Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Warning: Don't Reject Jesus As GOD

This truth I share with you, is a very dangerous, because this truth Satan does not want the world to know, and that is that Jesus Christ is God, our God. You see, to pave the way for the antichrist, to pave the way for a false religion, people must reject Jesus Christ as the God. That is why we see many Christians in this time who reject Jesus as their God. This paves the way for people to say that Allah and God in heaven, who they believe is not Jesus, is one of the same God. They say Christians and muslims worship the same God. They can't say that Jesus is God, because Islam rejects Jesus Christ absolutely and wholly and utterly completely, because Islam is an antichrist religion, dear friend. They reject Jesus, as they call him, the Christian God. That is why Christians get killed. They get killed because they worship Jesus Christ as Lord, Adonai. As it is written, every tongue one day, is going to profess Jesus Christ as Adonai, Lord. The term Adonai, was only ever given to God in heaven. Nobody one day, shall have anything to say in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, except that Jesus Christ is Lord. You will have to say that dear friend, whether you like it or whether you don't. The thing is friends, we have to make it right with Jesus while we still can.

Because one day he turns into our judge. It is him who sits on the judgement seat. It is him who writes out the judgements against sinners. It was also him who died on the cross for our sins, and thought he was in the form of God, and through him all things were made for him, although he was the form of God, he came down to earth to show us what the Father is. So people said, "Show us God, show us God." Jesus said, "Look at me, if you look at me you can see God." It is written. But antichrist Christians, and antichrist religions like Islam, reject Jesus as God. And if you say he is God, you could get killed. Dear friend people are dying at the hands of the wicked because they believe that Jesus is their Lord. Christians are betraying Jesus everyday. I see Christians on the Internet betrayed Jesus. I see Christians in churches betray Jesus. Recently they had a conference where they said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, which clearly isn't Jesus Christ is it! Because Islam obviously rejects Jesus Christ. But they're trying to say that allah and god, who isn't Jesus, is the same God and they are probably right. Because you know what? Those two gods are false. The gods they hold-up are false. You start saying that Jesus Christ is God, and you start standing for him as your Lord, you could get killed. I don't care how much your church hasn't joined forces with this wicked ecumenical movement, that is trying to bring all these religions together saying they're all worshipping the one God. They do not worship Jesus Christ dear friend.

Islam does not worship Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God, so the God of islam, and the God of Christians who obey Jesus, are not the same. I do not care what you think, I don't care what Scriptures you want to pull up to try and support your argument of your antichrist theories, but I want to warn you today, that you must obey Jesus Christ as God otherwise you will never see heaven. One day you will say that he is Lord Adonai, and then then what are you going to say? You'll just have to say it. Dear friend, God is not mocked. He is giving you a last chance to wake up and accept Jesus, obey Jesus, make him your Lord, because time is running out. This antichrist Christian generation, is mixing themselves with all these other religions and false gods like they did in the days of Israel. Do you know what happened in those days? God scattered them to the wind and utterly destroyed their country. Will you escape? Then be separate. Worship the Lord Jesus. Make Jesus your Lord, worship him. There is not another God, him and the father are one. He will put his Holy Spirit into you. That Holy Spirit is not another God. That Holy Spirit is God, don't you get it? How could God save you on the cross if he himself didn't come down, and save you. How is he going to make a good enough argument to satan that your sins are forgiven, if he himself had not come down and died on the cross for you. Have you ever known Allah to do that? Have you known any other God to do that?

Is there any God that has gone to such lengths to do that? Yet it is written in Isaiah that would look upon him who they pierced. "They will look upon me whom they pierced," says the Lord of Hosts. And guess who they pierced? It was Jesus Christ on the cross. He was priced dear friends for your sins. So these truths could get me killed. They could get you killed if you believe it. Because Satan does not want anybody to worship our God, Jesus come down to earth, God Emmanuelle, God with us. He does not want God's spirit to come into you, the Holy Spirit. Dear friend, don't be deceived, Islam does not worship Jesus Christ. Most Christians do not worship him either. They are also antichrist. Look at their churches, look at the way they run off after false gods, and then they say that their god and allah are the same thing. Well probably he is, because both are Demons dear friend. The only God that is true is the God that came to die for us, that came to redeem us from our sin, and came to shed his blood for our sins, and put his holy Spirit into us, and the mystery is that he is also the Father, and is also the Son, and is also his Spirit, all in one. If you cannot accept that dear friend, then you cannot enter heaven. But if you can accept it, then accept it. Because he who has an ear, he had better hear. Jesus bless you....