Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Born Into Sin, Or Choose To Sin?

Where are we born into sin, or is sin a choice? Are people born evil, or do they grow into evil? All man has fallen to sin from the very beginning, from Adam, and has become corrupted, however it was always by their choice as we read in Genesis that Adam chose to sin and so did Eve. God asked them why did they choose that path, he didn't want them to make that choice. However that is the choice they made, so they reaped the consequences. It is the same today: you have a choice to either sin, or to not sin; to either end up in hell, or end up in heaven, it's your choice. You weren't born bad, however we were all born into the seed of Adam which is corrupted, that is true, but somewhere along the line a person must make a choice for Jesus Christ. I've, come across people a lot who make their choice. I see young people, even children only 10 or 11 years old, and they make their choices also. Some of them choose Jesus, others choose against him, therefore they choose life and they choose death. If you choose life, you choose Jesus over death. As people mature, they start to choose more and more sin, and they start to allow the power of Satan in their life. That is how people get bound to homosexuality, and other sins. Their body fully matures into all their sinful characteristics that have been with us from Adam, because of the fallen nature. Satan works in people his full character as long as they keep choosing him. Then man stands before God, and he is not going to stand there innocent: God is going to ask him, why did you choose sin? When you were 11 years old, why did you choose against me? When you were 14, why did you choose to go after lust and corrupt yourself? When you were 25, why did you commit adultery? All the way up to the end of your life. God will ask you these kinds of questions and you will know that you have NO excuse. You will wish that you had chosen Jesus. But some people will stand before the Lord, and he will say, You chose me, you chose against sin, you turned away from the old ways inside of you, and you chose life, therefore you will inherit life through your choice of Jesus Christ.

Now people they SAY they choose Jesus Christ, therefore choose life, yet they continue to choose SIN. I want to make one thing clear: you cannot choose Jesus and live after the way of Jesus if you choose sin. You cannot have both. Sin is of darkness, and Christ is of light. If you are choosing sin, you are choosing the devil as your father. If you are choosing a life of turning away from the world, and your lusts, and you're choosing again sin in your flesh, and you're choosing Jesus, that is because you are coming into the light and you're choosing the light. People who choose darkness, will end in darkness. People who choose light will remain in light. So if your choices today are a life dedicated to Jesus Christ, the light, on the narrow way, keeping your robes from the world, choosing him over sin every time it arises, if your choices are these, you will enter heaven, and you will be judged for those choices and given eternal life. But if your choices are your lusts, and the things that Satan tempt you with, if your choices are to go and follow the world, live on the broad path to destruction, if you are going the way of this world that everybody enjoys, wine woman and song, sports music and entertainment, those things that come out of Hollywood, and the pop industry, if you are choosing those things, then you are choosing darkness, destruction, and the life of Christ will be extinguished in you, because when we choose darkness then we become darkness. Those people will go away to the eternal fire by their choice, for what we sow in this life we are going to reap in the next. Our choices are everything. If you choose the light, then you go walk in the light and inherit eternal life. If you want to choose the darkness of this world, then you would walk in that way, and it will lead you surely unto the gates of destruction. What do you choose today?

Depending on what you choose, is who is going to be your master. If you're choosing sin, Satan is going to be your master as it is written. If you're choosing righteousness and then away, turning away from sin, then you're going to be choosing Jesus Christ who is the master of those who love God, submit themselves to him, believe in and accept him, follow and obey him on the narrow way. There are only two roads in this world: the road that leadeth unto destruction, that is the road that leads on the broad path to destruction, and the road that leads onto life, that is the narrow way of following Jesus Christ. Religion and sin and man's philosophy are all on the broad path along with one's own chasing of their pursuits, following after what you want to achieve in this life, but on the narrow way, faith, righteousness, following and obeying the words of Jesus, putting them into practice, turning away from the things of this world, that way is a life of obedience to the Master Jesus Christ the son of God who were sent to save us. It is only that way that saves. It is called the way of the cross. It is your choice. Choose wisely, for by your heart you will choose: your lusts, the world, fun and pleasure, or picking up your cross, denying yourself, turning away from your sins and choosing Jesus Christ. It is up to you. Jesus bless you....

Monday, October 27, 2014

How Can You Enter Heaven?

Many people are confused about how can they enter the kingdom of heaven. It is very important question; one that your life hangs in the balance: how do you enter heaven? I read from John 10:27, where I read, My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, nobody will snatch them from my hand. My Father who gives them to me is greater than all, and nobody can snatch them from my Father's hand. Dear friend, are you his sheep? The condition of being his sheep is that we believe that he is the Messiah our Lord, because Jesus said to the Jewish leaders around of him, I told you and you do not believe, you refuse to believe because you're not my sheep, for my sheep listen to my voice and I know them, they follow me, and I give them eternal life and they will never perish. My friends, do you know Jesus? Do you hear his voice? Without knowing Jesus and following him, and hearing his voice, he cannot give you eternal life. Eternal life comes to him who submits to Jesus, who seeks Jesus to know him, and this person hears his voice, and follows him. Jesus gives him eternal life and nobody snatches that person from his hand. When I first turned away from my false Christian path of living in this world and not hearing Jesus Christ, and not following Jesus, I turned away from a life of following self: following my pursuits, following my dreams, following my sport, following the world, following what I wanted to do in my life, but I didn't know Jesus. I didn't hear him.

But Jesus has mercy on everybody who is on their way to destruction, and he called me up and showed me the truth. I heard the truth from several brother and I realised what they said was true. I turned away from my sin, I dedicated to Jesus, I didn't know his voice so I sought the Lord and he started to speak to me. He said, Abide with me. He started to open my understanding up to the truth. You see, Jesus gives those who go to him, the spirit of truth; the Holy Spirit, to guide them into all truth. That is what Jesus did for me: He gave me the spirit of truth to guide me into truth and I began to realise the truth of what was written in the Scriptures from all the deception that Christian preachers preach these days. I realised that it is not just, believe only, go to church and be baptised there, and then you're saved. It is about a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, he cannot give you eternal life. Then you can't enter heaven. You can say, I believe in Acts 16:31, I believe in John 3:16, I believe I will be saved. Yet you're living like I used to live: just chasing your sport, living on the broad path to destruction thinking that the Narrow Gate lies at the end of that. All the time I would still wonder what the Lord is really going to say to me when I don't obey him. Is he going to look at my fruit of this world? My own success, and my own chasings after my own desires, and say, Well done my faithful servant! I knew he was not going to say that. I knew I was only deceiving myself if I thought that. So I began to get worried.

I had no relationship with Jesus, that is why I got depressed, and worried, and concerned that I had no basis for my faith. I had a few Bible verses to believe in, but that gave me no basis, my friends, because deep down I knew I didn't know the Lord. I didn't know the Messiah to whom those Scriptures pointed me to. I was blind, I could not see. But Jesus in his mercy, he unlocked my eyes, and he opened my blind eyes as he said he would do. But I had to first accept him, I had to first repent, I had to decide to come out. You see many of you are in the church believing that you're saved all the while you live after the world, while you just talk about the sport, while you are just interested in the World Cup. You're just interested in rugby, and the latest gossip and news, yet you're not interested in Jesus Christ. He doesn't have a relationship with you. He doesn't lead you; you're not his sheep. You don't know him, he doesn't know you. Now my friends, in that condition, how do you think you are going to enter eternal life? When Jesus said it is those who he knows whom he gives eternal life. Let me tell you categorically today: if you don't know Jesus Christ, and he does not lead you, then you are not on your way to eternal life. You will not inherit eternal life no matter what you say you believe. You can say, I believe in Jesus, but that won't save you. You need a relationship with him who hears and speaks, and the good news I Bring to you today, is that Jesus will give you that relationship. He will not hide himself from you. People they come to me and they say, I sought Jesus but I could not find him, he did not speak to me.

But truth is my friends, I always see in their lives that they actually are not really that serious about Jesus. Their Facebook wall shows it. When I turn to the Lord seriously seeking him, I threw away all my CDs, and I really did turn away from my old ways, and I pursued the Lord in honesty, and seriousness; I really gave it my best shot. And because of that, I found the Lord, because he comes to those who seriously and earnestly seek him. That is what is written in the Scriptures: Earnestly seek me, says the Lord, and I will come to you. That is the way you find Jesus. I decided to come out of my deception. Jesus is real, you've got to hear his voice. Now Jesus still leads me, and he still shows me things every day, and he still speaks to my spirit. I continue to follow him as his sheep. He will give me eternal life, as long as I don't go running off to sin again. But the thing is, nothing will snatch me from his hand, because I am serious about him and he leads me. So how can sin such me from his hand? For when sin arises up then the Holy Spirit always shows me what to do! The Holy Spirit shows me what not to focus on.

That is why I cannot be snatched from his hand, because I keep myself listening to Jesus, and it is a relationship with Jesus that will save me by my faith. It is faith that will build that relationship. Without faith, you can't do it. You've got to first believe, you've got to first realise that this is true. You've got to first realise that Jesus is real, and if you repent and seek him, you will find him. You've got to realise that he is the only way to make to heaven and he is the Messiah. These are all the things that I realised, and then I found him. This first is true in my life: My sheep listen to my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. I'm living the dream, my friends. I have found eternal life. I intend to keep with my Lord until the day I enter the kingdom, so I must listen to him, I must listen to him so I don't fall to the deception, and fall to sin, and fall to any of these things that the devil will bring into my path to try and cause me to fall. Do the same, don't be deceived any longer. Find Jesus for yourself, so that he can give you a eternal life. Jesus bless you....

Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Must We DO To Be Saved?

We read in Acts 16:31, where the people cry out to Peter saying, Sirs, what must we do to be saved?! And Peter said, You must believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved and be baptised for the remission of your sin. And you see that's what they did. They had heard the gospel that they were all condemned and they were really scared and the fear of God came upon them. They were living life on the broad path to destruction, and they didn't have any connection with God, and when they heard the gospel from Peter, they all cried out, Sirs what must we do to be saved? And Peter rightly said that you must believe upon Jesus Christ the Messiah to be saved. He is the name to be saved by. So they believed upon him, all the household, and got baptised, and they got added to the church that day. Then they dedicated themselves to a life of prayer, and administering the word. That is what is written. Now we live in a perverted Christian world, that says, I'm saved by Acts 16:31, yet they do not live the narrow way that those original believers lived. You see, those original believers gave up their possessions for the gospel. It is written that they dedicated their lives to the gospel. They dedicated to the administration of the word, the gospel. They didn't continue on the broad path to destruction. In today's fallen Christianity, they are deceivingly saying that all you have to do is believe according to Acts 16:31, to be saved, yet they do not preach to you the FULL council of God. The full Council of God says, Why do you call me Lord, Lord yet you don't do what I say? It is not everybody who calls me Lord, Lord, who will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of the Father, says Jesus in Matthew. You see, dear friends, we cannot enter the kingdom of God just by saying Lord, Lord, and saying we just believe in Acts 16:31.

That is not the way to the kingdom of God. The way to the kingdom of God, is to have the work of Jesus in your heart, transforming you, a relationship. That is what those early believers had happened to them. They fell on the ground, they received the Holy Spirit. They were cut to the heart, they realised they were on the broad path to destruction. But in this fallen today's Christianity, we get people like popstars, like Lady Gaga, who says, I believe in Jesus, and the church says, You're saved. That is a lie my friends, because that is not the full Council of God. Those who do not Preach the full Council of God, are liars. They are of the Nicolaitan gospel that permits sin. They say about turning away from sin is works and it is not what save you. They say if you turn away from sin that is okay, but it is not what saves you. My friends, if you do not turn away from sin, you will be condemned. Your life hangs on the balance of whether or not you love each other and obey Jesus, and turn away from sin. You have to love each other. The Bible says, You're very life depends on it, and it does. My friends you don't just say, I believe, and now you are saved, you have to actually realise who Jesus is like those first believers did, get on your knees and cry out to him who saves from heaven. Ask him into your life. That is what real believing is. Those early Christian, they were Cut to the heart. They realised they were on the Broad Path to destruction. They were not going on in the Colosseum having sport and fun and drinking and carrying on on the broad path to destruction like this generation does! They separated themselves and gathered in a group under the apostles and gave away all they had and shared their belongings. They were not going on in the broad path to destruction my friends. Salvation by Acts 16:31, is deception according to this generation!

They say, We just have to believe, that's what I believe. And they don't separate themselves. They are not gathering together and giving away their possessions and dedicating themselves to the administration of the word. They are going along to the sport, they are supporting the World Cup, they are supporting Gaga, they go along to Justin Bieber concerts, they say they are saved and have all these likes on their Facebook page: sport, worldly music, the way of this broad path. My friends, they are only deceiving themselves. The truth is not in them. They are believing lies. They don't believe the full Council of God, and they don't obey God. It is not everybody who believes who is saved, but it is he who does the will of the Lord. He separates himself from this world. He obeys Jesus. He follows him every day, he listens to his voice, and Jesus gives him eternal life. Not all these people who say Lord, Lord. Even the Demons believe and they tremble. Gaga believes, yet she is not on her way to heaven, she's on her way to damnation unless she repents. Popular Christianity has lied to you. There is no salvation in Acts 16:31, if you do not repent, and turn away from yourself. Believe in the real Gospel my friend: obey Jesus, practice righteousness, walk on the narrow way, otherwise you will not enter the kingdom of God. It is time to leave this defiled Christianity of today, it is time to become a disciple of Jesus Christ where are you know him and he knows you. That way you can enter his kingdom, because Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and nobody shall snatch them from my hand.

If you are not his sheep, he can't give you eternal life. If you don't have a relationship where you hear him and you follow him and you obey him, then you will not have eternal life, because it is not those who say Lord, Lord, but it is those who are doers of the word. They obey Jesus, they live in repentance, and they submit themselves to the narrow way of obeying Jesus. Jesus comes to know them, and lead them, and it is these who will not be snatched from Jesus's hand, and they hear him and they do his will. My friends, don't believe in vain. You can't get to heaven on Acts 16:31. You have to actually obey Jesus and you have to live the life of a disciple. Not just believe only, like Lady Gaga who says, I believe in Jesus, yet they live the life of the Broad Path to destruction. Jesus bless you. ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Deadly Mistake Of Most Christians

If anyone wants to enter the kingdom of God, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow Jesus. We live in a world of Christians that do not do this. They say they believe, yet they do not deny themselves, they do not pick up their cross, and they do not follow Jesus, they don't hear his voice, and they don't turn away from their sins, and they keep living worldly going partying with their friends, and they keep swearing and drinking, and they keep lusting, and they keep playing video games, and keep watching the movies and chasing after the ways of this society, and they won't separate themselves! Dear friends, if we want to enter the kingdom of God then we have to be prepared to be separate from the world, deny self, and follow Jesus. Jesus said: Why do you call me Lord, Lord yet you don't do what I say? He said that, Those who obey and do my commandments, I will reveal myself to them and I will give them the Holy Spirit. You see friends, it is not enough just to profess Jesus, we must also obey him and follow him and deny ourselves and obey him. We can't keep playing computer games, and watching the movies, and watching the rap music and the rock music and the contemporary music of this world, and think that we're headed to the kingdom of God. That's not how it works in the kingdom of God. I'm sorry, but you can't just believe and go to heaven!

You have to actually follow the Lord. That is what the Christian world is not telling you: they are not telling you to deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus. They are saying "believe only," and it's all okay you can keep being worldly. You see, of course when you're living like that, you don't know Jesus, and you don't hear him, and he doesn't have any relationship with you, and you don't have any reality of him in your heart. When you say, "I believe," yet you don't even know him and you just keep living your own way floundering in your sins, it is because you don't know him. How can you get free from sin if you don't know Jesus, and you don't obey him, and you don't follow him? The only way to be free from sin is to turn from sin, and deny yourself, and pick up your cross and follow Jesus faithfully; obey him until the very end and he will give you the crown of life. But let me tell you, if you just believe in him yet you keep going on in your own worldly ways, and you won't be separate, then you will not inherit the kingdom of God; you're not be able to enter that narrow door. Sure this sinful modern Christian world says that the broad way ends in the kingdom of God, when in fact it does not. Jesus said the narrow gate alone enters the kingdom of God. Strive to enter by the narrow gate, many will seek to enter, but will not be able to: for many are they on the broad way which is easy, but few are they who find the narrow gate. Make every effort to enter the narrow gate. That's what Jesus said. So let me tell you my friends: if you're continuing to live like this society does: following the games, the movies, the rock music, the swearing, the partying and drinking, the going around in the world having a good time living for pleasure and not being serious about the kingdom of God, then what makes you think you're going to enter that narrow gate, when you are joining the whole world on the path to DESTRUCTION  Everybody you see around you, are on the broad path. Why are you being like them? Are you a chameleon?  Chameleons are on the broad path to destruction. You can't blend in on the broad path and say that you're on the narrow road. When you are on the narrow road, people don't like you, because you stand up against sin, because you stand up against the ways of the world. Why do you think some people hate me so much? It is because I tell them that they have to repent, and they got to live holy, and people hate that! People curse me often, in all kinds of ways. People come against me because I tell you to repent. That is because it is the NARROW WAY.

Jesus said that, “You will be hated by men for my sake." And guess why that is? It is because you are on the narrow way, and you are not on the broad path to destruction. It is because you are on the narrow way, that is why people hate you. Especially if you also are preaching the gospel and you're standing up for the narrow way. It is all very well to wind down and shut up and say nothing like most people do. That is what the devil wants, he doesn't want you to say anything. But when you get up there and you speak out, you say things like, "I don't follow the World Cup because I follow Jesus Christ!" And then Christins around you will start getting anti, and angry, saying, “Oh really you don't follow the World Cup like we do!" And guess what? It is because you're not following the same way, and you are on the narrow way. It makes them feel conscious of their lost status and they don't want to shape up to the truth. But some people do, and Jesus is leading you to bring some people to the narrow way.

Not everybody, most people are going to hell, they're not going to heaven! Most people will not enter heaven. Their hearts are not able to go there. They have got the wrong hearts from the very day they started choosing sin, and they continue to chase the wrong way. I'm not saying they cannot be redeemed, they can if they repent, but most people don’t want to repent. That is also the same for most christians. YOU be a light to the world. Listen to these words of truth. Make the truth purge your soul into righteousness, purge you into the narrow way, where you are going to turn to the Lord, repent and seek to obey him in all you do. Do it, for time is running out. Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus, and he will come to know you. You will need him, and he will put the truth into your heart, and the Holy Spirit is going to come into you. Not the fake manifestation of the spirit in this world which is actually the spirit of this world in fake churches. That is not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts men of righteousness, of judgement, and the holy way of the narrow way. Most of this spiritual manifestations in churches are not causing this (conviction) therefore it is not of God. Except there repentance there shall be no salvation. The Lord doesn't give anyone any excuse anymore. He is calling all souls to repent from the least to the greatest. He will make no allowances anymore for sin. On the last day he will utter those fateful words, “Let him who is righteous, let him be righteous still, let him who is evil, let him stay evil, let him who is filthy, let him stay filthy." Amen says the Lord. I hope you shall be found among the righteous. Jesus bless you....

How to Find, Experience Jesus For Real

I want to talk about the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is found within us, that is, when the kingdom has come to be inside of us. Other religions don't offer change, and don't have a hope of change, no reality of change in the heart, but the kingdom of God is not about religion, it is a REALITY. Religion is not reality. Religion is man's philosophy, and is empty, and just ends up keeping somebody in darkness away from the truth. Even the most enlightened Buddhist and Muslim is in total darkness, because religions don't change them, don't change their hearts. But I want to talk about the reality of the kingdom of God, and you see when the kingdom of God comes inside of us, and you become a new person, you get set free from your sin and sin no longer rules you, sin no longer controls you. You have a new way. You suddenly know where you're going. In other religions, people are not sure whether are going. They hope they're going the right way, but they have no real relationship with any kind of god that is giving them a reality of hope. Not just a vain hope. But you see, this is where my God comes in: Jesus Christ. You see, he is not just a few stories in the bible, and he's not just the Jesus that this fake Christian world preaches, that is not Jesus: their Jesus doesn't change them, they are still sinning and living like you. I want to talk about the REAL Jesus, the real Jesus that actually does change you, convict you, keeps you on the narrow way. This Jesus is the son of God: the one who came to earth for real, where he came to set people free from their sin, and not only set them free, but really give them freedom, and in this day and age, actually really CHANGE your life. That is the Jesus I am talking about: the God that changes your life.

You know all those troubles and problems that you have, pressure in your head, your trouble in your life, bad feelings about things, well that's because you don't have direction and you don't have Jesus Christ who is the only reality of the real living God in this earth. He's the only one who will come to you if you seek him. You can't find Buddha or Allah or any other god no matter how much you pray, you can't find them. If you get into much into meditation and seek experiences, then you might find demons, but they won't give you any hope. They won't free from sin, they won't give you light inside, they won't give you joy. You see, it doesn’t matter how much we deceive ourselves with philosophy, we still will never have what we are seeking for this life. We will seek and we will never find it. Because the kingdom of God is above and those who seek that kingdom, it comes to live inside of them; and this is the mystery of the kingdom of God is that it is by faith: that if you believe what I'm saying today is true, then you could go and seek and find for yourself. I cannot reveal to you the reality of the kingdom of God that I have found, I can only tell you how I found it. But I can't tell you how it is, and have you experience it yourself, unless you're actually doing your part: seeking, prayer, realising that Jesus my God is real and living today, and he does actually change people and make them new. He does actually set them free from their lusts, from their addictions, from their chains, from their depression, from their grief, from their problems in their heart; all those problems that you with wish you didn't have. Jesus Christ will set you free from these things if you seek him. People wonder, Well where is Jesus? He's there in prayer. He’s only a prayer away my friends. He is real, and is close to you right now. The rocks, trees, the birds, the flowers, everything around you is a testament of Jesus Christ. But you've got to seek him my friends. The very things that we see all around us, didn't get here by accident. They didn't get here by Buddha or Allah. Those gods don’t speak to anybody.

They don't free anybody from sin. Do you think that God Almighty is not powerful enough to save you from your sin and your troubles? You see the demonic world is real. There are powers of darkness. There are spiritual forces in the hight places, that lead people to bad situations, ruling peoples lives, causing evil to befall people. It is not from God. The God that I worship, created everything that I see. He created it all. You’ve got to go and seek him. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the only name under the heavens that saves. And if you believe that, if you go after him, you will find freedom, freedom from sin, and freedom to live a new way. You will find the kingdom of God come into your heart where you have found what you are looking for. I've sought and found what I'm looking for; I found the kingdom of God. It is right here now with me. So what I have to do now is continue to be true to it, and don't look back, endure on the way, don't let my flesh rise up and choke out the kingdom within by following my lusts, desires, and ways of the devil! I Don't want to be overcome by Satan even though he tempts me and tries me daily. My friends, the kingdom of God is within. That is why you go within yourself and you start praying to Jesus within yourself because the Lord is God of the spirit world, and everything you see here is just a manifestation of his presence. Seek him more dear friends.

Find the kingdom of God inside you. I can tell you about it, I can share with you what happened to me, but I can't make you experience that. I already experienced that, I don't need any further things to make me believe anymore. I already know, already see. That is where I preach. But I cannot make you see what I see. I can make you feel what I feel. I cannot make you hear the Lord how I hear him. All I can do is say how I found him, I found the kingdom, and it was through Jesus Christ. He is real. Everything that is written about him in the Bible is true. I can only point these things out to you and maybe you will believe, and if you believe you will find him for yourself, and you will find your own eternal life and be able to enter the kingdom. There is an eternal kingdom in heaven my friends. This is just a shallow. Believe....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Jesus Christ set the standard, where he said that if anybody wants to follow me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow me. He said you must hate everything else in comparison: your mother, your wife, your children, even your own life, “If you want to be my follower." For who does not sit down and count the cost when he built the house and he runs out of money, and cannot finish the roof: would not everybody laugh at him? In the same way you must count the cost if you want to follow Jesus Christ, because you have to give away everything that you have. That is what Jesus said in Luke, and it is not I who sets the standard of holiness, it is Jesus Christ. If we want to follow him, we have two be prepared to give up our talents, and our dreams for our future in this world. It sounds crazy to this world that chases the good life, but we go according to the words of Jesus, and if we want to find him, and we want to follow him, then we have to give up our way for him. He will come and lead us. Are you conforming to the world? It is written: Do not conform to this world because it is passing away along with its achievements, its lusts, its pursuits of pleasure, and it will all pass away. Rather renew your mind in Christ daily. Don't conform to the world. I see many Christians conform to this world.

They conform in the way they talk. They conform by having all these friendship gatherings with unbelievers who talk ungodly things, and just do the same things. They conform by going along to the World Cup and being enthralled by sport. They are totally world conformers. Yes it is written in the Scriptures not to conform to the world, and do not love the world. Now it is not I who sets the standard, it is Jesus Christ, and dear friends, when we follow Jesus Christ, we will not be conforming to the world, but we will give everything to his kingdom, and forsake ourselves and follow him. And because we decide to forsake ourselves, we find Jesus for ourselves, and he leads us and he guides our steps, because Jesus is real, and those who seek him find him, and he leads them and they follow him. It is written that, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me, and I give them eternal life, and nothing will snatch them from my hand." Jesus said that he leads his sheep and they hear his voice and he knows them, and he gives them eternal life. Do you know Jesus my friend? Or are you just conforming to the world? Jesus said that those who obey his teachings and words, "I will reveal myself to him." Have you decided to deny yourself and forsake everything you are in, and come follow Jesus? If you're not doing that, how can you find him? Jesus means we have got to give up our way of life, we have to give up our pursuits, we have to give up our chasing of sport and desires and pleasures, and we have to turn our heart to him full-heartedly. That is what he means. Then you will find him. The reason people don't find Jesus, is because they do not turn from themselves, and do not give away their own ways before him, so he does not reveal himself to them.

They are just busy being distracted by video games, by the TV, by the movies, by the songs and the media of this generation, by their world the friends; they are distracted by the talk of this generation, they are not seriously dedicated to Jesus in anyway. They are half on one side, and half on the other, but not fully committed to Christ. They are not fully giving up on everything and turning to him fully. That is why he doesn't reveal himself to them, that is why they are not his sheep, and why they do not hear his voice, and he does not give them eternal life, and he does not lead them. My friends, you need to know Jesus where you hear his voice, and he leads you, so that he can give you eternal life. But while you conform to this world, and do not give up your way of life, everything, and do not dedicate to him, you cannot find him. You can only find him when you decide to make Jesus your everything, and you get on your knees and you pray to him and ask the Lord to know you, and you seek him, because it is written that those who seek will find. But if you're seeking with sin on your hands, being worldly and not willing to fully turn away from your own way, don't expect Jesus to reveal himself to you. We have to be committed and dedicated to seeking and finding him, then we will find him and we will hear his voice and he will lead us, and we will be his disciples, and we will not look back to the world and become unworthy and He will give us eternal life. Jesus bless you...