Monday, March 24, 2014

How The Flesh Destroys You

I want to talk to you today about the flesh, and the way that the flesh wants to take you to hell today. We all have inside of us, a monster, the ways of the devil, because we have all been born into this flesh of Adam. We have been corrupted from the beginning, and there's not one person that is good on earth my friend, not you, not me. Not even the most holy person you think that is such a wonderful man of God on this earth; he is not good. Because we all have this wicked flesh, friends, and the wicked flesh is going to try and take you all the way to hell. That's where the devil is going to tempt you; he is going to tempt you by your flesh. So every day we will have a war if we are on the right side of the fence. If you're on the side of the kingdom of God, and you're interested in keeping your robes holy, and you're interested in keeping away from sin, then you are going to be at war with satan through your flesh. Satan is going to tempt you, and bring your flesh all kinds of desires that it has inside of it. All these things will rise up inside of you, trying to show your allegiance to the demons, and the ways of darkness. But friends, if we don't want to go those ways, and we want to separate ourselves from our flesh, and do what Paul said – he said to crucify the flesh daily, and live after the spirit – then you know what we will do? We will turn away from the flesh daily.

We will crucify its desires; they will rise up and we will put them down again. They will tempt us, and we won't go and follow them. But the thing is, a lot of us go and follow our flesh. We get a desire, and we go and follow it! We go and sin. What happens is, we start to walk down that path to destruction; the broad road. You see, Jesus talked about the seed that landed on the weedy ground, where people's hearts were weedy, and they let the cares and sins of the flesh kill their seed of faith, and they end up going to hell. Friends, the flesh will try you all the way until you die, to bring you into the wrong way. And it is going to be in the thoughts, and then is going to be in action. You are going to get tempted, and temptation begins in the mind, and then from the mind goes to the action. Didn't James write that: 'The thought gives birth to sin, and the deed of sin gives birth to death!' Friend, it is your responsibility to quit your sin, to quit following your flesh. It is your responsibility. I can't pray for you to stop sinning, if you don't make the decision. It is each of our responsibility before God to turn away from that which tempts us, and put down our evil desires. I don't care how evil that desire might be; too bad, just put it down and follow Jesus. That way it will not pollute you and won't corrupt you. Yes, we're going to get evil desires, but one day – as it is written – we will arise incorruptible and away from temptation. But in this world we will have temptation. The flesh will try and bring you down to hell. You go follow it friend, then you will walk off into the destruction: you will walk off into the fire, and you willingly did it.

There are no excuses on the last day. You can't blame somebody because they were so wicked to you, as to your actions of sin. When you commit sin, you make the choice to go down the wrong path; you will reap for yourself your own destruction from the choice that you made. And that's why everybody who says that we're all sinners, and we can keep sinning but Jesus will cover us, are total liars. In reality they are just people who do not have the self-control; they're swayed by all their evil desires, and they're following them. Such people also say that: 'I don't follow bad desires.' They make excuses saying: 'I don't do the bad sins, I just do some little ones.' Dear friends, I don't know any little sins that are nice. They are all pretty bad: unkindness, malice, hate, bad words, cursing, you know it all helps the ways of the devil; it helps advance Satan's kingdom on earth. Every time you sin, you're helping to bring about the powers of darkness destroying more people's lives. Have you ever thought about it that way my friend? You have to get rid of all your sins absolutely and completely by your own choosing before the Lord, and he will set you free from any chains that you have. Because Jesus said in John 8:36, he said that: “He who sins is a slave to sin.” So when you sin, you become a slave to Satan. But he came to set the sinner free! So he said that: “I came to call sinners unto repentance.” And then he also said that: “If the Son of Man sets you free from your slavery to sin, you will be free indeed.” So if you want to be free from sin, you have to go to Jesus Christ.

There is just no other way. But you cannot go to Jesus unless you want to leave your sin! How can you get him to free you, if you don't want to be free! If you aren't willing to let go of your sin today – every single sin not just some of the big ones, but all little ones – if you are not willing to do that, how is he going to set you free, and how will you ever enter the kingdom of God? I asked you that today, because so few people are going into the kingdom of God because they are all choosing the broad road to destruction. That road takes many souls to hell daily. They follow their desires, they are going to hell. They live for the world, they are going to hell. They are being hypocrite Christians claiming his name, but living in sin, they're going to hell. They're not headed to the kingdom of God, and that's why I warn you that you must crucify your desires and choose Jesus Christ and his ways, and follow his spirit change. Then you will have victory, and you will not have to have sin rule you, but you will be free to live sin-free, and no longer practice sin. Dear friend, do you want to be free? Then you come to Jesus while you still can. Put out your desires; choose against them, and rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Wage war against them. Do the good fight of faith, and then you will stand on the rock, and you will not fall. So many people stand on the sand. They don't want to obey Jesus, and they will fall to their own destruction. What path are you going to take today? Jesus bless you. ...