Friday, October 4, 2013


It's very sad that in this time that Christians support war and they are lovers of violence, lover's of war, violence things like this. But we are not to be lovers of violence because God's ways are not man's ways. And he said that. Isn't it wonderful that the heart of God was revealed through Jesus Christ. And I see Christians they do not support the ways of Jesus. They are disobedient and they go and support God as a God of war. They try and say that his ways are man's way when God said to his ways are not man's ways. You see people's ways are war and violence. And in the days of Noah, God looked across the face of the earth trying to find a righteous man. And when he looked he was grieved in his heart at all the violence he saw upon the earth. He said that the people filled the land with violence and the cries of the victims reached high heaven. And so the Lord God was grieved that he created mankind and so he said to Noah: look I'm grieved at these people they fill the world with violence and evil and it tears my heart.

So I have decided to destroy these things that I've made. Destroy every living thing on the face of the eart… but Noah found favour with the Lord. Noah was a man of peace. I see many believers they support their soldiers that come back from the wars and these people they come back and they leave behind them destruction; broken families, dying children, babies without fathers… and other that's what they go to do. This time is like the days of Noah. The people love violence. You know war-games, “Call of Duty”, you know all these computer games that are great popular now. They have got millions and millions of views on on YouTube. They have a huge market, why? Because people these days are lovers of violence and love the ways of Satan. They love violence and they play violence daily. What did Jesus say about war? What did he say? The disciples saw some wicked people who were treating the Lord the wrong way and they said: Lord shall we call out fire upon heaven and destroy these people? And Jesus said: of course!! because he's a man of peace. Jesus said this he said: LOVE your enemy, do good to those that persecute you. He said: turn the other cheek. Jesus didn't say go to war. But God said that he would reveal his heart and through Jesus Christ he revealed it. And it's only those who obey and follow Jesus who will enter the kingdom. Not the bloodthirsty Christians who support war and violence. Know you can go and play your video games, your call of duty and all these games…. you know I get young Christian say to me: you know it's not doing violence…

Ah yes but you're PARTAKING in violence. You're SUPPORTING a system that kills men women and children, that separates families, that causes rapes and many evil things on the face of the earth. In fact you're supporting the days of Noah people. You're being like the days of Noah which means you will not escape when God decides to wipe you off the face of the earth. Are we loving violence today? Or are we're separating ourselves unto the Lord Jesus Christ and obeying his commandments. I am here to reveal the heart of God today. What did God say? He said: It grieves me that the wicked perish. He said: why O man don't you turned to me repent and be saved? Jesus as the solution to this world's problems. These people and atheists alike come to me and they say well if there was no armies we would have big wars and all sorts of trouble. But it is you who is the problem if you think like, this because if everybody was Jesus followers and they obeyed Jesus; they loved their neighbour, they turned the other cheek, they did not rip off their employees, they paid the fare wages, they didn't rape the earth of its resources and they lived to follow the Lord, this whole world would become a world after God's heart! There would be no more WAR. They would beat their war-heads into plowshares. That is what would happen if everybody became obeyers of Jesus. But the problem is that the 1 billion Christians in this world do not obey Jesus. In fact they hate him. They just don't obey him. They try and excuse themselves and their wickedness by using versus out of the Bible. They turn the words of God upon himself. But we are not here to be like them friends. We're here to obey Jesus and that's why I'm here. We're here to be man of peace, not men of war. We are followers and obeyers of Jesus Christ, we're warriors for the kingdom of God. And our enemies isn't mankind.

Our enemies is the devil and Satan who is deceiving all these people into doing these things and yet they're choosing it! On the day of judgment every man shall see how they played a part in the destruction upon the face of the earth. They will see every video game they played of violence and how they supported and loved it. They will see how they are really followers and lovers of Satan and they'll be ashamed before the Lord God, when they see how Holy And peaceful he is. He is not a God of war, the God of war is Satan. And that's the goal of this world. He is the prince of this world and that is what Jesus said, he is the prince of this world. He is not the rightful prince, he is only the chosen prince by the people. You see people have chosen Satan to be the prince of this world. That's why they get rape, that is why they get abortion, and get war. They try and say let's make the world a better place, let's do conservation, let us do all these things yet they don't go and follow and obey Jesus. When he sees his people love and do violence every day, support war, congratulate their warmongers, watch their violent movies with popcorn! Does not that make God sick! It does.

The solution comes when we turn to Jesus Christ, because we have one grace; and that is that God has mercy and patience. You know what God said? He said: I am not willing that any of the wicked shall perish but I am patient. He said he is patient and long-suffering for mankind to repent. So he allows all this wickedness to go on.

All this rape, murder, theft, war, evil, he allowed it to go on because he is patient waiting for men to repent. And they do. Some people start to repent. Friends it is time that we put the words of Jesus into PRACTICE and obey them. Let us not be like the wicked Christians who say that you don't have to obey Jesus, when Jesus himself said that he who does not obey my words does not love me…....