Saturday, April 19, 2014

BEWARE of False Prophets, And Wolves

Watch out for false prophets and wolves in sheep clothing. It is written in the Scriptures that people will keep up for themselves false teachers that give them doctrines after their itching hearts and wayward paths. You might be listening to a false prophet, or a false teacher, or a wolf in sheep's clothing, if that person does not bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, peace, righteousness, holiness, self-control. You might be listening to a false prophet if that individual is comforting you with lies, making you feel good in sins that God hates. You might be a false prophet, if you believe that you can continue living a way of worldliness in this world doing your own sins, and yet somehow enter God's kingdom. False prophets, and wolves in sheep's clothing, like to nullify parts of the Gospel; the three fundamental parts of the gospel, they will try and nullify one part over another. The three fundamental parts of the Gospel, is, one: faith in Jesus, two: baptism in water in his name, three: baptism by his Holy Spirit. False prophets and false teachers will often leave for one of those things out saying it's not necessary. Some will say that you just have to say you believe in Jesus and you don't have to live a holy life. Yet we know that true faith in Jesus is walking in the freedom of Christ.

False prophets will say that you don't have to be baptized anymore because that was for the old days. False teachers and false preachers will say that you don't need to seek the Holy Spirit nor his baptism. Some will say you already had it even though you never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is because Satan is behind this whole facade of falsehood. That is why you are listening to comforting lies. You know, people hear my messages, and they all feel convicted: they feel uncomfortable: they toss and turn in their bed at night. Now why is this? It is because God is convicting them of their path, that is now not right with the Lord. But you know, they listen to the soothing false prophet, and the false teachers that make them feel so good. They feel so fine now, and they go on living their life of sin, being not right with God. Satan is laughing at them the whole time because Satan always gives them a false sense of security. But then people hear some of my messages, and they feel so bad, they feel so sad, worried, a fear of God comes into their hearts. But they are so conditioned to hearing lies, of all the false prophets and false teachers. They hear all these lies. They say, He is a false prophet, he is a false teacher, because I am “convicted to fear God,” I only ever heard that all you have to do is believe and you don't have to be holy, you don't have to turn away from your wicked path, you don't have to live a righteous path and ask for the fulfilling of the Holy Spirit in your life, and you don't have to be baptised. People who follow these false preachers, do so because of the condition of their hearts. And when they hear the truth from somebody who tells them the truth, like I am today, it makes them angry inside: because their heart condition is being sorted off to the left by these false prophets.

You see God allows these false prophets to create divergence so that only the sheep will enter the kingdom of God and goats will pass to the left. Do you understand that today's friend? If you would understand the seriousness of this message I give today, you would understand that you could be on the wrong path today; you could be one of those goats, and if you start to realize that today, you could start to cry out to Jesus to change you into a sheep before it's too late! /Because while there is life there is hope. But when life is extinguished, and we die as a goat, we shall go to the eternal abyss and will not inherit the kingdom of God. The truth is strong. It convicts, and it hurts people's hearts. It divides them. It stings their innermost being, they toss and turn at night, not able to sleep because they're so concerned when they hear the truth because it is God warning them that they got to get right with him: because God doesn't want you to perish in the fire. But everybody else in their sins on the Broad way, they sleep like babies all night. They are so happy in their sin. They love to hear all the lies, and anybody who stands up against the way of Satan, Satan will come and try and strike them down, because Satan doesn't want you to hear the truth I tell you today.

Why is it that I get persecuted? Why do you think I get persecuted? Is it because I stand for the lukewarm gospel of this world? No! If I stood for the lukewarm gospel of this world I wouldn't get persecuted. But why do Christians persecute me? Why do people make up all evil about me, gossip and slander, ungodliness and evil intent in their hearts? Why do they send curses to me? Why do demonologists, make up curses and witches and send them my way? They do, they message me about it. Why do they do this? It is because Satan hates me because I'm telling you the truth. All these false prophets and false teachers, are part of Satan's handiwork to cause you to fall to the fire: because he doesn't want you to know the truth, and the truth will set you free if you listen to it. But none of these things come against me, hurt me, because Jesus Christ stands for me. So all these curses that witches have sent to me, they didn't have any power over me. They were broken because Jesus has power over all satanic bondages and strongholds. Dear friend I would urge you: don't follow the false prophets and the liars and the false teachers and the false preachers. Follow Jesus, obeyed his gospel, turn from your sins, become a little child before God. Get baptised in water, get baptized by his Holy Spirit, and don't argue about it. Just do it. Because this truth will set you free and it is the freedom that counts. Life, the kingdom of heaven, a real path with the Lord, where Jesus is your defence. Jesus is my defence, and of every person who speak evil of his servants, Jesus will stand to their (his servants) defence. Jesus bless you....