Thursday, March 13, 2014


Over time, many times in the past, Jesus has brought about revivals on earth, and the people have heeded God, and heard about the Lord, and become serious, because of revival of the Holy Spirit. There has been places on earth, where people have had such a need for God in their heart, that they went to seek the Lord wherever they could. That is what a revival is: when God starts to draw people, and people start to realise that they are condemned, and on their way to hell, and that they need salvation. God in his mercy, sends these revivals. They have happened throughout history in many places, and at many times. They are documented. But when people often experience a revival -- which is a fear of God where unbelievers start to repent and the come to Jesus, and then people start to be filled with the Holy Spirit and start having miracles happen, healing, signs from God -- the problem is, give a few year after the revival has happened, a lot of those people who saw those things, repented, and came to the Lord, have then gone back to the way of the world.

Jesus looks out over the earth and he sees this happening and it makes him very sad, because he gives us such grace to repent, yet over time -- when the time for faith comes when we have to walk by faith because the Lord starts to hold back his miraculous signs -- the people they FALL AWAY. They no longer got their hearts for the Lord. They become luke-warm. That is what we are seeing today in todays society, is that we have a whole lot of church goers -- we have people who years ago have experienced miracles and seen signs from God, some of them have been walking in the gifts of the Spirit in times past -- who now they have FALLEN AWAY to the way of this generation that loves selfish pursuits, their own desires and entertainment. You see entertainment has come and it has killed the church. Churches have become a place where unfortunately clowns are entertaining the goats, because people are not interested in the truth, and not walking by faith. So the Lord hands them over to all their entertainment, lusts, and sins that they want to have. Dear friends, it is very sad. People they don't endure with the Lord. Revival comes, and it is like a seed that gets planted in someones heart. They hear about the good news with joy. Often they experience powerful miracles. Sometimes they experience miraculous signs, and even visions. Some have seen Jesus, yet even with all this a lot of them have been like the seed that was planted on the wayside. When the time for faith came, they had no roots, no depth in their heart for the Lord, and just fell away. Other seed landed on the ground where the thorns grew up and choked out the seed. These are the people who hear and receive the gospel with joy. They are in these revivals, and they have seen miracles. They have experienced God, yet they fall away. They do not last the long term. They fall away to the cares of life, lusts of the flesh, and to entertainment.

Dear friend, the path to Jesus is a narrow path. People get weeded out from that path all the way up to the gate. Many start, and few finish. It is a path of faith and endurance. It is not just have a revival, then '5 years later we are happy in out sins again following the world going to church still.' Dear friends the walk with Jesus does not expire with revival. It does not expire after revival. The walk with Jesus continues until the day we enter the kingdom; because it gets bigger every day. Either you are growing your relationship with the Lord daily, or you are receding and expiring. Flames are going out. People are becoming cold for the Lord every day. But there are a few who continue grow their flame. They fan their coals. Their relationship continues and progresses with the Lord. They are the ones who grow continually, enduring on the narrow way. They become mature in the faith.

Dear friend, have you experienced revival, then walking back to your own life? Are you one of the Christians who find all their entertainment in video games, in movies, and entertainment? Are you all just interested in the latest gossip? Is your focus on the people of this world, like celebrities? Sport stars? Olympic medalists? People who strive for the things of this earth, and then they reap destruction! Is that where your focus is? Or, dear friend, is your focus on the kingdom of God! Where you are only interested in becoming his sheep doing his will. Do you have good ground? Or are you like the seed that lands on the weedy or shallow ground. I hope that you make it into the kingdom, and you don't get weeded out along the way. I hope that you choose to be fruitful today, and the axe doesn't cut down your tree. I just hope, that as many who this message today, as many will take the Lord seriously again today! That they restart what God began in their hearts, and fan the coals into a flame! I just hope, friend, that you are going to revive. Jesus bless you…...