Thursday, October 17, 2013


And even though we've struggled with many troubles and trials, we can still praise God even though we have many desires of evil and I want to bring to your attention today this struggle, this struggle of life. Because I know very well that many of you and I get a lot of people that message me about this, they do struggle with troubled desires of sin and and some people struggle with homosexuality. I get other people often message me about that too. Other people struggle a lot with a lust problem. Some people find themselves in a lustful lifestyles that they don't want to be a part of anymore, but keep getting dragged down by. And there's only one answer and that is to make that decision today to dedicate to the Lord Jesus. I wanted to talk about that today; this struggle that goes on inside in our hearts in our very hearts and mind daily, how it can just bring us down to a way that we just don't want to be. This is what happens when we are slaves of sin. People they say; I was born this way I didn't have any choice in the matter… and you know I wish I wasn't this way but that's just how I am…. that's what people say and it's actually true. I will tell you why, it is because we been born into a flesh that loves sin. That is just how it is. The flesh of Adam, the fallen nature. It is written that from a very young age we just want to go and sin its true. We have to be taught the right way to behave by our father. And how much is God a better father than our fathers to teach us the way. And he's already taught us the way to go, it is to go the way of Jesus Christ hallelujah. And so it is true that we have these troubles and trials and desires and ways that we're born into, that is true. We are born into many evil things many many curses, family curses generational curses all kinds of problems and trials. All awful things. Some people say well why was I created gay I didn't want to be. So common these people start to go with the popular flow of the world when they start to condone these sort of sins and start to think this sin must be okay now.

Other people struggle with more serious sins that might be against the law and not accept by society like sleeping with one's relatives, all kinds of terrible things that people can do like Paul rebuked the Corinthians for. And just because that's not lawful at this time you know in the future people might start saying it's okay too. So then people say well now I just want to go that way well let me go that way. But the thing is friends we can't deceive ourselves. If we follow our flesh which is inherently evil, will we not reap destruction? I read from Jeremiah 17:9: evil thoughts struggles desires they want to rule and pollute us, so reading here; heart is deceitful above all things and it is desperately wicked and who can understand it. And that is true. Clearly if we have anything to do with ourselves, our own way, we clearly are going to fall short of God absolutely. I tell you your heart is desperately wicked. I don't care whether it's a homosexual desire or another desire, it is wicked and if you follow any of that, you are going to perish. It is desperately wicked so we don't want to be following our heart. I know the world says follow your heart. They say that all right, why? They are the world but the world is perishing and all those who live in the world are perishing. We don't want to listen to them they say follow your heart.

I want to read you what somebody wrote here David Wilkerson; the mind becomes so distorted by sin that causes men to fear cancer yet they laugh at hell. They will seek help for a toothache yet let their souls decay through negligence. Only as time goes by does sin reveal its true cancerous nature. A man sins then because he doesn't drop dead he thinks it is not dangerous so he has seared his conscience giving him no pains and the burden of sin slowly grows and the suspect has no idea how high sin has heaped in his life. Now that is very true that when we start to sin and and become slaves of sin it just becomes bigger and bigger in our lives where we start to ignore it. And that's what happens when we don't know Jesus. That is what it comes down to. When you don't know Jesus and when Jesus has not set you free from sin, you're going to be following all your evil desires because that's what you're choosing to do and going to follow your heart because that's what the world says for you to do, and going to be so completely lost that you would never find any kind of way that you can follow. Just completely lost. Friends we don't want to be lost. We want to make sure that we are dedicated to the truth that we can find the Lord hallelujah. Now I want to read to you about this trouble of sin from Romans 6:19 where Paul said; in the past you voluntarily gave your body to sin and for the service of wickedness, for the purpose of evil… you voluntarily did it with your choosing. Friends it is our choice to want to follow our raging desires and especially when raging during temptation. Instead why don't we choose to put it out instead?

Find the new way. And I want to talk to you about that new way today. That new way is when we dedicate to the Lord Jesus Christ and we turn away from sin and we seek to know him. What happens is the Lord comes into your heart and make you a new way. That's what the Lord did for me that's why I'm here. I'm here to warn people about this new way because the word of God came to abide in me. That's what Jesus said. He said I will come to abide in you (he said he was the word of God) if you obey my commandments. He said if you obey me and love me I will come in to live with you, my father will come in to live with you, and his Holy Spirit will come in and be with you. We will reveal ourselves to you. And so that's why Paul writes that even though he had this death struggle against sin, he said that the answer was through Jesus Christ and that when he came to the Lord that's when he became a changed man. He said that the flesh no longer ruled him. He said daily crucify the flesh by the power of the Spirit. It will not rule you. So when sin reigns completely it causes total self delusion. It causes people to be come unacquainted with themselves so they don't know what they really should think what they should love or hate. Sinners become slighters of Christ who hardly every again think of salvation or righteousness, because sin destroys the understanding of spiritual things and only grants freedom to fulfil it's own self gratification. Now that's what David Wilkinson wrote about it. He was a believer. And since we know friends that the flesh is evil who can understand it, desperately wicked beyond all things, should we not be turning away from it? And people say; I struggle with these desires! Well what are we struggling with friends?

You know what we are struggling with, we're struggling with our flesh wanting to go DO that desire. That's what we're struggling with. Let us be honest here. We want to do that. The flesh loves that. It loves that so that's why it wants to go and do that. The people they struggle with lustful desires so they say; well I'm so tempted by all this lust, I want to go and do it what can I do? I want to tell you the truth today is that what you're struggling with is you're own destiny. You are actually struggling with your own choice. You are trying to work out whether or not you really want to follow the flesh, or you want to deny yourself, deny that flesh and go to Jesus and start praying and choose him instead. And so people they get into temptation and cry out to the Lord and say; Lord help me. And the Lord helps them because they're choosing to follow him. But other people get into temptation and the voice of sin cries out to them; come my way… and they go off and fall to the temptation and they go that way. What have they gained? They proved one thing; they proves that they WANTED sin, but they didn't want to go and reject sin and pray to Jesus. So they said; I am so hopelessly enslaved to sin I seem to fall to temptation every day and keep going down and down. But the thing is we CHOOSE that. It's our own choice. I read again Romans 6:19; Paul said; in the past you voluntarily gave your bodies to the service of sin… voluntarily…. It was your own involuntary purpose to go and do that, because we were all born into sin friends.

Hopeless slaves to sin from the very beginning. So you can never find deliverance from your sin and from your temptation you keep falling to, if you cannot access your RESPONSIBILITY to deal with it and WANT freedom. It comes down to if you really want freedom, you're going to go to the Lord Jesus today and seek him like never before, turn away from your sin like never before and seek the Lord, because the power to be free from your action of sin is through Jesus Christ. The temptation of sin isn't bondage. The desires of sin inside are not bonding either, you can put them out. But the actual doing of sin like acting on those desires and following those desires, that's what sin is and that's what brings you into bondage to the devil. Fantasising on those desires does also because Jesus said about sins of the mind, that they also bring us into the bondage of sin because once we start accepting sin in our minds, we're going to go off and do the sin sooner or later. So friends we got to start being serious about our hearts. We got to know that our heart which is our flesh is wicked beyond all things. Yes it does have evil desires. Let us be at peace with that today. Our flesh does have evil desires and just because they might be worse desires that your brother doesn't mean that somehow you're going to miss out on the kingdom. Some people have worse desires than others that is true, but the thing is all sin ends in the same place. The older you get the more mature your flesh might get its own desire yes, but the thing is we just don't need to follow the flesh so we can just be crucifying it upon the cross daily anyway regardless of how bad it is. You know the thief on the cross was being crucified on the cross, his flesh.

And that was because he was a wicked thief. He broke into people's houses, robbed from people and caused them to not provide for their children. Was pretty hard in those days. Once he was on the cross and Jesus Christ was beside him, he finally decided to repent luckily for him, and Jesus gave him mercy, because Jesus died for the sins of the world. He came to bring sinners to repentance and to freedom. The problem is these days people don't realize this, because they are acquainted with the real gospel of Jesus. They have been fed too many lives from all these false Christian doctrines. They don't realise that Jesus came to call sinners to repent and to freedom from sin. They might agree that he came to call people to repent, but their idea of repenting is that you follow the flesh every day, you sin in your flesh every day, you choose your flesh every time you get tempted, but then at night you say sorry to God for choosing your flesh that day and just keep doing that everyday. They think that's what repenting is, and so don't understand the next step that Jesus Christ came to set you free from doing sin. Like from the actual bondage of that sin. They reject that completely as soon as anybody wants to tell them that, because when they hear about that they say well you know I'm a slave to sin, they know they are. So they reject it straightaway saying I am already saved it is all fine. But friends we can't deceive ourselves. This is what happens is people let themselves become deceived. And what happens with people when they get deceived is that they start to make up for themselves other doctrines that are not even in the Bible for the start even though they use Bible verses, and they use these verses only to give themselves more of a peace of mind about the way they are on because they know they are not on the right way. We all know that deep down if we are in sin or false ways. We can deceive ourselves all the way to the grave and many wakeup in hell this way.

They let themselves be deceived. But we are not here for deception. We are here to know the simple truth that any child can know as well. It is easy; we know that our bodies don't want to follow the right way, that is true. Our bodies have all kind of problem born into all kinds of flaws. Our very nature is polluted. It's even written in Jeremiah that the heart of man which is the very core of our being, is wicked beyond knowledge. Absolutely beyond knowledge, deceitful beyond all things. How do you think there can be anything really good in you. People can't go to heaven just on their good work, because nothing good in us, even if we have a level of morality the world has. Sure the world's people who aren't right with God they still love people around them. They give to the poor. They do many wonderful things that look quite good in the eyes of man, but on the deep down friends nothing but evil inside. And really when we're just living in our flesh we're not going to be pleasing God one bit. There is only one hope for you who struggle with sin, struggling with your desire of sin while you're actually enslaved to the sin. You are going and doing it. You just feel bad about it, you can't be at peace with it. You cannot be at peace with your sin. Some people can be. They have deceived perceive themselves so far that they've become to be at peace with their sin.

They have deceived themselves. But for you who still have a conscious and are not at peace with your sin, and you know that is not right, you know that you want to stop! Well you got hope today, because you can know today that you don't have to be ruled by your flesh, one, two, there is somebody that can free you from your flesh from being ruled by it, and that person is Jesus Christ the living God. He is the only way there is a way there is a way, but it will take something on your behalf. It will mean that you have to really want him and want his freedom because what is the real point of you wanting to be free of desires and things that plague, if you don't really want to be free? Like when temptation comes, you try and justify these things to yourself and you go off and do it. You obviously don't want to be free you don't really want to be free. But for you who you really really want to be free, you just give anything just to be free of doing sin so you can be with the Lord, you have hope, Why? Because if you go to the Lord in prayer and start praying, you start giving yourself to the Lord, and property start seeking him who hears from heaven, he WILL come into your life. That is WILL. Jesus said: I stand at the door and knock, I will come in. and that's what I did. I opened the door, the Lord came in. that very night I was free from all the sins I was committing before that point. I didn't come to the Lord in my committing of sin. I came to the Lord in repentance of committing of sin. I said to the lord I was very sorry for all the things.

I realized this is wrong and I was like you and didn't want to continue to do it. And so I went to the Lord and he freed me. When Jesus does come inside, he does free you from your bondages. Can be in bondage to drugs. Some people are a slave to alcohol or cigarettes or even drugs like illegal drugs, prescriptions. And Jesus can free people straight away as well. He has the power to free the bondage. Sin is the same as an addiction and people are addicted to cigarettes and also also addicted to lust and who knows what else, and it all gives them pleasure but it kills them in the end. The cigarettes kill the body but the lust and the other things they are addicted to they also kill the soul. And so the thing is friends all these addictions are bondages that Jesus comes to set people free from. Now I am not saying that he sets you free from your flesh wanting to go back to sin. He doesn't set you free from temptation because Jesus also wants to see that after he has set you free from sin, he wants to see your heart. Do you have a good man's heart where you hear the word and become a doer of the words and you continue to walk in that path with Jesus in freedom all the way to the end? Or are you going to be like the heart where the seed landed on the stony ground and the person heard the word of this truth I am saying about Jesus Christ, he believe and accepted it for little while then the enemy came and snatched it away and it died. Or are you going to be the heart of the man who heard the word and it landed on the weedy ground, and the cares of life grew up and especially the lusts of the flesh, and they choked out the seed and it died! Yes died. Friends this is the thing; what ground are we going to be? And this is where Jesus is looking. He is looking at our choices. It's not just you go to Jesus and you get free from sin and then bam you're in heaven, no. It would be nice if it was that quick like it was for the thief on the cross, but a lot of us have time ahead of us, trials ahead of us, temptations ahead of us, but he who stands firm until the end will be saved.

I will tell you something; if that thief on the cross was let off and didn't die, he would've been following the Lord like the disciples were, and would have been part of that first church being persecuted for Christ, for he was indeed a believer in Jesus Christ and became born again. So you Christians who say; hey he was just a sinner on the cross till the day he died then just went to heaven actually….you know he repented and God knew his heart. You know a lot of these people they say I accept the gospel and I repent, I am a believer…and they have a smoke in one side of their mouth and an “f” word hanging out the other side of their mouth, and they sometimes are drinking and partying and having fun in the world, they really think that they've got a seed in their heart. They don't realised that all these weeds around them are getting so big and strong that they're literally choking the life out of them. Just choking the life out of them. It is terrible friends. We cannot let sin cut us out for the kingdom of God and have our seed die. And so that's why I talk about today about total self-delusion. Self-delusion is where we let ourselves become blinded by our flesh and instead of denying the flesh and picking up our cross and following Jesus, we forget about Jesus, we forget that he cleansed us from sin, and we become under a total self-delusion by following our sin and letting it become darkness. Now I want to read to you what John said about that. He didn't say about ALL sin. He gave an example of one sin about not loving your brother, and he said that in 1 John; if anybody does not love his brother, darkness has entered his eye and blinded him. He has come under a self-delusion. That's what happens with other sin as well. When you start hating somebody, Jesus said you are a murderers so you're letting darkness into your eye and your are blinded.

Now John wasn't talking to sinners, he was talking to a Christian brother another Christian. And so he is say to this Christian; if you let the devil get into your heart against that brother, that has probably wronged you or done something you don't like, so you hate him in your heart or fight with him, John is saying you're letting darkness into you. You're letting your eye gets blinded. And that doesn't go only for that sin. It goes for other sins as well. Jesus talked about unforgivness. He said that if you don't forgive I won't forgive you. So when you don't forgive people, you let blindness get in and darken your eye. It will blind you, thinking you might be in the light still when you're actually in darkness. So many people think they are in the light and Jesus said if the light you think is light but it actually darkness, how dark must the darkness really be. And that's what happens to us when we start to accept and condone our flesh desires and sins. That is why people in the church starts to say that it's okay to be gay. It's okay to be this or that now. You can fornicate a bit before marriage, God is going to understand…not only those two sins, there are other sins as well that they might think are ok. It is ok to rip off the government and to take unlawful benefits from the government without having them your situation. Its okay to cheat the tax office if you could write up a nice lying paper about it hiding your affairs in the church.

These are just a few examples of sins that christians can try and say are ok these days. A little white lying they might say is ok too if it saves their skin. The thing is friends what this does is lets darkness into our eye and blinds us to the truth and we become in darkness. Same goes for all kinds of things. I could open up the lid and all these sins come flying out, there are so many, I can't speak about them all. Friends let us not be blinded to the truth in darkness having our eyes blinded. Let us look at sin how it is. Go and look at yourself, your flesh, go and realized today but hey your flesh is wicked beyond all things. Go and look in there and say; hey look this desire that desire, all these things maybe I was born with it, I don't know I don't care, but let's just live with this and decide to be putting it out and no longer follow the flesh because we already know that it is born into evil anyway. And it is already deceitfully wicked beyond all imagination already. As paul said if you live after your flesh you will certainly die, you will perish. But if you crucify the flesh by the power of the spirit daily, you are going to find life. That is for us who have the spirit of God. So the very first step that we must take today dear friends, is first to repent and go to Jesus so he can come into us. Open up the door so he can come in. once he comes into you then you have a new way to follow. But till he comes into you, you got no new way to follow you only know one way and that is your flesh. So how can we be free from the flesh friends if that's all we are anyway and our soul is in bondage to it completely, daily we do our sin because we are stuck by our flesh and we are enslaved to it in every way! There is only one way friends, we have to become crucified in Christ which comes from deciding you want to be free today and going and repenting and then go to the Lord in tears. Just pray and ask Lord come know me. Open the door up in your heart. Be serious about the lord and he will surely come into you and he'll bring about that new change.

That's why I'm speaking to you today because that is exactly what the Lord has done for me. When you open up your heart the lord will come in and he will bring about that change. Then and only then can you deny the flesh and follow the spirit because you do have a new way to follow. Its old fairy tales to somebody who doesn't have the Spirit. They don't know what else to follow. They only got their flesh. They've only got the way that is in bondage to the devil, and that's all of us until we repent and turn to the Lord. That's why jesus christ is such good news because without him you surely can do nothing. How can you abide with Jesus and sin not if you don't know Jesus and you're just in your flesh doing your own way. It's impossible. Once we are free in Christ and he is in us, then we can crucify our desires day. Then we can turn away from temptation and blessed is the man who endures under temptation and stays with the faith and stands firm to the end because when he has done so all the way to the end, he shall be saved as the scriptures say. It is only at that point friends that we can do all these wonderful things that belong to the christian life. We can't even apply any part of the new testament to your life until you give yourself to the lord and he has come into you. As it says in Galtians 2;20 I'vve been crucified with Christ, it no longer I who lives but Christ lives in me and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself to me… and so Paul had Christ in him. Now how can you follow this way and crucify yourself with Christ if you don't even know him and he is not in you.

That is the powerless gospel of the unbelievers is that they somehow believe in Jesus yet they don't even know him because he is not in them. How can they follow anything else but their flesh because that is all they want anyway and they want to keep being gay. That is why you see so many Christians in the church who say I am gay but Gods loves me and I am on my way to heaven still. Somehow they lie to themselves that they are in the light when the darkness has blinded their eye. They don't even know the Lord, he is not in them. Friends, we got to start being serious about the Lord. Galatians 5:24; Now those who belong to Jesus Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Belong to Christ. Once again you have to have Jesus come and live in you, be with you. Otherwise how can you crucify the flesh and its passions and desires if you don't have Christ in you? It is impossible. It is like trying to split your personality into 2 separate parts somehow living one way on one side and another way the other side. Now people do that and stye a split personality disorder. But the thing is they split or are split into evil paths because as we read earlier there is nothing good in the flesh. IT is time to get to know the Lord and crucify the flesh and live according to Jesus Christ so we can crucify the passions of the flesh. So when you struggle with all these passions and desires trying to come back and tempt you, you can put them out. That is why I can put out my desires is because I have Christ in me. How can I put out my desires alone? Or put myself out? Can I put myself out? As Jesus said; How can cast himself out.

You have to have Christ cast satan out. We all got satan in our flesh. The ways of satan. As it is written wickedness. How can we cast out of ourselves that which is evil? If we ourselves are evil? Can evil cast out evil? This is where we have to start to get a Spiritual awakening where you actually do realise that Jesus is real and he actuallly comes into your heart when you pray. That is when you can voluntarily give yourself to the Lord, and so you can really experience a real spiritual revelation and experience with the Lord where he becomes part with you. Now how many of you here had the Lord come into your heart and change you? If you have not then it is time to pray and it is time to seek with faith. That is how you please God and how you find the Lord. If you repent and seek him but you got to voluntarily want that. There is not point going to God if you cannot let go of your sin. You can say God I want to know you…but you also want your sin as well, so God will not hear you. It is written somewhere in John that God will not hear prayers of sinners. He will not hear. He will not hear you if you blocked off from God in your sin and you wont repent of it. He only hears those who repent. His ear is looking for the man who repents. Go read it for yourself in John. It is written there that God will not hear the sinner unless they repent. So if you want to blind yourself to the reality of our sinful flesh, and we want to think somehow it is normal and ok and we don't want to think it is wicked and sinful like it is written Jeremiah, then what hope do we have in finding God if he has blocked himself from you? You will never find him if he has blocked himself from you. But when you admit your sin, when you acknowledge it is wrong and decide to repent in tears, that is when you will be heard by God. And that is when he will come into you. But if you don't rend your heart over your sin, and you just want to keep doing it, then what hope do you have friends of finding God? You just wont find him. He is not near to the sinner. He is only near to those who decide to repent of their sin. Not to those who go on in sin. He calls them to repent but he is not near to them unless they repent as you can read in John. Read it for yourself there if you doubt me. Once we come to know the Lord we can fall to sin that is true. You can fall to a false way and start becoming blinded forgetting you were cleansed from your past sin. That is why we have to turn away daily. That is why Paul said.

He was talking to you who have found Jesus. He is not talking about you who don't know Jesus at all (in his letters) and you are still doing your sin daily. Paul is talking to people who have found Jesus and repented and been filled with the Holy Spirit and they follow Jesus. He is not talking to the Christians who don't know Jesus at all, and in fact they are worse off than the pagans because not only do they not know Jesus at all, their hope of finding him is very slim because they are blinded by religion. Paul is not speaking to them, he is speaking to people who know Jesus and have him come into their heart, able to have his reality, able to praise his name and be filled with the Spirit, baptised in the name of Jesus as real followers of the Lord who know Jesus is real, a reality in their life. He is talking to those Christians and he is saying to them; Do not let sin rule you but rule it, crucify the flesh by the power of Christ IN you, putting it out daily living according to the Spirit. That is what he is saying, living according to the Spirit. And so he says again; Consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ you who know the Lord.

For you who do not know him, you have to seek the Lord to know him like Peter warned all those people who didn't know the Lord. He said; Cry out to God, pray for mercy and have salvation for your souls through Jesus Christ. And some people believed in Jesus Christ that very day and they got baptised in his name and started to speak in new tongues and got filled with the Holy Spirit. They got changed by the reality of God that very day. Why? Because they believed. If you really believed you would realise the reality of Jesus Christ and he would come into your life praise the Lord. Is it not wonderful. If you realise the reality of Jesus Christ, he will come into your life so that you can deny all your evil desires inside and put them all out and follow the Spirit which has come to be in you. But how can you follow the Spirit if you don't know the Lord? That is my questions to you today; how can you follow the Spirit if you don't have the Spirit? It is time to SEEK!...