Monday, June 23, 2014


This world is full of lies, especially CHRISTIAN lies, and it causes people to think they are on their way to heaven, when in fact they are on their way to hell. The Christian lies that people are deceived by, entrap their minds and blind their eyes to the truth that they may turn to the Lord properly and be saved. That is why I want to expose the Christian lies today, that you may have a chance to open up your mind to heed the truth of Jesus, the real truth. You see Christians believe that you can just live worldly and follow the ways of the world, keeping away from the big sins, and you are going to go to heaven just because you believe in Jesus and his grace. They say that his grace and love is going to cover you but you are always going to be a sinner. They say we are all sinners. My friend the reason they say that is because they ARE sinners. Yet it is written that those who continue to sin, don't KNOW Jesus, and that is the truth because Jesus came to set us free FROM sin, and to give us a new heart so we no longer practice our sin and live in the ways of this world no more. If you come to Jesus in repentance seeking to KNOW him, he will come into your life and lead you on sin free paths. Christians like to believe you can go around and listen to movies, and pop culture, and the ways of movies, sin, sport, world cup, and be into all that, and still go to heaven.

They do not realise that that IS A LIE. The truth is on the BROAD path of destruction, YOU will end up in HELL. For the broad path is filled with SPORT, MOVIES, ENTERTAINMENT, SIN, LUSTS, DESIRES, PURSUITS, and it is on account of these that the wrath of God is coming. Because if your heart is not focused on Jesus, living his narrow way, denying yourself picking up your cross and following him, you will not enter the kingdom of God. The Christian lie that, once you are saved by professed faith in Jesus, and now you are ALWAYS saved, now you are always saved. Because nobody is saved now. For nobody has reached the END of the race of faith, and given the crown of life and eternal life. Along the path you can get disqualified as Paul said. Paul said that if you follow the flesh and its dictates you will reap for yourself destruction, but if you persevere in doing good, and persevere in faith keeping the faith in Christ, walking his narrow way until the end, you are going to reap ETERNAL LIFE, because that is living after the Spirit. But you have not got there yet, my friend, and you can still miss out on the kingdom of God if you are like the seed that landed on the thorny ground where the person heard the word, believed the gospel, accepted it with joy, then later the cares of this life choked it out and it died and bore no fruit. Don't let the lies of Christians deceive you. They are deceived. Mainstream christianity is deceived by many lies. If you are separate from the World Cup (soccer), they will think you strange, judgement, and evil, because they LOVE the world. If you are separate from watching sin on movies, and all these things that the world chases after and its culture, they will think you strange and will often hate you, because you are on the narrow way of Christ while they are on the broad path saying, "Lord, Lord," yet not doing what he said.

Jesus said that the true religion of the Father is to keep your robes UNSTAINED BY THIS WORLD and to help those who are in need. My friend, you are staining your robes everyday in this world, when you go along with the drunken throng, joining in their immoral parades, being a part of this sporting, movie-loving, song-chasing, society and you are letting these things corrupt you. Because I tell you, there will be no western culture in the kingdom of God. It is an abomination and will be burned up to a cinder, because God has no fellowship with this world. If you want to believe the Christian lies and want to continue chasing your pop-culture, chasing all their music, following the Sport, following all these things that people chase after: your own desires, your own dreams, your own talents, all these things, you will reap for yourself destruction. Because these things will bring you EMPTY HANDED before God; nothing to show. My friend, there is only ONE way: THE WAY OF THE CROSS. The way of the cross is to deny yourself, put all your ambitions onto your cross, crucify them there, should it, and walk off after Jesus in a relationship with him. He will LEAD you, and that is the narrow way. That is the way to salvation. That is the gospel. The gospel is to follow Jesus, know him, and be in a relationship with him so he can fill you and baptise you with his Holy Spirit, and lead you like he did the early Christians. Stop being a sinner. Stop being a world chaser. Come away from it all. Dedicate yourself to Jesus. Seek to know him. He will come into your life. It is all about a relationship. Without him, you will NOT be able to enter the kingdom of God. Jesus bless you. ...

Saturday, June 14, 2014


I want to talk today about ironing out the wrinkles in our walk of faith. Jesus requires us to be without spot, wrinkle, or blemish when he returns, and we must be quickened listening to the Holy Spirit so that we can iron out these wrinkles when flaws in our character start to creep into our walk and into our life and we start to get a little blind to false ways of the flesh beginning to manifest themselves in us, because we are not fully crucifying certain areas of our flesh. And this will happen to every believer, and so that is why the Lord sends us little wake-up calls and little tests to quicken our spirits to repent when needed. And every believer needs to iron out wrinkles, because we want to be without wrinkles walking in love when Jesus returns, walking in love and faith.

I want to tell you a little story about some wrinkles I had to iron out in the past. One day when I'd first come to the Lord Jesus, I had a test where I had an angry motorist trying to attack me because he didn't like that I was motorcycle rider on the road, and instead of being submissive and saying sorry (he was in the wrong and I'd broken no rules) but I should've had the heart of Jesus. The Holy Spirit was warning me even before this that I've got to get my heart in line with Christ for this situation. And instead of saying sorry and putting water onto the fire even though I didn't need to say sorry because he was just an angry man, I then just gave him cheek back and got involved in a yelling match of who is right, and who is wrong. And that is exactly what believers cannot do, because it ruins out testimony for Christ. We can no longer witnessed to that person about Christ. And Jesus convicted me of it and said, No this is not the way you are to go, it is wrong, the wrong way. And it is written in the Scriptures that we should be at peace with all men as long as it is up to us even if we are not in the wrong, and that person is just an evil angry old sinner! It doesn't mean that we suddenly can be like them like the world is. Because in the world, people fight each other. And if it's an injustice, the world's people have every right to fight that injustice. But we lose our rights when we follow Jesus, where we no longer fight for our rights.

And that's what the Holy Spirit taught me: that we must have love even when these people do us evil, because that is the essence of what Jesus taught. That is us being children of God instead of like the world who just loves the people who love them. Our mates don't cuss us out, and falsely accuse us, and the world loves their fellow man who is a friend. But the thing is, a stranger who has a difficult personality, or is arrogant and prideful, and then fights with those people, the world fights back because they don't know Jesus. And Jesus was showing me this is not how a believer should be. Another time I had another situation where somebody was trying to overtake very quickly when I didn't see them and I had swerved around this pothole and they got angry about that, and instead of saying sorry and having a humble heart, I began to try to justify myself and this is wrong. Jesus rebuke me straight away and he wants me to iron out those wrinkles. We have to be ready to be humble and say sorry where sorry is not needed or not asked for.

Because if we are not like the children of the God, then we are not the sons of God, and we don't follow Jesus. Now he knows that in our flesh we are not like that, we are not like God. That's why he quickens our spirits to repent and get these wrinkles out when we start to allow the flesh getting into our backgrounds of our minds, and starting to take root there where these situations happen, and we all too quickly are following the flesh instead of the spirit. If we make a mistake, Jesus is there to help us back and we change, we say, Sorry Lord, we wont do that again. And another time, somebody for no reason at all was angry at some other driver and then he got angry with me and later on down the road he wanted to have a fight with me, he had come out of his car and stood in the road ready to fight me as soon as I came. And that time I followed the way of Christ.

I stopped and I didn't fuel his fire, even though I had reason to follow the world and get angry with him because he was in injustice. So I said, Sorry man, and I really meant it. And he got convicted and then he dropped it right there and he says, Sorry, sorry please forgive me. He was just in the world. This way of Christ is how we got to be, because we can't reach people if we haven't shed the flesh. This is what Jesus teaches me when I go the wrong ways like I just told you about. The wrinkles we iron out. We need to iron out the wrinkles, but if I don't listen and I'm in that way and I've just done those things I just told you about, and I'm not listening, what happens is I will get deceived, and block my ears from God and I just become like the world. We got to listen, and we got to work with the Holy Spirit to iron out the wrinkles. Is that what you're doing? Because we need to be without spot or blemish or wrinkle when the Lord returns. Jesus bless you. ...

Friday, June 6, 2014

DREAM: The Labels Will Fall Off, Tortured For Christ

The labels will fall off, the labels will fall off. In my dream, there were people getting tortured for the name of the Lord in a terrible place, and they had a big stick and round ball on it that they would insert into your stomach and internally disembowel the victim but would not kill them. This was very painful. I got to feel in the dream how bad it was. But I had two scenarios: I could see people who couldnt take that for Christ because they did not have full firm faith like the apostles, and would quickly deny Jesus under this immense pain. That was only the beginning of the torture, there was lots of other things to come until death. Satan was trying to cause people to relent and recant their faith, and this pain would stop. You had to be strong in the faith to die and get through that without denying the faith for the weakness of the flesh under that kind of pain. That is the thing, this is serious business because this kind of thing is coming and is already here in some places and people have to be tortured for Christ until they relent and recant their faith.

And while christians are so evil today following their lusts, persecuting their brethren, stopping the gospel from going out, false flagging people's accounts because they hate the true gospel, coming against the true gospel in favor of the fake american gospel, what happens is when these people have to face torture for their faith, a lot of them as I saw in my dream, will not be strong enough to face torture till death for faith. They will recant and go the way of the enemy. (False christian anti-christ religion coming) Because they were always on the way of the enemy and were only paying Jesus lip-service and did not have true faith. Now I saw in my dream that when you are tortured for Christ, (for whatever reason the law changes and you are outlawed like the communists did, they tortured people for Christ to make them recant the faith, that can happen at any time once laws change like we saw in Rome, China, North Korea, Russia) what happens is people who had firm faith in Jesus, they got power from Christ to endure that kind of torture, like having something inserted into their abdomen and twisted and disembowelled from the inside, and is very painful, they had the power to overcome, keep the faith and have love for their persecutor. That is what I felt and what I saw. This kind of faith is what I want to talk about today: the real faith, not fake Christians faith where they go to church and persecute the true gospel, they diss, hate, sue, or attack anyone who preaches the true gospel. They are FALSE Christians. What about the fake christians rock and rap music? It all sounds good, and the lyrics seem holy, but those singers are of the devil and they live after the ways of satan. They claim Jesus, but they party, they drink, they fornicate, the sin, they hold to the fake American grace gospel that is dragging many to hell in their own blindness and bondage. It is UNRUE, it doesn't save. It is a gospel that doesn't save. The problem is, is that people are listening to the fake preachers, and fake gospels in THEIR SIN, because they are not willing to come on the NARROW WAY. "There is not condemnation for those who are in Christ," I read in Romans 8:1, "Who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

I want to talk to you about where salvation comes from. A lot of people are under the impression that salvation begins with belief in Jesus then it also ends right there and now you are saved. So we are all saved and now we live our life and go to our false church and we sing and listen to christian rock music and we go partying with our christian friends, and we talk foolishness with out unbeliever friends and we are all happy with everything, we don't walk the narrow way, you know that is the FAKE gospel. Salvation is what you will inherit and receive if you ENDURE all the way until the end in the faith. Remember Jesus Christ is the beginning of faith and the beginning of the walk TO salvation. Jesus said, "Many start but few finish….many seek to enter the narrow way to life, but few are able." The way to enter and abide with Jesus Christ is to have faith in Jesus today that he is the Messiah because he is the ONLY way to heaven, and seek him in prayer so that you can abide with him. Because Jesus said, "Apart from me you can do nothing, you must abide with me, those who believe in me will never perish." But if we really believe, we would come the way of the cross which is the beginning. First is faith, when we realise who Jesus is. I got on my knees and asked Jesus to know me, and I repented of my sins and that day I had a new peace come into my heart and Jesus forgave my sin, and I the joy of forgiveness upon me, but that is the VERY BEGINNING. A lot get to that point: they get to the cross, they lay faith in the cross, but that is where they STOP. They are like the seed that landed on the stoney ground then all too soon the enemy comes and snatches the seed out of their hearts and it dies. We have to endure at the cross shouldering the cross all the way to the kingdom of God in faith. It is called the good fight of faith the Paul was running on. It is written, Run to receive the crown of life, play by the rules…(or you will be disqualified). The things is, a lot people get to the cross and stay there a few weeks, but then temptation comes and all so quickly they fall away each to their own lusts and desires and fall away to their own ways and pursuits; the lusts of this world, the allure of this world, the pride of life, and their seed dies. They leave the cross. Few will enter the narrow gate.

Many are called few are chosen. Now a lot of these christians think they are saved when they went to the cross once, but they left the cross a long time ago. They had true belief, yes. They did come to the cross, yes. They had the feeling of forgiveness, yes. Some of them had the Holy Spirit, yes. They had a change, yes. But they left that a long time ago. They went to the fake church, the fake gospel and got deceived and started following the flesh and reaped death. The seed inside of them died, they left the cross. But if we strive to stay abiding with Jesus until the very end, even until the end of torture and death, then you will be saved. Like a saw in my dream, people who recanted Christ through torture to come, they did not have firm faith and firm footing so as soon as the storm came, their house collapsed because it was built on the sand, it was not built on Jesus' teachings. They are the people who condone killing and violence and go to war, and do not turn the other cheek but they attack their brethren, they sue them, they flag them, they do all these things are do not follow the words of Jesus, but are in direct opposite disobedience to the words of Jesus. They don't sin no more. Jesus said to go sin no more. They keep sinning, they keep following the flesh and claiming his name. When we are like that, our house is on the sand (it is all looking good, big and strong looking but it is on the sand, so we still got 'faith', we are still looking like a christian in our fake christian ways and music that does appear to worship God even though the singers are all built on the sand too) and then the big storm comes, and everybody has to face life or death for Christ or whatever it is, and then all these houses fall like dominos because the storm comes and they fall because they are not built on Christ, they are not built on his words. They are built on the fake American grace gospel of sin, and their mammon gospel living for mammon, putting mammon first living for the world. The biggest sin of this Christians generation is that they live for the world.

They live on the broad path to destruction thinking that is the way to be saved: we can love everybody on the broad path to destruction joining them in their worldly ways. Of corse the Christians will keep themselves from BIG sin. Nobody wants to look back, everybody wants to look good. They want to hide their sin, we all want to hide our sin. But the thing is, we can deceive man, but we can never deceived God. He knows when we are following the fake church in our sin, on the broad path to destruction, listening to our Christian rock and all these wicked sinners who are building their house on the sand and claiming Jesus. And you know what happens? the storm will come, like I saw, people will be tortured and will recant: their house will fall. The dividing fire will come upon this world and is going to become very clear: THE LABELS WILL FALL OFF. The fake Christian label on all these people who follow the fake gospel, will fall off. They will not endure.

What I saw, was only people who could ENDURE because they had true faith, because they built their house on the rock of Christ's teachings, they had the strength of Christ to have his HEART and LOVE even during torture. We can say we are christian and have our christian house built on the SAND, but eventually the storm will come and it will be SHIPWRECKED. I have found Jesus Christ, and his narrow way does not permit walking the broad path like most Christians walk. Let us not fall, and let us keep the faith and think about building our house on the rock. This might be the most important message you have every heard today: I want you to fully understand today what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and what you should know. You should know it wont be so easy turning the flesh out, and you are going to have to have your faith built on the rock. If you believe in the cross for your sins, that is good, now let us LIVE IN THAT BELIEF. That is the only belief that saves. You have to hold that belief till the very end. Not living in sin, that is fake faith, building your house on the sand. ...