin if you don't know Jesus, and you don't obey him, and you don't follow him? The only way to be free from sin is to turn from sin, and deny yourself, and pick up your cross and follow Jesus faithfully; obey him until the very end and he will give you the crown of life. But let me tell you, if you just believe in him yet you keep going on in your own worldly ways, and you won't be separate, then you will not inherit the kingdom of God; you're not be able to enter that narrow door. Sure this sinful modern Christian world says that the broad way ends in the kingdom of God, when in fact it does not. Jesus said the narrow gate alone enters the kingdom of God. Strive to enter by the narrow gate, many will seek to enter, but will not be able to: for many are they on the broad way which is easy, but few are they who find the narrow gate. Make every effort to enter the narrow gate. That's what Jesus said. So let me tell you my friends: if you're continuing to live like this society does: following the games, the movies, the rock music, the swearing, the partying and drinking, the going around in the world having a good time living for pleasure and not being serious about the kingdom of God, then what makes you think you're going to enter that narrow gate, when you are joining the whole world on the path to DESTRUCTION  Everybody you see around you, are on the broad path. Why are you being like them? Are you a chameleon?  Chameleons are on the broad path to destruction. You can't blend in on the broad path and say that you're on the narrow road. When you are on the narrow road, people don't like you, because you stand up against sin, because you stand up against the ways of the world. Why do you think some people hate me so much? It is because I tell them that they have to repent, and they got to live holy, and people hate that! People curse me often, in all kinds of ways. People come against me because I tell you to repent. That is because it is the NARROW WAY.

Jesus said that, “You will be hated by men for my sake." And guess why that is? It is because you are on the narrow way, and you are not on the broad path to destruction. It is because you are on the narrow way, that is why people hate you. Especially if you also are preaching the gospel and you're standing up for the narrow way. It is all very well to wind down and shut up and say nothing like most people do. That is what the devil wants, he doesn't want you to say anything. But when you get up there and you speak out, you say things like, "I don't follow the World Cup because I follow Jesus Christ!" And then Christins around you will start getting anti, and angry, saying, “Oh really you don't follow the World Cup like we do!" And guess what? It is because you're not following the same way, and you are on the narrow way. It makes them feel conscious of their lost status and they don't want to shape up to the truth. But some people do, and Jesus is leading you to bring some people to the narrow way.

Not everybody, most people are going to hell, they're not going to heaven! Most people will not enter heaven. Their hearts are not able to go there. They have got the wrong hearts from the very day they started choosing sin, and they continue to chase the wrong way. I'm not saying they cannot be redeemed, they can if they repent, but most people don’t want to repent. That is also the same for most christians. YOU be a light to the world. Listen to these words of truth. Make the truth purge your soul into righteousness, purge you into the narrow way, where you are going to turn to the Lord, repent and seek to obey him in all you do. Do it, for time is running out. Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus, and he will come to know you. You will need him, and he will put the truth into your heart, and the Holy Spirit is going to come into you. Not the fake manifestation of the spirit in this world which is actually the spirit of this world in fake churches. That is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts men of righteousness, of judgement, and the holy way of the narrow way. Most of this spiritual manifestations in churches are not causing this (conviction) therefore it is not of God. Except there repentance there shall be no salvation. The Lord doesn't give anyone any excuse anymore. He is calling all souls to repent from the least to the greatest. He will make no allowances anymore for sin. On the last day he will utter those fateful words, “Let him who is righteous, let him be righteous still, let him who is evil, let him stay evil, let him who is filthy, let him stay filthy." Amen says the Lord. I hope you shall be found among the righteous. Jesus bless you....