Monday, June 23, 2014


This world is full of lies, especially CHRISTIAN lies, and it causes people to think they are on their way to heaven, when in fact they are on their way to hell. The Christian lies that people are deceived by, entrap their minds and blind their eyes to the truth that they may turn to the Lord properly and be saved. That is why I want to expose the Christian lies today, that you may have a chance to open up your mind to heed the truth of Jesus, the real truth. You see Christians believe that you can just live worldly and follow the ways of the world, keeping away from the big sins, and you are going to go to heaven just because you believe in Jesus and his grace. They say that his grace and love is going to cover you but you are always going to be a sinner. They say we are all sinners. My friend the reason they say that is because they ARE sinners. Yet it is written that those who continue to sin, don't KNOW Jesus, and that is the truth because Jesus came to set us free FROM sin, and to give us a new heart so we no longer practice our sin and live in the ways of this world no more. If you come to Jesus in repentance seeking to KNOW him, he will come into your life and lead you on sin free paths. Christians like to believe you can go around and listen to movies, and pop culture, and the ways of movies, sin, sport, world cup, and be into all that, and still go to heaven.

They do not realise that that IS A LIE. The truth is on the BROAD path of destruction, YOU will end up in HELL. For the broad path is filled with SPORT, MOVIES, ENTERTAINMENT, SIN, LUSTS, DESIRES, PURSUITS, and it is on account of these that the wrath of God is coming. Because if your heart is not focused on Jesus, living his narrow way, denying yourself picking up your cross and following him, you will not enter the kingdom of God. The Christian lie that, once you are saved by professed faith in Jesus, and now you are ALWAYS saved, now you are always saved. Because nobody is saved now. For nobody has reached the END of the race of faith, and given the crown of life and eternal life. Along the path you can get disqualified as Paul said. Paul said that if you follow the flesh and its dictates you will reap for yourself destruction, but if you persevere in doing good, and persevere in faith keeping the faith in Christ, walking his narrow way until the end, you are going to reap ETERNAL LIFE, because that is living after the Spirit. But you have not got there yet, my friend, and you can still miss out on the kingdom of God if you are like the seed that landed on the thorny ground where the person heard the word, believed the gospel, accepted it with joy, then later the cares of this life choked it out and it died and bore no fruit. Don't let the lies of Christians deceive you. They are deceived. Mainstream christianity is deceived by many lies. If you are separate from the World Cup (soccer), they will think you strange, judgement, and evil, because they LOVE the world. If you are separate from watching sin on movies, and all these things that the world chases after and its culture, they will think you strange and will often hate you, because you are on the narrow way of Christ while they are on the broad path saying, "Lord, Lord," yet not doing what he said.

Jesus said that the true religion of the Father is to keep your robes UNSTAINED BY THIS WORLD and to help those who are in need. My friend, you are staining your robes everyday in this world, when you go along with the drunken throng, joining in their immoral parades, being a part of this sporting, movie-loving, song-chasing, society and you are letting these things corrupt you. Because I tell you, there will be no western culture in the kingdom of God. It is an abomination and will be burned up to a cinder, because God has no fellowship with this world. If you want to believe the Christian lies and want to continue chasing your pop-culture, chasing all their music, following the Sport, following all these things that people chase after: your own desires, your own dreams, your own talents, all these things, you will reap for yourself destruction. Because these things will bring you EMPTY HANDED before God; nothing to show. My friend, there is only ONE way: THE WAY OF THE CROSS. The way of the cross is to deny yourself, put all your ambitions onto your cross, crucify them there, should it, and walk off after Jesus in a relationship with him. He will LEAD you, and that is the narrow way. That is the way to salvation. That is the gospel. The gospel is to follow Jesus, know him, and be in a relationship with him so he can fill you and baptise you with his Holy Spirit, and lead you like he did the early Christians. Stop being a sinner. Stop being a world chaser. Come away from it all. Dedicate yourself to Jesus. Seek to know him. He will come into your life. It is all about a relationship. Without him, you will NOT be able to enter the kingdom of God. Jesus bless you. ...