Sunday, May 4, 2014

Overcome Your Real Enemy

Our enemy satan, and the powers of darkness, walk around like a roaring lion looking for whom they may devour. Their enemy are christians: people who follow JEsus. They are against anybody who follows Jesus and they send their armies against you to bother you and try and destroy you and kill you. So that is why we must be vigilant and know that we have to fight the enemy. We know we have the weapons necessary and the power. But the problem is many christians don't realise that they have the power if they would only get the weapons. On our own we are no match for satan.

But when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and filled with faith which is a shield, and the Holy Spirit lives through us which is a sword, then we are more than equip to defeat the enemy and send him running. It is written to resist the devil and he will flee from you. He will come back but you have to resist him. There is no use just giving up the fight and running away. That is what a lot of christians do, they get attacked by the enemy and give up and go back to their old life and satan wins. You see he is out to destroy your faith and fill you with fear, doubt, worry, and care. He is here to bring you to stop trusting in Jesus Christ to stop having faith in the Lord, and to walk away from his ways. The devil is here to stop you from being filled with the Holy Spirit so you can be a powerful warrior in the kingdom of God. But I am here to tell you to get filled with the Holy Spirit so you can fight the enemy head on and win. In Jesus Christ we have the victory but you have to stand up and fight.

You have to have faith. You have to put on the armour of God. You have to ask for the Holy Spirit so you can be filled with the Holy Spirit to defeat the enemy. Dear friend the enemy is already defeated, but if you do not put on the armour, and fight, you will be devoured. Because he gets everybody to run away and throw down their weapons and just wants to live after their own ways. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Resist temptation, exercise self-control. Use the Holy Spirit tongues in prayer. Use prayer against all temptation and all wicked things that come against you. Prayers of faith, that is what beats the enemy. Keep away from all sin otherwise your prayers are futile. Jesus bless you......