Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Famous HALF Gospel: Have You Been Lied To?

Have you been lied to? I often see well-meaning preachers who are preaching the gospel of Jesus, go to a big gathering of so-called Christians — or just a whole lot of people who have come to hear the preacher — who assume that they are all saved. So he just tells them; you should be going out and preaching and doing all these things, because you're saved. I also see other Christians who are also well-meaning, and the Lord working through them, doing their own work in the ministry and people getting healed. But there is one thing that I always see a lot of these people doing, and that is they miss half of the gospel. I want to ask you today, have you been lied to? Because I want to talk about these lies that come from the enemy. Now there are people who are working for the Lord, yes. But the problem is the enemy, is lying to Christians, making them think that they're all saved, and all they do is believe in Jesus, and then after listening to the preacher telling them to go preach the gospel, they can just walk back to their lukewarm lifestyle. You see, the biggest lie is that you're saved when you are not! Nobody is saved friend, nobody, until they have entered the kingdom of God. Then they are saved. But until you have entered the kingdom of God, enduring in the faith, you're not saved. I'm sorry but you are not saved now. You can lose your place in the kingdom if you do not walk in holiness. That is the part of the Gospel that is not being preached. People think that Christians are all saved, so they are in their sins having a good time saying, "I'm saved," and all, and yet they are not living seriously for Jesus. Now why did Jesus talk about being lukewarm?

Do you think that was a joke? If you are saved now, Jesus wouldn't need to write the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation! He could just say you are saved and just enter the kingdom when you die. But that is not what Jesus said! He said to all of you, 'You better repent and come back to your first works, otherwise I will come up on you at a time that you think not and remove your lampstand from its place.' Jesus said in those very letters, that, 'Because you're lukewarm neither cold nor hot, I will spew you forth from my mouth, so you better repent', says Jesus. You better repent because you are not saved yet. We strive on the narrow way in the hope of salvation if we love the Lord. That hope drives us to continue in the faith. Because we know that when we've walked on the narrow way obeying Jesus till the end, keeping away from being worldly — loving all these violent video games, loving or this immoral pop music, loving all these wicked movies, and the joining this lukewarm society — we who turn away from those ways, and we be separate, and we dedicate to Jesus full-heartedly, then we will inherit the kingdom of God after we have endured! But what of him who starts halfway, and then just pulls out and goes back to his sins?

How is that faith going to save him? It's not going to save him dear friends, because he was never saved to begin with. He had turn to Jesus and heard the gospel and got a new heart and had been changed, but the thing is if you walk back and re-crucify Jesus, what sacrifice do you have left to atone for your sins? You asked me that! What sacrifice do you have left, if you go and trample the son of God under your feet and trample what is holy and treat it as unholy. That is what all these Christians are doing. So these preachers say to go preach the gospel, they think they're preaching to the choir, but the truth is: 90% of those Christians most likely are following the world, loving their own sin, being all lukewarm and laughing, not taking Jesus seriously, and then the time comes and they miss out on the kingdom of God, because they were not told the truth. Are you believing lies? Are you listening to lies? Half the gospel cannot save you. The whole Gospel together, the other half must be there to make a whole gospel. And the whole gospel is that: you must deny yourself, repent, and obey Jesus until the very end, and then you will receive the crown of life! It is not if, you WILL, but you have to take Jesus seriously. There is no use friend, saying you're saved and thinking you're saved, believing the lie, while you are just living an unserious life. Sure I walk in the joy of salvation everyday. I feel the salvation of God on me. But I know that I haven't finished the race yet, and I will not inherit the kingdom of God until I have finished in the faith. What is the use of being the seed that lands on the heart of somebody who has weedy ground! That the carers of life spring up as Jesus said, and choke it out.

Now this person was a hearer of the word of the gospel. He did accept it with joy. Jesus said that he accepted the gospel. There are so many Christians that accept the gospel. But over time the cares of life choke out the seed and it doesn't bear fruit. What is fruit? Fruits are when you're walking Holiness, when you no longer are sinning, and you're able to have God working through you. Now some people they have the gifts of God and God doesn't take back his gifts; but they are not living right with God. Sure they are laying hands on people and people are getting healed, but they are not living right with God. They themselves are living in lukewarm ways in certain sins, and not being serious. How do you think Jesus is going to treat those sort of people on the day of judgement? It's not going to be good. Why do you think he said in Matthew chapter 7, that: a lot of people are going to come to him and say, 'Lord didn't we do these works in your name?"And it is true. They drove out Demons, they healed the sick, they did all these things for Jesus — and I am not saying that that is a bad thing, that is a wonderful thing, it is because they have the gifts of God — but they were sin doers, they didn't take Jesus seriously. They thought they were saved so they could go on and sin and were living in lukewarm ways a lot of the time. The thing is friends, when we do not obey Jesus seriously in every area of our life, one day he is going to have to tell us to go away you sin doer! Have you been lied to?

This is the other part of the gospel that everybody forgets. Satan is lying to you that you are saved now. It is not true, you're not saved yet. You have to endure until the end keeping the faith, being serious every day, and the Lord will receive you into his kingdom. He will give you gifts to preach to others, and help others find the Gospel. There is no such thing as preaching to the choir dear friend, nobody is saved. When I preach to people who are all Christians gathered around me, I know that a lot of them are not right with the Lord. I know that they need to hear the gospel of truth. They don't need to hear, 'Go out and do this and that,' no. They need to hear, 'Get right with God now before it still late.' Because when you are right with God then you can go and do his work. You don't need to go and try and work out what to do for Jesus. You need to pray and get into a relationship with him so he can do works where he is going to lead you. You can't do anything of your own in the kingdom of God. You can't work without Jesus. He might be giving you his gifts, or you might be going out and working without him because you are in your sin and far away from him. Yet he didn't take his gifts away from you. Dear friends, are you lied to? Are you right with God today? Blessed is he who is right with the Lord, where he acknowledges mistakes that he has done, and decides to repent of those mistakes.

He decides to turn away from being a lukewarm. He decides to instead take Jesus seriously in everything that he does. So he starts to live in prayer and repentance, and being serious, and keeping away from all the immoral things of this society: like sports video games and movies, and immoral parties, and the friendship gatherings where you just talk about nonsense. Do you really think that you're representing Jesus why you do these things? Do you not know that you're lukewarm and going to be spewed out if you do that? It is time to stop laughing and start being serious about Jesus if you claim his name. I'm not preaching to the choir. I'm preaching to people who are on their way to hell thinking that they are saved. Are you being a lied to? It is time to wake up. There're not many preaching the full gospel. I pray a whole lot more of you wake up and realise that you have to go to the end with Jesus so that you can receive the crown of life that we have our hope in, and it is not a hope in vain to us who simply have faith and walk with the Lord. If you do that you will be saved, no ifs or buts. Have you been lied to? Wake up and hear this truth I'm telling you today. Get right with God. Before it's too late. Jesus bless you....