Monday, April 28, 2014

How To Not Fear Death And Dying, On Your Deathbed

Many get very fearful when they think about death. They worry: what if I end up somewhere where I don't want to be. They feel very uncertain about death. Some people are close to death so they are worrying and fearful. What is going to happen now that I am about to die? Dear friends, we don't have to be fearful if we know the truth. The truth is that if you live a life of faith in Jesus Christ accepting his name, and you obey him in faith by walking in love in your life -- walking in love towards other people, walking by the love of Jesus that is in your heart -- if you do that then you have nothing to fear. The principles of salvation, and being right with Jesus, and having confidence that when you die you are not going to end up in another place that you don't want to be, is to walk a life of faith in Jesus in his love: walking in love. Then you won't have any regrets or any worry about anything that you have done before the Lord when you are about to die. Because if you walk by faith in Jesus, in his love -- where you are loving people around you and you are not sinning against them, and hating them, and treating them badly, and you are giving the love of Christ to them in life -- then you have nothing to fear. But if you live a life where you're hating your brother, you're being unkind to people, you're not forgiving them, you're trying to avenge your enemy, taking people to court, causing trouble, hating and fighting each other, then you should have a lot of cause to fear on your deathbed if you are about to die: because you were not walking in love. It might be too late if your time has come, to change how you have walked and walk a new way now.

But it's not too late to repent of that and say sorry Lord and repent: trust Jesus from now on: have faith in him even though you might die for him tomorrow; because maybe you are very sick and about to die, and it is too late to change and make your future better. But for those of you who are about to die, and are near death, you have to now repent of your past and ask Jesus to forgive you and just have faith in him from this point till death. Then you're going to enter the kingdom with few rewards because you didn't live with righteousness and had love in your life, but at least you will into heaven. But for those of you who are not near to death, you have a chance to walk in love obeying Jesus in faith, having the love of Jesus flow through you so you can bring them to the Lord; not judge them but warn them of the truth, love people and forgive your enemy and don't revenge those who persecute you, and pray for your brethren, and help people around you that you can help, and be separate from those people whom you must be separate from of course. But the principle is that if you walk in love, and you walk by faith everyday, you will reach your deathbed with no regrets waiting for a reward from heaven and confidence, because you have trusted in Jesus and had walked by love, so you had nothing to fear in your deathbed even though you might get tempted to doubt and worry about what is going to happen now. Dear friends, we have a confidence and strength: we have the confidence and real testimony of Jesus Christ who truly did die for our sins on the cross; such a huge action from God that happened in history. And if Jesus Christ is all for you, his love is all for you, then who can be against you? Who can condemn you to hell?

There can be nothing that can pluck you from his hand if you embrace his love, you walk by love in your life and you do this by your faith: you keep faith in Jesus fully. Jesus will, will uphold you. It is not 'if,' he will uphold you. And that you can have confidence in that you will not fall in your death, as long as you have walked by love and faith in your life. If you haven't walked by love and faith, fear much! Because you certainly are not headed to the kingdom. However that's why you need to repent even if it's right on your deathbed. Too bad you are not having any rewards in heaven, but at least you will repent. At least you will enter heaven if you repent and have faith in Jesus; even at the last minute where you take him seriously. My message today is to cause you not to fear on your deathbed, when you will reach that day, but to walk in love and faith because that is the way to not have fear on your deathbed. Because if you walk in love and faith in your life, your death will be a day of joy: a day you can look forward to because you have faithfully served. But if you have been walking in bickering and slander, and gossip, and hate, and division and fighting, and malice and strife, how can you expect to have any nice ending to your life? You are going to be full of fear, full of doubt, full of worry, what is going to happen now? All I can say to you is that you have lost all your rewards, but you still have a chance at least you can repent if it is your last hour today. But if it's not your last hour, you have a chance today to put it all behind you and from now on walk in love: walk in faith, so you can make your salvation sure. Paul said, Strive to make your election sure and your calling sure.

We do that by walking in love that Jesus puts in our hearts through faith in his name; we are not striving after commands and the law. We're not striving after Christian rules, no, we're walking by love, and by faith in Jesus so we're walking in love. When you walk in love, it's not being all passive about everybody in sin all around you and accept sin, accepting Christians in worldliness and joining them in the world. That's not walking in love. Walking in love is sharing Jesus where ever you go and completely obeying him and living a life of service to other people that you can bring them to Jesus too. It's being radical for Jesus every day. You're not going to the movies with your Christian friends. That's not walking in love. Walking in love means you are being a pastor and you are helping people to know Jesus. You are guiding them, and you yourself are walking in prayer and faith and striving to keep away from your sins and your evil past. That is what walking in love and means. Fear very much if you are walking in your life and desires and following your flesh. That is not walking in faith. That's called walking after the flesh. That's what you do when you reap destruction. People who live a life like that, even though they've professed Jesus and believed in him, are not on their way to heaven. They are full of fear and doubt on their death bed; they are going to find out that that is not the way to heaven. But that is why I say we can have confidence that you are entering heaven, and you don't have to fear and worry about it here on earth, if you walk by faith in Jesus and his love.

You help people know the Lord, you pray with people, you lead people away from their sins by warning them to repent and showing them with godly character in your own life: you love your wife and your family, and your husband; you love them and you serve people instead of being selfish and self-centred. You start to serve people instead and help them in their need to find God, being a Christ servant. You are not just passive and worldly following the world like your friends are doing. That's not walking in love. That's walking in worldliness. Walking in love means you are one of those radical people for Jesus, that all they want to talk about is Jesus, and all they're interested about is repenting of their worldly ways and following Jesus on the narrow way. So you are helping people who have come to Christ with your testimony, to keep walking on the narrow way, and you encourage them in love and the truth and you don't condemn them as soon as they sin. Rather you gently bring them back from their sins and so they know they got to repent. However, you must keep separate from those who won't repent. You don't hate them, you just have to be separate from them, and pray for them. Never condemn anyone. Just leave them in love to Jesus and once they are with Jesus, keep encouraging them to stay with Jesus in the faith. Then while you are walking in faith as well, encouraging others, you are walking in love and you are going to have a wonderful reward in heaven because you are being like your father in heaven. You're not walking in the world's ways, you are walking in righteousness of God, because of this faith of Jesus is a reality and you're just interested in living for him everyday.

That's what it means to be walking in love and faith. If you walk like that in your life, you will reach your deathbed, victorious and cheering, I've done it. You will be like Paul in his last letters, he said, I've walked the walk of faith, I've had my life poured out for others, I've kept the faith and now I'm going to receive my reward. Paul didn't have fear when he was going to be killed, because he had walked in love and walking faith in Jesus. Is that what you are doing? Or are you walking in sin, and worldliness: hating people, being the wrong way, and being angry and cruel! Then you must be so full of fear and guilt that you do not know what is going to happen to you on your deathbed for good reason. It is because you don't know Jesus and you're not walking in love, not walking in faith. But I am not here to condemn you about that: I am here to tell you all you have to do from now on is to quit that path and realise that Jesus loves you so much, that he did what he did on the cross so that all we have to do now is become radical for Jesus and just follow him in faith. We walk in love, his love from now on. That is what I want to encourage you to do today: walk in love, walk in faith. Then you are going to have no regrets on the day that you are going to die....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Doctrine Of Nicolaitans Is The Grace Only Gospel

The doctrine of the Nicolaitans is still prevalent today in increasing measure. The early Nicolaitans were people who followed a certain man that the Apostles had ordained to be an overseer of one of the groups of brethren. This man became apostate when he started to say that certain practices of immorality were ok for Christians. He himself did not heed rebuke. We see this same doctrine today, that Jesus clearly stated in his letters, that he HATES. This doctrine is: you can continue to sin and still have salvation. It is basically saying that to try and turn from your adulterous wicked lifestyle, that you are entering into WORKS salvation. So the whole idea of 'grace only' and 'no works' is a Nicolaitan doctrine that Jesus HATES.

Because if you want to be saved, you have to walk in holiness that Jesus Christ provides you when you turn to him. You CANNOT continue to practice adultery, you CANNOT be like the wicked Nicolaitan Christians who live in sin yet think they are still saved. They say, We will loose rewards only, because once you are saved, you can never loose your salvation. That is a Nicolaitan doctrine dear friend. The Nicolaitans believed you could live in adultery and other immoral practices and you will be still ok before God as a Christian. They were Christian converts. They were people of the first century church of the converts to the true gospel of Jesus. The Apostles rebuked them sharply but they wouldn't listen. Jesus hates the gospel of the Nicolaitans. I see it everywhere. I see Nicolaitan Christians on my wall every day. They say, Ah, it is all by grace and not by works lest any man should boast, and no man shall loose his salvation except rewards if they live in sin. LIE! They are Nicolaitan filthy perverted doctrines. Dear friend, Jesus requires utter holiness. He HATES that doctrine. He says he hates it in the bible. You go research what the Nicolaitans were and what they believed and you will see what I say is true. Because Nicolaitans believed it was ok to practice immorality. Why? Because they believed in the whole grace idea with no works. They say you cannot loose your salvation just like they do today. YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR SALVATION, because you don't have it to begin with. If you have faith until the end in Jesus and WALK in salvation, THEN you will received the gift of salvation, the crown of life, at the END of your walk. Just like the Apostles did. Just like Paul said, I crucify my flesh daily lest it should disqualify me from the prize--of eternal life.

Dear friend, the doctrine of the Nicolaitans is FALSE. EVERY preachers who says you will enter heaven but just loose rewards because you sin, he is a Nicolaitan. Jesus HATES that, he HATES their doctrine. He said in the book of Revelation, I hate that doctrine. You go research that doctrine and you will see that they condoned sin as Christians. The Apostles rebuked them sharply but they would not listen; to their own destruction. Are you following the doctrine of the Nicolaitans today? All those preachers who say, Ephesians says it is by grace you are saved not of works lest any man should boast! And, People will not loose their salvation but just loose rewards if they live in adultery and wickedness. Do you believe that LIE? The real truth is that we are saved by grace and it is not by works of the LAW OF MOSES. It is by grace in Jesus Christ, and turning away from your wicked desires of your flesh, and your adultery, and your wicked perverted, filthy mind. Turning away from that is not WORKS dear friend. That is part of being a follower of Christ. These wicked Nicolaitans then say, Oh, but we don't believe it is a licence to sin. They cover themselves, trying to make it seem ok that they are condoning sin. Because some say it is ok to go on in sin, but a lot of them are a little bit conservative so they don't want to be seen as an outright DEVIL. But you see friends, when you walk in the grace of Jesus, when he has transformed your heart, then you will be crucifying your flesh daily; you will be following the Spirit, and you will be proving that you are a child of God.

You need to prove your are a child of God because in the end, everybody who was not a child of God wont be walking this righteous path: they wont make their election sure as the scriptures say to, Strive to make your election sure, and your calling true. Only Jesus ultimately knows what ground you heart ends up. It could well be just the dead ground. It could well be you are a goat, and a bad fish, in your heart ultimately. I don't know, Jesus knows that. But while we are on this earth, we have every chance to stop being a goat, and a bad ground, and a bad fish, and instead we have every chance to have a transformation in the heart by faith and heeding this truth that I tell you today, and turning away from the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Jesus bless you....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

BEWARE of False Prophets, And Wolves

Watch out for false prophets and wolves in sheep clothing. It is written in the Scriptures that people will keep up for themselves false teachers that give them doctrines after their itching hearts and wayward paths. You might be listening to a false prophet, or a false teacher, or a wolf in sheep's clothing, if that person does not bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, peace, righteousness, holiness, self-control. You might be listening to a false prophet if that individual is comforting you with lies, making you feel good in sins that God hates. You might be a false prophet, if you believe that you can continue living a way of worldliness in this world doing your own sins, and yet somehow enter God's kingdom. False prophets, and wolves in sheep's clothing, like to nullify parts of the Gospel; the three fundamental parts of the gospel, they will try and nullify one part over another. The three fundamental parts of the Gospel, is, one: faith in Jesus, two: baptism in water in his name, three: baptism by his Holy Spirit. False prophets and false teachers will often leave for one of those things out saying it's not necessary. Some will say that you just have to say you believe in Jesus and you don't have to live a holy life. Yet we know that true faith in Jesus is walking in the freedom of Christ.

False prophets will say that you don't have to be baptized anymore because that was for the old days. False teachers and false preachers will say that you don't need to seek the Holy Spirit nor his baptism. Some will say you already had it even though you never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is because Satan is behind this whole facade of falsehood. That is why you are listening to comforting lies. You know, people hear my messages, and they all feel convicted: they feel uncomfortable: they toss and turn in their bed at night. Now why is this? It is because God is convicting them of their path, that is now not right with the Lord. But you know, they listen to the soothing false prophet, and the false teachers that make them feel so good. They feel so fine now, and they go on living their life of sin, being not right with God. Satan is laughing at them the whole time because Satan always gives them a false sense of security. But then people hear some of my messages, and they feel so bad, they feel so sad, worried, a fear of God comes into their hearts. But they are so conditioned to hearing lies, of all the false prophets and false teachers. They hear all these lies. They say, He is a false prophet, he is a false teacher, because I am “convicted to fear God,” I only ever heard that all you have to do is believe and you don't have to be holy, you don't have to turn away from your wicked path, you don't have to live a righteous path and ask for the fulfilling of the Holy Spirit in your life, and you don't have to be baptised. People who follow these false preachers, do so because of the condition of their hearts. And when they hear the truth from somebody who tells them the truth, like I am today, it makes them angry inside: because their heart condition is being sorted off to the left by these false prophets.

You see God allows these false prophets to create divergence so that only the sheep will enter the kingdom of God and goats will pass to the left. Do you understand that today's friend? If you would understand the seriousness of this message I give today, you would understand that you could be on the wrong path today; you could be one of those goats, and if you start to realize that today, you could start to cry out to Jesus to change you into a sheep before it's too late! /Because while there is life there is hope. But when life is extinguished, and we die as a goat, we shall go to the eternal abyss and will not inherit the kingdom of God. The truth is strong. It convicts, and it hurts people's hearts. It divides them. It stings their innermost being, they toss and turn at night, not able to sleep because they're so concerned when they hear the truth because it is God warning them that they got to get right with him: because God doesn't want you to perish in the fire. But everybody else in their sins on the Broad way, they sleep like babies all night. They are so happy in their sin. They love to hear all the lies, and anybody who stands up against the way of Satan, Satan will come and try and strike them down, because Satan doesn't want you to hear the truth I tell you today.

Why is it that I get persecuted? Why do you think I get persecuted? Is it because I stand for the lukewarm gospel of this world? No! If I stood for the lukewarm gospel of this world I wouldn't get persecuted. But why do Christians persecute me? Why do people make up all evil about me, gossip and slander, ungodliness and evil intent in their hearts? Why do they send curses to me? Why do demonologists, make up curses and witches and send them my way? They do, they message me about it. Why do they do this? It is because Satan hates me because I'm telling you the truth. All these false prophets and false teachers, are part of Satan's handiwork to cause you to fall to the fire: because he doesn't want you to know the truth, and the truth will set you free if you listen to it. But none of these things come against me, hurt me, because Jesus Christ stands for me. So all these curses that witches have sent to me, they didn't have any power over me. They were broken because Jesus has power over all satanic bondages and strongholds. Dear friend I would urge you: don't follow the false prophets and the liars and the false teachers and the false preachers. Follow Jesus, obeyed his gospel, turn from your sins, become a little child before God. Get baptised in water, get baptized by his Holy Spirit, and don't argue about it. Just do it. Because this truth will set you free and it is the freedom that counts. Life, the kingdom of heaven, a real path with the Lord, where Jesus is your defence. Jesus is my defence, and of every person who speak evil of his servants, Jesus will stand to their (his servants) defence. Jesus bless you....

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Famous HALF Gospel: Have You Been Lied To?

Have you been lied to? I often see well-meaning preachers who are preaching the gospel of Jesus, go to a big gathering of so-called Christians — or just a whole lot of people who have come to hear the preacher — who assume that they are all saved. So he just tells them; you should be going out and preaching and doing all these things, because you're saved. I also see other Christians who are also well-meaning, and the Lord working through them, doing their own work in the ministry and people getting healed. But there is one thing that I always see a lot of these people doing, and that is they miss half of the gospel. I want to ask you today, have you been lied to? Because I want to talk about these lies that come from the enemy. Now there are people who are working for the Lord, yes. But the problem is the enemy, is lying to Christians, making them think that they're all saved, and all they do is believe in Jesus, and then after listening to the preacher telling them to go preach the gospel, they can just walk back to their lukewarm lifestyle. You see, the biggest lie is that you're saved when you are not! Nobody is saved friend, nobody, until they have entered the kingdom of God. Then they are saved. But until you have entered the kingdom of God, enduring in the faith, you're not saved. I'm sorry but you are not saved now. You can lose your place in the kingdom if you do not walk in holiness. That is the part of the Gospel that is not being preached. People think that Christians are all saved, so they are in their sins having a good time saying, "I'm saved," and all, and yet they are not living seriously for Jesus. Now why did Jesus talk about being lukewarm?

Do you think that was a joke? If you are saved now, Jesus wouldn't need to write the letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation! He could just say you are saved and just enter the kingdom when you die. But that is not what Jesus said! He said to all of you, 'You better repent and come back to your first works, otherwise I will come up on you at a time that you think not and remove your lampstand from its place.' Jesus said in those very letters, that, 'Because you're lukewarm neither cold nor hot, I will spew you forth from my mouth, so you better repent', says Jesus. You better repent because you are not saved yet. We strive on the narrow way in the hope of salvation if we love the Lord. That hope drives us to continue in the faith. Because we know that when we've walked on the narrow way obeying Jesus till the end, keeping away from being worldly — loving all these violent video games, loving or this immoral pop music, loving all these wicked movies, and the joining this lukewarm society — we who turn away from those ways, and we be separate, and we dedicate to Jesus full-heartedly, then we will inherit the kingdom of God after we have endured! But what of him who starts halfway, and then just pulls out and goes back to his sins?

How is that faith going to save him? It's not going to save him dear friends, because he was never saved to begin with. He had turn to Jesus and heard the gospel and got a new heart and had been changed, but the thing is if you walk back and re-crucify Jesus, what sacrifice do you have left to atone for your sins? You asked me that! What sacrifice do you have left, if you go and trample the son of God under your feet and trample what is holy and treat it as unholy. That is what all these Christians are doing. So these preachers say to go preach the gospel, they think they're preaching to the choir, but the truth is: 90% of those Christians most likely are following the world, loving their own sin, being all lukewarm and laughing, not taking Jesus seriously, and then the time comes and they miss out on the kingdom of God, because they were not told the truth. Are you believing lies? Are you listening to lies? Half the gospel cannot save you. The whole Gospel together, the other half must be there to make a whole gospel. And the whole gospel is that: you must deny yourself, repent, and obey Jesus until the very end, and then you will receive the crown of life! It is not if, you WILL, but you have to take Jesus seriously. There is no use friend, saying you're saved and thinking you're saved, believing the lie, while you are just living an unserious life. Sure I walk in the joy of salvation everyday. I feel the salvation of God on me. But I know that I haven't finished the race yet, and I will not inherit the kingdom of God until I have finished in the faith. What is the use of being the seed that lands on the heart of somebody who has weedy ground! That the carers of life spring up as Jesus said, and choke it out.

Now this person was a hearer of the word of the gospel. He did accept it with joy. Jesus said that he accepted the gospel. There are so many Christians that accept the gospel. But over time the cares of life choke out the seed and it doesn't bear fruit. What is fruit? Fruits are when you're walking Holiness, when you no longer are sinning, and you're able to have God working through you. Now some people they have the gifts of God and God doesn't take back his gifts; but they are not living right with God. Sure they are laying hands on people and people are getting healed, but they are not living right with God. They themselves are living in lukewarm ways in certain sins, and not being serious. How do you think Jesus is going to treat those sort of people on the day of judgement? It's not going to be good. Why do you think he said in Matthew chapter 7, that: a lot of people are going to come to him and say, 'Lord didn't we do these works in your name?"And it is true. They drove out Demons, they healed the sick, they did all these things for Jesus — and I am not saying that that is a bad thing, that is a wonderful thing, it is because they have the gifts of God — but they were sin doers, they didn't take Jesus seriously. They thought they were saved so they could go on and sin and were living in lukewarm ways a lot of the time. The thing is friends, when we do not obey Jesus seriously in every area of our life, one day he is going to have to tell us to go away you sin doer! Have you been lied to?

This is the other part of the gospel that everybody forgets. Satan is lying to you that you are saved now. It is not true, you're not saved yet. You have to endure until the end keeping the faith, being serious every day, and the Lord will receive you into his kingdom. He will give you gifts to preach to others, and help others find the Gospel. There is no such thing as preaching to the choir dear friend, nobody is saved. When I preach to people who are all Christians gathered around me, I know that a lot of them are not right with the Lord. I know that they need to hear the gospel of truth. They don't need to hear, 'Go out and do this and that,' no. They need to hear, 'Get right with God now before it still late.' Because when you are right with God then you can go and do his work. You don't need to go and try and work out what to do for Jesus. You need to pray and get into a relationship with him so he can do works where he is going to lead you. You can't do anything of your own in the kingdom of God. You can't work without Jesus. He might be giving you his gifts, or you might be going out and working without him because you are in your sin and far away from him. Yet he didn't take his gifts away from you. Dear friends, are you lied to? Are you right with God today? Blessed is he who is right with the Lord, where he acknowledges mistakes that he has done, and decides to repent of those mistakes.

He decides to turn away from being a lukewarm. He decides to instead take Jesus seriously in everything that he does. So he starts to live in prayer and repentance, and being serious, and keeping away from all the immoral things of this society: like sports video games and movies, and immoral parties, and the friendship gatherings where you just talk about nonsense. Do you really think that you're representing Jesus why you do these things? Do you not know that you're lukewarm and going to be spewed out if you do that? It is time to stop laughing and start being serious about Jesus if you claim his name. I'm not preaching to the choir. I'm preaching to people who are on their way to hell thinking that they are saved. Are you being a lied to? It is time to wake up. There're not many preaching the full gospel. I pray a whole lot more of you wake up and realise that you have to go to the end with Jesus so that you can receive the crown of life that we have our hope in, and it is not a hope in vain to us who simply have faith and walk with the Lord. If you do that you will be saved, no ifs or buts. Have you been lied to? Wake up and hear this truth I'm telling you today. Get right with God. Before it's too late. Jesus bless you....

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Was Jesus a PACIFIST?

A lot of people they don't understand who Jesus is. That is why they are led astray by this wicked society that we live in. Jesus said that the end days would be like the days of Noah. There is one thing but about the days of Noah we know about: and that is that they were lovers of violence. Violence is killing. We read in the Scriptures where Jesus said, in John, that Satan was a murderer from the beginning. And he still is dear friends. Satan comes to do three things: to kill, to steal, and destroy. That is why you see this world like it is; killing, stealing, and destroying. That is why the video games are like that; kill, steal, and destroy. That is why the movies are like that; kill, steal, and destroy. The Christians are often like that. A lot of the Christians are like that also because they are also deceived by Lucifer. You will have Christians say that Jesus wasn't a pacifist. They say that when he said that you must turn the other cheek, they are saying basically that he didn't say that. People always try to turn God into what they believe he should be, and that is a god of violence. Or a god who loves violence, because they watch too many American movies. American movies are full of violence, and violence is cool. But do you know friends, that the minute you go and join the army, you are going to join an organisation of such that is only involved for killing? Then you're going and joining Lucifer. Because Lucifer is behind the armies. He is the one who kills, steals, and destroys, it is not God. God destroys evil. But Lucifer comes to destroy mankind.

And all you Christians out there, who believe in your armies, you believe in your guns, and all this American violence, you are being deceived by Lucifer, because that is the path of Lucifer. Lucifer, is a murderer. He's the first murderer, Jesus said he was. Jesus said he was the first murderer. He said off the Pharisees, "You are of your father Lucifer who was the first murderer from the beginning." Jesus came to bring the gospel to all of mankind, including those who should pay for their sins, such as the theif on the cross. The thief was there on a death sentence by Roman law, because he had broken the law and done many grievous acts that was worthy of that. So he was being sentenced for his crimes on the cross, but Jesus didn't condemn him. I'm sure everybody else did, but not Jesus. Jesus said, "Your sins are forgiven." But everybody wants to call God the old Testament God. But God is Jesus friends. Jesus came to show us what God REALLY is, because people just think he is a God of War, of violence -- because in the old Testament, because of the hardness of their hearts, he had to deal with things in the manner in which he did. But when Jesus came into the world, he changed it, because people got to see who God really is, and how he really is. He didn't fight back to his enemies, he allowed his enemies to humiliate him and crucify him. And so if you are a Christian who condones killing, which including the killing of your enemies and those who do you evil, you're against Jesus; you're a part of Lucifer. Those who kill, steal, and destroy. Even the worst (sinners) who die, that is part of lucifer's plan not God's plan, because Lucifer, the enemy of humankind, is Lucifer. That is why you see society like it is, because they follow Lucifer. But dear friends, if everybody decided to repent and accept Jesus Christ, as their God because he is God, if everybody decided to do that, there would be no more war. No more killing, because those who follow Lucifer, would be following Jesus and they no longer do his works of killing, stealing, and destroying, because lucifer's hands are human beings; Christians especially. Christians in law, and people in high places. Lucifer is using them to do his dirty work.

People are his hands, he cannot do these things on earth without people. So he has to get people all deceived thinking that God loves violence and evil, and so they start following Lucifer, and they start being a part of this evil, Noah's day, sin loving, generation. They wonder why they have no peace from God, and they are as far away from God as the east is from the west. Because Jesus is showing us how he, God, is like. He's a God that turns the other cheek. He will bring justice at the very end to all evildoers. But until then, he only called his followers into a walk of truth, where they preach the truth, where even some of these evil enemies kill his followers; some of them are stoned, crucify others, persecute them and imprisoned others, because they work for Lucifer, and Lucifer is against Jesus and against any of his followers. So everytime you say that Jesus is a pacifist, because he said to turn the other cheek, you are working for Lucifer. Because you're helping spread the agenda of Lucifer on this earth which is working against God's peaceful ways of righteousness. God will one day, as he said, cause all mankind to beat their weapons into plough-shares, because Jesus is how God is because he is God, and the manifestation of God on earth. Stop working for Lucifer, and you start believing in your saviour Jesus and who he really is according to the Bible.

Not according to all your ideas and doctrines. They have so infiltrated this wicked generation of the last days. Destruction will come because of wickedness so don't be a part of it by joining Lucifer, rather be separate, become part of the army of God. Come out of all the destruction and violence that your partake in, stop loving violence. Let the Lord cleanse you, and give you a new heart to be able to preach his truths to everybody. And also to get through whatever it is you must get through in the name of Jesus. Make he bless you. ...