Monday, April 28, 2014

How To Not Fear Death And Dying, On Your Deathbed

Many get very fearful when they think about death. They worry: what if I end up somewhere where I don't want to be. They feel very uncertain about death. Some people are close to death so they are worrying and fearful. What is going to happen now that I am about to die? Dear friends, we don't have to be fearful if we know the truth. The truth is that if you live a life of faith in Jesus Christ accepting his name, and you obey him in faith by walking in love in your life -- walking in love towards other people, walking by the love of Jesus that is in your heart -- if you do that then you have nothing to fear. The principles of salvation, and being right with Jesus, and having confidence that when you die you are not going to end up in another place that you don't want to be, is to walk a life of faith in Jesus in his love: walking in love. Then you won't have any regrets or any worry about anything that you have done before the Lord when you are about to die. Because if you walk by faith in Jesus, in his love -- where you are loving people around you and you are not sinning against them, and hating them, and treating them badly, and you are giving the love of Christ to them in life -- then you have nothing to fear. But if you live a life where you're hating your brother, you're being unkind to people, you're not forgiving them, you're trying to avenge your enemy, taking people to court, causing trouble, hating and fighting each other, then you should have a lot of cause to fear on your deathbed if you are about to die: because you were not walking in love. It might be too late if your time has come, to change how you have walked and walk a new way now.

But it's not too late to repent of that and say sorry Lord and repent: trust Jesus from now on: have faith in him even though you might die for him tomorrow; because maybe you are very sick and about to die, and it is too late to change and make your future better. But for those of you who are about to die, and are near death, you have to now repent of your past and ask Jesus to forgive you and just have faith in him from this point till death. Then you're going to enter the kingdom with few rewards because you didn't live with righteousness and had love in your life, but at least you will into heaven. But for those of you who are not near to death, you have a chance to walk in love obeying Jesus in faith, having the love of Jesus flow through you so you can bring them to the Lord; not judge them but warn them of the truth, love people and forgive your enemy and don't revenge those who persecute you, and pray for your brethren, and help people around you that you can help, and be separate from those people whom you must be separate from of course. But the principle is that if you walk in love, and you walk by faith everyday, you will reach your deathbed with no regrets waiting for a reward from heaven and confidence, because you have trusted in Jesus and had walked by love, so you had nothing to fear in your deathbed even though you might get tempted to doubt and worry about what is going to happen now. Dear friends, we have a confidence and strength: we have the confidence and real testimony of Jesus Christ who truly did die for our sins on the cross; such a huge action from God that happened in history. And if Jesus Christ is all for you, his love is all for you, then who can be against you? Who can condemn you to hell?

There can be nothing that can pluck you from his hand if you embrace his love, you walk by love in your life and you do this by your faith: you keep faith in Jesus fully. Jesus will, will uphold you. It is not 'if,' he will uphold you. And that you can have confidence in that you will not fall in your death, as long as you have walked by love and faith in your life. If you haven't walked by love and faith, fear much! Because you certainly are not headed to the kingdom. However that's why you need to repent even if it's right on your deathbed. Too bad you are not having any rewards in heaven, but at least you will repent. At least you will enter heaven if you repent and have faith in Jesus; even at the last minute where you take him seriously. My message today is to cause you not to fear on your deathbed, when you will reach that day, but to walk in love and faith because that is the way to not have fear on your deathbed. Because if you walk in love and faith in your life, your death will be a day of joy: a day you can look forward to because you have faithfully served. But if you have been walking in bickering and slander, and gossip, and hate, and division and fighting, and malice and strife, how can you expect to have any nice ending to your life? You are going to be full of fear, full of doubt, full of worry, what is going to happen now? All I can say to you is that you have lost all your rewards, but you still have a chance at least you can repent if it is your last hour today. But if it's not your last hour, you have a chance today to put it all behind you and from now on walk in love: walk in faith, so you can make your salvation sure. Paul said, Strive to make your election sure and your calling sure.

We do that by walking in love that Jesus puts in our hearts through faith in his name; we are not striving after commands and the law. We're not striving after Christian rules, no, we're walking by love, and by faith in Jesus so we're walking in love. When you walk in love, it's not being all passive about everybody in sin all around you and accept sin, accepting Christians in worldliness and joining them in the world. That's not walking in love. Walking in love is sharing Jesus where ever you go and completely obeying him and living a life of service to other people that you can bring them to Jesus too. It's being radical for Jesus every day. You're not going to the movies with your Christian friends. That's not walking in love. Walking in love means you are being a pastor and you are helping people to know Jesus. You are guiding them, and you yourself are walking in prayer and faith and striving to keep away from your sins and your evil past. That is what walking in love and means. Fear very much if you are walking in your life and desires and following your flesh. That is not walking in faith. That's called walking after the flesh. That's what you do when you reap destruction. People who live a life like that, even though they've professed Jesus and believed in him, are not on their way to heaven. They are full of fear and doubt on their death bed; they are going to find out that that is not the way to heaven. But that is why I say we can have confidence that you are entering heaven, and you don't have to fear and worry about it here on earth, if you walk by faith in Jesus and his love.

You help people know the Lord, you pray with people, you lead people away from their sins by warning them to repent and showing them with godly character in your own life: you love your wife and your family, and your husband; you love them and you serve people instead of being selfish and self-centred. You start to serve people instead and help them in their need to find God, being a Christ servant. You are not just passive and worldly following the world like your friends are doing. That's not walking in love. That's walking in worldliness. Walking in love means you are one of those radical people for Jesus, that all they want to talk about is Jesus, and all they're interested about is repenting of their worldly ways and following Jesus on the narrow way. So you are helping people who have come to Christ with your testimony, to keep walking on the narrow way, and you encourage them in love and the truth and you don't condemn them as soon as they sin. Rather you gently bring them back from their sins and so they know they got to repent. However, you must keep separate from those who won't repent. You don't hate them, you just have to be separate from them, and pray for them. Never condemn anyone. Just leave them in love to Jesus and once they are with Jesus, keep encouraging them to stay with Jesus in the faith. Then while you are walking in faith as well, encouraging others, you are walking in love and you are going to have a wonderful reward in heaven because you are being like your father in heaven. You're not walking in the world's ways, you are walking in righteousness of God, because of this faith of Jesus is a reality and you're just interested in living for him everyday.

That's what it means to be walking in love and faith. If you walk like that in your life, you will reach your deathbed, victorious and cheering, I've done it. You will be like Paul in his last letters, he said, I've walked the walk of faith, I've had my life poured out for others, I've kept the faith and now I'm going to receive my reward. Paul didn't have fear when he was going to be killed, because he had walked in love and walking faith in Jesus. Is that what you are doing? Or are you walking in sin, and worldliness: hating people, being the wrong way, and being angry and cruel! Then you must be so full of fear and guilt that you do not know what is going to happen to you on your deathbed for good reason. It is because you don't know Jesus and you're not walking in love, not walking in faith. But I am not here to condemn you about that: I am here to tell you all you have to do from now on is to quit that path and realise that Jesus loves you so much, that he did what he did on the cross so that all we have to do now is become radical for Jesus and just follow him in faith. We walk in love, his love from now on. That is what I want to encourage you to do today: walk in love, walk in faith. Then you are going to have no regrets on the day that you are going to die....