Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Doctrine Of Nicolaitans Is The Grace Only Gospel

The doctrine of the Nicolaitans is still prevalent today in increasing measure. The early Nicolaitans were people who followed a certain man that the Apostles had ordained to be an overseer of one of the groups of brethren. This man became apostate when he started to say that certain practices of immorality were ok for Christians. He himself did not heed rebuke. We see this same doctrine today, that Jesus clearly stated in his letters, that he HATES. This doctrine is: you can continue to sin and still have salvation. It is basically saying that to try and turn from your adulterous wicked lifestyle, that you are entering into WORKS salvation. So the whole idea of 'grace only' and 'no works' is a Nicolaitan doctrine that Jesus HATES.

Because if you want to be saved, you have to walk in holiness that Jesus Christ provides you when you turn to him. You CANNOT continue to practice adultery, you CANNOT be like the wicked Nicolaitan Christians who live in sin yet think they are still saved. They say, We will loose rewards only, because once you are saved, you can never loose your salvation. That is a Nicolaitan doctrine dear friend. The Nicolaitans believed you could live in adultery and other immoral practices and you will be still ok before God as a Christian. They were Christian converts. They were people of the first century church of the converts to the true gospel of Jesus. The Apostles rebuked them sharply but they wouldn't listen. Jesus hates the gospel of the Nicolaitans. I see it everywhere. I see Nicolaitan Christians on my wall every day. They say, Ah, it is all by grace and not by works lest any man should boast, and no man shall loose his salvation except rewards if they live in sin. LIE! They are Nicolaitan filthy perverted doctrines. Dear friend, Jesus requires utter holiness. He HATES that doctrine. He says he hates it in the bible. You go research what the Nicolaitans were and what they believed and you will see what I say is true. Because Nicolaitans believed it was ok to practice immorality. Why? Because they believed in the whole grace idea with no works. They say you cannot loose your salvation just like they do today. YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR SALVATION, because you don't have it to begin with. If you have faith until the end in Jesus and WALK in salvation, THEN you will received the gift of salvation, the crown of life, at the END of your walk. Just like the Apostles did. Just like Paul said, I crucify my flesh daily lest it should disqualify me from the prize--of eternal life.

Dear friend, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans is FALSE. EVERY preachers who says you will enter heaven but just loose rewards because you sin, he is a Nicolaitan. Jesus HATES that, he HATES their doctrine. He said in the book of Revelation, I hate that doctrine. You go research that doctrine and you will see that they condoned sin as Christians. The Apostles rebuked them sharply but they would not listen; to their own destruction. Are you following the doctrine of the Nicolaitans today? All those preachers who say, Ephesians says it is by grace you are saved not of works lest any man should boast! And, People will not loose their salvation but just loose rewards if they live in adultery and wickedness. Do you believe that LIE? The real truth is that we are saved by grace and it is not by works of the LAW OF MOSES. It is by grace in Jesus Christ, and turning away from your wicked desires of your flesh, and your adultery, and your wicked perverted, filthy mind. Turning away from that is not WORKS dear friend. That is part of being a follower of Christ. These wicked Nicolaitans then say, Oh, but we don't believe it is a licence to sin. They cover themselves, trying to make it seem ok that they are condoning sin. Because some say it is ok to go on in sin, but a lot of them are a little bit conservative so they don't want to be seen as an outright DEVIL. But you see friends, when you walk in the grace of Jesus, when he has transformed your heart, then you will be crucifying your flesh daily; you will be following the Spirit, and you will be proving that you are a child of God.

You need to prove your are a child of God because in the end, everybody who was not a child of God wont be walking this righteous path: they wont make their election sure as the scriptures say to, Strive to make your election sure, and your calling true. Only Jesus ultimately knows what ground you heart ends up. It could well be just the dead ground. It could well be you are a goat, and a bad fish, in your heart ultimately. I don't know, Jesus knows that. But while we are on this earth, we have every chance to stop being a goat, and a bad ground, and a bad fish, and instead we have every chance to have a transformation in the heart by faith and heeding this truth that I tell you today, and turning away from the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Jesus bless you....