Saturday, March 1, 2014


What I wanted to talk about today, what the Lord laid on my heart to talk about, is obedience. Obedience to Jesus, and the Lord let me know that disobedient people can't go to heaven. Only the obedient that are able to go through the narrow door. And it’s such a critical thing to understand that it's all about our obedience. And we must be obedient. If we’re not obedient to Jesus and we just want to live our own way, well what makes us think that we can enter into his kingdom? Now the reason I talk about this obedience is because we all come from a past of rebellion. We all come from rebellion. I've come from rebellion. People, we’re just so rebellious in our hearts. We just want to break all God's rules. We just don't want to listen to authority. We want to go and speed in our car. We just want to break the rules. That's the spirit of rebellion and this spirit is very widespread throughout the earth especially in these days because we live in the days of Noah. And when we are rebellious of heart we can also be Christians, we can profess Jesus, even seriously believers in Jesus, but we can be walking in rebellion. When we walk in rebellion we are just not interested in doing what is right. We are not doing what Jesus wants us to do and a lot of people including myself were walking in rebellion. People are walking in rebellion now that is why they try to condone false gospels. That is why they try and condone sinning. People when they have rebellion in the hearts they don't want to accept that they need to turn away from their sin and so they will try and condone it. I get people talking a lot to me about marijuana, weed, smoking dope. They try and say that this is good. They have got a rebellious heart and they want to continue satisfying the flesh with drugs saying that it's just a plant, God is okay with it. But friends I'm telling you we do not need to be rebellious because in our rebellion we will never find pleasure or be pleasing before God, never. That is why we need to leave our rebellion.

Another example I get a lot of is people they want to condone doing the various pursuits particularly sport and things like this and they will say well I do it for Jesus it's all about doing it for a Jesus they say. But friends we don't have to you be joining these Christians in rebellion. Christians simply live in rebellion every single day. We all have rebellious hearts that we have to put down every day. Our hearts just want to rebel against God. We just don't want to follow the right way in the flesh. People who live by the flesh in rebellion they fight the truth. You go tell somebody that they got to repent and obey Jesus and walk holiness to enter heaven and they say; you're a liar, you know my preacher says that God just sees Jesus in you and as long as you believe that is enough! We are never going to stop sinning! They genuinely believe that they can live in rebellion which they don’t think is rebellion. They genuinely believe that you can never leave rebellion, but they just got rebellious hearts. Dear friends, when we walk in rebellion we cannot enter into the kingdom. That is why when I tell people often that you've got to repent and turn to Jesus whole-heartedly and he will wash away your sins, and he will free you from sinning like he said John 8:36, these people they fight the truth and they say; no no we can never be free from our disobedience, we can never be free from our rebellion, we will always keep sinning. And they think that just as long as you believe about Jesus what is written in the Bible you are going to somehow go to heaven. But the problem is friends when we sin and we do rebellion then we become under the power of the enemy, the powers of darkness. You go and smoke that cigarette you go and smoke that weed, you become under the power of the entity that is behind it. There is a spiritual power behind things as has long been known. But dear friends if we allow these things to come into our hearts and love them and not want to turn away from our rebellious flesh, we will perish. That's what it comes down to. You just cannot enter heaven and be in rebellion to God. It will never happen. Now there're people who are not wanting to be rebellious against the Lord.

They are striving as hard as they can to turn away from their rebellious ways, and they make no excuses before God. If they think they have run away, if they become rebellious, they run from rebellion. They’re people who are cut to the heart if they go and do what is wrong in the sight of God. And these are the people of God. They make no excuse for their sin. They don't try and condone anything, nor any false way they have fallen to. They acknowledge that they have fallen into a sin and they are now in bondage to the enemy and they cry out to God to set them free and they repent they say they are sorry. It is these people who get grace from God and forgiveness. These are the ones that get forgiveness, not those condoning their disobedient, because the obedient child of God is constantly looking to be obedient to Jesus. He is praying daily and he's asking the Lord; what is in me that you don't like? What can I do for you today Lord? And is busying himself with prayers and communication with the Lord, hallelujah! That’s what happens with obedient  person and God comes to that person and he strengthens them to overcome. They are the people who the son of man sets free from sin, that Jesus talked about in John 8:36, and these people walk free from sin and they continue to sin no more. People get a bit surprised when I say Jesus can set you free from doing Sin. But that is because they have not experienced it themselves and they themselves are in a bondage to sin. People come to me and they say I cannot stop this certain sin, it just seems to completely dominate me. I just can't stop. They say nobody can stop, “I cannot believe that you can stop these things,” they say, because they say, “I’ve tried but I've failed.” So they would just say, “I will just do the sin, don’t judge me.” you see this person is in complete bondage to the enemy. That is why he cannot stop.

The reason why he couldn't stop is because he never completely made up his mind to go to Jesus and repent. You know there's a lot of souls in hell, dear friends, that wish they could have that one minutes to repent and to go to Jesus and get set free. But the tragedy is a lot of people today are in sin, as a bond servant to sin, and when we die as a bond servants to sin, we perish! Because dear friends when we belong to the powers of darkness, to them we will go. It is very sad, it is very sad dear friends, but to them we will go if we die as their slave, and so I examine my heart before the Lord. That's why I'm here today, I want to share with you this important message about obedience. And this obedience is when I look into my heart I want to share my heart with Jesus. I want to tell him that, “Lord I'm sorry that I did this or that, I shouldn't have done today.” and I think about ways to improve these areas that the Lord is not pleased with. I am striving to be obedient and because I'm striving to be obedient to Jesus and I'm actually talking to him listening to him, he gives me grace and he helps me. Friends he helps me to walk clean. It's not easy in this dark world. We have all these temptations and our flesh likes to sin. It's not easy, no, but the thing is when you fully submit to Jesus and you become his obedient sheep, you become obedient. You seek and strive in obedience. You don't make any condonances for sin. We don't condone sin, because sin will block you off from God. Dear friends when you do that you will find mercy. You will find a forgiveness. You will find change. And that's what we want we want a change in the heart, hallelujah! Change, everybody needs change. We need our hearts changed. We need our minds changed. Dear friends has Jesus changed you? Hallelujah he has changed me, and it's not about ourselves, it's not of our own selves, we get changed because of Jesus Christ. It is Jesus who changed me, who changed me because I sought him. I wanted to be obedient to Jesus, I realised that this world is headed to hell. This whole world is headed to hell you know. This whole world is headed to the lake of fire. Few people are headed to the kingdom of God. That's the reality that a few people are headed to the eternal kingdom of God that is filled with light and righteousness and wonderful creation. Very few people are headed up there. And I realised that I am going to be one of these, are the sheep, because I want to be a son of God! I don't want to be a son of Satan any more.

I don't want to be a slave to sin. And if anybody here is listening today or is listening to this recording and you thinking in your heart, “I don't want to be a slave to sin and a slave to the powers of darkness and a son of Satan any more,” if you're ashamed of your deeds, if you wish there was another way, if you wish you could enter the kingdom of light, then today is the day you realise that you've got an obedient heart that wants Jesus, that wants righteousness. You're not just one of these people who are trying to make condolences for your sin. You're not just trying to cover up your rebellion by saying that it's okay my church said it's all right, my famous preacher said God only sees Jesus in you, and its all good…yet you know you're not deceiving yourself, because you know that it's not all good. These people just don't know Jesus. When we come to realise, friends, that we just don't know Jesus and we just want to be obedient to him, then we can repent and turn to him and change and get the change from heaven. And that's what happened to me, praise the Lord. People are on their way to hell every single hour. Every single day. It is a calamity friends, it's terrible. I was on my way to hell too, because why? It's because of this disobedience to God. And a disobedient person just doesn't want to turn away from their sins. You've got to realise that a disobedient person is content to hear their famous preacher, like any of these television preaches these days, tell them that they've got the grace of Jesus on them even though they still sin. And your famous preacher will tell you that if you fall short, you've still got God’s grace, because the preacher is a liar. Deep down in your heart you know that you need to turn away from your rebellion. That's why you know deep down you know you need to turn away from your sin. That's called obedience. You want to be obedient deep down. I'm hoping that you want to be obedient. A rebellious person kicks up a fight and thows things around. He squirms and he squeals because he doesn't want to be brought to obedience.

He doesn't want to be punished and that’s the thing's friends, we will squirm and we will squeal in hell if we just do not want to be obedient to God. That's what it comes down to. That's why I say you've got to fear God, you've got to fear the Lord. He has the power to save you or to cast your soul into hell. It is true. Now a brother I know, had a vision right in his bedroom. And in this vision he saw a flaming pit with all these naked bodies squirming around trying to get out and away from something they could never get out and away from. Its like they had only one thing on mind, and that was to get out from this pit. He said it looked terrible, and all these people he said, they looked like the people in the Nazi concentration camps who had been starved to the point of death. All emancipated and just skin holding together bare bones. He said that's what they looked like, all naked like those horrific World War II images that you might have seen in concentration camps. Well it looked like a whole pile of these have been thrown into the fiery pits and they were all alive squirming striving to get out and that's the sad reality of hell, because these people died in rebellion. The didn’t live in obedience to God, they died in sin. Many of them were Christian. They weren't interested in being obedient to God's commands in their hearts. They were religious. Some of them would have kept the sabbath religiously. Some of them would have not committed adultery. Some of them would have thought they were good religious people. But the problem was they continued to live in rebellion against God and they knew deep down. God was knocking on their door every day bringing them opportunities to repent and one day that opportunity ran out. And that was it! You know dear friends it will run out on us one day too. And it's going to be for the better or for the worse. I myself have seen in a dream a place that look like the outer darkness and I saw all these people screaming, “oh why were we not warned that living our way in life ended us here”! You see they probably were warned.

And they knew in their hearts that they were living in rebellion and disobedience, but they just didn't want to repent. You know a lot of other people when you tell them to repent and come to Jesus, and repent the kingdom of God is here, people laugh and they mock, and they say, “we already believe in Jesus you cannot stop sinning, my preacher says that we're under the grace of Jesus.” They use Bible verses of this and what they do is they hang onto philosophy supported by Bible verses and end up in hell! Because the thing is friends living a life after your own way doing your own sport and just going out and having your own fun, sinning with your friends not taking Jesus seriously, that ends in hell. That's where most people are going because they like disobedience. So they like to just waste their time. They like to be lazy. They don't want to work in the kingdom of God. They want to have it all grace and sit on the couch and do nothing. They want to follow their lusts. They know that their lusts are wrong, but they still want to follow their lusts. They just want to think that they can enter heaven while they do not live righteously. And that is the sad reality, friends, when we don't want to obey and serve Jesus Christ. It is very sad. You know friends when I used to pray to Jesus, I would say, “Oh I just want to make you want you to make me a better person for this particular pursuit that I'm doing. You know Lord I just want you to help me to be more successful.” And then I listen to false preachers that say you just chant incantations or you just say this by faith, and you stand on that Bible verse you stand on this Bible verses and on that Bible verse, and you will get what you want from God. That's what they say but that's because they are liars. It's not true. They are using the Bible for their own gain, for their own ways. And most Christians do this as well. They think that all the answers are in the Bible and so they look around for a scripture that would support them smoking weed. They look for a scripture that was support them practising homosexuality or denying that it is sin.

They go in search of Scriptures that say drinking is okay so “I can go and drink alcohol.” they search the Scriptures hoping to find verses that was support whatever twisted desire that they have because they go by the book. They don't want Jesus. They know they are in rebellion deep down. They know that they have to repent of their disobedience. But they don't want to. And so what they want to do is find a verse, find a scripture that is going to put their little minds to rest. In a false sense of security because if they say it's a written in the Bible that means it's okay for me. But deep down no one has peace who lives in disobedience. No one, I tell you. Dear friends when we live in disobedience we just do not have peace. There is no peace for the wicked. There is no peace for the wicked. You know that's how I used to live. I used to live searching the Scriptures for verses that would condone my way of life. You know as long as you stick Jesus onto it, this generation is okay with disobedience. But I saw in my dream that the disobedient do not inherit the kingdom of God. And people they say, “well we can keep sinning, its okay just a few little slips here and there nothing major as long as we don't do the big sins, you know we can just live our lives, God will understand, and we just don't take Jesus seriously, we're just going along and watching all this immorality on the TV wasting our time on computer games, don't be legalistic,” they say, “don't be legalistic.” but I saw in my dream the people who did not take Jesus seriously in their life, and they were crying out in anguish. I think the Scriptures are very very true, friends, when they say, “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” that's exactly what goes on. In that place where the disobedient go there is a weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Very sad but that's how it is. Now I had another dream and the Lord himself was separating people to one side of him and the other side and on one side he placed obedient people and we all felt obedient. We knew we had striven to be obedient. You know when you are obedient to your parents when you’re a child, you know that's how you feel when you are obedient before God. When you are obedient to him you have his mercy he will forgive you. But the disobedient were on the other side and he sent them off into a room that filled up with liquid lava. And they were all laughing at first they thought it was a bit of a joke. They were in disobedience. There was these two blonde girls who were talking about their sin and disobedience and they thought it was funny. They had been living in immorality. They thought it was funny and you know, then the liquid fire came in and filled up that room and they were heard of no more. That's what I saw. That's what I saw. You know friends Jesus talks but nobody is listening. Jesus speaks but nobody wants to hear. Jesus has words to give you but a lot of people reject those words. The reason I wanted to talk about these things today is because the Lord laid on my heart; rebellion and disobedience. I would ask everybody here today including myself; are we obeying Jesus today? Are things in our life that are rebellion that aren't right that we need to fix up? If we have obedient hearts we would be eager to seek out those things and then fix them up.

Its serious. Everyday time closes closer to the end and we will have wished one day when we stand before the Lord for good or for bad, we will have wish that we served the Lord, that we prayed, that we praised his name, but we just didn't do it because we were just interested in our own way, in the latest on telly, the latest on the soccer news, whatever sport we follow. We just were interested in what's going on here and what's going on there. We were more interested in meeting our friends on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning going out and having a good time. But we will wish when it's too late, “I just wished that I had served Jesus.” and you will see what you missed out. Some people will get to heaven but all their rewards will be burned up. Other people will think they're going to enter heaven and will not. All these things are a mystery of our God and he alone has the power to save us or cast us into the fire. That is why I sincerely and seriously hold up the name of Jesus to you today and I challenge you; do you know Jesus Christ? Have you made him your God? Do you serve him? Do you know him? Dear friends I ask myself this often because I'm thinking about when I stand before the Lord I want to be standing there saying I tried all I could, I did my best for Jesus every day, I sought to be fruitful daily, I sought to overcome desires daily, I put out evil daily and strove to please Jesus daily because I love him, I spent time listening to his voice when he told me things I went out and did them…. that's what I want to have done on the last day friends because then Jesus will come and he’ll say, “Well done my faithful servant, enter into the kingdom I prepared for you.” he will give you a reward. Isn't that wonderful. Jesus will give you rewards, but there are other people whose rewards will be burned up because they were just following their own religious ways and pride and self righteousness, taking money of people and doing all these things in the name of Jesus yet they were living in rebellion and disobedience. God knows the heart. Friends people they tell me all the time, “you cannot judge me you don't know my heart.” you know friends, God knows your heart.

Everytime you want to keep doing your sin he knows exactly how rebellious you are in your heart. You know every time you strive to put out your sin and focus on Jesus, he knows exactly how obedient you are in your heart. He gives grace to those who do. They are humble. That is the way of humility. But to these self-righteous people who keep sinning and they just keep thinking that its okay and they don't repent and say, “I don't want to repent.” that's all part of a heart that's not right. They think they're not in trouble and say, “God knows my heart don't judge me, I'm not proud I'm not self righteous like you.” But as an obedient child I'm trying to tell disobedient children the truth and they call me prideful. You know how children who are rebellious, they hate obedient children, well that is exactly how these false christians are like. They bully the true children of God who are striving to be obedient and they say you can't judge me. Well the world does the same thing because the world is full of rebellion and pride, but they don't think they are. They think you're prideful for telling them that they need to turn from sin and repent. But friends we are not deceiving ourselves, we know that we have to turn away from all our lusts. We have to turn away from all our weed smoking, cigarettes, drinking, we know we cannot condone it before God. It's not what obedient people do. They don’t condone those things before God. They don't say it is ok, rather that's the disobedient, rebellious son of the devil who says that. People who are obedient children, they don't say drinking and parties are okay, they don't say I can chase my sport I can live for my pleasures and fun. Those who say I don't have to be totally like a monk every day, and they say that its boring (to live holy), but you know friends it's because they're in rebellion they are disobedient sons of the devil just like you and me yesterday, if we have now come to the way of the light of Jesus Christ and decided to be obedient.

And it's all about its all about our decision to be obedient. You've got to decide, you've got to make a decision to turn away from sin. That's what it's all about your friends. We have to make that decision to turn away from our rebellion and just give ourselves whole-heartedly and completely to Jesus Christ. That's what it's all about hallelujah. It's just so wonderful friends. You know I'm so happy that I can share these things with you today because I've just led my whole life in rebellion. I dedicated myself to the Lord but I didn't honour that dedication and I walked away from the Lord for a long time. Jesus was never just a religion to me because I already know the truth about him. To a lot of people he's just religion and they just turn away and become unbelievers. But that is because of their heart condition. But other people they they know the truth but they don't do the truth and that was me, and I would have perished along with those who are unbelievers if I had died in such a state. But the wonderful thing is God gave me mercy. He gave me mercy to repent hallelujah. He gave me mercy to turn away from sin, and he gave me mercy to quit following the devil and to repent. He gave me mercy to get it right and make use of my second chance and decide to dedicate myself to the Lord and serve him every day. Isn't that wonderful. He gave me that mercy. Now I'm asking you; has he given you that mercy? Or are you still in rebellion not wanting to turn away from your sin just wanting to live your own ways? Just wanting to continue chasing after your own ways? You know friends we won't find righteousness before God doing that. It is very sad. I want to talk about actually the communion meal and what it is. It is not a catholic thing where we go along and we eat something and we think it's Jesus flesh. What we do is we it is meal as Jesus said in the words of Jesus, as he broke the bread and he drank the wind in the upper room before he was crucified because remember Jesus is our God, and his new covenant replaced the arc of the covenant. He replaced the laws that were put into the arc of the covenant and he himself became the law, the new way. And that is way I talk about Jesus.

I don't talk about the 10 commands and the covenant and all those things because the new way is through Jesus Christ. He is the way to get free from rebellion like I've talked about today. He is the way to have that righteousness in your heart. Jesus is the way friends and he was in the upper room and he said to his followers to everybody else who believes in his name he said, “this is the bread that was broken for you on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins for your purification, my body.” he said, “eat of this bread in remembrance of me as often as you gather.” and then that is why we're here we're gathered here in the name of Jesus Christ. He said, “eat the bread in remembrance of me my sacrifice for you.” and he got the cup and he drank the cup with the disciples and he said, “drink this In remembrance of me, this is the blood of the new covenant poured out for the sins of the world for the forgiveness of sin.” we should be doing this friends as often as we gather, eating and drinking in remembrance of what Jesus has done. And that's what Jesus said. Jesus Christ who died for us. It's so wonderful friends. Praise the Lord… let's be serious, we're gathered here in the name of Jesus Christ…...