Monday, February 24, 2014


I spent a great deal of my life not working for Jesus, not doing his works. I was going to come before the Lord empty-handed and be cast into the lake of fire. I want to warn you today that we must be working in the kingdom of God. Unfruitful lazy servants will not enter God's kingdom. He calls us all to be fruitful, and it's written in his own words that the unfruitful branch will be cast into the firry furnace. He said God will cut off all branches in Jesus Christ that do not bear good fruit. Jesus calls us to be fruitful and when we are obeying him listening to his voice doing what he called us to do and doing works of righteousness, then we are doing his work in his vineyard and being a fruitful because he's abiding in us and we are listening to him. We are keeping out ear on Jesus. But dear friends when we do not this, we just go out own way we start doing works of darkness instead. You know the work of God is works of righteousness not darkness, witnessing being serious about Jesus where you go, focused on him, praise and prayer. These are the works of righteousness. Doing what he leads you to do in your spirit. He has words to speak to you today. He will guide you to do things and you will be obedient to that calling and you will reap for yourself eternal rewards in the kingdom of God.

That's what Jesus told me; he said the people who will work in his kingdom heap up for themselves an eternal reward. But Christians who are lazy, who are in the world, who just want to go the way of this world, they will not inherit his kingdom. They will be cut off and thrown into the fire, the eternal fire. That will be their reward. Now Jesus said that he doesn't force anybody to follow him. He forces no one, but if anyone wants to come after him let them deny themselves and pick up their cross and come after him. Dear friends, you go and listen to your pastor, or listen to your church, and they won't tell you to be serious about doing the work that Jesus wants you to do today and he is going to speak into your heart. Where do you ever hear that these days? They will just say come along to church and you will be fine. That's not the work of the Kingdom of God friends. If you're not in the work of the Kingdom of God, you are not part of the kingdom. How will you reap a reward if you're not part of God's kingdom? You can't be part of God's Kingdom while you're just in church and having fun in there and socialising! Being part of the Kingdom of God is not about reading the Scriptures and being scripture wise. That's not working the kingdom. Work in the kingdom is going out and being good Samaritan where the Lord leads you to be. Listening to what he puts in your spirit to do and he might want you to go and witness to somebody, you know, when you're around people you're always going to feel his Spirit rising up into you giving you the words to speak in the moment when you need to speak truth that people need to hear. Instead Christians just sit back and they just join the unbelievers in their sin. They don't speak the truth about Jesus and they don't warn people because the truth is just not in them and they're not working in the kingdom of God. They profess to be working in the kingdom of God but they are lazing around in the sidelines under the shade of the tree watching everybody else work but they don't want to do anything themselves. And that's what's going on in the church today.

They are sitting around on the sidelines and not doing anything themselves. You know dear friend if you want to follow that way, that is the fastest way to go get yourself cut off and thrown in the fire, because God is not looking around for lazy servants, lazy Christians. You know what Jesus said about lazy worthless christians, servants? He said the master will come back and he will say, “Bind and cast that lazy worthless servant into the outer darkness.” Dear friend that's where you are headed today if you are not serious about putting Jesus FIRST and doing his WORKS. You just want to profess him and go along and do all your socializing and whatever you want to do but that is not going to enter you into the kingdom. That is gonna cause you to get cut off because we can't be part of this generation, we can't be part of the works of darkness and also work in the kingdom of God. If you want to work in the kingdom of God today, you have to dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ absolutely and wholeheartedly. There is no other way dear friend. You have to be serious or you will get CUT OFF. Dear friends let us think about being serious about Jesus. Let us be serious. I realized I had to be serious, I was going to get cut off if I didn't heed the warning the Lord gave me. And he's giving you a warning today. Remember these words; you will be cut off if you don't get serious about Jesus Christ. He is the way, he has got got jobs for all of us in different ways. In every single time you turn against temptation and you've decided to stick with Jesus, that is you working in the kingdom of God.

Every time you get on your knees and you start praying for people interceding in the Spirit, that's you working in the kingdom of God according to his way. Every time you start talking to people about the name of Jesus Christ, you are with him you're not against him. You know the reason why Christians can't witness to people properly these days is because they don't have the truth in them and when we are not with Jesus and with the world, it is unpopular to start being a “Jesus freak” as they will call you. Friends when you're serious about the Lord thats who you hold up all the time and you're not hiding them away in the corner. As soon as you meet with all your ungodly friends and you start talking about sports, Jesus gets hidden away in the corner. Why? You don't even care about him, that's why, and you're not in his kingdom not working in his field. If you're working in his field you become unpopular with all your friends and they will leave you. And those who want to be serious about the Lord are going to come and ask you the way and you can point them to the kingdom of God. Dear friends are you ready to work in the Lords kingdom? Or are you going to get cut off? Do you profess Jesus but you don't work? Let us wake up today dear friends. Jesus will never turn anyone away who wants to seek him and know him and be led by him. That is all what it's about. Jesus bless you....