Saturday, June 14, 2014


I want to talk today about ironing out the wrinkles in our walk of faith. Jesus requires us to be without spot, wrinkle, or blemish when he returns, and we must be quickened listening to the Holy Spirit so that we can iron out these wrinkles when flaws in our character start to creep into our walk and into our life and we start to get a little blind to false ways of the flesh beginning to manifest themselves in us, because we are not fully crucifying certain areas of our flesh. And this will happen to every believer, and so that is why the Lord sends us little wake-up calls and little tests to quicken our spirits to repent when needed. And every believer needs to iron out wrinkles, because we want to be without wrinkles walking in love when Jesus returns, walking in love and faith.

I want to tell you a little story about some wrinkles I had to iron out in the past. One day when I'd first come to the Lord Jesus, I had a test where I had an angry motorist trying to attack me because he didn't like that I was motorcycle rider on the road, and instead of being submissive and saying sorry (he was in the wrong and I'd broken no rules) but I should've had the heart of Jesus. The Holy Spirit was warning me even before this that I've got to get my heart in line with Christ for this situation. And instead of saying sorry and putting water onto the fire even though I didn't need to say sorry because he was just an angry man, I then just gave him cheek back and got involved in a yelling match of who is right, and who is wrong. And that is exactly what believers cannot do, because it ruins out testimony for Christ. We can no longer witnessed to that person about Christ. And Jesus convicted me of it and said, No this is not the way you are to go, it is wrong, the wrong way. And it is written in the Scriptures that we should be at peace with all men as long as it is up to us even if we are not in the wrong, and that person is just an evil angry old sinner! It doesn't mean that we suddenly can be like them like the world is. Because in the world, people fight each other. And if it's an injustice, the world's people have every right to fight that injustice. But we lose our rights when we follow Jesus, where we no longer fight for our rights.

And that's what the Holy Spirit taught me: that we must have love even when these people do us evil, because that is the essence of what Jesus taught. That is us being children of God instead of like the world who just loves the people who love them. Our mates don't cuss us out, and falsely accuse us, and the world loves their fellow man who is a friend. But the thing is, a stranger who has a difficult personality, or is arrogant and prideful, and then fights with those people, the world fights back because they don't know Jesus. And Jesus was showing me this is not how a believer should be. Another time I had another situation where somebody was trying to overtake very quickly when I didn't see them and I had swerved around this pothole and they got angry about that, and instead of saying sorry and having a humble heart, I began to try to justify myself and this is wrong. Jesus rebuke me straight away and he wants me to iron out those wrinkles. We have to be ready to be humble and say sorry where sorry is not needed or not asked for.

Because if we are not like the children of the God, then we are not the sons of God, and we don't follow Jesus. Now he knows that in our flesh we are not like that, we are not like God. That's why he quickens our spirits to repent and get these wrinkles out when we start to allow the flesh getting into our backgrounds of our minds, and starting to take root there where these situations happen, and we all too quickly are following the flesh instead of the spirit. If we make a mistake, Jesus is there to help us back and we change, we say, Sorry Lord, we wont do that again. And another time, somebody for no reason at all was angry at some other driver and then he got angry with me and later on down the road he wanted to have a fight with me, he had come out of his car and stood in the road ready to fight me as soon as I came. And that time I followed the way of Christ.

I stopped and I didn't fuel his fire, even though I had reason to follow the world and get angry with him because he was in injustice. So I said, Sorry man, and I really meant it. And he got convicted and then he dropped it right there and he says, Sorry, sorry please forgive me. He was just in the world. This way of Christ is how we got to be, because we can't reach people if we haven't shed the flesh. This is what Jesus teaches me when I go the wrong ways like I just told you about. The wrinkles we iron out. We need to iron out the wrinkles, but if I don't listen and I'm in that way and I've just done those things I just told you about, and I'm not listening, what happens is I will get deceived, and block my ears from God and I just become like the world. We got to listen, and we got to work with the Holy Spirit to iron out the wrinkles. Is that what you're doing? Because we need to be without spot or blemish or wrinkle when the Lord returns. Jesus bless you. ...