Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Christian Is Safe From Hell

There is a lie that Satan has deceived many people with, and I want to talk about that today, and that is the lie that: when you go to heaven, when having don’t sins as a Christian, you are only going to loose rewards and not end up in hell. Basically, these people believe the lie of Satan that you are never going to end up in hell. The reason satan has propagated this lie so extensively in the Christian church, is that he wants people to not take Jesus too seriously in their life, because if they think they are saved and sealed now, then there is no need for them to strive on the narrow way, and they can just be nominally righteous but don’t need to be too serious about Jesus.

You see mankind is very wicked in his heart, and we always want to take the days way out and condone our sins and we want to try and make sin ok in our hearts. That is the truth. When we follow that way on the broad path, that is what satan wants you to be. What happens is, a life living on this BROAD PATH ends in destruction. The devil doesn’t want you to know the truth that walking on the broad path ends in destruction. He wants you to think that it ends up in heaven and you just loose your rewards and so the devil has many verses he will try and support his case with you that you might believe the lie and no longer take Jesus too seriously. But the truth is my friends, that is a lie. The truth is that if you walk on the narrow way, you will enter the kingdom of God. Jesus said to strive on this narrow way. That apostles all warn to keep away from sin and practice righteousness of the Holy Spirit in us and to put to death the deeds of the flesh. It is written in the bible that we must turn away from ungodliness and give ourselves completely and utterly to Jesus Christ. Jesus warned in the bible that on the last day, he is going to tell Christians to depart from him, you workers of sin! Why? because they said, We did many things in your name. Who are they who do many things in the name of Jesus? It is not atheists, muslims or budhists, it is CHRISTIANS.

They are the ones who do things in the name of Jesus. And Jesus said, they will say, Did we not do many miracles in your name? Did we not cast out demons? And who does that, dear friends? It is not the Buddhist, it is not the Muslim, nor atheist and unbeliever who does this. Who casts out demons in the name of Jesus? Who heals the sick in the name of Jesus? It is CHRISTIANS. And Jesus said, They will say to me, did we not do those things. And he will say, I never knew you, depart from you you workers of iniquity. Mathew 7. Now when we walk in sin and not seriously following the narrow way abiding with Jesus, then we don’t know him, and he doesn’t know us and we are workers of sin. You see, Jesus does not cover for you while you are a worker of sin.

He is only listening and leading those who abide with him. You cannot abide with Jesus in the darkness, you have to come into the light. If there are some areas of your heart that are darkness and sin, then you are not with Jesus. Because Jesus is fully light. And when he is IN us, we are fully filled with his light and it shines out all the darkness because we exposed all our sins to him, and he surely cleansed us. This world is full of lies from the devil, because he wants you to believe, that if you would only live your own life, and do a little sin or two, don’t take Jesus too seriously, just keep living life on the broad path of the world, loving the things the world loves, chasing the things the world chases which is all vanity, Satan wants you to think that if you do all that, then you are just going to loose some rewards but you are still going to heaven. Now ultimately Jesus is the one who goes in (to heaven or hell), but I expose to you his truth, and the truth is that the broad path to destruction DOES NOT LEAD TO HEAVEN. And if you don’t take Jesus seriously in your life, there are many instances in the scriptures of people who ended up in the outer darkness who did this.

The servant who was unfaithful with what Jesus gave him, ended up in the outer darkness. The servant who did not obey Jesus and live righteously but stated to eat and drink with the drunkards, that servant ended up in the outer darkness. The one who was as the wedding feast in the wrong wedding cloths, soiled clothes not washed in the blood of Jesus rather was in soiled clothes of sin, he ended up in the outer darkness also. Now he was a believer, he believed in Jesus, that is why he was there. What about the 10 Virgins? They all believed in Jesus. They were watching for the bridegroom. They were people who knew Jesus is coming back soon in the rapture. They were watching for him, yet 5 of them didn’t go to be with Jesus. He said to them, Go away I don’t know you. So my question to you today is: are you believing the lie of satan, that you can go walk the broad path to destruction and go to heaven and just loose your rewards? Because the truth is, if you let the deception of the enemy bring you down, it will bring you down to the fire, because the broad path only ends up in the lake of fire.

It is written that the broad path leadeth unto destruction and many are they who follow that way. The broad path of this world is chasing your pursuits, sport, song and dance, the wine women and song, the lust, the fun worldly time with the friends talking wordly things everyday, that is the world’s broad path. That is the path that Jesus said, many follow…and few follow the narrow way. The broad path is easy but the narrow way is difficult. You will loose more than rewards on the last day if you walk on the broad path. You will loose your place in the kingdom of God, so take these words seriously. If you have an ear then hear. Jesus bless you....