Saturday, December 7, 2013


It this world there are many different ideas and different opinions of men. Different philosophies, different religions, different books, different teachings, but on all the things that I ever came across in this world, I never found the truth. I found a lot of interesting ideas, but I didn't find the truth that I was looking for that would fill me inside and give me the peace that I was looking for. I tried many different pursuits. Success in life didn't bring to me what I wanted inside and that was the truth. I wanted the truth but I didn't know what the truth was and I didn't find it. The teachings of man, the wonders of science and all the things of this world to me were just smoke in the end, because it was was appointed once for man to live and then to die. But there was one truth that I did find that made my life worth living and that was when I came to the realisation, that our heavenly father God of Israel, God of Jacob and Moses, our creator, he did indeed love the world and he wasn't just like the muslim god allan, that's a long way away from anybody and whom you never sure if he's pleased with you or not. No, this creator I found did love the world because he sent his only son to the world to redeem the world through him. As it is written he so loved the world that he sent his only son that all who believe will be saved.

This wonderful truth struck me that the Lord God in heaven the Creator of all things does indeed care about you and me. He does indeed love us despite that we are wicked and so when I came to realize this I decided to give my life to the truth, this truth that the father sent the son. And so I accepted the son Jesus Christ. It go into prayer and started to seek him who hears and speaks from heaven. And the new reality of the Spirit of God came to be with me. Friends if you're missing that reality of spiritual wellness before God, then today's the day to realize the eternal truth that is that the Father in heaven who created all you see, loved you enough to send his own Son into the world to redeem the world that if they turned to him and believe, they will be saved, they will be brought to the Father. I want to go be with the Father in heaven, that is my new mission that's my new joy, my revelation. I am not just living life anymore just for empty and vain pursuits that just become nothing but smoke when I die. I'm not living life anymore just to get the best out of it because, “I only live once.” That's foolishness. I don't live life anymore dominated by the cares of this life trying to find a bite to eat and enough to feed the family, because that is for those who don't trust in their heavenly Father who has the power to provide all things. I live my life now to enter the kingdom where the father is and so I have accepted the way to go to that kingdom through the Son, through Jesus Christ. He is not just a myth and this truth is not just a story. The reason I say and I know that is not just a story is because if you accept it you go you start asking the Lord to help you and get into your life.

The son you go ask the son Jesus “know me I want to be part of this”. And what happens is he doesn't just leave you in the dark. He actually comes to you changes you on the inside, gives you hope, gives you a new way gives you light. If you want this in your life today dear friend, and you're just sick of the same old way of striving after the world getting nothing but tears and blood, then today's the day to think about this new reality of the Father sent his son because he loved the people. If you can realize today that God loves people then you can realize you can accept him and you can accept the Son and pass from death to life. That's what I want to do dear friend, do you want to pass from death to life and have a new meaning in your life? Do you want to be with the Father? He is holy and he wants you to be holy like him, so if we want to be with the Father, then we also have to want to turn away from loving sin, from loving false paths of this fallen world. If we just love our sport and our pursuits and our success, then if that's what you love, you can't have the Father. But if you're ready to throw that away because you know there's something better for you, then today's the day to turn your back on your life and your back on your pursuits and your goals and your dreams, knowing that you got something better than what this life will offer you. Your goals and dreams will become nothing when you die, don't forget that. They will pass away. Your name will pass away nothing is forever down here. And it all counts for smoke in the end and you get to great heights and then you just die and nothing else, finished. There is only one thing that counts and that is that eternal life in the kingdom of the Father which is forever. And there's only one way to that eternal life and that is to accept and realize today that the Father loved you so that he sent the son to redeem you into that eternal life. Because we all know that the status quo of this world and the path by default is to the eternal fire. Not many people realize this mystery but we know one thing is that the reason the Father sent the Son because he loved the world, was to redeem people from the eternal fire......