Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Born Into Sin, Or Choose To Sin?

Where are we born into sin, or is sin a choice? Are people born evil, or do they grow into evil? All man has fallen to sin from the very beginning, from Adam, and has become corrupted, however it was always by their choice as we read in Genesis that Adam chose to sin and so did Eve. God asked them why did they choose that path, he didn't want them to make that choice. However that is the choice they made, so they reaped the consequences. It is the same today: you have a choice to either sin, or to not sin; to either end up in hell, or end up in heaven, it's your choice. You weren't born bad, however we were all born into the seed of Adam which is corrupted, that is true, but somewhere along the line a person must make a choice for Jesus Christ. I've, come across people a lot who make their choice. I see young people, even children only 10 or 11 years old, and they make their choices also. Some of them choose Jesus, others choose against him, therefore they choose life and they choose death. If you choose life, you choose Jesus over death. As people mature, they start to choose more and more sin, and they start to allow the power of Satan in their life. That is how people get bound to homosexuality, and other sins. Their body fully matures into all their sinful characteristics that have been with us from Adam, because of the fallen nature. Satan works in people his full character as long as they keep choosing him. Then man stands before God, and he is not going to stand there innocent: God is going to ask him, why did you choose sin? When you were 11 years old, why did you choose against me? When you were 14, why did you choose to go after lust and corrupt yourself? When you were 25, why did you commit adultery? All the way up to the end of your life. God will ask you these kinds of questions and you will know that you have NO excuse. You will wish that you had chosen Jesus. But some people will stand before the Lord, and he will say, You chose me, you chose against sin, you turned away from the old ways inside of you, and you chose life, therefore you will inherit life through your choice of Jesus Christ.

Now people they SAY they choose Jesus Christ, therefore choose life, yet they continue to choose SIN. I want to make one thing clear: you cannot choose Jesus and live after the way of Jesus if you choose sin. You cannot have both. Sin is of darkness, and Christ is of light. If you are choosing sin, you are choosing the devil as your father. If you are choosing a life of turning away from the world, and your lusts, and you're choosing again sin in your flesh, and you're choosing Jesus, that is because you are coming into the light and you're choosing the light. People who choose darkness, will end in darkness. People who choose light will remain in light. So if your choices today are a life dedicated to Jesus Christ, the light, on the narrow way, keeping your robes from the world, choosing him over sin every time it arises, if your choices are these, you will enter heaven, and you will be judged for those choices and given eternal life. But if your choices are your lusts, and the things that Satan tempt you with, if your choices are to go and follow the world, live on the broad path to destruction, if you are going the way of this world that everybody enjoys, wine woman and song, sports music and entertainment, those things that come out of Hollywood, and the pop industry, if you are choosing those things, then you are choosing darkness, destruction, and the life of Christ will be extinguished in you, because when we choose darkness then we become darkness. Those people will go away to the eternal fire by their choice, for what we sow in this life we are going to reap in the next. Our choices are everything. If you choose the light, then you go walk in the light and inherit eternal life. If you want to choose the darkness of this world, then you would walk in that way, and it will lead you surely unto the gates of destruction. What do you choose today?

Depending on what you choose, is who is going to be your master. If you're choosing sin, Satan is going to be your master as it is written. If you're choosing righteousness and then away, turning away from sin, then you're going to be choosing Jesus Christ who is the master of those who love God, submit themselves to him, believe in and accept him, follow and obey him on the narrow way. There are only two roads in this world: the road that leadeth unto destruction, that is the road that leads on the broad path to destruction, and the road that leads onto life, that is the narrow way of following Jesus Christ. Religion and sin and man's philosophy are all on the broad path along with one's own chasing of their pursuits, following after what you want to achieve in this life, but on the narrow way, faith, righteousness, following and obeying the words of Jesus, putting them into practice, turning away from the things of this world, that way is a life of obedience to the Master Jesus Christ the son of God who were sent to save us. It is only that way that saves. It is called the way of the cross. It is your choice. Choose wisely, for by your heart you will choose: your lusts, the world, fun and pleasure, or picking up your cross, denying yourself, turning away from your sins and choosing Jesus Christ. It is up to you. Jesus bless you....