Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In Christianity, there are many lies. Lies that cause people to miss out on God's kingdom and to follow their own pursuits. People love to hear lies, and that is why they allow themselves to be seduced by Satan. And so they are going along to church or listening to their pastor, or they are reading a Christian book, and they're bringing in all these lies that they want to believe. Some people they turn away from the lies and they know it is not true because we all have the guidance of the Holy Spirit inside of us, those of us who follow Jesus. But for those of us who have got our mind and hearts set on the flesh and the destructible things, we're opening ourselves up to listen to lies, because we want to listen to lies. Everybody wants to hear that they're going to be saved no matter how much they follow the flesh. People want to hear that they don't have to work too hard to go to heaven. They'd rather listen to the lie of the easy grace gospel.

It is just not true. There is no easy way to heaven. Jesus said you must STRIVE. And that's why we strive to enter the kingdom. How do we strive? We strive by being an overcomer, because in this world we have resistance. Where do we have resistance? We have it from satan. Why? Because if we follow Jesus we're his (satan's) enemy. You're not his enemy if you are in sin, he is your friend and you're just his slave. He doesn't care about you. You're no threat to him, nor to his empire. But the minute you cross over the divide, and you start wanting to live holy, and you start wanting to obey Jesus Christ, and you start using the name of Jesus Christ preaching his name, preaching holiness, turning away from your sin, bringing other people to turn away from the ways of the devil, you become a target. And so the devil is going to bring along his minions to tempt you in all kinds of ways. You're going to have trials and testing, and it is this testing that works out the heart of a believer before God on whether or not they are going to enter the kingdom, or whether they're going to succumb to the enemy and ultimately choose his ways. And that's why Christians listen to lies. Christian lies. Lies that say there's an EASY way to heaven. You just “believe”, they say, and it is all good, all good, you just believe. Dear friend if you really believed, which is true, then you would also be a doer of the word. Jesus said that not hearers only go to heaven. I want to challenge you one thing, if believing is the only way you go to heaven, then why did Jesus say in the parable of the seeds that the seed that fell on the weedy ground, was the person who hears the word and accepts it with joy, but later he falls away into the trials and to the lust of the flesh, and to the cares of life! You tell me, did that person believe? Yes he did. Did he accept the gospel? Oh yes he did! Jesus said he accepted it with joy, but all too soon he fell away to the flesh. Dear friend are you enduring? Are you walking the narrow way? Why did Jesus say the narrow way was narrow and few find it? He said, “Wide, broad, and easy, is the way that leads to destruction and many are they who take that way.

Christians are taking that way along with the unbelievers. Jesus said that we must take his words seriously if we want to inherit eternal life. And I'm challenging you; are you believing the Christian lies? There is no easy grace gospel, dear friends, it is not just believe. It is also DO. So when you believe you go get baptised, dedicated to Jesus and you go follow him all the way. You seek to know him, you put out your desire, you turn away from your flesh. If you want to do that friend, then you will not inherit the kingdom of God. Because there is no heaven for those who are unrighteous. And another Christian lie is that God only sees Jesus in you, once you become a believer of him, so you can go off and sin and he is not going to see it! Open up your eyes dear friend, that's a lie. It is a lie from the preachers of Satan. They are deceived themselves. You go listening to those lies, and you go commit iniquity, and you go and you commit your lust, you go and keep drinking, you go and keep smoking, you go and you keep swearing, you going you keep breaking the law, laws of the land, or you going you hate your brother, you go and curse them out, and go and call them names, or unkind, you gossip…Friend, you will not inherit the kingdom of God!

It was written too, yes it is. It is written that if you do those things those people don't inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruits of the flesh are love, peace, kindness, righteousness, godliness, bearing fruit, being fruitful for the name of God. Now tell me, are you producing those fruits? As soon as you follow Jesus, you will come into the fire, the fire of trial. Endure until the end in the faith, because when we have endured all the way to the end, then we shall inherit the kingdom of God, the crown of life that is given to the faithful in Jesus name. Is your focus on Jesus Christ? Or are you just listening to all the Christian lies, all the lies they tell in the churches and in the Christian books from the pastors, from the preachers. Don't listen to lies anymore friend. Be one of those who gets saved in the end, because they want to take the truth seriously. Go read your Bible for yourself and pray and the Lord will show you the truth from all the lies. Jesus bless you.....