Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Warning: Don't Reject Jesus As GOD

This truth I share with you, is a very dangerous, because this truth Satan does not want the world to know, and that is that Jesus Christ is God, our God. You see, to pave the way for the antichrist, to pave the way for a false religion, people must reject Jesus Christ as the God. That is why we see many Christians in this time who reject Jesus as their God. This paves the way for people to say that Allah and God in heaven, who they believe is not Jesus, is one of the same God. They say Christians and muslims worship the same God. They can't say that Jesus is God, because Islam rejects Jesus Christ absolutely and wholly and utterly completely, because Islam is an antichrist religion, dear friend. They reject Jesus, as they call him, the Christian God. That is why Christians get killed. They get killed because they worship Jesus Christ as Lord, Adonai. As it is written, every tongue one day, is going to profess Jesus Christ as Adonai, Lord. The term Adonai, was only ever given to God in heaven. Nobody one day, shall have anything to say in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, except that Jesus Christ is Lord. You will have to say that dear friend, whether you like it or whether you don't. The thing is friends, we have to make it right with Jesus while we still can.

Because one day he turns into our judge. It is him who sits on the judgement seat. It is him who writes out the judgements against sinners. It was also him who died on the cross for our sins, and thought he was in the form of God, and through him all things were made for him, although he was the form of God, he came down to earth to show us what the Father is. So people said, "Show us God, show us God." Jesus said, "Look at me, if you look at me you can see God." It is written. But antichrist Christians, and antichrist religions like Islam, reject Jesus as God. And if you say he is God, you could get killed. Dear friend people are dying at the hands of the wicked because they believe that Jesus is their Lord. Christians are betraying Jesus everyday. I see Christians on the Internet betrayed Jesus. I see Christians in churches betray Jesus. Recently they had a conference where they said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, which clearly isn't Jesus Christ is it! Because Islam obviously rejects Jesus Christ. But they're trying to say that allah and god, who isn't Jesus, is the same God and they are probably right. Because you know what? Those two gods are false. The gods they hold-up are false. You start saying that Jesus Christ is God, and you start standing for him as your Lord, you could get killed. I don't care how much your church hasn't joined forces with this wicked ecumenical movement, that is trying to bring all these religions together saying they're all worshipping the one God. They do not worship Jesus Christ dear friend.

Islam does not worship Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God, so the God of islam, and the God of Christians who obey Jesus, are not the same. I do not care what you think, I don't care what Scriptures you want to pull up to try and support your argument of your antichrist theories, but I want to warn you today, that you must obey Jesus Christ as God otherwise you will never see heaven. One day you will say that he is Lord Adonai, and then then what are you going to say? You'll just have to say it. Dear friend, God is not mocked. He is giving you a last chance to wake up and accept Jesus, obey Jesus, make him your Lord, because time is running out. This antichrist Christian generation, is mixing themselves with all these other religions and false gods like they did in the days of Israel. Do you know what happened in those days? God scattered them to the wind and utterly destroyed their country. Will you escape? Then be separate. Worship the Lord Jesus. Make Jesus your Lord, worship him. There is not another God, him and the father are one. He will put his Holy Spirit into you. That Holy Spirit is not another God. That Holy Spirit is God, don't you get it? How could God save you on the cross if he himself didn't come down, and save you. How is he going to make a good enough argument to satan that your sins are forgiven, if he himself had not come down and died on the cross for you. Have you ever known Allah to do that? Have you known any other God to do that?

Is there any God that has gone to such lengths to do that? Yet it is written in Isaiah that would look upon him who they pierced. "They will look upon me whom they pierced," says the Lord of Hosts. And guess who they pierced? It was Jesus Christ on the cross. He was priced dear friends for your sins. So these truths could get me killed. They could get you killed if you believe it. Because Satan does not want anybody to worship our God, Jesus come down to earth, God Emmanuelle, God with us. He does not want God's spirit to come into you, the Holy Spirit. Dear friend, don't be deceived, Islam does not worship Jesus Christ. Most Christians do not worship him either. They are also antichrist. Look at their churches, look at the way they run off after false gods, and then they say that their god and allah are the same thing. Well probably he is, because both are Demons dear friend. The only God that is true is the God that came to die for us, that came to redeem us from our sin, and came to shed his blood for our sins, and put his holy Spirit into us, and the mystery is that he is also the Father, and is also the Son, and is also his Spirit, all in one. If you cannot accept that dear friend, then you cannot enter heaven. But if you can accept it, then accept it. Because he who has an ear, he had better hear. Jesus bless you....

Monday, March 24, 2014

How The Flesh Destroys You

I want to talk to you today about the flesh, and the way that the flesh wants to take you to hell today. We all have inside of us, a monster, the ways of the devil, because we have all been born into this flesh of Adam. We have been corrupted from the beginning, and there's not one person that is good on earth my friend, not you, not me. Not even the most holy person you think that is such a wonderful man of God on this earth; he is not good. Because we all have this wicked flesh, friends, and the wicked flesh is going to try and take you all the way to hell. That's where the devil is going to tempt you; he is going to tempt you by your flesh. So every day we will have a war if we are on the right side of the fence. If you're on the side of the kingdom of God, and you're interested in keeping your robes holy, and you're interested in keeping away from sin, then you are going to be at war with satan through your flesh. Satan is going to tempt you, and bring your flesh all kinds of desires that it has inside of it. All these things will rise up inside of you, trying to show your allegiance to the demons, and the ways of darkness. But friends, if we don't want to go those ways, and we want to separate ourselves from our flesh, and do what Paul said – he said to crucify the flesh daily, and live after the spirit – then you know what we will do? We will turn away from the flesh daily.

We will crucify its desires; they will rise up and we will put them down again. They will tempt us, and we won't go and follow them. But the thing is, a lot of us go and follow our flesh. We get a desire, and we go and follow it! We go and sin. What happens is, we start to walk down that path to destruction; the broad road. You see, Jesus talked about the seed that landed on the weedy ground, where people's hearts were weedy, and they let the cares and sins of the flesh kill their seed of faith, and they end up going to hell. Friends, the flesh will try you all the way until you die, to bring you into the wrong way. And it is going to be in the thoughts, and then is going to be in action. You are going to get tempted, and temptation begins in the mind, and then from the mind goes to the action. Didn't James write that: 'The thought gives birth to sin, and the deed of sin gives birth to death!' Friend, it is your responsibility to quit your sin, to quit following your flesh. It is your responsibility. I can't pray for you to stop sinning, if you don't make the decision. It is each of our responsibility before God to turn away from that which tempts us, and put down our evil desires. I don't care how evil that desire might be; too bad, just put it down and follow Jesus. That way it will not pollute you and won't corrupt you. Yes, we're going to get evil desires, but one day – as it is written – we will arise incorruptible and away from temptation. But in this world we will have temptation. The flesh will try and bring you down to hell. You go follow it friend, then you will walk off into the destruction: you will walk off into the fire, and you willingly did it.

There are no excuses on the last day. You can't blame somebody because they were so wicked to you, as to your actions of sin. When you commit sin, you make the choice to go down the wrong path; you will reap for yourself your own destruction from the choice that you made. And that's why everybody who says that we're all sinners, and we can keep sinning but Jesus will cover us, are total liars. In reality they are just people who do not have the self-control; they're swayed by all their evil desires, and they're following them. Such people also say that: 'I don't follow bad desires.' They make excuses saying: 'I don't do the bad sins, I just do some little ones.' Dear friends, I don't know any little sins that are nice. They are all pretty bad: unkindness, malice, hate, bad words, cursing, you know it all helps the ways of the devil; it helps advance Satan's kingdom on earth. Every time you sin, you're helping to bring about the powers of darkness destroying more people's lives. Have you ever thought about it that way my friend? You have to get rid of all your sins absolutely and completely by your own choosing before the Lord, and he will set you free from any chains that you have. Because Jesus said in John 8:36, he said that: “He who sins is a slave to sin.” So when you sin, you become a slave to Satan. But he came to set the sinner free! So he said that: “I came to call sinners unto repentance.” And then he also said that: “If the Son of Man sets you free from your slavery to sin, you will be free indeed.” So if you want to be free from sin, you have to go to Jesus Christ.

There is just no other way. But you cannot go to Jesus unless you want to leave your sin! How can you get him to free you, if you don't want to be free! If you aren't willing to let go of your sin today – every single sin not just some of the big ones, but all little ones – if you are not willing to do that, how is he going to set you free, and how will you ever enter the kingdom of God? I asked you that today, because so few people are going into the kingdom of God because they are all choosing the broad road to destruction. That road takes many souls to hell daily. They follow their desires, they are going to hell. They live for the world, they are going to hell. They are being hypocrite Christians claiming his name, but living in sin, they're going to hell. They're not headed to the kingdom of God, and that's why I warn you that you must crucify your desires and choose Jesus Christ and his ways, and follow his spirit change. Then you will have victory, and you will not have to have sin rule you, but you will be free to live sin-free, and no longer practice sin. Dear friend, do you want to be free? Then you come to Jesus while you still can. Put out your desires; choose against them, and rebuke them in the name of Jesus. Wage war against them. Do the good fight of faith, and then you will stand on the rock, and you will not fall. So many people stand on the sand. They don't want to obey Jesus, and they will fall to their own destruction. What path are you going to take today? Jesus bless you. ...

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Dear friends, what I wanted to talk about today particularly, was about the change that we get -- well I got -- when you come to Jesus Christ. Jesus is all about change and he makes people changed persons. A lot of people they are not changed and they know they are not. Many Christians are not changed either. They don't have a changed part of them. They just chase after their useless empty life, that they used to chase after, and everybody can see that there is no change in their life. But somebody who comes to know Jesus, it is a very different story; they get a complete and total change. I have seen this time and time again of people who got on their knees and decided to repent, and decided to seek Jesus, they got a change that came. Not a change from their own turning over a new leaf, but they got a change because they sought the Lord, and the old ways passed away. When I first came to the Lord, that was when I decided to repent, and I decided to turn away from my evil deeds, and the sins I was doing: various lusts, and all kinds of sins. When I turned to Jesus and turned away from all kinds of sins, it was then that he came into my life and he set me free from these things; and when you are free you are truly free. There is no sitting on the fence half in sin and half out of sin. When you are free, you are truly free, which means that you no longer have to do your sins, no matter what it might be. Whatever sin might be, anything that causes you guilt and you feel are addicted to and cannot stop, that is what sin is like. It is a bondage. What happened was, when I turned to Jesus and when I decided to repent, that is when his change came into my life, and he gave me power to live a new way.

That is why I am here, because he changed me to a new person, and he took away the old ways that were keeping me in bondage to the powers of darkness. He gave me hope. He gave me his love in such a way, that I could tell other people that, 'If you want to be saved from hell, you go follow Jesus and seek him yourself.' You see, Jesus is a reality, and when people seek him, they find to him. If you seek Jesus, you'll find him. That's what happened to me. I have seen a lot of people who decide to take Jesus seriously, and I've seen change come into their lives. When a person turns from their sin, and they decide to repent, that's when they overcome. They overcome their sin and it has to leave. They are no longer in bondage to doing acts of sin. That's the wonderful thing about Jesus: he means a changed life, not the same old life where you're in sin, he means a changed life. He can change your circumstances as well. Whatever it is, it is a changed heart inside of you that gives you a new way. That is what Jesus is all about; he is about a new way. He is not like the empty Christians, who don't appear to know Jesus at all, because they are just the same people as they always were. I have talked to many like this, and they are all interested in their own fun, and own ways, and they don't have a reality of Christ in them. They just don't know him. They are not changed, they are still in sin. That is because many of them don't realise that Jesus does change people.

You see friends, you can get the change in your life, if you bother to get on your knees, and start seeking him, and start obeying him, and reading about his words in the Scriptures, and taking the Lord seriously every day; then you're going to come on a new way. But it is a realisation, and we have to get to that point where we decide that: 'I am going to stop doing my own way now, and I am going to start to dedicate to Jesus instead.' You have to get to that point. People they just don't seek. They are not ready to let go of their life. That is what happens dear friends; so many of us not ready to let go of our lives. That is not what we're here today for, we're here to let go of our old life and embrace the new life, hallelujah. The old life leads to the fire, and it leads to destruction, but the new life leads to life hallelujah! That is the big change that we have when we come to follow Jesus Christ: is that the new life leads to eternal life, but the old life leads to hell. That is what Jesus is all about, and that's how I came to know the Lord, when I realise that: Jesus is not just in a book, he is not just a story, he is actually a real person. Jesus is not just about going to church and having a bit of belief about him -- everybody believes about Jesus, a lot of them -- It is more than that you have to really believe and come to understand, that Jesus is here and now. He is here now. He's waiting to change your life. He is waiting to come into your life and change you. Everybody who seeks find and that is the wonderful thing about Jesus, is that if you seek, you will find. Anyone who is serious about the Lord and wants him, these are the people who find the Lord. That is so wonderful friends! We serve a God who cares for people, and who loves you, but a God who doesn't love sin. No he doesn't! He doesn't love the ways of wicked persons. He doesn't love our ways of sin. Dear friends, as much as you hate somebody treating you badly, or maybe treating your child evilly, Jesus hates it even more. He really hates it when we go off and sin. It's very offensive to God when we just want to carry out our lusts. He doesn't have sympathy and empathy for us, when we just want to go and sin. Instead we're inviting the wrath of God upon our heads, when we just want to go off and sin. I don't care what sin, just any sin. Jesus just wants us to repent, and come to him, so that we can have changed life.

There is no excuse to stay in sin. There's no excuse to have un-forgiveness. We can just decide to forgive, and take the road to heal and forgive, and to pursue it. There is no use staying in hate, or staying in certain sins that you just want to do because our flesh loves it. A lot of people are bound to lusts, and of course your flesh loves it, that's why you have a problem with it. But the thing is, Jesus doesn't want us to love our flesh, the things that our flesh wants to love, otherwise we will perish. Because the flesh way will be done away with one day, along with all its lusts and desires -- and they are all going to disappear -- but you don't want to be destroyed along with them, by choosing the ways that God hates. God hates that stuff. He hates sin, because sin always basically hurts people in some way and it gives the power to the powers of darkness over more people on this earth. If you want to believe all the Christians that tell you, that it's okay to go on in sin even just a little sin -- of course they will say not big sin, because they want to cover themselves, because everybody, especially unbelievers, don't accept big sin; so they say, 'that person is going to hell because he continues in his big sins, that guy should be kept in prison', or whatever -- but friends what about the little sins? Why do people just want to forget about that? Because little sins lead to the big sins. When you start treating people badly, you can start to lead a person on the way to destruction. There're so many stories of criminals who talk about how badly their father or people in authority over them, treated them, or put them down, or were unkind, and one thing led to another, and they let bitterness into their hearts, and the little sin of the fathers often began just with meanness, bullying, and kindness.

And that often pressed people over the edge, to going to deep sin and hurt many people. People who bully others they will not inherit the kingdom of God. They just don't know Jesus, they are just in their old ways. That is why I want to talk about the new way that Jesus gives us today, and the freedom from the old ways. There is no use claiming to be a Christian if you're just following your old ways still. You are just the same old person bullying other people, or being mean and unkind, pushing people over the edge to become bad sinner. Obviously it is still there fault, they are making their own choices, but Jesus said, "Woe to the stumbling blocks." He said, "Woe to those who cause people to stumble. Woe to those who cause sin." He said on his return, he is going to remove everybody who causes them, including the people who do their sin. He said he will remove them all, and cast them into the lake of fire. So you can say: 'Who on earth is going to be saved? Because does not everybody sin?' Well actually not; not everybody does practice sin any more. That is the thing: just because you haven't stopped practising sin, or you just see people living around you in lives of wickedness, doesn't mean that there are not people who do not (sin). We live in the days of Noah, so you are not going to see many people who don't sin. In the days of Noah, there was only one person, or maybe two or three in the family, but one that we know about, and we know what happened next: we know that destruction came.

We know how God decided that he had enough of it all. We know that we're back in the days of Noah, so you're not going to see too many righteous people, friends. You are not going to see too many people who have left their sins, but they are out there. I'm not saying that those people who have left their sins, cannot go back to sin, no they can, and often they do and end up in a worse situation than they ever were. Some people they just never return again; they just stumbled one too many times, and that last one was fatal. That is the very sad thing, friends, with sin: you are never going to know which time is fatal. Sin is going to end up destroying you. These are the sorts of things I say to people who try and condone their continued lack of self control. They say: 'Jesus is so loving and he understands all these things, it is going to work out in the end', but sometimes it just does not work out. I know people who just have stumbled and they have not come back. It can happen to anybody. It can happen to you. If your heart gets hard, it can come become impossible to repent. People have a lot of faith in their repentance on their death bed, but friends, a lot of people just cannot repent on their deathbed; they cannot find it, they cannot find repentance. It is very sad. That is why I'm here today: I am here to talk about being changed, so that you don't have to go the old way. Now people know that they are in the old way. I was talking to somebody the other way and he knows he's in the old way. He doesn't even know the Lord. People know that they are looking for something and they are empty right now. They know that its pointless the way they are living; they know there is something they need that they don't have yet. They know that. So when I start talking about the change and the way of Christ, how he makes you a new person and he set you free from sin, people start to think about their life, and they start to think why is this guy so sincere and sure? 16:26 They can see that you had indeed found the Lord.

People can see it. People don't see that in lukewarm Christians; lukewarm Christians, who read the Bible and talk about stuff, but they are not interested in Jesus so, and they (unbelievers) cannot see any change in those people. But when they see somebody who has really been changed by the Lord, who has indeed come from a different life, and then turned their life around because of Jesus, it is then that people start to think: 'I want that too.' Because they already know their life is bad; they know they are wicked. They know they're empty wild living, and sin doesn't bring pleasure in the end. I met a lot of people who wake up after their night out and they say they don't feel any good. You know friends, it might be wonderful to have your sin for the night, but then when you wake up you just feel regret, emptiness. You just feel you are wasting your life, and it is true, you are. You're just headed down the broad road to destruction. What happens is: we're just headed down the broad road to destruction. That is the unfortunate truth; if we follow the ways of the flesh and we follow our sin, we're just heading down the broad road to destruction. Do you know what friends? It is time to just repent, and come on the new way by coming to Christ, and get his new way in your life. You don't have to go the old way, because I found a new way. I was going the old way, then my life changed, and here I am today. It is wonderful! That is what Jesus is all about; Jesus is all about change: change of heart, change of mind, change in your life, no longer condemned and bound to sin.

Then people say to me, 'Well I cannot stop sinning. I'm just stuck in doing it.' Some people feel so guilty, because they are addicted to all kinds of things like masturbation for instance, or fornication, or are addicted to swearing, or addicted to drugs of some sort, anything that they are addicted to, and just can't stop! And of course they feel guilty, because sinning just does not make you feel any good. Sin just brings you guilt and condemnation. Just around and around in a circle -- of guilt and condemnation. And of course you're not going to feel any good listening to all your greasy, grace preachers, because at the end of the day, if you're going to be honest with yourself, you're going to know that you're not right with God. When you sin -- even if you believe in greasy, grace covering your sin -- you're still not going to feel any good, friends. The conscience doesn't lie. You might believe lies, but in reality there is no lie, because we know we're not right with the Lord if we're IN sin. The only way to get free from this sort of thing -- sin and addictions, the power of bondage of a sin over you -- the only way to be free from it, is repentance. That's the only way. Repentance is what people do when they come to Jesus Christ. You cannot repent and NOT turn to Jesus, that's not repentance. Repentance is deciding you don't want to go that way anymore, and it is deciding you're not going to love sin any more, even though your flesh loves sin, and instead you go to Jesus. Because you see what happens is, when you do that, you realise that you want Jesus more than anything, and you don't want to end up in hell. So even if your flesh wants you to do something, you're going to put it down, because Jesus comes into your life. You don't have to do these things any more.

They don't have to rule you. Of course when we're just living our life, without the hope of Christ, without his new way, and without the realisation of the fire and judgement, we're just hopelessly enslaved to our desires; and we just do them, we're on a mad roller-coaster ride to the fire. That is true. But friends. when we decide to repent. that means you just don't want to do it any more. You come before the Lord, and you say: 'I just don't want to sin any more.' But the thing is it doesn't stop there: I know a lot of people including myself in times past when I was in sin, and I would say that I didn't want to sin, but I would just keep sinning. That is not the way. First we have to decide that we don't want to sin. But then, when we've turned to the Lord, we have to do back up our actions. There is no use just being a procrastinator and saying you don't want your sin, but you just go and do it! That's not the way of a right heart, is it! It just means that you're saying: 'Hey I don't want to do this, but part of me really loves it, so I'm just going to go and do it. In the end it was YOU who made the decision. It wasn't God, and it wasn't the devil, nor was it the sin: it was you. So you are the problem, if you want to continue sin. But the way to freedom is: you decide that, 'I am going to follow Christ.' It always comes down to the sorts of decisions you make, especially in the temptation, because Jesus said himself: "I came to call sinners to repentance." You go read it. He said: "I came to call sinners to repentance." He didn't call the righteous, he came to call sinners to repent. He didn't come to condone sin, or for you to continue sin. He didn't come to forgive sinners while they continue to sin; he never said that. He said: "I came to bring sinners to repentance." He is the doctor and he heals them. So because you repent, he will heal you. When I see true people who actually do come to Jesus, I ways seen them change. Some of them they get on their knees, and they are in tears before the Lord of their many sins. They start to realise he is wonderful grace.

You know friends, we all already feel that we're under condemnation, when we're in our sins and bondage. Especially when you come before the Lord. You feel the need to repent even more, and fell you're way more condemned before the Lord, than you do if you block him out. When the presence of God comes to a person, they feel so condemned. They feel that they are really close to hell. They feel that there's just no hope. God strikes so much fear into peoples hearts, because they are in sin. But the reason they start to feel so grateful and really want to cry out to the Lord, is because they suddenly realise that Jesus has MERCY for them. He has change. He's not like this on the day of judgement, because on the Judgement Day, there is no hope. Coming before the Lord at the moment, is not like the day of judgement. If you come before the Lord on the Day of Judgement in your sin, you've got no hope. Do you realise that? You'll come before him, and be condemned, no ifs or buts. You know, you will be condemned and you'll be only looking forward to that condemnation written out against you. But not at the moment, for now is not yet the day of judgement. So right now we can realise that Jesus went to all that trouble -- even though he was equal with God in the form of God, as it is written -- to put on flesh and made himself a servant -- that is why he talks about being a servant -- and he came to serve and served until death on the cross, in humiliation, even though he was one with God, and he and God are one. He went all the way to the trouble of it all, to do all this just for humankind. So when you realise that your God died for you, you can realise that he is not a scary false god like allah, who doesn't care and doesn't listen. Rather he went to a lot of trouble to save us. So we gotta start to realise that today. All these other gods out there, they never went to any trouble to save us. They (false gods) don't give any hope in any religion. But not our God, he went to a lot of trouble. Even sacrificed himself for us. That is why Jesus Christ is such wonderful news, because he means CHANGE. God meant it when he decided to redeem us through faith in Jesus Christ. That is where the change comes.

Change will come into your life, when you start to realise that your sins are condemning you. We don't have to deceive ourselves here. We just have to accept that our feelings are right that indeed our sins are condemning us. We certainly are choosing that way, and we're not helpless sinners. It's our decision. We can't deceive ourselves and start blaming everybody else. That is what narcissistic people do. Narcissistic people are all about themselves. They can never blame themselves, they have to pass blame off to everybody else. A lot of these greasy, grace believers, are like that. They go and do sin, and blame onto everybody else. But when it comes to them, they are saved. But that's not how it is before God. We've gotta stop blaming sin, and blaming Satan, and blaming other people, for our lack of self control, and make a decisions to stop going to commit wickedness in the sight of God. Even if its small wickedness, like lying, dishonesty, unkindness and meanness. It is these little things that cause major problems later on. These are the pre-curses to terrible sins. And dishonesty is what ends up bringing a country down. It all begins with small sins, friends. The devil doesn't begin with any thing bigger than a seed of thought, or seed of desire inside of you. He can't begin with anything, because if you're not doing it, then where is he going to start? He is going to have to plant the seed and see if you're going to make a decision to follow darkness. Now of course we all have the flesh of Adam, and we are born to love to choose evil in the end. That's why there's pretty much no hope for humankind, unless Jesus came. But the wonderful thing friends, is that we can decide that we're going to repent and turn away from our sin. We can decide to not let bondage of sins rule us, by making honest decisions, and deciding to be honest before Jesus. When temptation comes, deciding instead to put it out, and come to Christ, and get the change. It's the change from Christ, which is real, real change. He is actually a change. We don't need to be in bondage any more to the ways of the devil. I'm telling you, we just don't need that. Satan can tempt us, and our flesh can tempt us, but we can just get on knees, and we can decide to no longer chase after our evil, and we can decide to full heartedly give ourselves to Jesus and think about serving him every day. I know it's not easy, but if we really want to do that, that is what we're going to do. Simple as that. Jesus is change. He changed me, he changed me to go on a new way. We have to stick with that new way. I can go off back to the old ways if I wanted to. After all, we have the old way within us still. But we have a new way as well. But the thing is, before I didn't have a new way; I couldn't defeat myself with myself. How can you defeat yourself by yourself?

It's just not going to work. There has to be a new way in us to defeat the old. And that's what happens when Jesus makes you born again. Dear friends, that is why I want to talk today about this wonderful change in Christ, that Christ gives you. It happens when you decide to take Jesus for real. That is what true belief is. You start to realise who he is. When you start to realise who he is, you become not only a hearer of the word, but also you become a doer also: because you repent, you strive to lay your faith in the Lord everyday, you become born again. You're like the seed that grows on the good ground; you hear the word and become born again. You read the word, and you pray, and believe the Lord, and you decide to repent, and because you repent, a change comes into your life. A new way comes, hallelujah! That's what Jesus is all about. Jesus is all about a new way, a new change. It is something that you have to pursue with the Lord. You've got to want to, and you've got to pursue it. Pursue repenting. If you decided to repent, you will see the change. It doesn't have to happen over weeks and months either; it can happen when you decide to repent and be free.

I know people who hear the gospel of Jesus, and they realise that they can repent, and they can accept Jesus, so they feel so wonderful. When it happens, they just realise how wonderful the Lord is; they have joy and the fresh feeling in their heart as God touches them. They feel wonderful. But then a little bit later over time, they fell away and went away. They just went back to sin. They went back to the old ways. They didn't endure and in time the flesh just took over them, and they were like the seed that landed on the shallow ground that didn't have roots. They didn't have roots in the heart. They were not able to completely dedicate themselves to the Lord. It's very sad. We need to think about this dedication to Jesus. We've gotta start to take him seriously so that we can get the change coming to our life. You can't take Jesus seriously if you just want to keep sinning and chasing your own way. You've got to start turning away from your old ways, and you've got to want the new way. You've got to want the Lord, and go and seek him. I can go back to my old way if I want to: I would stop praying and stop clinging to the new way in my heart, and the hope that I have, and instead I could just go off onto other paths. If we do that, the change will not come back. But dear friends, we must seek the Lord, and let us stay on the path, the narrow path. A lot of people try, as Jesus said. A lot of people will try to enter the kingdom of God, but there are not so many that end up going through the narrow gate. That's why Jesus said: "Strive to enter." He said of the broad way, that it is very wide and many people take that way. And if we want to just live on the broad way to destruction friends, we're not going to find salvation. That is what it comes down to, that we're just not going to find salvation on that way.

We've got to leave the broad path and leave the old ways, and we've got to start looking for Jesus. If you really think he is reality, then you should be praying, having faith. You know, we make the Lord what we live for, why you live, living for the Lord now, not living for your pursuits goals and dreams you have, any more. People they just live for these other things, but they are not interested in living for Jesus. But dear friends, we don't want to be like that, we're here to live for the Lord, to obey him, to have the new way come into our hearts. All you have to do is start praying and being serious about Jesus. You go do it. You go and pray seriously to the Lord, in faith, I tell you, you will get changed. That's what's so wonderful about the Lord; the Lord Jesus is all about change. He is a new way and a change, so you can enter the kingdom of God, hallelujah! That's why we want to be here today, so that we can be in this wonderful change that the Lord gives us. If you don't have that change, and you're still in sin, then you got to seek him, until you find him. He will give you the new way. The new way is when you are longer bound to sin and you can have victory. You can turn away from future temptation. Temptations will come against you, and try and bring you into more sin than before, a higher level of sin and more evil, and you're going to have to have self-control and the fruits of the spirit to stand. That's why you need to put on your ARMOUR. Once you believe in Jesus and take him seriously, he will definitely change you, and you're going to be a different way, but you've also got a put on your armour. You can't just stay there doing nothing. You have to prepare for the enemy, because he will come. When you belong to Satan in your sins, he didn't worry you too much. But when you come to the Lord, there are going to be worse things trying to come against you from the ways of darkness. And so we put on our armour as it is written. Our armour is our faith and prayer, and our salvation, hope, righteousness -- which is turning away from our sin daily keeping overcoming -- the helmet of salvation.

If you don't put this armour on, then you're just like the seed that landed on the ground where the cares of the world and the lusts of the flesh, the things of life, they come up and choke you out. If you are like that, then you're not standing with your armour on. That seed is the person's heart who didn't persevere. They didn't put on Hope daily. They didn't put on prayer. They didn't put on praise. They didn't put on righteousness by overcoming, by overcoming temptation. They followed temptation. When you follow temptation, that's not being righteous. Righteousness is resisting the enemy and he will flee. The enemy is sin. You know friends, resist and put on the armour, and you will not fall. But if we put our guard down, and we don't have the shield of faith up, we start falling into doubting, worry, cares of life, we start following sin, we're no longer walking with shoes of righteousness, and then we are going to be without hope, so all our hope goes; Game for the enemy he will just destroy you. This is what goes on spiritually in you where you cannot see. Of course we're not much for the enemy. He takes many away, but it all came down to, not the enemy: he was not the one who destroyed that person, it was the condition of their heart. That's what it all came down too in the end. The person who had the ground, the weedy ground, or the shallow ground, it was his heart in the end, it was his own doing. Because if he had been the good man's heart, and he had put on the armour and withstood, the enemy would have never got him. We do not fight an enemy that can destroy us, even though we're the strongest, because we've got an enemy that has already lost. He has lost to Christ. Christ has already defeated the enemy. So we fight someone that will always be defeated as long as we put our armour on.

So is really not that bad at all. But friends, people they just don't put their armour on, and it's just the condition of their heart in the end. I just pray that your heart and all of our hearts are in such a condition, that we can just decide to put our armour: the shoes of righteousness -- which is repentance and overcoming sin, doing righteousness not doing sin -- the helmet of salvation, and that the shield of faith, hope, all these things. These things are the result of faith in Christ and these things are because of Jesus. That's where the armour comes from; it's from Jesus Christ. Your righteousness is from Christ, because he set you free from sin. So you fight in the armour of hope which keeps you from temptation and overcoming temptation. So in the end these aren't your works, they are the work of God in you. Because when you did the first work, which was repentance and acceptance of Christ, then you entered into his rest, because he has already done the work for us to be free on the cross! That is the wonderful thing about Jesus is that you don't have to strive after religious ways to be saved. You just have to accept him and be changed. I don't say, 'Change yourself,' because you can't. I say, 'Decide to repent and go to the change Jesus Christ.' For the change, you need to go to him.

I could sit here and say, 'Go change yourself and stop doing this and stop doing that.' You could listen and go try and do that, but you probably couldn't, in fact you wouldn't be able to in the end. The thing is sin has a powerful hold and the more you fight it, the more it grabs you, because you are already under its control anyway. So I can say to you, 'Decide you want to change and go to pursue that. Go to Jesus Christ who is the change.' But once you are with him, you must put on the armour and stay with the change, because you don't want to go back. You don't want to be the shallow ground and just go back. You don't want to be the weedy ground, and over time get choked out by progression of your heart's condition. You would slowly just get worse and worse. That is not what we want to do friends. We want to make a full commitment to the Lord today. We want to progress with him. We want to walk in his righteous paths. That is why I say, 'Have hope, and have faith,' because if you decide to believe in Christ, you'll get those things, and have your armour on. Praise the Lord. So I just want to encourage you, to obey Jesus, to seek him, to give yourself to him, repent, do the first works and go to the change by accepting Jesus and he will change you. Then put on the armour and stay with it until the end, and then you'll be saved. That is what it comes down to dear friends. And that is the way of change, hallelujah…. ...

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Dear friends, today I just wanted to talk about hope; the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. There are a lot of people, who don't have hope. People at this time are in trial, and suffering in the world pierced by many griefs. They don't feel that they have any hope. Friends, they just feel beaten, and cut down without hope. They feel hopeless. But dear friends, today we can have hope; hope in Jesus Christ. Some people they just want to end themselves, and they feel that they just don't have any hope at all. I know people who have wanted to take their own lives, because they just see what they have done as a failure, because they don't have anything better, there is nothing that they are striving for worth living for. But dear friends, that's why I am here today to talk about hope: because we have something to strive for we have a hope. That is what Paul talked about.

He said to always have an answer as to why you have hoped. I have a lot of hope every day. I live a life of hope, because I know that I'm headed towards the wonderful kingdom of God. But a lot of people don't have that hope. Hope is a fruit of the spirit you realise. But people don't have that hope. Sure they might go to church, sure they might read the Bible, sure they might profess to believe in Jesus, but they still don't have any hope. It is because they haven't come to the reality of Jesus and who he is, and so they don't have the hope, because to them he is not real. But that's what I want to talk today about, even though you might be crushed and down, I am telling you now there is hope. There is the hope of Jesus Christ. The other day, I saw these people, unbelievers, they just don't have any hope. They walk around, and they don't have anything further to strive for than the cares of this life. What do the carers of this life amount to? They amount to absolutely nothing. They pass away. Other people they go through bad times in this life. They go through suffering. Evil things happen to them. We live in a world where Satan roams. Satan is always up to his mischief: killing, stealing, destroying, and telling lies. That's what he is all about. Satan is all about destruction. He is about destroying the innocent, and he's about destroying your life: Destroying your future, destroying your love, destroying your marriage. And the thing is friends, people they give satan power of every single day. And so he comes right in, and he starts to destroying their life, and people lose all hope. It was their own doing. You know friends, our own hands cause our lack of hope and our loss of hope. That is why Jesus Christ is such wonderful news, because he is the way out. He is the way back to hope; hope that there's something better than just your life, that is just going down the drain. A lot of people may have got themselves into so many bad situations from their decisions, that they feel that they are too far gone; they just got no hope. But dear friends, Jesus is the hope, and he is the hope that I found. Now I used to be in a rather bad state of mind at one time. I used to think that there was no hope, because I couldn't see what was the point of striving after things of the world that just ended up in nothing! A lot of people can see that: they can see that the things that people value in this life in the end go up in smoke, and they are worthless. But dear friends, that is for those who have no hope; people who don't have a purpose for their future other than their own pursuits and desires that pass away.

Dear friends, the hope that we have, is that treasure in the field. That is the treasure that I have found. It is the hope of eternal life, through Jesus. And it's not just a hope where I just think that, 'I might get eternal life, maybe if I die then something happens…' No! It is more than that. It is an actually reality; a real relationship with God, where suddenly the Lord no longer is hidden to you. The veil is lifted. I can only talk about these things. I cannot actually show you what I see. But I can tell you truly, that when I came to Jesus, I found him for who he really is; and he is the living God and he is alive, and he is real, and he's here right now friends. What happened was, I came to have the hope of Christ; the hope that comes from Christ that is real. That is what Paul found too. Paul was on the road to Damascus, and the light of Christ shone down on him. Jesus said, "Paul, why are you persecuting me?" And Paul was very scared, and he realise that Jesus Christ is the Lord our God. He cried out, "Lord, what do you want me to do?" And from that day on Paul had hope: hope that was not that religion can give you. Because religion cannot give you hope dear friends. Religion is hopeless. It is void of hope. Religion can give you a whole lot of empty promises, but it will not give you heart satisfaction. You can hope that it is right: you can pin your hopes on a few Bible verses, hoping that this will be alright, but you don't have any connection with God himself, so how can you know where you stand before him? That is why people get a lack of hope and they fall away to sin and pierce themselves with grief, and have many evil things happen to them. They start to feel like: "God where were you? I am just so pierced, and these evil things have happened to me." And yes lots of evil things do happen to people, because as I said just before, Satan is a destroyer. People give him power and he comes right in and he starts destroying your life. He destroys everything. Satan is wicked dear friends. He's full of lies and destruction. He only comes for three things: to kill, steal, and destroy. He will kill and destroy you. That is what happens when people live a life away from Jesus Christ.

But friends, when we come to the Lord, then we're going to have hope, hallelujah! But before we can come to the Lord, there're things we must do. We must want to turn away from our sin. Friends, what is the point of coming to Jesus, and wanting Jesus and his hope, if we still want the world? You have to be prepared to not want the world any more, but want Jesus Christ. And I tell you friends, I have seen that treasure and I went right off after it, and I went and bought that field. I'm just asking you, "Have you bought that field? Have you gone off after that treasure?" You know dear friends, the wonderful treasure in heaven, the hope of God, the hope of eternal life, is not just a hope of Bible verses, it is a hope of reality when you come to know the Lord. You come to hear him, and he starts to speak to you and help you. Satan comes to destroy and condemn and destroy your confidence in God, but Jesus Christ builds it up; if you would only focus on him. You know friends, hope is what it is all about; Hope in Jesus Christ. If your life is taking you places where you don't want to go, where you feel that you've got no hope, and you just want to end your life even -- Some people just want to end their life and other people just want to give up and become bitter and angry, and they just want to go into their shell. Other people they don't have a real bad life but they just chase after their own pursuits -- but the thing is friends even in our fun and entertainment, even in our despair, and even in our depths of grief, friends there is a way out of it all; when we come to realise that at the end of our life it is all empty, and everything we have done on this earth only counts towards our destruction. So when we come to realise that, we can start to see that we need hope; a hope that the world cannot give us, and that is the hope of Jesus Christ: the hope that when you go to him, he is going to get to know you, and the realisation that he is going to lead you on a new way, where you going to have treasure in heaven, and then your heart is going to be in the kingdom of God instead of on all these useless and hopeless things down on this earth! Jesus meant it when he said, "The kingdom of God is like a man who found treasure in a field that was hidden, and went and sold all he had and he went and bought that field." He went and sold away his whole life, and he went and got that field. That is what I am doing: I sell away my whole life, and I go and live for the kingdom of God, that is all I care about. Why? Because I have the hope, and the reason I come on here today, is to share that hope, because there is no use me having the hope and you don't have the hope! What does it gain you, friends, if you do not have the hope that I have? That is why I come on here and I want to share with you this hope that you might have this hope also.

It's not the religious hope that doesn't give you any hope. Christians are so bogged down in their own religion and ideas, because that they don't know Jesus and they don't really have any hope: they get into trouble with condemnation, and self condemnation. They have bad thoughts in their hearts and they feel just so bad. They don't have a grounding at the bottom of their heart where Jesus is. I have a grounding. Satan can come to me, and throw evil thoughts to me, and make me feel bad, yes, but I have a grounding of hope below all that. I have a grounding that didn't used to be there. A hope at the deepest level, where you can be: bold, confident, confidence in prayer, confidence in putting out doubt. Sure doubt comes, it comes to anybody. But then we have that depths of hope within us, and we can put out our doubt. Hallelujah! But the thing is friends, so many people are cut off from God, because of sin. They go and cut themselves off from God and give themselves over to the destroyer every single day. They just continue to practice sin, giving themselves over to the destroyer. Who is the destroyed? It's Satan. Did you know that every time that you go to commit even one sin, that you're giving the destroyer a foothold in your life to destroy your life! He will walk right in there and destroy your life. He will pierce you, with grief. It may not be straight away, but as you give him more power he will start to work his curses into your life. You are going to start to see them too! That is why people they get so full of despair. Their life becomes so evil. But the Christian who knows Jesus; the one who has the hope, he is the one that has come to the Lord. He has got on his knees, and he sought Jesus Christ, and he has turned away from his sin. This person, he is able to be in a prison and sing. Just like Peter and John the apostles when they were locked up in a prison after preaching, and they were all singing. All the guards were surprised. They wondered why they were singing. They had been beaten up and put in the stocks. But they had the hope dear friends, that few people have, because they were having a relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit and they had left all their sin. But the thing is friends, there are so many lies in this world today, that people they just believe all these liars, and these lies keep them away from the true hope in Jesus Christ. Their lives are just led by lies. That is why they do not have the hope.

They have religion. People they can talk about their religion all day. I sometimes talk to Christians in my day-to-day life. All they really talk about is their church, their church activities, or what's going on in that church. But they are not very interested about their own personal walk with Jesus Christ. In fact it just doesn't seem that there be any relationship with him at all. Then friends, if we have no relationship with Jesus, we have got no hope! We can deceive ourselves, and we can talk and be all happy, and funny, and enjoy ourselves in the world, but deep down we don't have that hope: that grounding of hope, that grounding of joy from the Lord. We just don't have it. I didn't have it either friends. I have been there. I did not have it. I chased my own way, I went to church, I believed; of course I believed in Jesus, but I didn't have that hope. I had uncertainty. The destroyer came right into my life every time I sinned and he started to destroy my life. Because I was giving the power to the destroyer. That is what Christians do everyday. They give the power to the destroyer. And it's only by God's grace that they haven't been wiped off the earth completely. And you know friends; God gives everybody grace to get it right. He is giving us grace to wake up and repent, and get that hope. That is what he gave me. I'm so thankful to God, that he didn't let me perish in my stupidity. I want to read you a scripture Romans 8:1, I read, 'Therefore there is now no condemnation to them which are in Jesus Christ, who do not walk after the flesh, but walk after the Spirit.'

How many times have you heard in your church read you that verse? People often use this verse, as an excuse to be under no condemnation while they live a life of sin following the flesh. I know I was. But if we read again friends: it is written that, 'There was no condemnations to those who are IN Christ, not walking after the flesh.' What do you think happens to you who are not in Christ, not abiding in Christ and following your flesh? Do you think there is condemnation? Yes there is! You are under the power of the destroyer, Satan, walking after the flesh. That is what people do every single day. I get tempted all the time to walk after my flesh. But did you know that it's written: 'If you crucify the flesh daily and walk after the spirit, you will live.' That is what is written. Walking after the flesh, friends, is what causes people who have the destroyer destroy their life and they've got no hope. Walking after the flesh causes you to be filled with condemnation. That's why people have got so much condemnation, and that's why I wanted to talk about Hope today, because people have none! But I found the hope that is why I'm here: because I want to share with you why I have hope; I have hope, because I used to walk a religious path but I was in sin and I didn't feel anything but condemnation. I felt so bad. I had no hope I tell you. I could say that I had hope, I could say that I had a future, but deep down I didn't have hope. I'm talking about deep down, friends. I'm talking about what is really down there in your heart that you do not talk about. And you know what? I just didn't have any hope down there at all. But I found it, I found hope! I found peace and a strength and a grounding at the bottom of my heart. Where did I get that? Did I get it from another religion or are going to church? No! There is only one place to get hope, and that's where I found it; I found it when I realise that Jesus Christ is alive now. So do you know what I did? I went and prayed to him who is alive now. I know he is all around. You have to understand that our God, is all around. I was blocked off from him the whole time in my own sin and my own foolishness. But I set that straight. I started praying to Jesus, and I cried out, 'Lord, know me, know me.' And I started to repent. I turned from my sins. Dear friends, when you come to the Lord you will remember all your sins, and you'll want to turn away from every single one of them. All the smoking, all the drinking, all the swearing, all the cursing, all the lies, all the dishonesty, all the lusting, all the immoral relationships; Jesus will bring them all up before you and he wants you to turn away from them, and you turn away from them with joy, and you don't want to follow them any more. You know what? That wonderful peace comes right over you. I had this wonderful peace come right over me. Hope filled my heart; hope from the Lord. Isn't that wonderful! Hope from Jesus Christ.

From that day I was set free. Friends, I want to talk to you about some sins: sins such as addictions, and cussing and swearing. You can have an addiction in your life, and if you start cussing and swearing, what happens is you start to get addicted to that. That means you are in chains. You are in bondage, it's called bondage. What happens is you speak curses over your life every single day. You speak curses over everybody else, and you curse yourself to the fire. That is why so many evil things start to happen in people's lives, because of their words. I was under the bondage of cursing, and evil speech. It was just one sin, however I was under bondage to others things as well. People say, 'What if you drop a hammer on your toes, would not a curse word just come out?' Well, back then in my sins definitely. Because I was in bondage to sin. But Christians don't often understand that they themselves are in bondage to sin. They don't understand that Jesus sets you free, from that bondage. When the hope came into my heart, I was on my knees in prayer, and I repented of these things, and Jesus set me free! I no longer had the need to sweat. I no longer did. I was free indeed. Why? Because the power of God in heaven is real. And his word is a powerful two-edged sword that will come into your life and divide you and cut the chains. I have had drug addicts message me saying they were in bondage to drugs for years, then they came to Jesus, and suddenly they were without desire any more! Do you think they got that from a rehab centre? Do you think they got that because they've got a strong will? Certainly not! You know what happened? They got freed by the sword of God; he cut away the chains because he is the word, Jesus Christ. That is why I talk about Jesus Christ today, because he is the hope. I read this verse again in Romans 8:1 -- I hope you listen to it -- 'There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ, who do not walk after the flesh, but after the spirit.'

You see friends, some of these people who message me who were a former drug addicts, they walk after the spirit now. They don't walk after the flesh any more. But after time, people they often go back to the flesh. Jesus once set me free from some sins along ago, when I was lukewarm. I said to Jesus, 'I am not going to do them any more please free me.' And he set me free. I wasn't doing those things for a quite a while. But then I started to walk back after the flesh, and I started to do them again. I became a double fold under the bondage that I had been the first time. It's true: if you walk after the flesh, even Jesus has set you free, you will come under the bondage worse than before. The thing is friends, when we are under bondage, we lose all hope. But I want to talk about Hope today, because I found hope. I found that when you repent, and you come out of your failures, and you make a proper and final decision about it, then you can walk in hope. I had somebody message me once, saying how they used to walk in the spirit, how they used to hear the spirit, but then the Babylon church put their light out; they went off into sin, and they started to listen all the lies they were hearing in church, and ended up far away from Jesus. They say, 'I am away from the Lord. He just doesn't seem to talk to me any more.' Do you know why that is friends? It is because we go following after the flesh. If we follow the flesh which is mankind, or we follow ourselves, and our desires and the dictates of the flesh, what happens is we lose all hope. People they write to me and they say they've got no hope. That is because they don't know Jesus, and they're still following the flesh. But I'm here to tell you friends that you can have that hope today, because I've got the hope. I've got the hope and freedom from sin, from Jesus Christ. I've got the good news. I can show you the good news today, but you have to accept it! I've got this good food: the good food of the good news; the good news that Jesus is alive, Jesus sets you free, Jesus gives you hope, Jesus makes you new person. You no longer have to go and kill yourself. You no longer have to go and feel bad, or you no longer have to have all this self condemnation wondering about when you die, whether you will go to heaven or hell. People go all kinds of ways in life. That is why I address all these issues. I just don't know who is going through what. But the thing is friends, I talk about the hope: the hope of Jesus Christ for that reason. Because it's the only hope that will set you free from your predicament, and it from your troubles. Then we can just keep walking after the Spirit; walking in the power of the Spirit. Hallalujah. It is all Jesus Christ and his hope! Amen, praise the Lord! There was another thing that I really wanted to talk about, and that was prayer, because there is prayer, then there is p r a y e r. When we have the hope of Jesus, or we WANT the hope of Jesus, we are going to really fervently pray. We are going to get on our knees really fervently praying to Jesus, really wanting to know him for real. Not this 5 minute prayer at night, not really being serious to Jesus about what you are saying, and just more interested in what you are going to do tomorrow. No, that is not the prayers God hears.

I am talking about the prayers of the sinner who repents of his sins in tears. He cries out to God to have mercy on him. Is that you? I am talking about the prayers of the righteous who have the hope of Jesus Christ, and who pray for those who are dying without God. I am not talking about religious prayer, where you pray for 5 min in your church, then you go off and do whatever else you what to do for the day. No, I am talking about something you really want to talk about: something you really want in your heart, because maybe you got no hope, and you really want hope. So you are crying out to the Lord to give you hope, saying, 'Help me Lord, give me hope!' The prayers of the righteous availeth much. That is what is written. The fervent prayers of the righteous avail much. I read from John 9:31 where it is written: 'We know that God does not hear sinners, but if anyone be a worshipper of God and does his will, them God hears.' So, if we are in sin believing all these lies that we are not under condemnation while we follow the flesh, how is God going to hear you? How is he going to hear you if you don't repent? And if you don't want to repent, how is God going to do anything in your life, least of all give you hope? I really push these things, because these things I came to realise: if you want the hope, if you want the change, if you really want the treasure in the field, then you've got to clean up your life with a lot of decision making. You've got to make those decisions that must be made. Those decisions to turn away from your sin. You start seeking the Lord fervently. You won't be able to on the last day. I know of people; they have died, and they don't have this hope any more, and they don't have this opportunity. But we have this opportunity friends, but we have to make use of it, so that we're going to find ourselves a reward, in the hope. When we gather together and pray friends, and we pray in one accord, that's when the power of God can move upon the world, and break strongholds. I know a group that was in India, and they decided to get together and pray, because they wanted revival to happen. They were praying, and praying for the Lord, and fasting all in one accord like we should do as a group. That is what church is supposed to be. It is supposed to be believers who have left there a sin, and who are led by the spirit, and who pray. Not having fun and games. It is all about changing the world. We live in a world where there are people dying, and suffering, and terrible evil things are being done to people, by the destroyer. Christians are not doing anything. They are not praying. They are in sin themselves with no hope themselves. But I want to rally people to have hope today, and start praying to the Lord, and have committed their lives to Jesus. Because, when we pray in one accord, what happens things happen. Bondage is broken. This group of Indians in India, that were a part of a fellowship group of Christians, they were praying in one accord for quite a while for a revival to bring people to repent. God gave them that revival. One day people just suddenly started to have a fear of God in their hearts. Even the children were having visions of Jesus. Even Hindus, and their parents were distressed and terrified because they knew that they needed the Lord. A lot of people came to Jesus, and they flocked to the churches to hear the word of God, because they just didn't know what else to do.

Why? They knew they had no hope and were under condemnation, and were under the judgement of God and they just knew that. They just needed hope. Where do we get hope from the judgement of God? The first place they thought they could get it would be were the Christians, so they were told about Jesus, and many accepted Jesus. But why do these things happen? When the church gets together and the believers aren't sinning, and they go and pray as one to God, God changes people. I tell you friends, it is our individual responsibility to get ourselves right with Jesus, so that we can have hope. He can give us hope. Then we can change the world. We can pray which breaks strongholds. A brother prayed every day against a big outdoor entertainment store and it shortly after closed down, closed it's doors. Went out of business. There is power behind everything friends. There are spiritual powers of darkness behind industries on earth, behind certain things like the prostitution industry. They have got spiritual forces behind them. They got to be broken. But why are not Christians praying against these things? Why aren't Christians praying against the things that cause evil things to happen to people? Evil things to happen to children, mothers, fathers, Unbelievers, people who don't know the Lord? It is our responsibility as believers who are filled with the hope, we have to pray for people. There is no use just being fruitless, and dominant, and inactive. Those people won't enter the Kingdom. Dormant, inactive people who follow the flesh have got no hope. They might profess Jesus, they might be very religious and go to church, but they have no hope and they know deep down that they don't have a grounding of peace and hope. But friends, that is why I pray about it; I pray daily that people repent and I urge you to do the same. I urge you to repent, and get yourselves right with Jesus and get to know him for real, so you can be filled with the hope, and change the world as well. Prayer people are world changes. People who are the saints, their prayers go before God as incense.

Do you know 'saints' friends? Saints are people who don't sin. Saints are people who do the righteous works of God. Anyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ, and he has left sin, their who is Jed dedicated to Jesus and has his spirit, she is a saint. Any such person, has their prayers go before the throne of God, and the more prayers go before the throne of God almighty and he acts in this world, that we have destroyed and are causing destruction in. And the enemy gets destroyed. But when the saints of God don't pray, then the enemy gains power and more works of evil happens. Many evil deeds happen. More people falling to terrible things, terrible things happened to them. Dear friends it is when we pray and when we're dedicated to Jesus, then our prayers go before the throne all in one, and revival happen. People start to repent, because God doesn't work just by himself on this earth; he uses people. He uses me and will use you, and he expects you to work in his vineyards. People say, 'Well, why doesn't God just send angels to preach? We don't need to do anything and he just brings everybody to heaven.' But dear friends, how it is down, the reality of how it is -- I am not talking about dreams or movies, I am talking about reality -- the reality of how it is down here is it is by FAITH. Faith and prayer. These are the things he uses, Because it is written that God said, he said: “It is not by might nor by power, but by my spirit that all mountains will be brought low and things happen.” it is by his spirit that things will happen, that walls will be broken down, that spiritual forces will be crumbled, that the powers of darkness shall be broken. Not by power nor by might, but by his spirit. And that's why even a child in the spirit, can do mighty things, where the warrior and man of strength cannot. It is because it is not by power and might in this world in the Kingdom of God. It's by the spirit: it is by Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit. And that is why friends, we got to stop playing around and we got to get ourselves right before the Lord. We've got to repent. We have to seek him who hears from heaven and we got to know him. We got to have his spirit, friends, so that we can change the world. We can pray in the spirit and change the world. We can be led by the spirit and the Holy Spirit will use us to lead others to himself.

But it's by the spirit only. Not by power and might. Not by wonderful works, not by mighty Ministries, but by the spirit. Anyone who is led by the Lord, bringing people to the kingdom, it is not through them but through the spirit. Because they are a saint. They have turned away from their sins. They are in a connection with Jesus Christ. They have his hope. And because they have his hope, they can go out and do the works of the spirit. Everybody's got a different work. Some people are greater in the works in the spirit, and some are the least, however nobody can judge anyone. We all got to do what we got to do friends, wherever and however. Beware of being a lazy worthless servant who is just playing church and not interested in actually doing anything for the Kingdom of God. There's several parables on this: the parable of the fig tree, the parable of the vine, the parable of the lazy servant, the parable of the rich fool, the parable of the wedding feast, of the servant who had the wrong clothes; all of these illustrate what happens to people who are not interested in being fruitful and serving the kingdom. They say, 'Lord, Lord' only but are not doers of the word. I have talked of the parables of Jesus, and how a lot of these parables illustrate the kingdom of God; like the fig tree. In the parable of the fig tree, there was a fig tree growing and it didn't bear fruit and the Master said, 'Cut it down'. But the vineyard keeper said, 'No, I will fertilise it and if it doesn't bear fruit next year, then we will cut it down. You can see the meaning of that very clearly friends. The master is God, Jesus is the Gardner and the fig tree is you. God says, “Look this fig tree is not bearing any fruit! You are not bearing any fruit in my kingdom, get him out of here. Cut him out of the kingdom. But Jesus says no. He says, “I am going to help this person for a while, and I am going to give him all the opportunities to get himself right with me, and if he still doesn't, then cut him out. That is what's happening right now: Christians are getting cut out of the kingdom because they are not listening.

They are not listening to Jesus. They are not accepting the good spiritual food. They are not getting on their knees and repenting. They just keep following the flesh, and God gets them cut off. We got to wake up to ourselves all the time, and we have to be awake and serious for Jesus, having his hope. The parable of the vine: Jesus is the vine, you are the branches. Without him, you can do nothing, you will wither up and cannot bear fruit. It is true. Without Jesus you cannot bear fruit friends. You need Jesus. You need the hope: the hope of Jesus. That is why I am here, because you need the hope of Jesus being grounded on his hope. I urge you to get the same. Repent and turn to the Lord and be connected to him in prayer. Then you will bear fruit. The parable of the lazy servant: we all know what happened to that servant; he got thrown out into the outer darkness where there is a weeping and gnashing of teeth. If you have fear in your heart because that could be you, then you are not grounded in the hope. You must be following your flesh and under condemnation now. So we got to turn away from our sin. We got to get ourselves right with Jesus, and we got to think about being a faithful servant to his name. Thing about those faithful deeds daily to Jesus. Be serious about him; he is going to give you that grounding of hope. You will not be unfruitful. That is why I talk about coming to the Lord. We all know what happens when we do not, it is not good at all. But we all know that if you do come to the Lord in proper prayer and repentance, dedicate your life to him, stop following all this sin and the flesh, then you are not going to be the branch that gets cut off, or the lazy servant. How about the rich fool? Jesus talked about that parable. It is about a farmer who stored up all this wealth for himself, then he sat back and said, “Well done self, you have done well. Now I will have life easy.”

But God came to him that night and said, “You fool! Your soul is acquired of you tonight, and what do you have to show?” You see all our wealth is burned up before the Lord, and what do we have to show him, if we have just lived after the flesh? That is why I talk about Jesus Christ. He is the hope. You must live for Jesus then you will be grounded in hope, and have fruit. You will not be just piling up for yourself destruction. What about the parable of the wedding feast with the servant and the wrong clothes: this is an illustration of those who are wanting the hope of Jesus, but they are not being serious about turning away from their sin. The clothes represent your spiritual state. When you follow the flesh you dirty your clothes in sin, and your soul becomes polluted in sin. Even one sin is going to pollute you friends; one bad thought. We got to turn it all out when it comes. We got to repent of our actions of sin, otherwise we get to the wedding feast of the lamb and we get thrown out. Do you know what happened to that servant? Jesus said, “Have him cut into peaces and thrown out into the outer darkness, he has got the wrong clothes.” He had dirty clothes, not dressed in the white robes of holiness. Are you liven holy? Or are you in sin still? We have to be serious and we got to start to live holiness, and we got to get on our knees and we got to get that hope into our lives, hallelujah. We need to get that hope from the Lord....

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Over time, many times in the past, Jesus has brought about revivals on earth, and the people have heeded God, and heard about the Lord, and become serious, because of revival of the Holy Spirit. There has been places on earth, where people have had such a need for God in their heart, that they went to seek the Lord wherever they could. That is what a revival is: when God starts to draw people, and people start to realise that they are condemned, and on their way to hell, and that they need salvation. God in his mercy, sends these revivals. They have happened throughout history in many places, and at many times. They are documented. But when people often experience a revival -- which is a fear of God where unbelievers start to repent and the come to Jesus, and then people start to be filled with the Holy Spirit and start having miracles happen, healing, signs from God -- the problem is, give a few year after the revival has happened, a lot of those people who saw those things, repented, and came to the Lord, have then gone back to the way of the world.

Jesus looks out over the earth and he sees this happening and it makes him very sad, because he gives us such grace to repent, yet over time -- when the time for faith comes when we have to walk by faith because the Lord starts to hold back his miraculous signs -- the people they FALL AWAY. They no longer got their hearts for the Lord. They become luke-warm. That is what we are seeing today in todays society, is that we have a whole lot of church goers -- we have people who years ago have experienced miracles and seen signs from God, some of them have been walking in the gifts of the Spirit in times past -- who now they have FALLEN AWAY to the way of this generation that loves selfish pursuits, their own desires and entertainment. You see entertainment has come and it has killed the church. Churches have become a place where unfortunately clowns are entertaining the goats, because people are not interested in the truth, and not walking by faith. So the Lord hands them over to all their entertainment, lusts, and sins that they want to have. Dear friends, it is very sad. People they don't endure with the Lord. Revival comes, and it is like a seed that gets planted in someones heart. They hear about the good news with joy. Often they experience powerful miracles. Sometimes they experience miraculous signs, and even visions. Some have seen Jesus, yet even with all this a lot of them have been like the seed that was planted on the wayside. When the time for faith came, they had no roots, no depth in their heart for the Lord, and just fell away. Other seed landed on the ground where the thorns grew up and choked out the seed. These are the people who hear and receive the gospel with joy. They are in these revivals, and they have seen miracles. They have experienced God, yet they fall away. They do not last the long term. They fall away to the cares of life, lusts of the flesh, and to entertainment.

Dear friend, the path to Jesus is a narrow path. People get weeded out from that path all the way up to the gate. Many start, and few finish. It is a path of faith and endurance. It is not just have a revival, then '5 years later we are happy in out sins again following the world going to church still.' Dear friends the walk with Jesus does not expire with revival. It does not expire after revival. The walk with Jesus continues until the day we enter the kingdom; because it gets bigger every day. Either you are growing your relationship with the Lord daily, or you are receding and expiring. Flames are going out. People are becoming cold for the Lord every day. But there are a few who continue grow their flame. They fan their coals. Their relationship continues and progresses with the Lord. They are the ones who grow continually, enduring on the narrow way. They become mature in the faith.

Dear friend, have you experienced revival, then walking back to your own life? Are you one of the Christians who find all their entertainment in video games, in movies, and entertainment? Are you all just interested in the latest gossip? Is your focus on the people of this world, like celebrities? Sport stars? Olympic medalists? People who strive for the things of this earth, and then they reap destruction! Is that where your focus is? Or, dear friend, is your focus on the kingdom of God! Where you are only interested in becoming his sheep doing his will. Do you have good ground? Or are you like the seed that lands on the weedy or shallow ground. I hope that you make it into the kingdom, and you don't get weeded out along the way. I hope that you choose to be fruitful today, and the axe doesn't cut down your tree. I just hope, that as many who this message today, as many will take the Lord seriously again today! That they restart what God began in their hearts, and fan the coals into a flame! I just hope, friend, that you are going to revive. Jesus bless you…...