Thursday, January 23, 2014


It is very unfortunate that out of every 1000 people that go to hell, it may well be that only one is saved. A thousand to 1. this is similar to what the prophet Isaiah talked about when the Lord God said, “Though the people of Israel number like the sand on the seashore only a remnant will be saved.” dear friends the reasons so many people end up in hell and so few are saved, 1000 to one, is because so few want to obey and follow Jesus Christ and turn away from sin and turn away from chasing after the world. Jesus said in Matthew to strive to enter the narrow gate for many will seek to enter, but few will be able to. He goes on to say, “wide and broad is the way to destruction and many are they who choose that way but narrow is the way to live and few are they who go that way.” he also says, “strive to enter the narrow gate for many are called but few are chosen many will seek to enter but will not be able to.” why is it? Because it's a narrow gate and when you're walking on the wide way you will not fit into that narrow gate. It is weeding out the goats from the sheep. Jesus furthermore warned about those who are professing Christians and who are waiting for him to return, as in the parable of the 10 virgins, he said only five were ready and the other five were not and they got left out. They knocked in tears but it was too late he would not open for them. Jesus also talks about the time of the end of the age when he said that he will send all his angels out and gather from the earth everybody who does sin and causes sin and he said he will gather them all up and is going to cast them all into the firey furnace, but the righteous shall inherit eternal life.

Jesus said that he was the light of the world. Anybody who walks after him will not walk in darkness. He said that he is the light that has come into the world but mankind loves darkness so he refuses to come into the light lest his evil will be exposed. Now that is why only one in 1000 are saved, it's because so few come into the light to expose their sin and repent. They want to have the world. That includes Christians. Not every Christian is going to be saved. That is unfortunately true. It is just so very unfortunate that mankind chooses the world over God. He chooses the world over obeying and following Jesus and denying himself. Jesus was talking about these things and many of his followers said, “who can accept these words they are too hard.” and many of them left him that very day. And then Jesus turned to his disciples, and he said, “Will you leave me too?” And they said, Lord to whom would we go, don't you have the words of life? And it was true. They chose to deny themselves pick up their cross and follow Jesus. Now I want to ask you, are you going to be among the thousandfold that are going to go to hell? Are you going to be among those knocking on the door when it's too late as a Christian? Are you going to be one of those who Jesus says to in the last day, “Depart from me you worker of iniquity.” or are you going to be one of those who has dedicated himself to Jesus, laid down his life, and gone after Jesus on the narrow way. It is not about striving after religion. It is not about striving after the law and the 10 Commandments like Judaism does and the Muslim faith. These things do not save a person. It's about being born again by believing on the son of God and he will wash away your sins and make you born-again and write your name in the book of life on account of your faith. So if you realize he is the way today, and you realize that this world is only going to end you in destruction, then you will repent and you're going to believe upon Jesus and follow him. Not as a hypocrite Christian, but as a serious believer of the Lord seeking to obey and follow him, and not dirtying yourself in this world. Not striving after religion to save yourself. Not trying to make your salvation from all the 10 Commandments and the law, like Islam and Judaism does.

You would realize that Jesus is the Messiah, he is who he said he was, he is the son of God sent to the world as the way to redemption to the father. You would accept him as your Lord that you would follow him and obey him and you'd be a doer of his word. And he made those words very clear. He said love God and and love your neighbor these are the two greatest commandments and pick up your cross, deny yourself and follow me. That's what he said, and this is the way. Paul embarked on the way, Peter embarked on the way, once Jesus died and rose again they were filled with the Holy Spirit and became led by the Spirit. They became born again after this happened and what happened was the Lord brought them into a life of service to Jesus Christ alone. Not the law, not the law of Moses or not the Jewish way, but to service to the King Jesus Christ. There's no other way. And turning away from the immoral ways of the heart of the lusts of the flesh, pride of the eyes, pride of life, and dedicating oneself to Jesus Christ. These are the one in 1000 that will be saved.

All the rest will end up in hell. So I want to warn, I've seen in a dream once there was a whole group of people in a dark place of some outer darkness crying out saying, “Why were we not warned that living a life after our own ways ended up in this place.” and they were weeping and gnashing of teeth. As it says in the scriptures there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness. And so I want to warn you, you have been warned today about the path, that is away from ending up in hell and on the narrow way by being born again through Jesus and living for him and deciding to quit your sin, quit your selfishness, quit following the world's immoral ways and all its entertainment and all its loves, and you just dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ and you go be one of the one in 1000 that is going to enter the kingdom of heaven. May the Lord bless you......