Sunday, November 3, 2013


This is my testimony of how Jesus set me free from sin. In summer of 2009 I was living my own path but wasnt satisfied with where I was going and how things were working out in my life. I realise when I look back that this was the Lord bringing me down to a point where I would seek him. So during this time I called out to God. God hears those who call out in seriousness. And so he sent me two testimonies. One testimony was of a brother who used to follow the occult and I listened to this testimony and it troubled me greatly. And then in winter of 2009 I came across the testimony and warnings of a brother named Jan and I listen to his testimony and warning given to him from Jesus, I believed. I realized that what Jesus was speaking about was actually true that I wasnt right with him and I was in my sin. I knew that I just didn't know the Lord. I certainly knew that I was a slave to sin and most of all I knew that I was on my way to the fire. And so I got on my knees and I started to seek the Lord in heaven who is real and hears and speaks to his people now. And when I sought him in winter 2009, I found him. In one day he came into my life and he set me free from doing sin. It was by the power and supernatural gift of God that one day in one single day, I was no longer bound to sin and I had a new way come into my heart that very hour, because I found out that the Lord is indeed who he said and he stands by his words. Those who sincerely seek him and obey him he comes and reveals himself to them.

And since that day the Lord began to speak to me in dreams and into my spirit. I had a dream about those entering the kingdom of God and in my dream the Lord himself was speaking and was saying look at these people. The ones you see are going into the hot waters of trial, these are Christians and believers who have left their sin and they need to be tested. Their faith needs to be tested. And so I went on to perceive these Christians going into their testing and trials and I saw that some came out on the other end of the trial, and what struck me was that a lot of Christians went into trials for their faith but few actually endured and came out of the trial which led me to the words of Jesus saying that; strive you to enter the narrow gate into the kingdom of heaven, for many will try and seek to enter but will not be able. I also remembered the parable of the seeds where Jesus talked about many hearing the word but through various means the word was choked out of them and didn't bear fruit. But the doer of the Word was he who put the word into practice, the Gospel, and it bore for him much fruit. In the early part of 2010 the Lord spoken into my spirit telling me to share my testimony, so I went online and I started to share the truth that the Lord had given me. I also asked if I should give the truth on the on Facebook since I had many old friends on there who would probably reject it and reject me in the process. And the Lord said go ahead and stand for my name. And so he gave the boldness to come out and stand for the truth and I continued to follow him where each day he continued to lead me into deeper truths and more understanding, because wisdom only come from God. And then in March 2011 I received a word in my spirit where I heard the warning loud and clear “scabbard” three times.

And I came to understand that this was pertaining to the judgment sword of God that is being drawn across the earth. A little after that time in late 2011 I had another dream, in this dream I saw destruction coming upon the US and great panic in the cities. And the Lord was showing me again that there's a lot of trouble coming and to warn the people to repent. And so I got on YouTube and I started to warn the people to repent. I dressed in sackcloth and I warned the people to repent. Many people mocked me and scoffed me and accused me of showing off when I mourned for the people. But the Lord let me know that in Jeremiah they treated the prophets the same way and so they will treat anybody who follows the Lord in the same way. But the Lord says that in the days of Noah as today there shall be many scoffers and mockers. And so I continued to warn of the truth despite what people would say especially Christians. Christians started to come against me more and more, but the Lord gave me more and more truth to lead many to the truth and then people started to wake up to hear the truth that the Lord gave me. And so in 2012 I continued to warn of the truths the Lord gave me and overcome the daily temptations that I had. And the Lord gave me words in my spirit in the winter of 2012, warning this generations to repent of their sins. He warned them to come out of sin and to come on the narrow way before it's too late. And then in 2012 the Lord told me to go out and listen to some words he would give me. He gave a message; warn the people that the end is coming.

And so I gave the word of the Lord to warn the people that destruction is coming. The Lord said into my spirit that there will come a time when people will cry out to him and he will not listen to them. That brought me to the words of the prophets that was written that in time the Lord will not listen to those who cry out to him when judgment comes. I realized that the Lord was warning this generation. I knew the Lord was warning this generation that time was over and that they needed to repent and get right before the Lord. I knew that in time the Lord would not listen to people when they cry out to him and so I gave the message. In 2013 I had a dream where I was in a room and we were separated, the disobedient from the obedient. I saw how the disobedient were sorted off to the left and the obedient were put on the right. So the Lord sent the disobedient people into another room that was filled with liquid fire. I knew that it is your obedience that we receive the mercy of the father; obedience to Jesus Christ and his commands. And so I continue to focus on striving to obey my master Jesus Christ and obey his commands and what he wants me to do and what he says to do as written in the Gospels.

And I know that he who endures and obeys the master until the end, he shall by no means be turned away and his name will not be erased from the book of life. I urge you to listen to this testimony today and to realize that you too can be set free from sin and that if you turn from your sin and you go to the Lord he will set you free also, but if you continue in your sin and you do not obey the Lord, one day you are going to be divided from the obedient into the disobedient, and such people are going to be sent off to the fire. I hope this testimony brings you onto your knees today to pray and seek the Lord like I did and to find him like I did and to follow and obey him until the very end…....