Friday, February 14, 2014


America must repent. I had a dream and in my dream, I saw many disasters taking place in America all at one on the same day. In one corner in America a calamity was happening at the same time as something else in the middle and the other side.

There was a lot of trouble all at once coming upon the nation. All at once in a single day. So God is warning you to repent, and not just America but also the whole world. He is brining about his judgements and when he really does decide to judge a nation, it will be in one day. A lot of destruction happened all in one day.

I knew that the WRITING WAS ON THE WALL for America. I am warning you; turn from your sins, take Jesus seriously so that when the wrath of God gets poured out, you will not perish with the wicked. I would heed this warning today if I were you and seek Jesus Christ. He is looking for a relationship with anybody who wants to seek him. Anyone who wants to turn from their sins, Jesus is waiting for them to come to him and he will lead them. They will be his sheep and he will be their shepherd. Many people don't want to come to Jesus and so a lot of them perish when the time of judgement comes. God is sending out a solemn warning at this time; REPENT because his judgements are coming in a single day.......