Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Now friends, we are free and give thanks to the Lord. I'm here in Asia. I just pray the Lord is with you where ever you are. Amen….Lord we just thank you that today we can have your joy today and we can walk in your ways we can deny ourselves and abide in and follow you Lord, we thank you for this day is another day we could abide with you Lord, we just thank you for this day and I just pray that the Word you give to speak strikes people's hearts in the name of Jesus, Amen… you know friends it's been on my heart to speak about not letting people let you down and causing you to lose your faith. We can follow people and we can listen to people and people can then turn on us and who you thought was such a wonderful man of God or woman of God or somebody, then turned on you. So many people have lost faith in Jesus over these sorts of things. You know when we allow things to take our focused off Jesus Christ then dear friends we're in trouble. So we have two think about keeping our faith only in Jesus and not letting our faith waiver or be shaken by other people. That's what I want to talk today about is knowing Jesus. There's a lot of difference with not knowing him, and friends we cannot know him and just follow our church and sing in the choir and just go our own way in life. And we cannot know Jesus when we go to sleep and we might pray to Jesus but we don't know Jesus. We don't know his voice. And friends if we don't know Jesus and then we can't hear him speak to us, we're not going to be focused on him too much because we just don't know him. And that's where satan gets in. there are other people and then these other people let them down. They do terrible things and so people get damaged in their heart and when a heart is damaged, that is how can we lose our faith.

If we choose Jesus, if we had a little faith, we just lose it, and a lot of people have died away from Jesus. Jesus doesn't want people to die that way. He doesn't want you to die away from him. Jesus weeps over the people that just stay away from him. Friends, people just fall away from Jesus, but Jesus is there to want to know you. He just wants to know you. And how do I know this is true? Because of my own life many years ago. I followed Jesus and I gave myself to him and I had faith, and friends, I had faith a long time ago. I had a little faith and a little belief and I could trust Jesus and so I trusted him and I said Lord I want to serve you and I want to follow you. But the problem is I started to go the wrong way in my life. I started to live my own ways and I fell away from Jesus and I started listening to other people. Other people started to come into my life who didn't follow Jesus, and dear friends, the problem is when we follow people, we are going to get ourselves into trouble, and we're not going to be able to be pleasing to the Lord. That's the problem with this time that we live in, and we are not going to be pleasing to Jesus. That's what I did, I went away and went after my lusts and I fell away from Jesus. I didn't really know him to begin with because I never really gave a thought to Jesus and he wasn't my Lord. I abided with him, but he wasn't my God. I didn't make him my Lord I just trusted in my own way. It is all well to go on for a little while but it's either going to drive you to seek Jesus or its we just don't seek him. He never turns away those who ask, but he never becomes a reality to us and so what happened was, the Lord started dealing with me. He stopped my train and that's what he will do, he will stop your train. If you go after him if you go after your way then Jesus comes along and he says no no let's stop your train right now and let's start doing my way and that can be scary. You know I had to give up things I was doing in life, life pursuits, and that wasn't easy. You see we like to do our things in life if you're really dedicated to Jesus he will stop our train. And we go a different way. And I ended up all the way over here. But people put their trust in a lot of other things but they don't put their trust in Jesus and so that's why they don't find him.

But I want to talk about how I found Jesus because that's all that counts right now is whether or not you know Jesus. I was wafting along in life doing my own things and chasing my pursuits and following my desire and being focused on the wrong things, and the Lord in his mercy put me down where I needed to cry out to him: Lord I need help! I was in trouble I was pulled down. Things weren't going so wonderful in my life no more. When God steps into your life things just won't go so well. And so what happened was when God stepped into my life, he brought me to a place to call out to him and then I finally repented. I repented of going my own ways following my own lusts. That's what's so wonderful about our God is that he just doesn't leave us to perish. He always gives us opportunity to come the right way so that we can be saved. And so I started to seek Jesus because I was told that: hey you can't just live your own way in life and enter the kingdom of God! It's written that if you do not deny yourself and follow Jesus you will not enter a God's Kingdom. Jesus said you're not worthy of him if you do not deny yourself. But friends we're not here to follow our ways, we are here to follow the way to the kingdom of God and so I started to seek and I started to pray. I started to ask Jesus; please help me Lord. And the Lord started to come into my life because I started to seek him, hallelujah, and when you seek the Lord you will find him. Praise the Lord. And I started to seek, but people just don't want to pray. They want to go to bed at night and pray five minutes but they don't want to keep praying. That's why they don't get to find Jesus. It's because they don't pray they don't ask the Lord. But friends we're here to pray and I was praying and seeking and asking the Lord to please know me and on my knees outside at 12 o'clock at night praying and seeking the Lord asking the Lord I want to dedicate to you I want to follow you, I don't want to follow my old way no more. Friends I got up a changed man. Jesus changes people. I tell you that truly I got up a new person. I had experience the joy of the Lord before when I had been baptised but I wasn't serious about staying with him and I just fell a way back into my old ways. My heart wasn't right before the Lord. But what Jesus did was he pulled me up and out of my ways and called me to repent. He called me and I'll tell you friends anybody who seeks find. Anyone who knocks the door as will be opened. For anyone who seeks is going to find the Lord and so that is what I did, I started asking, knocking, seeking, and because Jesus is who he said he is was, our mighty saviour, he will save you. So what I did I got on my knees I started to seek the Lord I got up a changed man and he started to speak into my spirit. It was amazing the Lord himself coming to you wanting to speak to you wanting to know you, putting his peace upon you. But the thing is people cannot receive these things because they don't have faith. They don't want to repent. They don't want to trust. If I didn't have faith I couldn't go out and pray and seek, seek with a clear confident and serious mind.

Not a man who is just praying wondering if God is there and then just going about his day! He is just unstable not sure about anything. He doesn't see the glory of God all around. The Lord gave me a word about that he said; in creation there is my glory. And people often worship the creation and not the creator. But we see the creation and we see the glory of God. These are just some of the physical things but there is a whole world of things you do not know about because you do not seek. And I can in part tell you the knowledge to seek but you have to come and seek, so you can come to know the Lord because he is spirit. Praise the Lord. He is spirit and he is truth and if you seek him you will find him. And that's why I am here because I've found the Lord. It is more than just going to church. You know I used to go to church a lot but I didn't know Jesus in church because you don't find Jesus going to church. Now people have got it all backwards. They think that we've got to gather around with fellowship and that is how we find Jesus. The only way you can find Jesus is if you realise who he is and then go and seek him. Anybody who follows Jesus they will tell you that, because you have to do realise that he is real before you can seek. He is our mighty counsellor. He is our mighty saviour. He is God in the flesh, that if we repent and we turned him we're going to find him and anybody who comes to the Lord is going to make him their God and they're going to serve him for his sake not their other false gods, and are going to make him their God. And if you make him your God, you're going to find him because his reality is your reality. Jesus just didn't pass away in the year 1 AD years ago and 2000 years later he doesn't exist, just a memory, no Jesus is more than a memory friends. You know I see so many people they come along and they say well you know I got this problem and I got that problem and I tell people; Jesus knows about your problems, he knows about what's going on in your life, he wants to speak to you, he wants to tell you what to do with your problems. I know it's not easy. Life isn't easy. It's not easy for unbelievers and it's not easy for believers. We live in a world that is dark and of the devil, but if we follow Jesus, if we seek Jesus, we will find him hallelujah. And that's what's so wonderful and that's why I am here because of Jesus! He truly changed me dear friends, and he gave me a new way to follow and I'm keeping on that new way, and I am just keeping my ear on Jesus because when I am abiding in him, I don't have any fear. I have a lot of confidence, and I know where to go. I know what to do. I'm listening to his voice. But sometimes we can get distracted and we just get so distracted and we're just worried and worried about the economy and worried about coming tribulation and worried about not making the rapture or worried about life, worried about our work, we are worried about getting another job, and we are worried in case we can't pay rent properly.

Peoples faith just gets derailed and is shipwrecked, because they let the cares of life and all these things kill of their faith. But Jesus said you don't need to worry about these things. He said I would take care of them. Jesus said that the father knows you need these things and you know what friends, since I follow Jesus I've never lacked anything. It is so wonderful that he provides so well and I'm just so thankful friends every day. I'm just so thankful for all his done. I have a place, I have an income to pay the bills and everything I need. I don't have a need in the world, because all I have is Jesus and he looks after us so well when we trust him and when we put him first. He looks after our needs it so wonderful friends. He puts us through hard times to refine our faith, but he always provides for our needs and we get in those situations where we just wonder what we're going to do next and that's Jesus teaching us to have faith. And when we have faith and put the kingdom first, then we stop kicking against the goads, kicking against the Spurs and damaging our legs on the Spurs like a stubborn mule, because we start to put Jesus first. We start listening to what he's telling us. People get very sick they start to get terrible illnesses and they wonder if they're going to live through and that's God speaking to them. He is wanting you to turn away from something. He is wanting you to trust him with your life. Become more focused on him. The best way to have good health is to start putting the kingdom of God first by focusing on Jesus Christ. The devil might come along and attack you sometimes, maybe he will attack your health I don't know. I know that in the Bible Paul talked about how Apollos got very sick and he was near death but the Lord restored him and Paul was so grateful. Jesus does that, he will restore us even in our troubles. And we say; Lord where were you? I was so sick or in need and I was in so much trouble… But Jesus will restore us. You know it will not be easy all the time but Jesus is always going to provide for your needs. There is going to be times that you're going to wander but that's when we need to stick to our faith and then we have a great reward in heaven. Jesus himself was the example of that. He was showing us by his life as a man how we must stick to our faith and even in troubles and trials, like he went through being crucified. You could say; well where are you Lord? But the thing is friends we are learning by what the Lord teaches us. But we've got to be listening. We just got to be thinking and putting him on our minds constantly and learning to have that direct communication with the Lord where we're constantly focused on him in our hearts, hallelujah. You know when you're abiding with Jesus, to have this wonderful peace in your heart, it just doesn't go away but as soon as you get distracted and you start worrying about the end times, and you start worrying about this and worrying about that, then that peace will start to leave you because you get your eyes and your mind and heart of Jesus. But if you're keeping your heart and mind on Jesus Christ and you're focused on him at night, you're praying to the Lord and you're listening to his voice, you're seeking his voice you're kicking out all doubt and not listening to Satan, then you're going to have this wonderful peace stay and abide in you and have the confidence to speak to people and not be concerned about what people think.

And not to be concerned about I can't do saying; Lord I don't know about these people… Instead we start to get that confidence like the apostles did. They could go around preaching in confidence. Why? Because they were focused on Jesus and abiding in him in the spirit. And friends that's why I point you to really abide with Christ and we can say it but often we just don't do it! Abiding in Christ means we've just got to start to seek him. Once you seek him and find him and you start to listen to his voice, he is going to start to point you to places to go with your walk with him. Things to do. You know he's going to lead you on what he wants you to do in his kingdom. There is always something different for everybody. Nobody's got the same circumstances and each person is going to be led differently by the Lord. But if we don't know him friends, then what are we doing? We are just trusting in ourselves if we don't know Jesus, and you just don't hear him and you just don't have his peace. You just go your own way and you just wafting around in life wondering what on earth you are doing and it's because you just don't know Jesus. Well it's time to seek and we just gotta keep seeking until you find the Lord in faith. Only the faithful please the Lord. We already know that he is the Lord that hears and speaks so we know that if we seek him we will find him hallelujah. As it is written, Jesus said; if you seek me you will find me. That's what the Lord is all about. He is all about spirit and worshipping him in the spirit. Then we get filled with the Holy Spirit to speak truth and when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you get baptised in his name and you get filled with the Holy Spirit. Then you can follow the Lord and listen to him daily and that's what it's all about. It is not about just going to church and listening to the sermon and it's not even about singing in the choir. It is not about that, it's about your prayer and relationship with the Lord and finding him. If you find him then you can be of benefit to others and then you can go along and you can praise Jesus properly. Now how can you praise Jesus if you don't know him? I always wondered that because I did not know the Lord and I couldn't praise Jesus.

Sometimes praising Jesus made me feel offended because we've got our stubborn hearts as the devil in us, until we repent. But you see friends once I came to the Lord then I could praise him, then I could praise the Lord and thank him for all he has done, trusting him hallelujah. That's what Jesus wants us to do is praising him, but we can't praise the Lord if we don't know him and that's the sad calamity, friends, of this earth, is that we've got a world full of people but very very few of them, definitely very few that I know off, can praise Jesus as they KNOW him. They can talk doctrine, they can read Scripture ,and they can read Scripture to support all their doctrines, but they just don't know Jesus. And if we don't know Jesus then what are we doing? Why are we even on this earth if we don't know Jesus? That's the only reason we are on this earth is his grace, God's grace to get to know Jesus. Jesus said to me he said; your time on this earth is my grace your life is my grace, my grace to get right with the Lord. And Jesus weeps daily friends because a lot of people just don't get it right. They don't want to trust Jesus. They don't want to making their own, and they end up dying and end up in the fire. That's the sad reality of this generation is that it is full of bibles and churches and Christian this and Christian that! There's Christians everywhere in the government, the government will say they are Christian, in the courthouse, Christians in the police force, but they don't KNOW Jesus! If they did know Jesus, then they would be worshipping him in spirit and truth. Now I'm sure there might be a few but the thing is friends there's not many people who know Jesus. They just don't follow him. They just making a religion and then people they follow after religion and get cut by religion. They get cut by people they get hurt by people and they just fall away from what little faith they have. We must start to trust Jesus hallelujah. We've got to start to trust him. If we can trust the Lord, if we can lay faith in him, then we've got to start seeking him and we will find him.

The Lord says; I'm here to be found. And I couldn't be telling you these things if I want myself hadn't sought and had not found. You know friends it's not about what you feel, it is not about your eyes and your senses, it's about your heart and your spirit and that's where the Lord speaks. He starts to speak into your heart and spirit and he does also speak sometimes in in spiritual experiences. He does speak a lot in dreams as well but you've got to be tuned into Jesus in the spirit and that's why we want to be praying because prayer is the communication with the Lord. And when we communicate with him, between us and the Lord that's when we get that connection. And we start to hear the Lord and that's when we start putting him first in our life and we start to know him hallelujah. It's all about that connection friends, and if we don't have a connection with Jesus, then how can we follow him? We need to have a connection and then we can follow the Lord. And then we can start listening to what he wants us to do. Praise the Lord. If you're broken today like people have had happen, and Christians have hurt you, church has hurt you, religion has hurt you, then Jesus is calling you home. He wants you to come to him. I know this for absolute certainty because I was in that sort of condition at one time. I started to call out to the Lord. I had listened to a lot of religion. I had listened to a lot of Christian preachers, but none of them pointed to Jesus Christ. None of them knew his reality. They just knew religion but didn't know about Jesus. Anybody can get a Bible and then they speak the truth about Jesus, but the thing is friends very few people go to the Lord. They just don't go to him and that's what the Scriptures is for, is to point us to Jesus and to realise who he is and seek the Lord and listen to his words. He is alive now friends, he is alive now and that's why we're gathered here today. We're gathered here in the name of Jesus Christ. He is life. You don't have to be part of some church to be with him.e people have contacted me saying unless you're part of the church and go to church you're not part of the kingdom of God. That's not how it uses works. You are part of the kingdom of God only if you are led by the good Shepherd Jesus himself. That's being part of the Kingdom. Being a part of the kingdom is praying to Jesus, accepting him. The first thing people always ask me when they see that I am serious about Jesus they ask; what church do you go to, okay well are you a missionary?

Friends this generation has been so deceived by religion and people that Jesus is heartbroken because people just die away from him. They just say religion and they think that's just that and they hear about Jesus but they just don't want him. To them he is just religion. They're okay with singing in the church but then they just live like the devil all week. They are not interested in turning away from the lusts of the flesh and its joy to follow Jesus. Friends it's not easy to turn away from your life. Of course your flesh tempts you to follow your lusts. Your flesh wants you to follow your lusts. Yes all kinds of sinful desires. People say: you must live such a boring life because you don't want to watch the TV, don't want to watch the movies, you don't want to listen to all our immoral music, and you don't want to follow after the world's way of sport and chasing sports and doing all this stuff that people love to do. And I say: hey that's not my joy I found my pearl, I've gone and sold all I had and bought the field with the treasure in it because that's where my heart is. And when you come to the Lord you can see where your heart is. You can see that your heart is with the kingdom of God no longer doing what you want to do rather you forsake these things, all the stuff that people chase after in this world. People they just want more money. You want that gold medal and recognition from people. They strive to get to the higher place in society so people can look up to them. They try very hard to get the things of this life. It is all smoke. Well you get them right but then at the other end of that you're empty. You reach the end of it all and it all passes away before your eyes. Naked you went into the world and naked you go out. I know several bankers they committed suicide in the last few weeks because they can see the trouble and other things going on in the bank and they just kill themselves because they've got no hope. Their god of money is just crumbling. God is crumbling the false gods of this world, crumbling them down and is bringing people to a point to seek him and a lot of you here have come here because you're seeking Jesus Christ. Jesus has put a call out into the world. He's been calling for several years now; come to me all you who are burdened that I can give you rest.

That is what Jesus is saying. He is saying come to me. He is saying; my children come out of the world come out of the world come to me now come to me now. And that's the call and people are feeling that in their hearts now because we're in the end periods, and people are feeling that. They feel in their hearts there's a lot of trouble. They can we already see God's judgement all around us. Terrible things going on every where every year and people are getting worried. They're also hearing the call of Jesus; come to me come to me now my children, come out of the world….But instead of running to Jesus they are seeking hope in their church where they turn to quoting Scriptures all the more. They're not interested in coming to Jesus but Jesus always had a word for them. He has something to give them. Jesus is lonely friends. People just ignore him they just ignore Jesus. Everybody just ignores Jesus. But he wants your fellowship. He came to down to die on the cross for everybody. He doesn't like that one day he just says to many many people; go away I just never knew you depart from here. And he is just so sad about that because so many people they just didn't want to know Jesus Christ. And that is the situation that we have now friends is that so many people they just never wanted to know Jesus Christ. They just wanted their own way. They wanted money or they wanted a goal, they wanted to fulfil their dreams, they wanted to fulfil their pursuits they are going after, but they just didn't want Jesus. But friends we can want Jesus hallelujah. And that's what I came to realise friends. I tell you I was on the wrong way. I didn't want Jesus. For a long time I wanted my sport I wanted my goals I want to try and reach the top. I wanted to be looked good of in the eyes of man like everybody does. I wanted the same thing that everybody wants in this world, but very few people, friends, want to come out of it, very few I've seen. Very few. I've seen very few people who want to come out of it. I've told them and they just give me a blank look or they just change the subject. They're not interested. People cling to these idols. They don't want to let go. They just want to follow the world and its loves. You know people have got no idea what they're in for when they're following the Devil. He is not just going to let them go at the end of their life, no he's already got them and he is going to bind them and take them off to the fire. People just don't know what they're in for. People don't realise what they're missing out on. When they don't work in God's Kingdom they're just missing out on a huge reward.

They're missing out on the wonderful things of the kingdom of heaven. They're missing out on it all because they're trading in gold for trash. You know there're trading in things that last for ever for perishable things.are you doing that today? I know that was me not that very long ago. I was trading in everything. But the thing is friends I'm just so thankful that the Lord gave me this last chance to come to him wake up and start to build a kingdom, his kingdom, and be a part of it where I can get a reward. I have missed my opportunity before in the past to have a life of serving Jesus Christ and making him my God, but he gave me another chance and I heeded and took that chance some years ago and I've been making use and advantage of that ever since. And I've been learning from what Jesus has been teaching me. We have ups and downs sure but the thing is friends when we put Jesus first and we stop putting all those computer games first and all that TV and all those things all these distractions, your friends, your sport, all the things you chase, when you stop putting that first and you start putting Jesus first, you start abiding in him, then you start to move forward in the Kingdom. You start to build your house in heaven. Do you realise that people just don't build their house in heaven? They just don't realise the love of Jesus and don't realise that Jesus loves people. They don't realise that Jesus is there waiting all the time that if you come to him he will speak to you know you. Jesus was always there he was always there to come and speak to you, but you just wouldn't want to come Jesus. These are going to the gates of heaven in rags and they're not going to be in the wedding feast of the lamb. There're coming before the Lord in rags and tatters. You know Jesus weeps, friends. He weeps. So very few people they want to give themselves to Jesus. They just don't want Jesus. You know that? But I'm just so thankful that I came to realise who Jesus is, really is. And I just want to give myself to him and that's what Jesus wants of us. He just wants us to be obedient children.

He wants our hearts and he's got a lot to give us. He gave a lot to me friends. He gave me a new second chance. He pulled me up out of my old ways, he pulled me straight out and away and helped me in all kinds of ways. He fixed up any health issues I had and you know friends following Jesus just ends you're wandering. Ends your wondering what on earth you are doing. I used to go to the mall to do shopping then sit down and a look at all the people around wandering about and wondering what on earth am I doing! What is the point of life? It's just a consumer machine and that's what life is all about without Jesus. And you certainly get plenty of hate. All that new age movement that says there are too many people in the world and we're just a bunch of waste, wasteful good for nothings. A waste of breath, and that's all Satan's agenda. He is pulling you down to the fire, he hates your guts. That's why you hear so much about this or “just save the animals we are all the problem.” I am sure people are causing a lot of problems yes, but Satan wants to put you down. He wants to make you think that you're just a waste of breath and accident just a piece of evolution and you're better off of the world and stop ruining it further. That is Satan's agenda because he hates your guts. He wants nothing good for you and that's why people they often get so very bitter and they just go so far away from Jesus. They just they just don't realise the love of Jesus. They don't realise Jesus loves people. They don't realise that Jesus is there waiting for the time that you just come to him. He will speak to you. You know that? Jesus was always there, was always there to come and speak to you but you just wouldn't want to come. And sadly a lot of people they just die they just didn't want to come to Jesus, just don't want to speak to Jesus and they die away from Jesus and then it's too late then. As they descend into the fire they cry out Lord help me! But the thing is once you're down there the Lord just doesn't hear you. They die away from Jesus. They remember all their chances they had to seek Jesus and open their heart to the one who loves them. But they chooses satan each and every day. They just kept choosing satan.

People just keep choosing Satan. They just want to follow the devil. They just want to follow and so they believe in Jesus alright, he is the son of God they say. Yes, I understand that. But they just choose Satan everyday ignoring Jesus. They didn't speak to Jesus but keep ignoring him. They don't know him and even though they're full of this emptiness inside and they're starving and naked towards the Lord in his eyes, they think there're rich. They think they're a wonderful person, wonderful house, there got a wonderful job, everything is wonderful. Then they go to a wonderful church and the choir is wonderful. They think it's all so wonderful and they don't think they're not right with God. But they don't realise they are poor blind miserable and naked! They don't know Jesus, just ignored him all their life. You know I got a friend who one of his relatives died and he had been a church goer and all, but right when he died said something that everybody in the family that wondered about. He said; I've been deceived all my life. He knew he had so he said, I've been deceived all my life. Because right at his death when it was too late, he realised that he was deceived. So many people die without knowing Jesus. Jesus is moving on and you're going to get left behind, if you just stay in your life. Jesus is always moving on but people just stop following him and they get left there on the sidelines. Sometimes they're on the sidelines clapping to those who are running the race. On the last day they say; Lord Lord but we listen to you you preached in our streets. But the Lord will say to them; go away I never knew you. A friend of mine had a dream about his work colleague who died and this work colleague was a church goer who believe in Jesus. But he just followed the way of the world. Anyway in the dream got to the gates of heaven and a voice said; who are you I don't know you depart from here! And he walked sadly away. We read that also in the Scriptures where people get to the gates of heaven and a voice cries out; who are you? If your name is not written in the Lambs book of life you will not enter the kingdom of God. If your name is not there dear friends, you will not enter the kingdom of God. If you don't know Jesus and he doesn't know you how can he write your name? So many people will get the Day of judgement friends they will have lived a life of religion, going to church and being a Christian but they never knew Jesus. And they will have died and went to hell because they didn't know that the Lord that just get kept sinning and following everybody else. And then the mighty king sits on the throne and the books are opened and everybody whose name is not found in the book of life is cast into the internal lake of fire.

That's coming. And Jesus weeps daily because he knows that's coming. And people do not want to choose him. It breaks Jesus's heart. Jesus wants to know you. He wants to speak to you. He wants to take you out of your life and put you on a new path. My life totally changed dear friends, once I came to Jesus. It just completely changed. He started abiding with me and I got married, I changed my life completely. Before I was a sinner just followed the world. I followed all my own desires and I chased after the desires of what to get out of the world for my own pleasure and satisfaction. But Jesus pulled me out of it and he said; you follow me, abide in me. That's what Jesus said to me when I first came to him. And he said I must abide in him because you know why? If you don't abide in Jesus and his words don't abide in you, then you're not connected to him and cant bear fruit. And you'll get cut off. Jesus said that in John. He said every branch in me that doesn't abide in me withers up and in time the father comes along and cuts it off. But he said that everybody who does abide in him, you get grafted into the vine and you can bear fruit. You know friends I just hope that you got the desire to seek Jesus today. I just really hope that you want to have Jesus come into your life. I just really hope that, friends let's pray and if you've got no sin in your life you've been focused on Jesus, then I encourage you to join us in eating the Lords Supper. Hallelujah....