Thursday, April 3, 2014

Was Jesus a PACIFIST?

A lot of people they don't understand who Jesus is. That is why they are led astray by this wicked society that we live in. Jesus said that the end days would be like the days of Noah. There is one thing but about the days of Noah we know about: and that is that they were lovers of violence. Violence is killing. We read in the Scriptures where Jesus said, in John, that Satan was a murderer from the beginning. And he still is dear friends. Satan comes to do three things: to kill, to steal, and destroy. That is why you see this world like it is; killing, stealing, and destroying. That is why the video games are like that; kill, steal, and destroy. That is why the movies are like that; kill, steal, and destroy. The Christians are often like that. A lot of the Christians are like that also because they are also deceived by Lucifer. You will have Christians say that Jesus wasn't a pacifist. They say that when he said that you must turn the other cheek, they are saying basically that he didn't say that. People always try to turn God into what they believe he should be, and that is a god of violence. Or a god who loves violence, because they watch too many American movies. American movies are full of violence, and violence is cool. But do you know friends, that the minute you go and join the army, you are going to join an organisation of such that is only involved for killing? Then you're going and joining Lucifer. Because Lucifer is behind the armies. He is the one who kills, steals, and destroys, it is not God. God destroys evil. But Lucifer comes to destroy mankind.

And all you Christians out there, who believe in your armies, you believe in your guns, and all this American violence, you are being deceived by Lucifer, because that is the path of Lucifer. Lucifer, is a murderer. He's the first murderer, Jesus said he was. Jesus said he was the first murderer. He said off the Pharisees, "You are of your father Lucifer who was the first murderer from the beginning." Jesus came to bring the gospel to all of mankind, including those who should pay for their sins, such as the theif on the cross. The thief was there on a death sentence by Roman law, because he had broken the law and done many grievous acts that was worthy of that. So he was being sentenced for his crimes on the cross, but Jesus didn't condemn him. I'm sure everybody else did, but not Jesus. Jesus said, "Your sins are forgiven." But everybody wants to call God the old Testament God. But God is Jesus friends. Jesus came to show us what God REALLY is, because people just think he is a God of War, of violence -- because in the old Testament, because of the hardness of their hearts, he had to deal with things in the manner in which he did. But when Jesus came into the world, he changed it, because people got to see who God really is, and how he really is. He didn't fight back to his enemies, he allowed his enemies to humiliate him and crucify him. And so if you are a Christian who condones killing, which including the killing of your enemies and those who do you evil, you're against Jesus; you're a part of Lucifer. Those who kill, steal, and destroy. Even the worst (sinners) who die, that is part of lucifer's plan not God's plan, because Lucifer, the enemy of humankind, is Lucifer. That is why you see society like it is, because they follow Lucifer. But dear friends, if everybody decided to repent and accept Jesus Christ, as their God because he is God, if everybody decided to do that, there would be no more war. No more killing, because those who follow Lucifer, would be following Jesus and they no longer do his works of killing, stealing, and destroying, because lucifer's hands are human beings; Christians especially. Christians in law, and people in high places. Lucifer is using them to do his dirty work.

People are his hands, he cannot do these things on earth without people. So he has to get people all deceived thinking that God loves violence and evil, and so they start following Lucifer, and they start being a part of this evil, Noah's day, sin loving, generation. They wonder why they have no peace from God, and they are as far away from God as the east is from the west. Because Jesus is showing us how he, God, is like. He's a God that turns the other cheek. He will bring justice at the very end to all evildoers. But until then, he only called his followers into a walk of truth, where they preach the truth, where even some of these evil enemies kill his followers; some of them are stoned, crucify others, persecute them and imprisoned others, because they work for Lucifer, and Lucifer is against Jesus and against any of his followers. So everytime you say that Jesus is a pacifist, because he said to turn the other cheek, you are working for Lucifer. Because you're helping spread the agenda of Lucifer on this earth which is working against God's peaceful ways of righteousness. God will one day, as he said, cause all mankind to beat their weapons into plough-shares, because Jesus is how God is because he is God, and the manifestation of God on earth. Stop working for Lucifer, and you start believing in your saviour Jesus and who he really is according to the Bible.

Not according to all your ideas and doctrines. They have so infiltrated this wicked generation of the last days. Destruction will come because of wickedness so don't be a part of it by joining Lucifer, rather be separate, become part of the army of God. Come out of all the destruction and violence that your partake in, stop loving violence. Let the Lord cleanse you, and give you a new heart to be able to preach his truths to everybody. And also to get through whatever it is you must get through in the name of Jesus. Make he bless you. ...