Monday, March 3, 2014


Today I want to talk to you about church. Not all churches are false. Not all churches are leading the way to hell, but 100% of the churches are not the way to the kingdom of God. And if you think that going to church is somehow going to bring you onto the path into the kingdom of God, then you are very sorely mistaken dear friend, because churches, and especially organizations of men, do not know what will happen tomorrow. They cannot tell you if God is pleased with you right now. Many many of them are deceived by the devil and preach false doctrine and they go according to Scripture but they don't know the Lord Jesus Christ. And so they hold people into their congregations doing nothing for the kingdom of God and holding them in there by bible verses saying that you have to go to church otherwise you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, or you're not part of this church so you cannot enter the kingdom of God. It's all a load of rubbish dear souls. Churches do not lead to heaven.

The whole idea of church was twisted from the beginning, because people started to gather together and lead each other and that's where they went wrong. They started making a region out of Jesus Christ, when if you read the Scriptures on how the disciples walked, they weren't churchgoers. They didn't make churches, contrary to belief popular belief, they didn't make churches. They made disciples of Jesus Christ who met together to eat the bread and listening and being encouraged by their testimonies and going out reaching the lost. That was the church. They lived together into one accord in one heart and one mind. They were the gathering of the believers, the Lord's house. Now this word church came at a later time and it wasn't to do with Jesus Christ. It was to do with organisations. But even these organizations that have been set up that are nothing to do with Christ, they have people here and there within them that do follow Jesus and God has used them a lot mightily in the past to lead many to Christ, but he always brought them out into the desert and he himself taught them the truth and they got the gospel not by church dogma, nor by doctrine, nor by Bible study, they got their doctrine from Jesus himself, from the revelation of the reality of Christ, a real encounter with the Lord. And that's how we become Christians. That is how we become followers of Jesus.

Not by going to church. And then people say you goto to go to church to have fellowship. That is rubbish. Dear friends when we follow Jesus we will have fellowship with other followers of Jesus if we abide with Jesus. But if you just going along to your fun club church having fun there making your friends, it is no different than if you were in the world with worldly friends for after all what do you talk about? Dear friend a follower of Jesus has only one thing on his mind and that is Jesus Christ. And so his speech is towards the ways of Jesus and his thinking about Jesus and talking about Jesus, and that's what he wants to talk about. And this person finds fellowship with those other people who have a like mind because they've met the Lord also. But often it will be few and far between because so many people are deceived by religion and they think that church is the only way to go and so they don't know Jesus because the church doesn't tell them to go and seek Jesus and get to know him, and so they are deceived from the very beginning of their faith. When all along the truth was very clear; all we have to do is get on our knees and pray to Jesus Christ in faith and he will come into our life and restore us and forgive our sins and make us a new changed being. It is called being born-again. And then what do we do? We go and get baptised in the in water and we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The power of God come inside of us. You will feel it too, you will feel the spirit of God when he touches you. And he will heal you of ailments. He has healed me.

He will speak to you with his voice. He speaks to me! He will give you new tongues just like the apostles did. He gave me new tongues and I can pray in the Spirit. Dear friends these are real things, these are things of a follower of Jesus who knows the Lord who have come to have true faith. He doesn't just go to church and just twiddle his thumbs and God is just a far off reality up in church land. Now there are some churches who are on fire for the Lord, yes. God has used many churches throughout the ages bringing thousands of people to Jesus Christ that is true. But all of those people who were part of these revivals, they were people who were not churchgoers rather they were following Christ and they got to know him. Sure they might've gone to a certain denomination and the might have been up there preaching the truth of God in that denomination but they themselves were way led by Christ. But the thing is friends a lot of the time the church folk and religious folk tried to shut them down because they work for Satan. And I see this all the more today. In fact there is so few truth people now that all I can see is a world of church shutting down the gospel of Christ and giving their own false gospel. A gospel that doesn't save. A Gospel of sin doing.

You know friends there is only one place where we can get the true gospel and that is where it is written in the bible, and on our knees in prayer to Jesus Christ and his Gospel comes into our hearts and we understand it. Its a power walk. It's a walk of revival. It is an understanding. It's a reality. It is seeing. Friend do you know Jesus for real? Are you just a Christian who goes to church and you just think; Ah well you know Jesus doesn't talk anymore he doesn't speak, doesn't give tongues anymore, we don't have to get baptized anymore, we can ever stop sinning, Jesus doesn't set you free from sin. Friends is that how you think?! That's because you've been lied to. You don't realize the Jesus hears and speaks. You don't realize that he does baptize people with the Holy Spirit now. In fact if you ask you are going to receive the Holy Spirit too. These people do not realize that Jesus heals today. If you're sick and you command sickness to go in the name of Jesus and you believe that, it'll happen. It happened for me it will happen for you too. I tell you that the power of God is real. You know these things are happening now. You can speak in new tongues. These things happen from God but you have to have faith and start seeking Jesus who is real. Not just some church thing and some read out of Bible thing and do some Bible study the pack up our Bible and lets all just walk back into our lives. Friend do you think you are going to know Jesus that way? That is not the way to know him. The way to know him is for you to be on your knees in prayer, in repentance, leaving your sin, having faith. Deciding to live by faith not by hearing, not by five senses wisdom.

Friends I know the way to Jesus that is why I am speaking. I found him. I found his wonderful realities. Just like apostle Paul did. That is why he went around doing all this. He found the reality; the reality of theHoly Spirit, of healing. He found the reality of the forgiveness of sin, the wonderful feeling you get inside from the power of God. Paul found that reality of having freedom from sin where you don't sin anymore, where you don't practice sin and you don't have to be a slave to sin. Sure you get tempted and tested and trials and all this yes. But you turn away from it and you endure and you find a new way. I'm asking you; do want to find this also?

Then get on your knees today, repent, turn to Jesus Christ, except him who is real. Im telling you he is real. You go to Jesus now and you say “Lord I want to know you”, say, “Lord Jesus I want to know you.” you mean it and you are going to get a change today come into your life. You've got to want to turn away from your sin. You've got to want to obey him and going to want to turn away from just living for entertainment. You've got to want to turn away from the world's way if you want Jesus to come into your life. You've got to take it by the horns take it full and utterly seriously otherwise you might as will not even bother. Dear friends the way to eternal life doesn't have to be hard. You have to submit. The way is narrow. But we find the way we who seek, we seek we find and I'm telling you it is true. Seek dear friend and accept Jesus. Go to him now and pray. Jesus bless you....